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My dearest Charlie,

I now find leisure to write - even as the events still unfold - to tell you of the conclusion of the lecture by our learned moral philosopher, Dr. Jacobus. Though past midnight, the courtyard was brightly lit. The attention of the assembled scholars never once wandered from the theme.

Lesley remained secured on her belly over the leather bolster. Her behind was still the centre of attention. Though discipline now replaced passion, the pale, yellow-grey gobs of vaseline were still visible, like honey in the comb, between the cheeks of Lesley's bottom. A broad smear of the unguent crossed one of her seat-cheeks, marking the track of the Schoolmaster's penis as he withdrew it from her.

"Gentlemen," said Dr. Jacobus solemnly, "we now come to a scene which must be set in sombre colours, a theme cast in a minor key. I speak of chastisement. You need, however, have no misgivings. You will see Lesley punished for adultery in a manner which law and morality have upheld since the dawn of civilisation. The whipping of an adulterous young wife is an act in which almost all men of sense and honour would concur. Her husband, even the lovers she deserted her marriage for, would want to see the penalty inflicted. In the Arab world our punishment of the whip is lenient by comparison with the vindictive discipline of branding needle or impaling cucumber for Lesley's backside. By the law of many pashas, such retributions are followed by the inexorable tightening of the leather 'Collar of Justice' about the throat. Here we deal more lightly with her."

You may imagine the fright which filled Lesley's arrogant blue eyes under her little-boy fringe at this. Yet she would not suffer more than the ultimate discipline of the prison or school.

Lesley will use every subterfuge to escape justice," continued Dr. Jacobus. "Exaggerated screams to win pity are most common. Unnecessary degrees of twisting and writhing are also intended to mislead. Urgent entreaties will be made to perform certain acts whose needs can no longer be denied. Yet we may defeat such ruses!"

What could he mean? I had no idea.

"We judge by the state of Lesley's bottom," said he. "Therefore we curb her writhing a little. An extra pinion strap above the knees, another at the waist. A gag of damp wadded cotton, held by a thin strap between the teeth and secured at the nape, is doubly advantageous. It reduces the temptation to unnecessary shrillness and protects her teeth against chipping as she clenches in pain."

There was a moment of resistance-pressed lips, mewing, and head-twisting - like a little girl refusing the medicine spoon. But soon the wadded cotton and strap were in place.

"Lastly," said the learned Dr. Jacobus, "in her frantic endeavour to end the thrashing, she will lose all the self-possessed arrogance of an educated and emancipated young woman. She will perform as shamelessly as a desperate little girl of twelve or thirteen. Of course, the little fountain between her legs has played to exhaustion. Yet Lesley has also implored for some hours a few moments of urgent privacy for another reason. You will, I am sure approve the refusal of such requests, for the ordeal of her punishment is to be increased rather than lightened."

There was a murmur of approval. Dr. Jacobus smiled.

"Indeed, gentlemen, in so distinguished an audience as this, there may be scholars who wish to see the performance of such curious acts. It is prudent, then, to have Lesley in a state where she can display any function of her rear anatomy commanded by you."

He then responded to a ripple of amusement.

"Despite this young woman's appearance of arrogance, she may secretly hope that such commands are given. You may be sure that Lesley would respond to such an order with a show of repugnance and defiance. Her self-respect requires that. Several strokes of the cane would be needed. However greatly she may wish to do it anyway, Lesley will escape the ultimate self-humiliation, if she appears to yield only under the compulsion of the whip."

Like a conjurer, Dr. Jacobus stood before us with a china egg between finger and thumb. It was not quite large enough to tightly fit the necessary place, but it would not be easily dislodged. Lesley twisted her head 'round urgently to watch him, the light catching the fair, straight cut of her crop from its high crown to the severe cutting of it level with her jaw. Dr. Jacobus slid a hand under her, supporting her bare belly. He pressed the oval china egg between her buttocks, the narrower end foremost. There was a tensing of seat-cheeks, and a keening through wadded cotton, while the scholar's mouth set firm and the veins in his forehead stood out more prominently. Lesley's tight inward dimple yielded and closed again over the china oval as it passed up into her behind.

