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Birch in the Boudoir



My own Lizzie,

What a fool! What a fool he is, I hear you say. To procure such pleasure for Maggie and her admirers, but never to taste it for himself. Believe me, my dearest, you could not think worse of me than I did myself in that respect. I groaned all night at my folly in having let slip the opportunity to enjoy an evening with Maggie. It shall not happen again, I said to myself. For now it was clear that I was lord and master of the young women whom Miss Martinet - or rather my Uncle Brandon - had provided for me. I could do anything I chose, to whatever girl I chose.

Now the trouble about that state of affairs is that it rather spoils a fellow for choice. I might have spent the next six months making up my mind and changing it again. If there was one young woman who unwittingly saved me from this, she was Noreen.

Yesterday, after two days of remorse and indecision, I went down to the stable-block again. The harness had been polished, and Noreen was rubbing up the tiles with a damp cloth, toiling away in her white singlet and working trousers.

Picture her, Lizzie! A firmly made, quite tall girl of nineteen. Unlike Maggie's easy sluttiness, there was a hard defiance in Noreen's clear, pale features and insolent brown eyes. The dark-brown hair, cut at the collar, fell about her face as she knelt there polishing. From time to tune, she flicked her fringe and shook the straight, dark hair into place.

You may be sure that the passers-by on the path were detained by the sight of her. What did they see? A firm-figured young trollop in clothes so snug-fitting that you might imagine her naked! The singlet, as she knelt on hands and knees, shaped the taut, young breasts, which nevertheless jiggled nicely with the vigour of rubbing the tiles. The tight, pale-blue denim of her pants moulded those long, lightly muscled thighs, so trim that, when she was on all fours, with knees pressed together, there was a little space and light between those taut limbs. Her hips in this pose were perhaps her greatest attraction for the voyeurs, Noreen's behind being quite big-cheeked without running to fat.

The harness strap round her waist, serving to keep the pants in place, pulled them tight over Noreen's robust young buttocks. As she worked, the central jeans seam was strained like a hawser deep between the cheeks of Noreen's bottom and under her legs. The softer, fuller swell of her lower bum-cheeks almost closed over it. Yet it remained visible, the tight denim showing how the seam even parted the lips of Noreen's vagina.

Indignant at her unwanted admirers, she shook her hair back and looked coldly 'round at them, stopping her work, posing immobile on all fours. The silk-hatted gentlemen smiled eagerly at her, tongues running over their lips. She sat back on her heels, refusing to oblige them any longer. The groom came over to her.

"Noreen, you young slattern! To your work at once! Unless you would prefer the gentlemen to see you reprimanded!"

I confess, Lizzie, my tool began to stiffen both at the sight of Noreen and the thought of training her for my pleasure. In short, I gave instructions that she and another young woman were to attend me in my room. Need I tell you? She resisted every advance. Her face was turned away from my kisses. I had intended first to make Noreen suck my penis, kneeling before me, prior to swiving her cunt soundly. Her defiance was such that I feared she might bite clean through it! She could be won, but she must first repent of her hostility. Without further ado, the grooms laid her on the bed, with its leather wristlets secure to the frame at the head. If she had no taste for love, she should not interrupt others.

My second companion could only be Maggie. This young blond slut with her coltish stockiness stood there waiting, tongue pressed between teeth. She had hauled up the front of her singlet and was running a hand over her belly as if to check that its shape had not been spoilt. For the rest, she wore the same blue working jeans as all the other girls during their labours in the stable, where there is no place for skirts and petticoats.

Even Noreen could not help watching Maggie undress. That was odd, Lizzie. I vow the two girls must often have watched each other disrobe. To prevent solitary vice in such places as Greystones, bath hours and toilet visits are shared by at least two young women, as a rule. Will you confess the truth? To see a girl undress fascinates women as much as men!

