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Darling Lizzie,

With what relief did I receive your letters at last and learn that all is well with you at Ramallah! You may be sure that I read with great amusement the frisky doings of Tania and Shawn, as well as the amorous ordeal of Connie! I fear, my sweet, that you may find the news of Greystones dull by contrast, for there is much to be done in a harem which would be imprudent here!

Nonetheless, these past few days have produced one or two diverting little incidents among the stable-girls who are my chief concern even now. It is almost as if Miss Martinet believes I may find greater pleasure in their randy company than among the refined young ladies of fourteen in her sewing class. Who can say but that she may be right?

Since I last wrote to you, two more young women have come under my care, though they are ten years different in age. Jacqueline, the elder, is truly a self-regarding slut of twenty-five. She pretends to education and refinement but is, I feel sure, a young trollop who cannot get her pants off fast enough if it suits her purpose! She is not quite in her first youth, though she presents a challenge to any man. Her straight, blond hair has been cut in a short bell shape with a fringe, the style of the reformatory from which she came. Such dismissive blue eyes, Lizzie, so pert a nose and such heavy sulkiness in the mouth and jaw! In singlet and working trousers, her figure is not overblown, though I wager she may run to fat in a few years more - certainly if her belly swells with a brat! Her breasts are bouncy, her legs quite long and still trim. If you see her in tight, working trousers from the front there is an outward curve of her belly which suggests she may already have dropped a brat on the sly! On the inner edge of her thighs, either side of her cunt, a fleshy bulge swells out the cloth. Tell me, Lizzie, is this not one of the first signs of fat? If you see her turn and bend in fawn riding tights, Jackie's bottom is seductively fattish but not yet too much so for me. Under her disdainful manner, however, she is extremely wanton and eager.

My younger charge, Amanda Ticklepuss, known as Mandy, is fifteen years old. Yet she is quite tall and strongly built, with long, firm legs and sturdy hips which give her quite a broad and Amazonian arse. True to type, Mandy has a strong-featured face, softened by a pleasant, smiling manner and gentle waves of chestnut hair, which are combed loose to her shoulders - such a beautiful reddish tint.

After the randiness of many of the young bitches at Greystones, I was quite taken aback by Jackie's display of disdain and her pretence of injured virtue whenever one tipped her breast, stroked her thighs, or pinched her arse-cheeks lightly. I was almost deceived by this. Then, one morning, I was invited to attend Miss Martinet in order to discuss some manner of business. Silas Raven, the surly old brief, was coming down to Greystones - at our expense - to discuss some matter connected with my Uncle Brandon's will. I informed the grooms that I should not be visiting the stables that day, for I envisaged a prime lunch and a good blow-out.

As I waited with Miss M., a telegram arrived. There had been a most unfortunate incident in the gentlemen's lavatory at Victoria Station. The door of one of the cubicles had become wedged and two uniformed police constables had been summoned in the general alarm. When the door was freed by these two stalwarts, out tumbled Silas Raven and two young guardsmen in dishabille. The young soldiers were all for laying the constabulary senseless and making off. Silas Raven prevented the necessity. A few moments later, the entire party went its separate ways, the pockets of the two policemen chinking with sovereigns, and the zealous officers of the law saluting S. Raven, Esquire, as if he might be the Prince of Wales and Lord Rosebery all in one.

Yet after so disturbing an entree to the railway station, the respected counsel from Grays Inn was far too shaken to contemplate a journey that day. In consequence, Miss M. and I found ourselves at what is colloquially termed "a loose end."

It was a fine summer morning, the chestnut candles still upon the trees, and I thought it no hardship to stroll back to the stables and perhaps from there to the cliff walk and the sea. I made no great sign of my approach, walking slowly and in some depth of thought. Only as I approached did I realise that some kind of revelry was taking place in the stable block. This gave me pause. By good fortune, there was a side door which led directly into my own little office. The wall between the office and the main stable boasted one of those miniature internal windows which save folk the necessity of walking all the way 'round to the door when some paper or small object is to be handed through. Unobserved, I might yet discover the nature of the stable celebration.

I slipped in quietly and went across to the little window. Sure enough I had a fine view of all that was passing in my absence - or so everyone there believed. Jackie and Mandy were at the centre of the excitement, the two grooms were at one end of the room, and the stable boys at the other.

Twenty-five-year-old Jackie did not look as if she had been a volunteer for these japes. Under the bell shape of blond hair, her mouth was hard and sullen, her blue eyes frostily dismissive. She was twisting in the arms of the two men who held her, for they were trying to get her pants off.