"Observe, gentlemen!" Dr. Jacobus stood back with a flourish. "See how hard and rapid the pulse beat in her throat is. Can it be sexual arousal at the thought of being chastised - or is it no more than a young woman's desperate fright? It matters not at all. Either emotion will generate a pitch of excitement. Lesley feels butterflies in her tummy, as the saying goes, and the flutter of panic in her bowels. The cheeks of her arse are no doubt crawling with such apprehension that they almost itch with it!"

Lesley gave a shake of her little-boy fringe in order to look back at him over her shoulder. It seemed as if the once-disdainful blue eyes were trying to ask a question she could not utter. Her clear, pale features were a study in the most fearful anticipation.

"Ah!" Dr. Jacobus smiled knowingly at her. "Lesley is tormented by a last doubt! Will there be any restriction on the instrument of punishment? Any limit to the number of strokes? I think she can already guess that the answer is in the negative!"

How Lesley tugged at her straps - and all in vain! How she turned her blue eyes and fringe urgently to the audience! Whatever disapproval one may feel for Dr. Jacobus, he had a good deal of reason on his side. Lesley is a mature young woman. Her hips and seat have that slight firming-out which enables her to undergo chastisements that would be unthinkable for a schoolgirl. She has endured regular penis exercise in the marriage bed, the labour of child-bearing, the demands of her lovers. Having willingly incurred such extremes of pleasure and pain, she was scarcely able to object to a whipped bottom as punishment for her infidelities. Indeed, by cutting her fair hair in a rather boyish manner, she was surely asking to be given the sort of thrashing well known in some boys' prisons.

"Presently you will be caned, Lesley," said Dr. Jacobus quietly, "but first I shall mark my personal disapproval of your marital treason by twelve strokes with a snakeskin pony-lash."

Lesley was truly frantic at this. She twisted her head and scanned about her, with blue eyes wide and desperate. In vain, she jerked at the restraining straps. The gag reduced her protests to the same shrill keening, but her pale seat-cheeks were tensing urgently.

Dr. Jacobus took the whip, which consisted of a handle and slim, woven lash about eighteen inches long. He ran his hand briefly over the full moons of Lesley's bottom, smiling at the pale vaseline blobs between them and the peeping vaginal pouch between the rear of her thighs.

"You had your fun with your lovers, Lesley," he said gently. "Was it nice? Was it? Did you wriggle on the adulterer's penis until you almost swooned with the joy of it? Now you shall pay a cruel price for it, you young whore!"

His right arm went back and his lips tightened. The cheeks of Lesley's bottom shifted and squirmed uncontrollably. With an ear-stunning crack, the slim, black-lash snaked down, curling and clinging to the bare cheeks of Lesley's backside. A split second's pause was followed by wild mewing and buttocks contorting urgently to contain the naked smart of the leather whip. A scarlet stripe appeared, an S-shaped curve across Lesley's bum-cheeks, dotted by two ruby droplets. Lesley had the firm, young seat-swell of a Spartan soldier-girl. Perhaps it was this which caused such breathless excitement among the audience as she was whipped. Or perhaps it was merely the satisfaction of seeing the boyishly cropped wife punished for her promiscuity and for being an arrogant young bitch. Who can say?

Dr. Jacobus made the whip ring out repeatedly with a savage accuracy across Lesley's bottom-cheeks. Soon her pale buttocks were embroidered by plum-red loops and curlicues. Two! Three! Four! The strokes sang out like pistol shots, each stinging Lesley's arse with a scorpion viciousness. Even the fiery kiss of the leather whip was but a prelude to the swelling torment as the impact of the stroke searched her lingeringly for several seconds afterwards. Vainly she tried to take the strokes on her flanks to spare her bottom. But her hips were too well pinned down for that. She tried to turn each buttock uppermost in turn, but neither of them could elude the lash. She tightened them desperately, until her arse-crack was a thin, compressed line.

