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Birch in the Boudoir


My dearest Charles,

Before I continue my account of yesterday's female debaucheries, I must tell you of the great joy I have had in receiving all your dear letters by this morning's post. They came in a single batch, for you know the post is weekly here rather than daily. Oh, how happy I am at the improvement in your prospects by the legacy of your dear Uncle Brandon! How sensibly this must affect dearest Mama and dearest Papa in their estimate of your worthiness as a husband! How strange, my dearest, that families care so greatly for a man's wealth and nothing for his abilities in the bedroom, where a woman's true happiness is made or marred!

I am delighted that your apprenticeship is served in so diverting an establishment as Greystones. What stories we shall have to tell one another by the time we meet again! I am true to my bargain, Charlie. You may indulge in whatever indiscretions you please now, for it will make you a better and a steadier husband if that happy day should ever dawn. What a depraved young slut that Maggie of yours is, however! And how richly you rewarded Maggie and Noreen in their respective ways. I am surprised that you have not already whipped Noreen's bottom for her, as she richly deserves. Perhaps, though, by the time I have written this letter, you may have remedied that omission!

Let me tell you now of my own adventure, or rather of what passed when Judi returned to Tania and Shawn yesterday afternoon. Blond and severe in her riding costume, she flexed the switch between her hands and watched the two girls undress. She had, of course, released Tania from the divan, but, once the undressing was completed, she required each girl to wear a number of well-polished black straps. These adorned the waist, the wrists, the neck, the ankles, and the thighs just above the knees. You may be sure there was intense nervousness in Tania's blue eyes at what lay ahead, though Shawn's expression, darkly slanting and tight lidded, was enigmatic.

At first sight you might have thought Judi proposed to roast the two girls on a spit! I hasten to assure you that such was not the case. Yet she summoned two guards who brought in a strange apparatus, consisting of two supports with a long pole between them. The machinery showed clearly that this pole could be turned, if so desired, by the person operating it.

Tania and Shawn were attached tightly to the pole, pressed together and facing one another with the shaft running between them. Their ankles were strapped together at one end of it and then- wrists at full stretch above their heads to the far end. The pole, being metal, was thin though strong, so that their two bellies almost touched and their breasts kissed lightly under their own delectable weight. The two leather neck-collars were attached so that the girls' lips and tongues were in constant contact.

So these two delicious chickens were hoisted on their spit about three or four feet above the floor. Their lips and tongues mingled with promiscuous little meanings of desire. They smoothed their breasts firmly against one another's until four nipples stood hard as berries. At one end, the fingers of their cuffed hands entwined and tightened lovingly. Their legs and thighs were pressed tight to one another by the strapping. What a charming picture they made! Tania, with her cropped brown curls, her pretty little cherub face, firm, broad hips and muddy-white skin! Shawn with her Caribbean grace, high-boned elegance, long legs, and well-curved breasts and buttocks!

The pole turned, just as a roasting spit would. It might be turned by another person operating its handle, but the controlling wheel could also be urged forward by vigorous writhing of the girls attached to it.

Judi's face seemed sharp-eyed and expressionless as she took some hot-spiced paste on her finger, moistened it with saliva, and spread it on each of the girls' nipples. The hot irritant drove them into still more energetic writhing and mutual rubbing. Judi also smoothed the same erotic heat into each vaginal slit. Between each girl's legs, she attached to the pole a convenient dildo so aimed that it would move within their love-holes by the surging of their hips but could not be dislodged entirely. Writhing passionately against one another, each cunt riding its rubber penis, the two girls faced each other, side by side or one above the other as their struggling turned the pole. Tania's mouth swam with Shawn's saliva, and then as they turned it was Shawn who was flooded with the tastes of Tania's mouth. With torsos thrust out, they rubbed their nipples hard against each other. The ingenious dildoes enabled each girl to be simultaneously the lover and mistress of the other.

Was this indeed the punishment they were to suffer? It seemed little enough like punishment to me! But Judi had not quite finished. She took two small rubber cushions, each very firm and about the size of a small plate. Each in turn, she forced one of these under the girls' loins so that then two backsides were thrust out quite hard.

Tania was writhing and squirming at the top of the pole, offering her rear view, while Shawn whimpered amorously from the lower position. Tania's pretty, sun-kissed face, with its clustering brown curls, was hidden as she applied her mouth to Shawn's. Her hips were working hard on the dildo, the cheeks of her bottom alternately arching out and contracting, parting widely and tensing together.

Judi raised the switch and brought it down across the broad weight of Tania's backside. I leave you to imagine the impact of a leather riding switch across Tania's bare arse-cheeks! Her cry was muffled by the pressure of Shawn's lips on her own and the busy wriggling of the Caribbean beauty's tongue in her mouth. Tania's backside squirmed desperately under the lingering smart but even this movement increased the exquisite sensations of the dildo, which was so snugly in her cunt. Judi touched the leather switch lightly upon Tania's bum and gave two more pistol-cracking strokes across the full whitish cheeks.