The singlet parted company from her pants at the waist. She wriggled 'round. Now they had her bending, the tight, fawn riding trousers showing me her long, firm legs and the fattish cheeks of her arse as she stooped.

Fortunately the grooms soon undid the belt and pushed Jackie's pants down to her ankles. They threw her on the pile of straw, where she lay on her belly looking up at them over her shoulder. There was still hostility in her blue eyes as she shook the hair into place after the struggle. Her long legs were pressed tightly together as she lay there and the pale, fattish cheeks of her bottom were similarly tensed.

The first groom stood over her, muscular legs astride and the crotch of his tight breeches now swollen with the size of his erection. He unbuttoned himself and released the stout weapon. The sluttish young blonde defied him, continuing to lie facedown. Slowly, the groom drew the broad leather belt from his waist. Holding the two ends, he placed a foot gently on the young woman's neck to hold her, and brought down the strap half a dozen times across the white quivering cheeks of Jackie's broad, young arse.

With a cry she obeyed him as soon as her neck was released, turning on to her back, knees hugged up, and thighs open. He knelt at her, adjusting his penis to her love-hole.

"You'll enjoy it more for having had your arse strapped, Jackie!" he said humorously. Then he pressed home.

How Jackie loved it! Such sighs and soft crying, as her heels touched the small of her lover's back! When the penis accidentally slipped out of her cunt, she gave such a doleful cry at the loss of its comfort - and such a sob of contentment when it was replaced.

The groom pulled up the front of the blond girl's singlet and busied his mouth with her breasts. He kissed and flicked the nipples with his tongue. Then he gently and lovingly bit her shoulders and her neck. Jackie's own crisis came before his, in a series of short, rising cries. Yet the excitement of her fulfilment soon precipitated his own warm flooding of her cunt. The second groom ordered the young blonde to kneel on all fours, as he released his splendid tool from his pants.

What a sight was this! Our impudent young blonde now knelt like a bitch waiting to be mounted - and mounted she soon was! The second groom rode into her cunt with even more vigour than the first. Yet in his hand he also held a blob of saddle soap, well moistened by his saliva. Presently he used this to prepare the tight bud of Jackie's anus. Drawing from her cunt, he thrust hard and impaled her twenty-five-year-old bottom in the style of a champion. The young woman gave a cry of surprise rather than discomfort. Yet he entered so easily that I feel sure Jackie had been up to this sort of mischief with other men. She loves the penis, cannot get enough of it, and will take it in any way rather than be without it.

"You'll be getting a nice thick pressing of juice - up your arse, Jackie!" gasped the groom. "Lie still now and enjoy it!"

His words were proved right almost at once. Yet, while he was busy with the young blonde, the first groom had gone over to the stable-lads, who held Mandy between them. Perhaps she was not a girl to struggle with, for at fifteen years old she was tall, long-legged, and strongly made. The firmness of her pale features and chin was softened by the chestnut-red of the hair which was combed in gentle waves to her shoulders.

The stable-lads were rather young for the antics of the grooms with Jackie and none of them could rival Mandy's fifteen years. Yet they had a natural curiosity and excitement about the way in which little girls - and big girls too - were made. Mandy's long legs and sturdy hips were tightly encased in riding jeans, which the groom now ordered her to take off. She looked at him with uncertain defiance.

"Want the strap across your bottom, Mandy?" he asked, "like Jackie had it! No? Take them off, then!"

Imagine, as she obeyed, how the lads clustered 'round! Some stroked her long, firm thighs, others were bold enough to fiddle with her love-pouch, a few preferred to slip their fingers between the strong, young cheeks of Mandy's arse.

"Lie over the pile of straw, Mandy!" said the groom. "Pull your singlet right up and show us those luscious young breasts!"

So our long-legged maiden tugged the singlet up under her armpits and lay back on the straw, looking up at the stable-lads with quiet amusement as they goggled at her.

"Want to be a dirty girl, Mandy?" said the groom, smiling at her. Mandy grinned back, as if they shared some secret, her strong chin and steady eyes challenging him. "Do it lying over the straw, Mandy!" he chuckled, handing her something closed in his fist.

It was Mandy's party trick, greatly admired by the lads. She took from the groom two china pullet eggs, each the size of a large plum. She popped them into her mouth and made a swallowing movement twice.

"Jackie!" called the groom, now that his colleague had finished with that luscious young blonde, "over here! Play at dirty girls with Mandy on the straw!"