I drew a chair close to the bed, where Noreen lay and removed my trousers, displaying the erection which had been longing for liberty. Both girls turned their eyes upon it as I sat down. Maggie came close, shifted her firm, white thighs apart, and seemed to know what to do.

"Astride my legs, Maggie, facing me! I want to sheathe myself very deeply between your legs. We shall let Noreen drool over the chance she has missed. And you'll be well positioned for me to enjoy your lips and breasts, to play with your legs and arse."

Maggie looked at me, hard and lascivious, as she moved her thighs wider yet and clambered astride me. Lowering her hips she touched the knob with her hole as if by instinct. I put a hand under her and smiled at the amount of self-lubrication.

"You young whore, Maggie! You've been making love to yourself!"

"What if I have?" She shook her blond fringe with a hardened impudence.

"Would you like to be made to do it in front of the men who admired you while you were setting out the harness?"

"Don't mind."

I'm sure she did mind, but Mag was too brazen to admit it. I turned her 'round a moment and was not the least surprised by the fading traces of stripes and one or two small bruises on Maggie's bottom-cheeks. It was clear that, when I left after her punishment the other night, one of the grooms had taken Maggie into another room and caned her viciously.

"Very well, Maggie," I said quietly, "the next time you're caught at it, I'll have you strapped for the pony-lash on your bare bottom. How do you like the prospect of that?"

For answer, Maggie gave a little hip swagger and impaled herself astride me! She is more of a slut than her friends Jenny and Pat, but deliciously lewd as well. She thrust her tongue into my mouth and began to ride the erection.

"You randy young bitch, Mag!" I gasped. "I believe you really were trying to show yourself to all the men who passed by!"

Her cunt was tight and smooth, exquisitely so. As I rode to bursting point I also tasted the fresh mint in her saliva.

"I'm going to come," she whispered soon. "I've been on heat all day for this. I can't help it. Let me do it harder!"

Her juice seemed to be streaming down over my cock already, but that was mere lubrication. She pulled up the singlet so that I could smooth her belly with one hand and worry her nipples with my teeth. I kissed her forehead, where the blond fringe parted. With my free hand I fingered her arsehole.

"You won't be spared that way either, Maggie! If we have to strap you bending for the lash, the stable-boys won't be able to resist it! Remember that when next you play with yourself!"

Mag is one of those girls who are excited by violent imaginings. I murmured promises in her ears of places where she might be taken and given to the unspeakable lusts of libertines. She cried out in her triumph, her head hanging limply over my shoulder, her hair loose down my back. Shuddering, she went into one erotic spasm after another. Her screams, which might have been pleasure or torment, decreased at last, and she flopped almost senseless against me. Kissing her eyes I tasted tears of relief - or even frustration. Then I comforted her for she was sobbing quietly in the reaction from such exultation. I kissed her gently on the nipples, on the belly, on the warm, firm cheeks of her bum, and then on the lips again. I led her gently to the sofa and bade her lie there.

"You will rest a little, Maggie," I said, smiling at her. "You must gather all your strength again for the night which lies before us. Ah, I see a tear or two in the desolation which follows such joy! Have no fear, you shall scale the summit of pleasure again in a little while!"

I crossed the room to the bed, where Noreen lay. She was able to gaze her fill on the stiff, sinewy tool, which had lost none of its sap in the recent engagement with Maggie. Yet Noreen's firm, pale features were a study in vulgar indifference. She merely shook into place the level fringe of the brown hair, whose tresses brushed her collar.

Walking 'round the bed, I sat down on the far side. Because Noreen's wrists were held together at the far corner of the head-rail, she bent forward from the waist as she lay there on her side. She watched me over her shoulder, still with the same dismissive indifference. Because she was curved forward on her side, her seat was presented to me in the most suggestive manner. Even now she was still garbed in her stable costume of white singlet and tight, pale-blue riding jeans. The broad leather belt pulled her pants taut, the denim stretched smooth over her firm, full buttocks. I stroked these two provoking mounds lightly and returned her gaze.