Even at twenty years old, Tania had never tasted such anguish - nor such pleasure. Had her straps been undone, I wonder if she could have endured to part with the dildo and Shawn's loving even to save her behind from its punishment?

Judi printed a pair of swollen stripes across Tania's bottom-cheeks, enough to drive the girl into turning the pole by her writhing. As she swung into the lower position, sobbing with anguish and desire, so Shawn was turned arse-upwards for Judi's attention.

Imagine the target presented by our Caribbean beauty with her long, graceful brown legs and the dusty gold of her trim but softly luscious seat-cheeks! Even the top-knot of dark hair, with its pretty comb, and the tight-lidded almond eyes seemed to make her a more appealing subject for Judi's vengeance.

Shawn was trying to watch Judi from the corner of her eye. To her dismay, she saw the riding mistress lock the wheel into position so that the pole would not turn.

"Twelve extra strokes before the game begins, Shawn," said Judi quietly, "your punishment for a betrayal of trust. Ah, you can't stop loving yourself on the dildo, can you? Give Tania your tongue properly at the same time - right into her mouth. How hot and swollen your nipples look! Still stinging a little from the spice? Keep rubbing them on Tania's tits, you young bitch."

So saying, Judi measured the riding switch across the dusty-gold cheeks of Shawn's bottom. Once, twice, and again the strokes rang out. The Caribbean girl's seat of beauty was soon striped by several swollen weals. Now the next strokes across Shawn's bottom must fall upon these. The anticipation of doing this was almost too much for Judi to endure. With an impetuosity belying her severity, she undid her riding breeches and laid them down round her knees.

A word of command was given somewhere beyond the latticework on the far side. Into the room came Connie, a beautiful Chinese girl of Judi's own age, naked except for the silver clips holding back the sheen of black hair which fell to her shoulder blades. Obediently, Connie knelt behind her mistress and applied lips and fingers to Judi's venereal anatomy. In this way, she was able to ensure the blond woman's pleasure without interfering in the chastisement. Muffled in her turn by Tania's mouth, Shawn received eight more strokes across her backside, two of them causing wet rubies to glimmer on warm-toned seat-cheeks.

When the wheel was unlocked, the pole turned again under the energetic riding and squirming of Shawn's hips. Tania contrived briefly to free her mouth from Shawn's and turn her face in a wild expression of anguish and ecstasy, pleasure and frenzy. Judi managed to give several strokes across the broad, young cheeks of Tania's bottom before the positions were reversed once more and it was Shawn whose rear-cheeks were turned upwards for discipline.

I swear, Charlie, that, as the performance went on, I do not believe either Shawn or Tania felt anything like the so-called agony of the whipping. It acted merely as a stimulus to desire, in the same manner as the hot irritant paste, which had been applied remorselessly to the most sensitive buds and clefts of their anatomy.

Though Judi, with her severe-looking plait and her keen, blue eyes stood widely astride for Connie's attention, the strictness of her expression never faltered. 'Round and 'round went the spit with the two writhing, hip-pumping girls upon it. The leather switch sang out across each bare bottom in turn: Tania's, Shawn's, then Tania's again. The dildo shafts sank and rose again from their furry nests. In the heat of the room, Tania was sweltering. A gloss of perspiration appeared in the small of her back, under her arms, on the inner surfaces of her thighs, and between the cheeks of her bottom. Such energy she was putting into her loving and writhing! For the first time Judi's severe features softened in a smile.

"Your punishment has hardly begun yet, Tania!"

Punishment? It was not the word I would have chosen! Tania's broad, young hips rode up and down, up and down, on the rubber shaft as if her very life depended on it.

I believe that Judi's true excitement came from her sense of power over the two girls. Perhaps she thought of Tania before her abduction into slavery. How many men and women envied those clustering curls, the pretty dimpling of her face? How many were haunted by a glimpse of Tania bending, chin in hands, as she read a book, offering such a provokingly full rear view?

Judi locked the wheel into place as Tania lay arse-upwards.

"Twelve strokes for your wantonness, Tania!"

The blond mistress kept her waiting for several minutes. Even during this time, Tania never ceased to ride the dildo or to fill Shawn's mouth with her tonguing and kissing.

At last it came, an amorous whipping whose agonising strokes served only to drive the "victim" into further and more desperate loving. However bruised or swollen Tania's bottom might be, however appalling the menace of further strokes, it was only what Judi called it: the sharp sauce of a greater pleasure.

You may imagine, Charlie, that I sat there immobile and watched until Judi sank to her knees, conquered by Connie's busy tongue. The fulfilment of the mistress brought respite at last to the two miscreants.

It seemed that the curtain was about to be rang down on this first scene of a harem "comedy." Yet Nabyla had been sent on an errand and I was compelled to wait for her return before leaving my place. That being so, I was privileged not only to see the drama itself but also the epilogue.

