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Birch in the Boudoir



My dear Charlie,

In great haste I scribble a few more lines to tell you of Dr. Jacobus' experimental lecture. It has not concluded even as I write, though we are close to midnight!

For a few more minutes behind the curtain, Lesley underwent a sponging at the woman's hands. We were no more than ten or twelve feet from the demonstration table, and there were broad smiles at the sound of her entreaties. Lesley has an importunate voice, like a sulky and wilful little girl. She begged for another man to finish her. After an immediate refusal, she whispered for another young woman to finish her. Last, and in vain, she pleaded for a few minutes alone to perform the act which was now so necessary to her peace of mind. The woman laughed softly.

"Forget about such things for tonight, Lesley. Turn over and show me your behind. Ah, yes! I think our guests will find the next hour or two of the lecture most stimulating!"

I report the very words, Charlie, spoken not an hour since, for in my innocence I had no notion of what to expect. When the curtain was drawn back and Dr. Jacobus stepped forward on the dais again, the scene had changed a little. Lesley was re-attired in tights and singlet, but now she lay face down over a stout leather bolster. Her seat was well raised and broadened by this. Her hands were held at full stretch ahead of her by the wrist cuffs. Leather anklets held her long, trim legs to the opposite rim of the marble demonstration table.

"Gentlemen," said Dr. Jacobus, "we have considered our subject from one view, let us now consider posterior possibilities."

In her present pose, the tantalising film of the tights showed Lesley's seat-cheeks swelling firmly, and marked the dusky cleft between them. Dr. Jacobus drew his lecture cane over these contours, which contracted instinctively at the touch. The learned doctor showed how an active young woman in her middle twenties, her maturity firmly controlled, was often at her best in this area of her charms.

"In Lesley's case," he remarked, "regular penis exercise in the marriage bed and carefully controlled pregnancy has given a taut, proud maturity to her bottom-cheeks without making her in the least flabby."

I could not see the other guests, of course, as Lesley turned her moody, fair-skinned face with a shake of her fringe. Yet, from the sudden look of apprehension in her blue eyes, I believe she must have seen the twenty middle-aged gentlemen looking expectantly at her, each displaying his own interest at the ordeal she was about to undergo.

"In nature," said Dr. Jacobus, "Lesley's bottom has three uses. For a man, the most important is performed by her anus, which is made as a tight and enjoyable entry for the penis. Those who prize such tightness, and those who enjoy spending in a girl's body without fear of engendering a baby, will make good use of her in that way."

At this point one of the scholars interrupted with a question.

"Risks?" said Dr. Jacobus thoughtfully. "When she chose to bear a child, Lesley thereby diminished the tightness of her cunt. Some men who value tightness will now, understandably, demand the use of her anus. Lesley surely has only herself to blame! She was eager for her husband's penis and so became pregnant. Carrying a baby in her belly made her prone to certain trivial afflictions of her rear dimple. Perhaps she remains vulnerable there. Yet that was the cause of her own randiness. Lesley must not expect to deny us our pleasures because of the consequences of hers!"

Dr. Jacobus returned to his theme. "The second purpose of Lesley's backside is to receive chastisement. Scholars through the ages are of one mind that no part of the female anatomy is better suited to this than the buttocks. Since Lesley will never be set at liberty from her fate as a slave girl, we need have no hypocrisy here. She will be chastised by her master on her bare buttocks and the duration of this will be determined solely by his enjoyment."

Lesley pulled vainly at the leather anklets and wrist cuffs with a wail of protest.

"Finally," said Dr. Jacobus, "her behind was made for woman's ease as well as man's pleasure. That subject concerns us only in so far as she may plead her needs as a pretext. It is, of course, a simple matter to deny such a performance or, indeed, to compel it by means of a loaded squirt. Yet she will no doubt try to end a caning or prevent her master's entry by protesting the urgency of her situation. Happily this may be easily checked."

Now he turned to Lesley and took hold of the waistband of her tights. As he drew it down to her knees, the pale hip flesh swelled free a little. Now we looked down on the slight, taut maturity of her pale hips, the gentle firming-out of her bottom-cheeks, and her long, trim thighs. Despite her twenty-eight years and her promiscuous ways, the young wife lowered her face from our sight, for now Dr. Jacobus pressed her two rear moons apart and displayed Lesley's anus. The tight, dark bud shrank from his finger's touch.