"I should very much like to give you a good caning tonight, Noreen. Your conduct certainly merits it. Unfortunately, the rules require me to enter it in the book first. I shall do so in the morning. In a week's time you will learn the bitter lesson of bamboo."

I said this without intending to carry out the threat just then, for I wished to see what effect the menace would have. I might have saved my breath, for she maintained the same stolid stare. Slowly I drew my finger down the stout central seam of her jeans seat. The seam was drawn deep and taut between her bottom-cheeks, their lower fatness gently closing over it, then it strained under her legs, almost running between the lips of her cunt, whose shape appeared as a soft swell. For the first time, the hard impudent stare faltered.

"You must mend your manners a little," I said. "The next time that men choose to admire you, show yourself thankful for their flattery. Life will be hard for you otherwise."

She shook her fringe again. "What are you going to do to me?" Her first words were spoken grudgingly.

"Little as you deserve it, Noreen, you shall receive love's elixir inside you."

She looked uneasy at this, for she feared a swollen belly more than anything else.

"Have no fear," I said, it will be in a place where no babies are conceived."

My open hand was now smoothing lightly over her strapping young seat. As the meaning of this penetrated, she made a show of protesting vigorously.

"Don't be foolish, Noreen. I'm sure something quite as large has often passed that way."

By now I was undoing her belt and easing her pants down to her knees. A moment more, and I was able to admire in their perfect nudity the hard-exercised young thighs and the well-made cheeks of Noreen's bottom.

"You have yourself to blame," I said gently. "By refusing the offer at first, you have earned second-best. Be a sensible girl and accept what must be. Perhaps you will then enjoy it more readily."

I had no doubt that she was more than ready to accept the same tribute as her companion. But I vowed to myself she must not expect to refuse and demand so wilfully. My hands fondled her firmly feminine thighs for a moment. Then my fingers played capriciously with her nineteen-year-old seat, running over the cheeks and between them. She opened her legs a little.

"Do it this way."

"Certainly not," I said. "Apart from the risk of what might follow, you have already refused that offer. I shall not ask again until your repentance is quite sure."

Noreen's backside, though big-cheeked, was not flabby, yet there was a fatter softness just above her thighs. Pressing her pale buttocks apart with my hands, I pondered the tight inward dimple, so perfectly made. I stroked her seat-cheeks lightly.

"You're very well made for it in that area, aren't you, Noreen? I can scarcely believe this is the first time."

Opening a jar, I lubricated my fingers and vaselined Noreen between her buttocks. Then, to her surprise I got up.

"Do it!" she said breathlessly, in her uneasy anticipation. "Do it now!"

"Lie there like that and wait, Noreen. You'll be well rewarded when I'm ready. You must learn that such love-making as goes on in this room will last all night. I pity the man who marries you if he is only to get a few moments of quick frantic excitement and then no more."

So I went across to Maggie, who lay facing us with her hands clasped between her legs. She was gently and wistfully playing with herself. I helped her to turn over so that I could then compare the young blonde's rear anatomy with that of her companion. Like Noreen, she shook back her fringe and watched me.

"Will you be ready for love's hammerhead to knock at so tight a portal, Maggie?" I asked gently. "I wonder how you will respond when the time comes?"

You may easily imagine the response from Maggie, with her rather crude, hard features, her slack and sluttish manner. She shook her blond fringe again in order to turn her head farther and kiss the knob of my tool.

All this time, Noreen lay in rising apprehension at what was in store for her. "Do it now," she implored, trying to twist her rump round in our direction, "please!"

Here was a change indeed! Like a schoolgirl who knows she must have the birch, Noreen could endure the ordeal itself more readily than the agony of waiting. She wanted it to happen so that it would be over. And yet she dreaded it happening at all!

