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Birch in the Boudoir



My darling Lizzie,

I now resume my account of the other day's adventures. Picture Vanessa, naked but for her white ankle socks, standing at the centre of the polished boards which form the floor of the music room. Her wrists are strapped together in front of her. A leather collar 'round her neck is attached to a slack cord which hangs from the beam above her, thus keeping her in one area of the floor.

I could not hear whether there was the music of a tambourine and flute, yet Vanessa now began the sinuous writhing of a harem dance. So clumsy she seemed for fourteen, though there was a knowingness in that light, olive-skinned face, with its mocking blue eyes and well-cut features, under the fringe of her casque of brown hair.

She knelt open-legged before her mistress's chair and began to shake her pert young breasts eagerly. I could see Miss M.'s lips forming her words slowly.

"Have you been fondling and playing with your tits as I ordered, Vanessa, to fill them out? Good. Come to my room each evening at nine and show me how you do it."

The aim of the dance was to shake free the tiny discs of paper stuck to the youngster's body. At last they began to spiral like autumn leaves from Vanessa's sweet little breasts. Miss Martinet leant forward, took each nipple in turn, and erected it firmly with her skilful tongue. Vanessa rose and began arching and rolling her taut belly at Miss M., offering it to her kisses. By this means she contrived to make the mistress's lips brush her flat and taut abdomen, thus freeing more of the paper discs. Then, leaning far back, the pupil offered her splayed thighs, writhing them seductively to dislodge the red circles pasted between. Miss M.'s finger caressed Vanessa's love-slit until the schoolgirl thighs trembled from quite a different cause.

By squirming her thighs together, Vanessa managed to dislodge most of the discs on their inner surfaces, but those on her cunt itself proved so tenacious. Smiling, Miss Martinet intruded her fingers between Vanessa's squirming adolescent thighs so that her dancing pupil might smooth herself upon them and so free the little paper discs which clung there. With how many soft schoolgirl sighs and gasps were they dislodged!

Her mistress took a towel and rubbed it lightly between the girl's thighs, squeezing Vanessa's love-purse dry in such a manner as to bring her close to orgasm. Now the petite high-school charmer turned. The cheeks of Vanessa's bottom had the pale tautness and elasticity of childhood but also the first traces of a woman's more voluptuous fullness. She leant forward a little and writhed her seat-cheeks at Miss Martinet, as if trying to seduce the older woman by this performance.

Miss Martinet was not smiling now. She craned forward a little, lips pressed hard. Vanessa's arse-cheeks surged and parted so innocently. Miss Martinet chose a tawse, a broad lightweight strap, divided into three tails at its end. Vanessa's backside did a desperate jungle dance, but the obstinate red discs of paper still clung.

The mistress used the strap across the bare writhing cheeks of Vanessa's bottom. She caught the youngster on the backs of the thighs as well. Six times the leather exploded on the cheeks of Vanessa's fourteen-year-old backside. Twice more on her thighs. She tried to turn 'round, to shield her buttocks, but the strap kissed her flank savagely.

As the last paper disc fluttered down, Vanessa sank to the floor exhausted. Miss Martinet ceased to be the tyrant and became the lover once more. She knelt beside Vanessa, gently stroking the casque of brown hair, comforting and caressing until her fingers slipped at last between the rather ungainly adolescent thighs. Vanessa's sobs became soft, questioning sighs of wonder. Miss Martinet kissed the tears from the eyes of her high-school pupil. With gentle skill, she brought Vanessa to a crescendo for ten or fifteen minutes.

Then I saw a curious thing: to one side of the room was a long curtain, reaching from the ceiling to within an inch or two of the floor. From under the curtain protruded a foot in a black, patent-leather shoe. In front of the concealed figure, whose excitement seemed to come from watching Vanessa, there knelt a young woman whose name was spoken as Julie. I recognised this as belonging to a nineteen-year-old girl in Miss Martinet's possession. Julie was one of those slender young women who make up their height by high heels, and whose thighs are no thicker than a man's upper arm.

Julie is a slut as surely as any girl in the establishment. Through a chink in the curtain I could make out her sulky, sour little face with its rather crude features and dark, hazel eyes. Her blond hair had been braided into a plait and was pinned up in a topknot, revealing her slender little neck. I can imagine how the men who were served by her in the shop where she worked must have coveted her. What would they have said now to see Julie rhythmically and expertly sucking the penis?

As she knelt at her task, her thighs were so slender, and yet the slight backward jut of her hips gave a certain rather childish fatness to the shape of her bottom-cheeks. There was a senile crowing from her lover and Julie was obliged to swallow down her repugnance. Two veined and gnarled old hands held her head close while the old man's sperm-spasm loaded her tongue and he made her gulp it down.

I walked slowly to the front entrance of the house, wondering who the old lecher might be. There, outside the handsome portico, I saw the private carriage of Silas Raven, K.C. , in all the majesty of the law.

They had not seen me, of course, and yet I could not bring myself to go in and face the pair at luncheon. Instead, I took a stroll in the pleasant summer gardens above the sea for an hour and then resolved, since the pranks in the stable must be over, to return to my office there.

As I had surmised, the stable was silent and deserted. I wondered where the two grooms might be, and whether they had taken Jackie and Maggie with them. It seemed a day of midsummer madness, when lechery was enthroned in men's minds - and women's too! I remembered that there was a hundred-yard length of chain, stretching down the cliff to a buoy in the shallows, which had to be wound onto the spool of the old mill wheel. The grooms had been told by Miss M. to see it done that afternoon. I went down almost as far as the old miller's grinding wheel, unused for many a day, and stopped short. Nothing I had seen so far on this midsummer day equalled the present spectacle.