Dr. Jacobus put a stop to this by an upward stroke of the woven lash, catching the fatter under curve of Lesley's seat-cheeks just above her thighs. Frantic to writhe away the anguish, the promiscuous young wife thrust her rump out in a complete display of her rear anatomy. It was at this point that the eyes of Dr. Jacobus gleamed. He aimed the lash with vindictive precision between the cheeks of Lesley's bottom. No refuge was left to her as the whip cracked out again. Eight! Nine! Ten! All the self-possessed sophistication taught her at school and college was stripped from Lesley now. Twice the whip's command was printed between the cheeks of her arse. Neither this, nor the flooding tears in the blue eyes, moved the onlookers to intercede.

One must concede, of course, that Lesley was being punished for the great harm done to others by her conduct. To desert marital duty for illicit pleasures is a crime which law and custom has always punished in this manner. Almost every man - and perhaps most women - would have been pitiless with Lesley now. Under the long, fair parting of her little-boy fringe, Lesley's eyes - once so aloof and dismissive - implored her master vainly.

Smack! Whip-smack! Crack-smack! As the lash caught the inward curve of Lesley's bottom-moons again, every muscle in her thighs went taut and her toes curled with the intensity of the discipline. Once or twice Dr. Jacobus moved to block our view a little, and he paused. An Arab boy ran on and held something to the young wife's nose. The scent of ammonia suggested smelling salts. Who can say? During this process, Lesley's face was level with the boy's loins. Like us, she must have seen the scrap of his loincloth bulging with the stiffness inside. No doubt there was many a wicked smile and knowing whisper from the frisky boy, assuring her of his enthusiasm for seeing her punished.

Indeed, as I glanced up at the windows overlooking the scene, I could make out the faces of the Arab boys pressing eagerly at each one. Here and there a lad stood alone, the movement of his upper arm suggesting that he was busily polishing some object in his hand.

"The justice of chastisement is absolute," said Dr. Jacobus, as he finished. "Lesley has made others suffer in order that she might enjoy her lecheries. What she endures now is a modest retribution."

Lesley twisted her head wild-eyed in dismay, for now the Schoolmaster appeared, cane in hand. Already Lesley's bottom-cheeks blushed deeply, the whip prints raised in slight contours across her backside and the rear of her upper thighs. The boyishly cropped Venus-wife sprawled in her straps like an overgrown schoolgirl or page boy over the cushions of the teacher's sofa.

The Schoolmaster removed the gag, allowing her to lie flatter as well. "I shall not need such expedients," he said. "Besides which, when I cane a bottom, I like to see it writhe! How many canings your parents and teachers neglected, Lesley! How many punishment lessons to make up for before we have trained you to loyalty and submission!"

Lesley emitted a shrill protest, but the Schoolmaster dismissed it. "Come now, Lesley! You have tasted the pony-whip! What greater objection can there be to a reformatory cane? Remember, I have already severely bamboo'd the bare buttocks of your thirteen-year-old filly. Surely that entitles me to thrash the backside of the young mare with my cane, as well?"

There was a good deal of general amusement at this. When the murmurs of laughter died away, the supple bamboo rang out across Lesley's bottom, the weals rising straight across the curving prints of the lash. You may imagine the frenzy of Lesley's screams, deeply gratifying to the moralists who watched her thrashed for adultery. He caned her across the backs of her thighs half a dozen times and then returned to the cheeks of her statuesque young seat.

The Schoolmaster was worthy of the great tradition of pedagogues. Each lash of the cane was given with stern vindictiveness. I doubt if the thirteen-year-old nymph wept more violently under the bamboo than the boyishly cropped young Venus of twenty-eight was doing now. Lesley's backside writhed over the leather bolster in a manner which was positively lewd. You might have thought, from its sinuous squirmings, that her behind was trying to seduce the chastiser into other pleasures.

In the warm night, the young wife's proud bare belly slithered on the leather bolster as she squirmed. There was a faint dry squeak of the restraining straps as she pulled vainly at her bonds. Under the caning, the firm, mature cheeks of Lesley's bottom met and parted in their writhing with a slippery kissing sound caused by the thickly smeared vaseline between them.

