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Birch in the Boudoir



My very own Charles,

I write at once to tell you of a most remarkable spectacle, which is continuing even as I pen these words. It is an "experimental lecture," performed on the person of an attractive young Englishwoman, in front of an invited audience. Dr. Jacobus, a crony of the Pasha, is to demonstrate the sexual anatomy and functions of this young wife.

Two days ago the Pasha mentioned it to me. An examination table was to be set out under bright lights on a dais in the walled courtyard. Twenty of his friends, connoisseurs of the female body and owners of private harems, would dine with him. After dinner they would adjourn to the outdoor "lecture theatre," where the learned Dr. Jacobus would illustrate every form of sexual enjoyment which the young woman could offer. It was expected that the lecture would continue long after midnight.

"But, surely," I objected, "no woman would consent unless she were a slave and was given no choice? Yet, if she were a slave, her master would scarcely abandon her to such a purpose?"

"True," smiled the Pasha, "however, in Lesley's case, she has just lost her freedom but has not yet been sold by the trader. She is thus the ideal subject for the good Dr. Jacobus."

My curiosity was afire! I was determined, if possible, to be one of the learned audience at the experimental lecture! It was, for obvious reasons, confined to men of great trust who would not regret anything that Lesley might undergo.

How well our cunning Pasha guessed my intention, Charlie! I slipped into the courtyard while they were at dinner and inspected the arrangements. The large marble table was on the dais, a cupboard of accessories standing behind it. The seats rose slightly in three tiers, curved to give each occupant a perfect view, no more than ten feet from the demonstration table. To speak the truth, my dearest, they were more old-fashioned sedan chairs than seats, each having tall, curtained sides so that no spectator could see another. During her ordeal, of course, Lesley would be able to see them all. Why such privacy? In each booth was a girl to minister to the occupant's needs as the lecture provoked them.

Mathematics was never your strong point, my beloved. Yet think. Twenty spectators and twenty-one seats! Were I seen at this demonstration, what a scandal there must be! So, our thoughtful Pasha had provided an extra place for my concealment. I moved to the empty booth at the end of the first row and took my perch.

Who was the slave girl in the next seat? I could not help furtively peeking through the curtaining enough to peep. Behold, it was Patrizia, the eighteen-year-old Italian bride. She is short and sturdy as a tomboy of sixteen, dark-brown hair worn straight to her collar and parted on her forehead, like a medieval page. Such olive-skinned appeal, wide cheekbones under dark eyes, and a firm line to mouth and jaw!

Now the Pasha and his guests came out into the courtyard, he directing them away from the booth which concealed me. "That is set aside, gentlemen! The rest are at your disposal!"

Smiling at his cunning, I peeped into the next booth. A fair-skinned man of fifty or so with silvered hair and moustaches was the guest. Patrizia stood before him in a blue blouse and matching drawers, skin-tight from waist to knees, worn with a belt of pale-brown leather. Still such a playful but innocent girl, her eyes widened with astonishment when he made her sit on his knee and kiss him. Unbuttoning her blouse, he moulded her full, Italian breasts with his hands. Then, standing her up, he admired her firm, though somewhat stocky, thighs. He turned her 'round. From the rear, her hips sloped downward and outward, giving her a delightful, broad-bottomed tomboy look. Though not fat in the seat, her rear-cheeks have a voluptuous weight. The tight pants' crease behind her knees and across the back of her thighs. Deeper folds curve from between her legs under the full, olive-skinned cheeks of Patrizia Luisi's bottom.

The murmur of voices fell silent as Dr. Jacobus came onto the dais, where the lights shone bright as noon. He was a very smartly dressed man of Latin appearance. About forty-five years old, he seemed the dark-haired medical scholar, with knowing eyes.

"This evening, gentlemen, we are fortunate in our subject," said he, sharing the amusement of his listeners. "Lesley is a young, married woman, twenty-eight years old. Until recently, she led a life of promiscuous sexual emancipation. You need have no compunction, then, over what is done to her here. She is well used to the penis, both in marriage and outside it, being wilful and selfish in her lusts. Moreover, child-rearing has given her a firmly controlled maturity of figure, enabling her to bear far more than could be inflicted on a schoolgirl of fourteen or fifteen."