"Lesley pleads that she has never had a man that way," he explained. "Alas, she does not realise how greatly that will make the buyers covet her in the slave girl market!"

He stroked Lesley's fair urchin crop as if to calm her. Then he took a glass squirt about eight inches long and slim as a pencil, with a rubber bulb at one end. He filled it from a bottle of liquid soap. Next he sat on the table's edge, firmly circling Lesley's waist with one arm, and looking down at the taut swell of her seat. The skin of the cheeks, where they curved in to meet at her anus, was ivory-yellow, in contrast to the pallor of her buttocks.

The neat inward dimple of Lesley's arse tightened with alarm at the touch of the cold glass squirt. Dr. Jacobus laid the squirt down. With all his power, he delivered a series of ringing smacks upon the full, pale moons of Lesley's bottom. The promiscuous young wife was soon gasping, tensing, and shifting her seat-cheeks desperately. Then she bowed her head, hiding her face, and yielded her anus to the slim probe.

"Opinions vary," said Dr. Jacobus, "as to whether vaseline or liquid soap will best prepare a young woman like Lesley for love. For her lover, the convenience of merely vaselining her is clear. In the present case, where we are dealing with an adulterous young wife, there is an element of punishment. The length of the glass squirt and the jet it expels will stimulate needs and sensations deep in Lesley's backside. Also the light perfume will cause a slight erotic irritation."

The full length of the squirt was now sheathed in Lesley's bum, only the black rubber bulb nestling between her hind-cheeks.

"Lie quite still, Lesley," said Dr. Jacobus calmly. "You must learn to accept these measures of harem hygiene."

Those who had suffered the arrogance of the young wife would have relished the face which Dr. Jacobus obliged her to turn to us. The arrogance had gone from the blue eyes. Where was the sulky, self-possession of her clear, fair-skinned features and firm mouth? He squeezed the black bulb lightly and her body tensed at the first muffled squirt. There was a sudden wild-eyed and open-mouthed alarm in her face. Our haughty young woman seemed to scan the rows of chairs imploringly for someone who might intercede on her behalf. She saw only twenty eager faces. Dr. Jacobus tightened his arm 'round her waist. He pressed the bulb hard and repeatedly. With a forlorn cry, Lesley jammed her legs harder together and tensed her pale bum-cheeks on his busy fingers. When he had done, he withdrew the glass probe. Lesley's anus went desperately tight and small as the glass tip came clear.

"First, gentlemen, let us consider the amorous use of Lesley's behind. By her promiscuous conduct, she has lost all right to object to its use in this manner. Having surrendered herself to her urges, it is only right that she must surrender to those of others."

There was a ready murmur of assent to the justice of these remarks, for who could dispute so moral an argument? Dr. Jacobus resumed. "We are fortunate in having as our demonstrator one whom I will call the Schoolmaster. He has long been an admirer of Lesley's backside as she bent to some task in a pair of tight riding jeans. Then, alas, she was not a slave girl and his lust had to be curbed. Let us concede, however, that he is not a favourite with her. He lately administered severe chastisement with his cane to the bare buttocks of a favourite of hers, her daughter-nymph, while our boyishly cropped Venus was obliged to listen in the next room!"

This at once made the situation more provoking! The Schoolmaster appeared in a mask and a waist-length leather jerkin. His phallus, understandably stiff with expectation, stood out and nodded as he walked. He adjusted a mirror so that he would be able to see Lesley's face while he ravished her arse. Sitting on the side of the table, he circled her waist with one arm and looked down on the full, pale swelling of Lesley's wifely young seat-cheeks. "Your face to the mirror, Lesley," he murmured. "Watch yourself being prepared. Try to imagine how much a man enjoys doing it!"

He took a large blob of vaseline from a jar and slowly spread it on her tight inward rear dimple. In her agitation, Lesley twisted her head, looking back at him beseechingly. Her blue eyes interceded forlornly. The sulky mouth whispered peevishly those reasons which made her behind so vulnerable to ravishing. He smiled at her with amusement.

"That's your problem, Lesley! My prick is so stiff that I could not desist merely because you may be inconvenienced for a day or two! Such shrewishness, Lesley! Your right to choose who beds you? Your body belongs to you? Surely you forget where you are! Such mischievous nonsense is never tolerated from a harem slave-wife!""