Tania and Shawn were released. They left with their arms about one another, cooing or sobbing gently together like a pair of doves. Each bottom, Tania's broad and pale, Shawn's taut and brown, bore the prints of the leather switch. Judi followed them to the bedroom, where the three would pass a night of passion together.

What of poor Connie, I wondered? She dressed herself in a pair of tight, denim knickers from waist to knee - such as Tania wore - and a short, blue tunic opening at her waist. Her task was to put the room to rights. Sitting on her heels, she began to collect the debris from the floor. What a charming picture she made! Connie's rather flat features and slanting eyes are set in a face of heart-shaped delicacy. Like so many girls of her Asiatic beauty, she can assume a beautiful impassivity or a devil mask of laughter with equal ease. Her figure, like her face, has a slim, fine-boned appearance.

As Connie worked, I saw a tall, fair-whiskered English Milord of twenty-five pass the open door. I imagined him to be one of the Pasha's privileged guests. He stopped and surveyed Connie from her slim thighs and tautly rounded bum-cheeks to her slim shoulders, on which the black hair with its silver clips fell in a fine curtain. He watched her from this way and that, as if photographing upon his mind the images of her kneeling, stretching, bending. It was some time before Connie realised that she was under observation. When she did so, there was nothing for it but to continue her work while shooting a glance of sudden apprehension at the man from time to time. Presently he went away. Later he came back. I can scarcely describe the sudden shock in Connie's eyes when she saw him standing there once more, watching her. But this time he entered the spacious, well-appointed room, closing the door after him, and locking it.

"Your master has given you to me for a night of pleasure, Connie," he said, sitting on the divan. "Come to me naked and kneel down before me."

I truly believe that Nabyla left me there deliberately to witness what followed. Connie's knickers came down and her tunic off. This demure, submissive Asian beauty then knelt before her English lover. Without a word of command, she undid his trousers with her slim, quick fingers and drew out his penis. She touched her lips to it, ran her tongue 'round its knob, and, as it stiffened, took it in her mouth. The curtains of her black hair covered his thighs as she sucked. He made her suck for five or ten minutes, then restrained her briefly, then motioned her to start again.

Later she climbed meekly onto the divan, lay on her back with legs apart and feet raised, guiding him down and sheathing his quivering dart between her thighs. As he rode her, she softly taught him how to nip her with his teeth, to flick her breast buds with his tongue, to rake her flanks with his nails in the fury of desire. Later still, she turned over on her belly, offering the rear view of her trim, saffron-yellow figure, with the black, silken hair spread on the shoulder blades. Connie's bottom had those pale-yellow cheeks which are soft but neatly rounded. She had obviously been well trained in a slave girl's submission, for no word of command was needed even now. She reached back and pulled her buttocks apart, hiding her face bashfully in the pillow as she offered the tight dimple of her anus to the man's lust. He buggered Connie with such energy that she several times drew a sharp breath. He spent in her neat, young Chinese bottom and she thanked him charmingly.

Then she looked at him with great apprehension. She slid from the divan, walked across to the cupboard with a delicious little swagger of her bare hips, and produced a birch. Its three, yard-long switches were bound at the handle in the way that prison rods are. With eyes lowered, she took it back to him, presented it to him kneeling, and then bent herself forward over the back of a chair.

I could not guess what his response would be, for his tool now hung remarkably slack. First, he secured her wrists to the wooden legs. Then he took his place behind her and touched the long birch switches to the broad, well-separated cheeks of Connie's trim backside.

"If I were a judge, condemning you as a thieving shop girl, Connie," he said coolly, "I should order you eighteen strokes of the prison birch. I must not be too timid to carry out such acts for myself."

The birch made a soft, lashing sound as it cut across the pale-yellow cheeks of Connie's bottom, its fine tips curling 'round to catch her flanks. Even now there was a softness in her cries, as if she knew that a respite was impossible and that to scream for it would be a sign of defiance. The familiar raised scratches of the birching, long and curling, soon traversed her buttocks. Two or three times the birch just missed its target and caught her high on the legs. When it was over, her lover set her free, and led her back to the divan.

Now Connie had her reward. He placed her gently on her back and rode into her cunt with renewed lust so searchingly that Connie cried out with a greater intensity of joy than when she cried in distress during her tanning. They fell asleep together after the climax like a devoted bride and groom.

At two in the morning, her lover woke her gently, stroking her face. He required his Asian bride-of-a-night to turn onto her belly. He then made love to Connie's bottom. Little more than an hour passed before he woke her once more, this time spreading her legs and taking his way between them. In the pale, star-lit flush preceding dawn, their sleep was broken once more.

"Your bottom again, Connie," he murmured, as she stirred under his caresses. "Hold the cheeks well apart and rest your belly on the pillow. Arch your rump out even farther...."

I can scarcely describe the many sequels, as I am exhausted by my vigil. You may protest at a young lady writing of such things, but it is the very truth, as witnessed by,

Your own adoring, Lizzie.