The learned doctor glanced 'round at us and continued. "Lesley is an educated young wife, emancipated and self-possessed. Yet her arrogant and disdainful manner makes her a more exciting challenge. How remorselessly we shall pursue extreme possibilities in dealing with her lips, her breasts, her vagina, and her backside!"

He lowered his voice confidentially. "Some of the ordeals which Lesley will presently undergo would be frankly impossible if she were still free and able to tell tales. Fortunately, she is already destined for a life of sexual slavery in a place from which no complaints are ever heard. When Lesley lived freely with husband and lovers, the mere unwanted display of a stranger's penis to her was an offence! The use of it on her without her grudging consent was a crime! The whip across her bare bottom was deemed torture! Happily, such words are meaningless here, where her master's pleasure is the law."

Two of the Pasha's soldiers brought her on to the dais. How shall I describe the young woman? Lesley is quite tall and, at twenty-eight years old, her body is kept nicely trim. Her straight, fair hair is cropped almost boyishly short at the nape, shaped close to her head from its high crown to her jaw line, and parted in a long fringe on her forehead. Aloof blue eyes are matched by firm, fair-skinned features, with a sulky downward turn of mouth and sullen chin. She is a girl of English good looks, well bred, but spoilt by her moody expression. How her figure would thrill you! She wore only a white singlet and a pair of translucent stocking-tights in honey-toned silk. Dr. Jacobus pulled up the singlet front to her throat, revealing the milk-white hillocks of Lesley's breasts, with their pink cherry tips. His demonstration cane stroked the two flesh mounds.

"Let us begin, gentlemen, with Lesley's breasts. Ah, see how she lowers her eyes until her fringe hides them! Are you shy about showing your tits, Lesley? Observe the admirable elasticity, gentlemen, despite having given suck to a pair of infants. As I lay the cane underneath and lift them, see how proudly they keep their shape!"

The young woman bowed her urchin crop farther.

"Don't close your eyes, Lesley!" smiled Dr. Jacobus. "Watch how your tits move when the cane raises them. Now, gentlemen, be assured that Lesley's nipples are no different than those of the finest duchess or the lowest whore. However great her repugnance for being publicly displayed like this, she cannot help her little cherries growing hard when they are caressed. We need not even use our fingers! Watch the metal tip of the lecture cane!"

He circled the cool metal lightly on the young wife's left nipple, which seemed to pop up at once. Then the right one came next. A soldier held Lesley's head up to face the audience, while Jacobus bent and tongue-flicked each nipple in turn.

Now his cane traced the slight proud outward curve of her belly. "A modern young woman! Bicycle exercise and healthy activity! A belly swell or two from her babies has not ruined her here." The cane travelled down farther. "How suggestively the transparent gloss of tights moulds her lower half! How trim and almost boyish her long thighs are! Higher up, the fair pubic hair, pressed by the tights, shows through like pretty fern. The firm pubic mound and the beginning of the cleft between her vaginal lips appear admirably!"

He nodded to the two soldiers, who turned her so we now enjoyed her rear view. Lesley stood with her head bowed again, the short fair hair parting under its own weight on the back of her neck.

"How fortunate," said our lecturer, "that Lesley was made to have babies. Child-rearing has merely imparted a gentle maturity of hips, a slight firming-out to the cheeks of Lesley's bottom. The transparent film of honey-coloured tights is like her seventh veil, showing the pale swell of Lesley's bottom-moons and the dusky forbidden cleavage between them."

He traced the cane over the contours of her derriere. Lesley's hind-cheeks tightened in alarm at the playful menace of bamboo. "That frightens her a little," said Jacobus. "Lesley knows that, when her tights are taken down, she will be spared nothing. The thought that her bare arse will be caned as pitilessly as in any prison makes her knees and bowels tremble. Try to calm yourself, Lesley. It will not be for some hours yet."

There was no mistaking her tension. How her knees pressed hard together and her seat-cheeks contracted as Dr. Jacobus went on! "If child-bearing has made her vagina a little slacker, it has given her a behind like a young Spartan soldier-girl. For those whose penis shafts prefer tightness, it offers the exquisite grip of Lesley's anus. She must learn to ask her lovers for that!"

Lesley looked 'round over her shoulder with a start. How wide were those blue eyes under the parted fringe of her urchin crop!