His finger diddled the urchin-cropped Venus between her buttocks as she lay on her belly over the rubber cushions. He fondled the smooth, erotic maturity of Lesley's bottom-moons, which were swelled out and broadened by the cushions under her loins. "Be sensible, Lesley!" he murmured, "it won't be the first time you've been sodomised, will it? You still pretend your husband never dared it in a fit of honeymoon passion? None of your lovers during marriage? Ah, but do not deny that the two Arab traders performed the act on you during your night in their captivity. True, we heard you refuse their suggestion indignantly. But Karim waited long enough to hear you getting it anyway, Lesley! Such cries at first - and then soft sighs. A furtive and guilty thrill as they probed your rear depths, Lesley? A promiscuous young woman soon learns to enjoy it!"

"They forced me!" Her resentment had a spoilt child's petulance.

"Your consent is irrelevant here, Lesley. Your master's right over your backside and the rest of you is absolute. Did those two rogues get you into bad habits? I follow their example without compunction!"

"But I can't! I daren't!... I won't!" He stooped, kissing each of Lesley's proud, pale bottom-cheeks.

"The days are past, Lesley, for walking out on marriage and duty to gratify your urges with a lover. The little metal prod heats in the brazier coals. Every poor frustrated harem eunuch longs for the order to draw it out and tantalise your bare bottom with it where my lips now browse! Ah! Your buttocks tighten with alarm at that!"

He paused, then resumed, smiling at her with wicked promise.

"Your rear valley and its tight little crater, Lesley! My lips salute you there... and there. Ah, you have underestimated its seductive appeal! At high school and college, did you never imagine a man for whom this would be your great centre of interest?"

"No!" A peevish wail, petulant yet imploring.

"Ah!" Touching Lesley's anus with his finger, he seemed to guess the truth. "Why so tense and tight, Lesley? Too proud to confess the cause? I believe that my shapely young hen is shy of the cock because she wants to lay? Let us see!"

While Lesley's mouth turned down in a woebegone manner, he took a slim, twelve-inch glass rod and slid it gently but deeply into her backside. The young wife gave a little cry as it reached its full depth. The Schoolmaster withdrew it carefully.

"Ah, yes. Not truly desperate, but beginning to be so. Take the rod carefully by this end, footman, and show it to the spectators."

"Oh, please... no!" It was Lesley's hopeless protest at seeing the state of her behind thus displayed to the amusement of the onlookers.

"Turn your fringe, Lesley! I must kiss those arrogant blue eyes! Lesley, my love, I taste your first tears upon my tongue! Now, my sweet, the phi-head of the marker is glowing. I shall enjoy caressing you with it between your buttocks, Lesley, unless you can divert me by your submission."

I am sure he would never have done so, Charlie - would he? But the effect of his words was enough.

"That's better, Lesley! Arch your seat out like that! A little farther! I believe you want it after all! Now, let me kneel astride your thighs - my knob to your anus, Lesley! Ahhhhh!"

He pressed the tight rear dimple inwards until the young wife yielded her arse to him with a short, hollow cry. The Schoolmaster's penis shaft slid deeply in-between the proud, white cheeks of Lesley's bottom. He drew back a little and plunged again in a vigorous in-and-out. His loins slapped rhythmically upon Lesley's buttocks, his penis driving with all its power into the arse of this promiscuous young wife, punishing her adultery.

"So tense, Lesley? What? Whisper it to me! Ah, the added bulk of the tool compounds your urgency, does it? Put such things from your mind. Tighten your rear muscle rhythmically on my shaft. Exquisite!"

He rode her triumphantly for about ten minutes, at which point Lesley begged him to end the ravishing quickly.

"You abandoned marriage for your own pleasures, Lesley," said he, "now you must abandon yourself to mine. Lie still a moment! My lust shall not boil over for half an hour yet!"

Soon he began again, and later paused. Another beginning, a pause, and so on. Presently, while they lay still and his loins covered Lesley's backside, an involuntary jet of his passion escaped deep in her rear. She made a faint sound of distaste in her throat. He kissed her bare back and was severely logical.

"So prudish, Lesley? The thick warm discharge disgusts you? Such hypocrisy! Why, it is the very substance you begged from your lovers in the warm adulterous passion of your loins! Not quite so snooty about it then, were you, Lesley?"

"I was in love!" Such a sulky schoolgirl wail again.

It was curious, perhaps, that the balm which consummated her illicit passion should so revolt Lesley when squirted into her behind by a man whom she detested. Yet he kissed the crown of her head and his movements began once more.