Ignoring her, I allowed Maggie to close her mouth over the knob and its shaft, but I forbad her to do more for fear of precipitating a deluge. What a hardened young slut she is! Small wonder that the gentlemen who witnessed her setting out the harness display had been so entranced!

"Play with yourself at the same time, Maggie!" I said, teasingly, and the blonde girl obeyed at once.

It was some while before I went back to Noreen. Sitting down on the far side of the bed again, I touched her where she was so well prepared. "Is that the worst of it, Noreen? Wondering what it will be like. Will you be hurt by it? Will you enjoy it? Will it disgust you or excite you? Perhaps all those things will happen - and perhaps not!"

I stretched myself out, covering her from the back so that I could adjust my knob to her tight rear dimple. I pressed apart the pale Amazonian cheeks of Noreen's bottom. Love's hammerhead knocked for admission in earnest, yet it was not easy at first to make headway. The knob would lodge in Noreen's anus and then find an invincible tightness.

"Open yourself for it, Noreen," I said gently, "or will nothing short of a good spanking put you in the mood?"

She hesitated then. Drawing back, I circled her waist with my left arm. My right hand fell in a series of explosive smacks on each of Noreen's bum-cheeks in turn. I gave her a dozen well-measured stingers on each. Though it was only with my hand, she was tensing and shifting her arse desperately by the end, drawing her breath in wild gasps.

"There are young ladies who cannot abandon themselves to their lovers without a tanning to drive the modesty from them, Noreen," I said. "Can that truly be the case with such a young trollop as you? Are you secretly eager for the prick while your heart demands the pretext of being whipped into submission?"

I made her keep her head turned so that I could admire her features and the dark fringe of her hair. I now kissed her on the mouth and touched the knob to the dimple again. This time I felt Noreen's arse-hole swell as if trying to open for me. My kiss upon her mouth muffled her shrillness as I went forward with all my resolve. The tight buttonhole yielded and I passed through the exquisitely narrow portals to my great pleasure.

"The full length of it up your behind now, Noreen," I said softly, and gave it her in one long steady plunge. With what alarm she cried out, feeling it so deeply, swearing that she could locate the sensation of the knob in her bellybutton.

"Turn over on your front a little more, Noreen," I said, trying to reassure her. "Let me slide a hand under your bare belly to support you there while I bugger you. Good. So responsive to the penis inside you? I believe you find some enjoyment in it already!"

Having turned her over a little, I found that Noreen wanted to arch her rump out more fully to ease the burden of the phallus. By good fortune, this enabled me to push even farther into her.

"Noreen, my love," my lips touched her ear. "Keep your face turned to me. That's better. Now join in the rhythm of delight."

I pulled her singlet hem well up so that I could look down and watch my erection plunging in and out between the pale cheeks of her bottom, her rear muscle stretched round its hard circumference. I rode with a firm, slow thrust while she lay there, still and tense. As the minutes passed, however, the shape of the penis naturally began to stimulate certain excitements in her, however unhealthy they might have been. There was a certain slight muscular movement. I caught her eye at this.

"Still too timid, Noreen? Are you afraid that you might damage yourself if you give your feelings free play? I can promise you that you will enjoy it much more if you join in the dance!"

And so she did, her seat rising to meet my thrusts and then drawing away slightly at the withdrawal. She begged me for a libation to be poured out quickly. I felt her anus tighten in small exciting movements on my shaft.

"We must not hurry our pleasures, Noreen," I said. Did I detect alarm or excitement in her brown eyes at this? After ten minutes I stilled her and made her lie quietly with my tool embedded while passion came off the boil. Then I allowed her to begin again. At last I could be denied no longer. For safety's sake I made her lie still and I steadied her with a hand each side of her hips.

"A vigorous finish now, Noreen," I said, smiling at her and brushing her straight, dark hair back to see her face. She was lying with the edge of the pillow clenched between her teeth! With long strokes I began to pump and suck the narrow way of her behind with my tool. I pressed the pale mounds of her backside hard apart, so that I might plunge farther and make her feel the explosion of lust as deeply within her bottom as was possible. She caught her breath several times as I touched one area then another of profound sensitivity.