"There need be no compunction," said Dr. Jacobus, smiling at her. "For too long Lesley has indulged her own pleasures at the expense of others. She can hardly complain now if she is made to submit to the demands made upon her!"

He made her bend over, and the tights shaped the broadened swell of her bum-cheeks, tautly rounded. Imagine her in some black trouser suit, like a coolie, bending right over to weed the garden. No doubt the sight of Lesley's arse fully spread would cause many a penis to stiffen, many a furtive camera to click for a set of pictures for a private collection. But that was nothing to the view she offered reluctantly to the audience here.

The lecture began in earnest with Lesley's mouth. Dr. Jacobus traced its sulky line with his finger. He ordered her to kiss his fingertips and then the back of his hand, as he stroked her lips. When she hesitated, he whispered a warning in her ear. Lesley forlornly pouted her lips, kissing his fingers and knuckles with alarmed eagerness. He slid three fingers into her mouth and required her to wash them with her tongue.

Next she was obliged to demonstrate the art of kissing with the first of the Pasha's soldiers. In the first bout of passion, as she pressed her closed lips against his, the Arab soldier tried to bruise her with his force. At last he bit her lower lip until she yielded a muffled cry.

"You must open your lips, Lesley!" said Dr. Jacobus, laughing. "Intrude your tongue into his mouth and let him taste your saliva. Show your enthusiasm, unless you wish to see your young nymph whipped. The learned scholars at this lecture would be greatly intrigued by a schoolgirl daughter, thirteen years old!"

Into the Arab's mouth Lesley's tongue fluttered wildly like a trapped butterfly. At last the soldier pushed her head back and thrust his own tongue into her mouth. At the same time he made Lesley put her hand upon his hardening erection and unbutton him. The brown-toned penis stood stiff and sinewy. He pushed her to her knees in front of him.

"Lesley's lips are shaped by nature to suck the penis," said Dr. Jacobus. "It will be required several times a day by harem guards. To swallow is not essential, but it is always commanded in such places as a sign of love and submission to the man."

Lesley's fair urchin crop twisted in the hands of the man who stood before her. Another warning brought her to her senses. She bowed her head and took the penis in her hands, peeling back the foreskin with her thumbs, and running her tongue in the sensitive groove under it. The soldier clenched his teeth in a grimace of pleasure as Lesley tongue-tipped the vent of his knob.

"Pay no attention to the pretence of repugnance Lesley showed at first," Jacobus told us. "She fell so in love with the last man whose mistress she was that she did the deed for him several times. If she was prepared to win him by such means, there can be no excuse for her now. She admitted these episodes after her abductors pressed her upon the subject. True, she has never swallowed before, but that is merely a gesture of obedience."

The soldier guided Lesley's mouth up and down the penis shaft, his hands pressing on her short-cut fair hair. Once or twice we heard the young wife retch faintly.

"Ah," said Jacobus, "the knob drives close to the back of her throat - or else she tastes the man's lubrication in her saliva!"

The soldier required Lesley to suck faster and faster, so that one guessed the outcome. He gave a cry in his fury and shot the first warm spawn onto the young wife's tongue.

"Swallow properly," said Dr. Jacobus gently, "or else bear the consequences, Lesley. Good. Now, wash the knob with your tongue."

We saw the movements in her rounded mouth, her tongue working softly 'round the penis she had just fed from. In drawing away, the man bestowed a final trail upon her mouth's upper rim.

"Lick your lips, Lesley," said Dr. Jacobus, and she obeyed.

At this moment I could not resist peeping into my neighbour's booth. Patrizia sat on her heels before the worthy gentleman. Her olive-skinned face, with its broad high cheekbones, was almost hidden in his lap, the dark-brown hair across her forehead touching his belly. Yet I saw Patrizia's mouth rounded as she sucked his tool.

"Close your eyes, Patrizia!" he breathed softly. "Imagine it is a month ago - your honeymoon. Pretend it is your young bridegroom you suck!"

On the dais, Lesley was still standing before the marble-topped table.

"Lie on the demonstration-table, Lesley!" said Dr. Jacobus sharply.

