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Eros:Confessions and Experiences

by Edith Cadivec (Kadivec)

edith cadavicThe following pages are extracts from the autobiographical works of Edith Cadivec, written in the 1920s by a French woman of notorious repute who shocked a nation with her scandalous sexuality, for which she was imprisoned. The extracts concern her descriptions of her childhood punishments and just how much they sexually aroused her.



Translated from German:

"Mrs. Kadivec that, beat her morbid tendency, following her given in foster care children, and this was paying spectators, was sentenced to six years in prison," Alfred Polgar wrote in 1924 in his essay on the so-called Vienna Sadistenprozess.

"As a teacher, she gave the children, in order to legitimize the subsequent beating, impossible tasks. Moral torture that seems even more cruel than the physical abuse (...) So it's okay that you imprison a woman."

Already in December 1925, the rest of her sentence was 'passed by' as an act of grace of the President. She was "discharged from custody".

The prosecution in the trial was to rape, enticement to prostitution in a dependent relationship and to same-sex fornication. In the court's opinion also the immediately discarded after the arrest confession is stated that "the Kadivec sadist" is "that the Kadivec their spanking methods only the poorer children to the application brought because she needed to fear from this side less discoveries".

Their accomplices escaped even milder than Cadivec:

The charges against the Burgtheater actor Romberg has also withdrawn as against former Statthaltereisekretär Chlumecky. Degrassi and ophthalmologist Dr. Bachstez were acquitted. The carpet dealers and manufacturers Kotanyi son Tausig received conditional prison sentences.

"So I stayed for the ignorant crowd the sadistic monster vampire origins." "Satan Bibles" they would have called these books before. Through its publication but they are "public", lined up in the genre of confession / self-knowledge-literature, are an aberration document: Exhibitionism, with lust for self-accusation, unsparing and downright aggressive in their openness. A life driven by exuberant sexuality and intoxication practiced violence. A book, disturbing in its directness, without double bottom. A sexually-sadistic sickness in self-analysis. The library of the bizarre is a loose sequence apocryphal literature, on the border of the human, looks into a world of violence, one-way streets in the psyche and trauma boxes of self. It opens with this, privately printed from the year 1931.

Cadivec was arrested, tried, and convicted in 1924 on the charge of sexually abusing eight underage girls under her care, including her own daughter. After a three day trial, in the Viennese Court, she was sentenced to six years in jail but was set free in December 1925 after showing signs of mental instability. When arrested she was found in possession of a large collection of birches, whips, canes, and erotic pictures. One of the whips had a silver knob with the engraving, Dominatrix. Also revealed were compromising letters to a painter in Innsbruck which enlarged on her interests in erotic sadism. The testimony of the trial indicates that Cadivec not only flogged the children under her care, but also indulged in sex acts with them and invited paying guests to watch.

Her memoirs "Eros: The Meaning of My Life"