How would it end? How could it end? The Schoolmaster's disciplinary zeal seemed unabated, and it was impossible to imagine what would satisfy his punitive skill. His resolve stood out stiffly as ever for all to see. Yet now Lesley twisted her head round. She seemed to be trying to look down the length of her spine at her own bottom. In truth, she was directing the Schoolmaster's gaze to that place! The reply was an expertly aimed lash of bamboo, drawing blood in pinpricks across several of her earlier weals. Such frenzy was provoked by it! The atrocious smart of the bamboo caused the rounded end of the china egg to peep out between Lesley's bottom-cheeks! Was she about to use the only subterfuge remaining by which she could halt her punishment, if only for a moment?

The Schoolmaster, admirable moralist that he is, was not to be deflected from his duty by the reappearance of the china egg, which Dr. Jacobus had inserted in the young wife's behind. Again and again and supple bamboo lashed across Lesley's buttocks. The egg grew rounder and larger as it emerged, until it rolled free from Lesley's anus, down her bare legs, and across the demonstration table. An ear-splitting smack of the cane across her statuesque backside brought a frantic pleading to her face again. As the Schoolmaster caned her again and again it seemed that this promiscuous twenty-eight-year-old wife disgraced herself deliberately. The blemish swelled out between her buttocks and hung in a lewd curve down the left cheek of Lesley's bottom!

What of the Schoolmaster when he saw this outrage to discipline? His lips parted in a paroxysm of moral outrage - or was it a grin of delight? - and he gave two more strokes of the cane across Lesley's backside with all his skill. A second swelling blemish dislodged the first. Had one not known how strict a moralist the Schoolmaster was, it might seem that, having seen Lesley's thirteen-year-old filly lift her tail under chastisement, he was determined to drive the young mare to the same extreme.

For all her educated arrogance and emancipated self-possession, Lesley perhaps guessed at the strange vices which bedevil mankind. Her college education, several years of marriage, and a few lovers, had surely taught her some bawdy truths. Did she hope to excite the Schoolmaster to completion by performing the most lewd and utter self-abasement of which her bottom she was capable?

To be sure, it had an effect upon him. The cane dropped from his hand, for he was now obliged to clutch his own stiffness. Lesley turned her brimming eyes and woebegone mouth - a vision in itself enough to cause his orgasm. She was in time to see the Schoolmaster's weapon explode in mid-air, uncontrollably, with the pure exhilaration of his triumph. Thick lusty jets spat forward and liberally bespangled Lesley's backside with arcs of spawn. Who knows? Perhaps the slippery balm soothed her at last.

The Schoolmaster staggered with the exertion of his display. Murmurs of concern for him rose among the spectators, as two soldiers ran forward and supported the valiant pedagogue from the dais. In a spontaneous tribute, the assembled scholars broke into applause.

Happily, the Schoolmaster was able to return in a moment. Weeping contritely for her misconduct, Lesley implored him not to cane her again. He knelt to pick up the bamboo. As he did so, Lesley twisted her urchin-crop 'round violently and with tongue fully extended just managed to lick at the Schoolmaster's knob. Her arrogance was conquered now, for we heard her plead like a little girl.

"Please! Please, let me! Oh, please!"

He permitted it, teasing her over her reluctance to perform the same lip service to her husband. At the same tune, he left her in no doubt that she was earning a temporary respite at the cost of humiliation presently. As the curtain fell upon the dais, his voice was audible behind it.

"Your tongue under the foreskin as you suck, Lesley! What delights await you when the shaft grows hard again. So randy even in your present state, Lesley? A moment more and I shall make you do something which will shock you profoundly. Can you guess it, Lesley? Yes! I believe you can! The promise of chastisement alone shall ensure your obedience this time."

Dr. Jacobus in turn was the object of prolonged applause. He was recalled repeatedly, smiling and bowing his thanks to the guests. Our generous host, the Pasha of Ramallah, has put his own private bedroom at my disposal. Its secret windows look into adjoining suites, including that of Dr. Jacobus. Now I make my way thither to see what I shall see. Be sure, dearest Charlie, you shall have a full report of the proceedings from your own adoring,