Turning her back, she lodged one knee on the rung to climb up. As she went forward on her hands, the tights presented the seat of our trim young Amazon in a most provocative posture. It was this which earned from Dr. Jacobus a well-aimed smack on Lesley's rear-cheeks. She gasped, spreading one hand back over her rump as she completed her ascent.

"Lie on your back," said he, "your feet towards us. Now hug your knees up to your breasts."

She did as she was told. The young woman was now presented to us with her hips and arse in a full squat, seen from underneath. Dr. Jacobus placed two rubber cushions under her head so that her face was visible at the same time. I wondered why she was not yet undressed completely, though the transparent film of the tights perfectly outlined every detail of her love-slit in this present posture.

"Lesley's vagina will be the centre of interest for many of her admirers," said Dr. Jacobus, smiling. "Let us study its main features. Towards her belly, where the tip of the demonstration cane is touching her, stands her clitoris, not quite masked by her fair pubic hair. If we were to require Lesley to masturbate in front of us that is where she would probably begin to rub herself. See how sensitive she is even to the metal tip of the pointer through her tights. Of all her playthings, Lesley's clitoris is the one she would die rather than part with."

He drew the tip farther back. "Here you will see the main outline of her vulva, that purse of flesh which represents its outer lips. The entrance to her vagina now appears as a mere pink slit - just there. Remember, though, that it can be stretched to take the largest penis and must even permit the emergence of a baby's body. Not far away, we have a smaller hole from which a golden fountain plays several times a day."

He now sat on the table's edge, laid down the lecture cane, and traced her anatomy with his fingers. "Lesley no doubt believes in her right to masturbate if she chooses. Some harem philosophies deny that, in order to ensure that she does not spoil herself for her master. In that case, she must be circumcised, as it is called, secured in this posture for that purpose. An older and experienced harem woman will use a keen little blade to prune away Lesley's clitoris and trim her vaginal lips well back. They will leave her nothing to play with. After that, her pleasure will be concentrated on the use of the man's penis in her vagina or, if preferred, her behind. The chosen area will be prepared by constant stimulus and excitation from the women who have charge of her."

As he spoke, he rubbed Lesley's clitoris lightly in a teasing circular movement with his fingertips. We could hear the young wife breathing harder, the whisper of stockinged knees and thighs pressing and squirming together. With the index finger of his other hand, Dr. Jacobus simultaneously parted her vaginal lips in a long, repeated caress. Lesley's mouth opened a little, her eyes closed, fluttered open, and then closed again.

"More probably," said Dr. Jacobus, "she will be encouraged to play with herself, even before her master and his guests, as well as to indulge in amours with other harem girls."

She turned her fair urchin crop aside, as if needing to rest her head on her shoulder. Her tongue passed repeatedly and automatically over her parted lips.

"You do like it, don't you, Lesley?" He smiled gently, then addressed himself to the rest of us. "Now, gentlemen, what better way to gauge her passion than to see how her love juice collects on the silk of her tights? She cannot help herself. It is immaterial whether the hand is that of her lover or of a man she despises and loathes."

He spoke truly. The honey-toned sheen of the tights now shone with the slippery wetness of her vaginal lubrication which gathered on the mesh between her legs. Dr. Jacobus cupped his hand over her vagina, squeezing and milking gently. Lesley gave an imploring little cry. Was she frantic not to be brought to orgasm in front of us? Or was she begging him to help her scale the heights of bliss? Alas, Dr. Jacobus drew his hand away. He locked a thin chain round her waist and clipped it to a metal ring at the table's centre, restricting her to the tabletop.

"Turn on your side, Lesley," he said gently, "and draw your knees up. I'm going to peel your tights down to mid-thigh."

When this was done, he turned to us. "Even a man whom she dislikes can conquer Lesley if he is prepared to masturbate her to a point where she is beyond self-control. Even an educated and self-possessed young woman will yearn for a body to respond to. There will come a point where she will want sex with any man who is available, or even with another woman. Watch carefully while I continue to masturbate Lesley between the rear opening of her legs."

On to the dais came a quite tall and graceful Caribbean beauty. I saw it was Shawn, in a yellow singlet and beige shorts. Such a proud, high-boned facial beauty. Her dark hair was once more prettily drawn back in a bun. Her bare coffee-skinned legs were long and agile. As she stripped off her pants, the tawny cheeks of her bottom were elegantly rounded, her pubic mound bearing a trim bush of dark hair.