"You went whoring, Lesley," he murmured, "you deserted the penis of your husband, who had sole legal right to you. Now you shall be punished by mine. Justice requires it!"

"I was in love!" she wailed peevishly, just as before, and as if this excused her.

"You shall be loved here, Lesley," he promised. "The valets will always be waiting in the tiled closet when your needs must go and take your knickers down in there. Karim and Saleh are both lovers of the female backside. Be prepared to bend to their whims before you are permitted to attend to your own."

So the moral agent of retribution rode to his triumph. "Lie still now, Lesley, but arch your bottom out a little farther. I feel the flood breaking the barrier! Lesley, darling! I believe my passion for you is hotter than husband or lover ever felt! Do you feel the squirting in your rear, Lesley? The pulse in your throat beats faster! Ah, you're getting to like it, Lesley, aren't you?"

He lay upon her, not yet drawing his tool from her bum, whispering gently in her ear. To judge from her dismay, he may have been assuring her of his obsessive love for her in this way. Or did her wide eyes testify to how he frightened her with the bogey tales of the harem - the ultimate demand which lay in wait for her; the underground room, musicians playing outside to prevent the escape of a chance sound. The pale moons of Lesley's bottom were presented for this last rite as if on a pagan sacrificial altar, for even in extremities his obsession would choose this way. Whatever the subject, his last words were audible.

"You shiver, Lesley? Did you never wonder if such things must not happen behind harem walls?"

When the young wife gave a little cry of alarm, it was because she felt how his own words had hardened him again in her behind. In vain, the boyishly cropped Venus tried to expel the flaccid serpent. But Lesley's arse movements, squeezing upon it, had only stiffened it once more.

"Ready for it again, Lesley? You liked an encore from your lovers!"

The movements of sodomy resumed. Lesley shook her parted fringe back to twist her head 'round and plead that she could scarcely contain the volume of his first tribute in addition to her own load and the heavy penis muzzle. There was a faint show of resistance, a smack or two on her legs, his smile meeting her forlornness as she yielded with a soft cry.

"For your own sake, Lesley, you must be broken in to this pleasure thoroughly in a few weeks, so that you may overcome timidity and enjoy it. My valets shall accompany your morning visit to the tiled closet. This exercise shall be part of your routine in there."

She gave a plaintive and yearning little cry at last, as a morbid and hectic thrill was stirred by the penis in her bowels. Several of the audience chuckled and vowed the young bitch was getting a taste for it. Meanwhile, a soldier had Shawn bending over with knickers' round her ankles. He kissed the full lips and the tight-lidded dark eyes of this eighteen-year-old. He kissed his way up the length of her long, elegant, coffee-skinned legs. He kissed the West Indian beauty between her thighs, then on her tautly rounded bum-cheeks. He pressed apart the tawny-gold cheeks of Shawn's bottom and presented his knob to her anus. The way was too narrow without the aid of some unguent. He applied this, pressed her waist down, and spanked hard on Shawn's buttocks. After that, she received him with a wild willingness, randily supplying the movements for her own ravishing.

Peeping through the curtains beside me, I also glimpsed my silver-haired neighbour and his young concubine. Patrizia was bending forward over the rail in front of the seat. He made her keep her face turned so that he might enjoy the appeal of her wide, brown eyes, broad, warm-skinned cheekbones, and dark page-style hair. This appealing Italian tomboy no longer boasted the tight pants whose seat she had filled so broadly and roundly. Now one could admire the bare olive-skinned voluptuousness, the slight heaviness in the cheeks of Patrizia Luisi's bottom. Her eyes were fixed upon her elderly lover's swelling knob. "No is possible!" she gasped, in her charming broken English.

His answer was to stroke scented lubrication between her buttocks. He took his lance in both hands, aimed it, and thrust home. I guessed that her little friend Regina was undergoing a similar ordeal in the next seat. Beyond that, perhaps, was blond Francesca, with her elegant coiffure. Francesca's costume of short, belted tunic in red silk and tight, plum-coloured riding trousers of shiny leather would seal her fate. So, while Patrizia was buggered next to me, sharp-featured little Regina matched her ordeal. Beyond her, blond and sophisticated Francesca bent over, her wifely young anus stretched round her admirer's weapon. Thus, my dear Charlie, I take my leave of you as our learned Dr. Jacobus pauses before the final part of his stupendous experimental lecture.

A bientot,

Your loving, Lizzie.