"Do you want to feel the sperm in your behind now, Noreen?"

She nodded her head vigorously, without releasing the pillow between her teeth.

"Very well, you young slut!" My own teeth were set now in my passion. "The first squirt of it deep in your arse, Noreen! Ah! Does that make you quiver? Again! Noreen, my love! How I shall flood your young backside! There! And there! You young whore, Noreen! Delicious young whore! Ah! Tighten on the shaft again! Delectable! Noreen! Ah, Noreen! Noreen, darling!"

With passion spent, I allowed her gently to squeeze my tool from her bottom with slight muscular movements. Its weight lolled softly across her broad, pale seat-cheeks, leaving a final trail of passion. Then I lay there to recuperate.

I was busy with Maggie an hour later. This young, blond minx, with her firm stocky build, had quite enthralled me. Maggie was on her back, knees pulled up, legs wide, while I rode into her young cunt with renewed vigour. Noreen had, not unnaturally, been permitted to visit the stable closet. I was still toiling at Maggie when the other girl returned.

Maggie shook her blond fringe - a gesture like Noreen's - and turned her face from me, watching the other bed.

"Mag, you young bitch!" I said crossly, "pay attention to what I'm doing to you!"

She ran her tongue round her teeth in a suggestion of humour and looked away again.

"Look at her, then!" Mag whispered, in her light, lilting voice.

Noreen was lying on her side, half of her belly, in the familiar pose. What had Maggie seen? I disengaged, went across, and looked. What do you think? The sturdy cheeks of Noreen's bottom blushed deeply. Here and there they bore the muddy imprint of the hard rubber heel of a canvas gymnastic slipper. I could scarcely understand it. Could it be that, while she was in the toilet closet, Noreen had persuaded someone - a groom or even a stable-lad - to tan her hard with a gym-shoe? Either the heel was damp or had been spat upon for greater effect.

Maggie was standing beside me now. "Don't you see?" she murmured, "that's to say how sorry she is. Isn't it, Nor?"

Believe me, neither of those two girls left that same bed during the rest of the night. Mag sucked again first, then Noreen. Next I spread Noreen's legs and brought her to dumb ecstasy. After that I would have been envied by some of those who admired Mag's nicely rounded arse-cheeks as she bent in the stable room. Turning her over, one hand under her belly to support her, I spread Maggie's bottom-cheeks and buggered her in turn. The blond hair was presented to me, but the mirror showed her face, the hard pale features and predatory blue eyes under her fringe. I guessed it was not her first time.

You will believe me, dearest Lizzie, when I tell you that the early summer dawn lightened the gardens outside before our pleasures were concluded. Indeed, my letter was begun immediately I came back to my rooms in the house itself, and is now finished as the maid brings in my breakfast.

Will you be too jealous if I tell you that the maid is Maggie and that there is a note on the tray from Miss Martinet? On the breakfast tray there also lies a slim bamboo. My left hand, the one with which I do not write, guides Maggie to bend over the desk. She turns her head aside, the collar-length hair too. Such a hard and knowing young face with its pale oval and its darkly made-up blue eyes. The well-formed, tightly-rounded cheeks of Maggie's arse are so close I can scarcely move the pen. My hand shapes them.

"Take down your pants, Maggie! Miss Martinet orders you the cane!"

Now my hand fondles Mag's bare thighs and backside. I really must break off, dearest....

.... And now, dearest, the sun is an hour higher in the sky and I may resume. Maggie's bottom is a sight indeed. She kneels in repentance before me, her blond fringe tickling my bare belly, her tongue moistening her lips as she unbuttons nimbly. Believe me, Lizzie, only my loss of you drives me to these wild resorts of passion! Such are the woes of the flesh!

Your own adoring, Charles.