As Dr. Jacobus continued to masturbate Lesley by rubbing his finger in her vaginal slit, Shawn stooped and tauntingly put her eighteen-year-old lips to those of the lust-tormented wife. Lesley kissed yearningly, giving a little whimper of frustration when Shawn drew away. The tawny-skinned girl gave a secret smile from her almond eyes and gathered saliva on her tongue. Lesley, her hips moving in time with Dr. Jacobus' stroking, opened her mouth pleadingly to take the coloured girl's well-watered tongue on her own. Shawn stooped right over the young Englishwoman and, pulling up her singlet, offered her warm-toned young breasts. Lesley took the nipple crowns one after the other in her mouth, eyes closed in rapture, and tongue-washed them languorously. Dr. Jacobus' fingers, entering through the rear opening of her thighs, now fondled her clitoris pitilessly.

Of course Shawn was a warm-blooded girl who was herself getting very excited by now. She lay on the table, facing Lesley but with her head towards Lesley's feet. Shawn's tawny thighs now opened in front of Lesley's face. With hardly a moment of hesitation, the urchin-cropped wife began to kiss the tops of the long, graceful Caribbean legs. Shawn looked down, tight-lidded almond eyes full of mockery, the dark hair with its top-knot and tortoise-shell comb giving her a commanding elegance.

"Do it with your tongue between Shawn's legs," said Dr. Jacobus quietly. Then he turned to us. "An intriguing tableau, gentlemen! Lesley swears she has never made love with a young woman before, not even her girlfriends at school or college! Yet nature has taught her by instinct what to do. Even her marriage and babies have not spoilt that."

We stared wide-eyed at the scene on the demonstration table. Lesley was still restricted to the length of her waist chain. The high crown of her short crop bowed forward. Shawn bent one knee and raised her leg a little. Lesley licked and kissed the brown-skinned girl's clitoris, then lapped at Shawn's vaginal cleft as if the elixir of life ran from between her cunt-lips. The firm, pale moons of Lesley's bottom seemed to arch out at the same time towards Dr. Jacobus, as she lay on her side. From the rear opening of her thighs, he continued to masturbate her with remorseless skill.

Shawn's eyes were closed in a dream of bliss, her cheek resting on Lesley's bare hip, arms hugging the Englishwoman's haunches, and lips caressing.

"Turn over, Shawn," said Dr. Jacobus presently, "show your behind to Lesley. Reach back and pull the cheeks apart a little."

The high, taut, coffee-skinned cheeks of Shawn's bottom were delectable enough. Yet Lesley twisted her face away, lips pressed and mewing with refusal.

"Would you rather a certain little girl did it instead?" asked Dr. Jacobus. "Instructions can be given at once for that."

Lesley, whose reluctance was perhaps half-hearted, looked at him in dismay, then turned her face to Shawn's rump. Cheek-kissing was ordered first, then lipping the dark cleavage, and finally the flickering intrusion of Lesley's tongue into Shawn's tight anus-bud. Yet by this time both girls had liberally dewed the inner surfaces of their thighs with the lubrication of excitement. As Dr. Jacobus had pointed out, it was absurd for Lesley in such a state to pretend that she could not attend to Shawn's posterior before returning to the other girl's vagina once more.

At length, Shawn was led away into the shadows by one of the Pasha's soldiers. It was just possible to see how he stood her against a balustrade, and made her raise her legs and grip his waist, while his penis entered her vigorously from below.

"The culmination of our efforts," said Dr. Jacobus, "in the first hour of the lecture, must be the principal use of Lesley's vagina. That will now be demonstrated to you."

The captain of the guard appeared, his breeches unbuttoned, a fine, stout erection standing out. Without her waist chain being unfastened, Lesley turned onto her back, bending her knees and opening her thighs wide.

"I fear it is greed rather than obedience which makes her so eager now," said Dr. Jacobus. "Yet who would have thought that Lesley, so arrogant and dismissive in her dealings with others when she was at liberty, would be so eagerly promiscuous in bed?"

The captain smiled and knelt on the table between her legs. He found her well prepared by the lecturer's fondling.