Jackie obeyed, and we enjoyed the sight of the strapping, young Amazon of fifteen and the fat-arsed blonde of twenty-five writhing naked in each other's arms. Presently, Mandy sat up, with a look of feigned dismay. She parted her bare thighs and looked as the two pullet eggs popped out of her cunt! Her open mouth showed they truly had gone! The grooms turned, presenting the rear of her long legs, strong hips, her strapping young arse, and the auburn hair on her bare shoulders. The two china ovals were popped into Mandy's arse-hole. More writhing in Jackie's arms and then another look of dismay. Opening her lips like a magician, Mandy showed the little white eggs in her mouth once more.

It was easy, of course, but effective and rather charming. The stable-lads cheered and guffawed. Clearly there were several pairs of china eggs. Mandy transferred the two from her mouth into Jackie's as they kissed, then produced the two which had been lodged in her cunt before the show had begun. As they were thumbed into Mandy's arse, she took the first pair back from Jackie's mouth. Now Jackie's bottom produced another pair from between its fattish cheeks.

I was most diverted by the antics of the stable-lads - the manner in which these amiable young scamps amused themselves with Mandy and Jackie! Yet prudence dictated that I should not reveal my presence just then. I slipped out of the side door and crossed the sunlit lawns towards the main house. Perhaps I might entertain Miss Martinet at luncheon with stories of my past adventures.

Just then my attention was caught by the sight of one of Miss M.'s well-bred young pupils making her way to the music room. Vanessa was just short of her fifteenth birthday and in every way a contrast to a plump-bottomed slut like Jackie or even a strapping young wench of Mandy's type. Because she is rather short, Vanessa looks perter than her years. She was dressed just then in her white blouse and striped tie, the dark-blue skirt, which came down to the middle of her calves, and a pair of white ankle socks. Is she seductive? Who can say? Her brown hair is cut straight, in a casque shape which ends at her collar, her fringe parted on her forehead. Vanessa has a lightly sun-browned face, prettily heart-shaped with high cheekbones and light-blue eyes that have a narrow, crinkling mockery in them. She has the firm, clear-cut nose and chin of the well-bred high-school girl.

There is still a childish slovenliness about her which, in a grown woman, would be sluttish. The movements of her hips and thighs have a slow heaviness which lacks mature feminine grace. Left to herself, she would no doubt have grown up as a very self-centred young lady. How fortunate that she could be brought under discipline at Greystones. If Vanessa is to be chastised in any case, it may as well be by those who enjoy it!

I watched her enter the music room and I spied through the large picture window to see what she would do. To my surprise, Miss Martinet was already in there. I could not hear what passed between them, but the dumb-show itself was most eloquent.

Miss M. unbuttoned Vanessa's blouse and untied the school tie, baring the young pupil above her waist except for her breast halter. Her skirt was next removed. Vanessa's calves and thighs lack a mature woman's shape as yet, being midway between the lumpishness of an adolescent child and the grace of a young nymph. She now wore her white ankle socks and a pair of tight, stretched briefs made of white cotton web, the first sign that she was due for a dancing lesson.

Miss Martinet stood close, kissed Vanessa lightly on the lips, and began to work the briefs down over the youngster's hips and thighs. I stared with fascination, wondering if fourteen-year-old Vanessa would be compelled to have Lesbian sex with her mistress. Miss M. led her to a chair and sat down. She put Vanessa over her knee and stroked the bare back and hips for a moment. The taut, adolescent pallor of Vanessa's bottom-cheeks was so prominently presented that I thought she was due for a spanking from Miss Martinet, but that was not what happened.

The mistress slid a hand through the rear opening of the schoolgirl's thighs and began to fondle Vanessa's vaginal pouch and clitoris. The pupil gasped and squirmed with the excitement of this delicious masturbation. She did not climax, but the lubrication began to flow in her cunt and soon one could see its slipperiness on her inner thighs as well as on her love-purse itself.

What do you imagine Miss M. did next? She took some discs of red sticky paper, each the size of a small com. One by one she wetted them with Vanessa's cunt juice and then stuck them here and there on the woman-child's body. The breast halter was removed and they were pasted to her blossoming tits. They were stuck to her belly, her thighs, and between her thighs. Yet more were glued lightly to Vanessa's taut, pale bottom-cheeks and some on her arse-hole. Then she was made to stand up.

Can you guess what was about to happen, Lizzie! I vow I could not. Never fear, my sweet. The mystery shall be revealed in tomorrow night's letter from your own adoring,


Letter 7...