"From such frequent use in the marriage bed and in the beds of her lovers, as well as from child-bearing, Lesley's vagina is a trifle slacker than Arab taste generally prefers. Yet that is amply compensated here by the fairness of her skin and the firm agility of her figure."

He spoke truly. Setting his teeth, the captain drove his shaft into Lesley's cunt with a passion which made her catch her breath. Yet she lifted her hips to him and cried out softly with desire. Taking her bead between his hands, he kissed her lips. His palm smoothed repeatedly over her proud, young belly. Then his hands went under the singlet and firmed up Lesley's breasts. Lesley drew her knees right up and her white feet seemed to flutter like two pretty birds in her ecstasy. Her eyes closed lightly and, perhaps, she tried to pretend it was her husband or a lover who was doing it of her. Dr. Jacobus continued his lesson.

"How ill-advised was that society which permitted Lesley to refuse her body to men who admired her but whom she regarded with disdain! Such caprice is not tolerated here in a slave girl. Yet are we not kinder than the world where she was allowed to be so cool and aloof, bestowing her favours grudgingly on husband and lovers alike?"

Lesley arched her back and began to give little cries of "Ah! Ahhh! Ahhhhh!" Her toes clenched tight with joy.

"In the place she is going to," said Dr. Jacobus, "Lesley will be compelled to submit to the penis of whichever master chooses her. No matter if he is hateful or repugnant to her. Despite her self-possessed and emancipated attitudes, she will enjoy his prick just as much. You see her now? You hear her sigh and whimper with love? You observe her firm, white thighs squeezing adoringly on the penis of her man? Yet she could not detest anyone more! He it was, after Lesley's abduction, who also procured her twelve-year-old daughter. Imagine the happy purchaser of two such treasures-consider the possibilities of love and desire, tenderness and chastisement, which such a pair offer him!"

The captain was steadying Lesley's hips now and riding into her with tremendous vigour. She gave a faint, demented scream of pleasure, begging for the warm flood which would calm her fury. "Now!" she cried. "Do it now! Oh, please!" But the captain, as you may imagine, was intent on prolonging his enjoyment and so paused, in order to begin again.

"You notice that?" said Dr. Jacobus. "Lesley itches for the sperm now. But nature, the supreme arbiter, has arranged matters so that it is her lover who must dictate the time. The precious unction is his, to bestow or withhold as he chooses."

But just then the dam burst, and with a series of short, butting thrusts, the captain pumped his sperm into Lesley's cunt. "Harder you young slut!" he shouted, matching her own rising cries of pleasure. "Your thighs wider! Let me touch your very depths! Again! And again! Now your lips, while I pump you full. Open! Your tongue playing with mine!"

I swear, Charlie, I never imagined such a display could be possible. The effect upon me was indeed stimulating. Imagine how it must affect my neighbour! I peeped through the gap in the curtaining. Patrizia was bent back over the seat and the elderly gentleman was thrusting up vigorously between her thighs, his penis going like a well-oiled piston!

Yet the first part of the lecture was not quite done. "Gentlemen," said Dr. Jacobus, when the captain had buttoned up his trousers and departed, "before we adjourn for a little refreshment, there is one other function of Lesley's vagina which accuracy requires me to mention. It is, of course, the means by which she produces a charming golden stream several times a day. It is rare for scholars of anatomy to see such a young woman performing that act. Happily, we may now remedy the omission. Demands may now be made upon Lesley which, once more, may now be made upon Lesley which, once more, would have been impossible when she was an emancipated young wife. Being an educated woman, she may even be less shocked by them than an ordinary working girl would be."

Stretched taut, the waist-chain let her lie at the table's edge, on her back, her tights peeled down to mid-thigh.

"Hug your knees up to your breasts again, Lesley," he said quietly. "Now let us see the little fountain play a golden arc onto the grass. Let me feel your belly for a moment. Ah, yes, I'm sure it must be longing to oblige us after the quart of water you were required to drink earlier on."

Did her blue eyes still look aloof? Was her mouth still set in its line of sulky arrogance? I could not say. For now he allowed Lesley to turn her boyishly cropped and parted fringe away from us. His finger tickled a certain dimple in her vaginal pouch, well presented by her horizontal squat. It took her a moment only, for I guessed she was glad of some pretext to enjoy this relief. I saw her bare belly tighten below the hem of her singlet. With a soft, delicate sound, like the gentlest shower drops on a lawn, the glistening arc rose from Lesley's feminine slit in a brief display. She repeated it without further instruction. Our learned Dr. Jacobus stopped her at that point.

"Now pull up your tights, Lesley. You'll lie arse upwards over the table, ready for the next part of the demonstration lecture."

With the edge of her hand, Lesley brushed the parted fringe of her boyish crop clear of her disdainful blue eyes. She drew the transparent silk of the tights up taut over her hips. The waist-chain just allowed her to sit in the shallow channelling at the table edge. Now there occurred an incident to shock polite society, but a matter of light amusement here with a young slave-wife.

Lesley's little fountain proved easier to turn on than to turn off! Her soft entreaty to Dr. Jacobus was too late! Lesley hid her face in her hands at the liquid whispering between her thighs. Sheathed only in filmy tights, she sat in a warm pool of her own making!

Dr. Jacobus had left. The two soldiers, smiling, detained Lesley, sitting in the channelling, until the seat and even the flanks of her tights were well soaked. Then, shortening the waist-chain, they obliged her to lie over the table. Unwilling to meet our eyes, she turned away on her side. We admired the rear of her high-crowned urchin crop, her back's curve in the short singlet, a band of soft, white skin above her hips, the charms of her legs, and her arse in wet tights. The wet seat of the tights clung flawlessly to her rear contours, the light catching a sheen of moisture. Because the soaked film clung so tightly, it revealed her shape yet more completely. It thus gave a fuller and almost fatter look to the cheeks of Lesley's twenty-eight-year-old bottom!

A soldier with a bowl of rose water and a sponge wiped over the table, wringing out the sponge into the bowl. Then, dipping the sponge into the questionable contents, he wiped over the cheeks of Lesley's tights. A curtain fell over the dais. Lesley believed she was in total privacy. Alas, despite appearances, the curtain was translucent, for the light was behind it. We saw her every movement.

Now, Charlie, what do you imagine? Lesley sobbing at having thus disgraced herself? Weeping for the loss of love and marriage? Trembling at whips and punishments? Terrified at the promise of being sold to a master whose cruelties would dew the pillow with her tears each night? How little you know her! She is still that wilful and self-indulgent young tart who lived for her own pleasures.

Believe it or not, our trim young Amazon began to play with herself! She did it furtively, for fear of being caught, not daring to peel down her tights. She is an "advanced" young woman, who proclaims her right to explore and enjoy her own body as a way of self-discovery. She will learn here that such acts are forbidden and punished unless carried out on her master's orders.

However, we soon saw the firm moons of Lesley's bottom - for she still lay with her back to us - clenching and swelling rhythmically, wrinkling the wet seat of her tights a little. There rose a silky whisper of stockinged legs squeezing and smoothing together lovingly. Slipping a hand into the front of the waistband and raising one knee a little, she began to rub her clitoris and vaginal slit. All this was mistily visible through the thin silk. For some ten minutes we were able to enjoy watching Lesley masturbate. Her other hand was clenched against her mouth to stifle any sudden cry. A young wife of twenty-eight, well used to her husband's penis and those of her lovers, must pine for them. Lesley had been ridden by the Arab captain, but not to fulfilment. Promiscuous and selfish as she is in her pleasures, our haughty young wife could not resist finishing what had been so well begun!

There was a diverting conclusion to this. After ten minutes or so, Lesley was lubricating herself copiously, the balloon of desire in her loins inflated almost to bursting point. She was strung harder than ever on the rack of passion's torment. A shadow moved behind her as she fiddled hurriedly with herself. The young wife froze into immobility. A hand smacked down hard on the seat of her wet tights with the heavy resonance of silk clinging soaked to cushiony bottom-flesh.

"Stop that at once, Lesley!" said a woman's voice, "this minute!"

How wide with dismay were the blue eyes which now looked back at us under the long, parted fringe! She was alarmed at being caught but also at having brought herself to a worse pitch than ever. Without resistance, she let her wrists be enclosed in leather cuffs at the table rim's fastenings. Can you guess the sequel, Charlie?

Patience! You shall hear all from,

Your own adoring, Lizzie!