The grooms had devised an ingenious scheme for drawing the long chain up the cliff and 'round the grinding wheel, to which one end was already attached. The wheel had a yoke across it, protruding at either side, to which beasts of burden had once been attached. Some means must be found to turn it now, in a heavy two-hour labour. What ingenious fellows they were!

The blond bell shape of Jackie's hair was clearly seen threshing to and fro as she struggled in their grip. But they bent her forward, leather wrist cuffs and collar holding her down on the yoke bar on one side of the wheel. Once she was bent over so tightly and helplessly, they fondled the fattened seat of her bronze-toned riding jeans only briefly before taking those pants right off her and baring her below the waist.

To ensure her arousal, they tightened a strap 'round each of Jackie's thighs and attached to it an ingenious love feather pointing upwards on the inside of her thigh. With every step she took, the tantalising feathers would tickle her cunt, masturbating blond, twenty-five-year-old Jackie irresistibly.

To ensure this, the grooms now massaged Jackie's vaginal slit with warm irritant spice powder. Every teasing tickle of the feathers would be a piercing thrill to her inflamed and itching cunt-pouch. Imagine Jackie, bending with wrists and neck strapped to the yoke bar. Her pale legs are quite long and trim, her bottom rather fatly cheeked in this pose, the tingling cunt-lips clearly visible between her thighs. Jackie's plump, young tits were still quite firm, but as they hung down now they jigged a little as she squirmed. Ah, the young scamp with the spice licked his fingers, dipped them in, and rubbed the virulent itch powder into Jackie's nipples. What a change came over that sullen young face, its blue eyes, hard jaw, and mouth under the fringe of her blond bell shape of hair! Jackie, so off-hand and indifferent in serving men, now cried out to have her tits rubbed and sucked, and the fiery itching soothed by any means her lovers chose!

I was delighted to see that they were still not quite satisfied with her predicament. The groom took a false pony-tail of hair, which matched Jackie's own blond colour. Its base was a leather butt, two inches long, and thick as a thumb. Grinning at the young blonde, he showed her a jar of Vaseline, took a blob on his finger, and smeared it thickly on Jackie's arse-hole! Even so, she gave a gasp as he forced the butt into her anus. The tail was drawn up her buttock-crack, under her belt, and then arched in a charming curve, its ends just sweeping the top of her buttocks.

Fifteen-year-old Mandy was strapped bending to the yoke bar on the other side in the same way. Whenever she bent over, the tight seat of Mandy's jeans shows a strapping young backside, broad-cheeked and strongly made, without yet being spoilt by flabbiness. They took her pants down, strapped the masturbation feathers to her long firm thighs, and rubbed her cunt and nipples with the stinging spice. The artificial pony-tail matched those lightly waving chestnut tresses, which softened the firm lines of Mandy's young face and caught the colour of her brown eyes.

They vaselined the tight inward dimple of Mandy's arse-hole and the leather butt was firmly inserted. Mandy, at fifteen years old, may still have been a virgin in that place. Indeed, she cried out. Yet she was so sturdy in that area that one could not expect two high-spirited grooms to abandon their sport for such a quibble.

The grooms can be rascals, of course, but only in a softly suggestive way. The harnessing apparatus included a thin bridle strap between each girl's teeth, which could not be detached from the rest. To prevent chafing, it was necessary to pad the thin leather. Nothing was available for this but the two pairs of knickers discarded on the turf. They could not resist a lewd exchange, padding Jackie's mouth with Mandy's knickers, while Mandy's mouth was protected by the panties still warm from Jackie's bottom and hips.

All was ready for the two hours' labour by this pair of intriguing pony-girls. Harnessed bending to the yoke, they must turn the heavy wheel and draw up the long chain. Jackie shook her bell of blond hair and looked 'round with sullen jaw and insolent blue eyes. Yet she is randy by nature, much more so with the hot spice and feathers which made her cunt-pouch itch and tingle. Now she looked back in a manner of sluttish defiance, deliberately refusing to move. When you know Jackie better, you will realise that the refusal was a pretence. She was almost drunk with lewdness, if a young woman can be. In this sexual intoxication she wanted to provoke the groom to treat her with a lover's discipline.

You do not believe me? I saw Jackie with her foot slyly edge a loose brick so that it fell into the wheel mechanism. Until it was noticed and removed, the wheel would not turn and she, of course, could utter no words of explanation. The groom brought his hand down hard and stinging, spanking the fatly pale curve of her bottom-cheeks. At last his colleague saw the brick and removed it.

Now Jackie's long thighs shimmered, her hips laboured, and her fattened shop girl bottom-cheeks arched and contorted as she strained forward. With every arduous step, the quivering feathers tickled an itching cunt. In no time, Jackie's love-slit was weeping pearly droplets of excitement.

Sometimes her need for love was so strong that she stopped, knees buckling and thighs squeezing. Mandy's own situation was no better. All disobedience was now curbed. During Jackie's defiance the second groom had touched his gasper to the cleavage of Mandy's strapping, fifteen-year-old bottom. Now, as she laboured forward with long, lightly muscled legs, Mandy masturbated herself perforce on the cunning feathers.

In the warm afternoon, the two labouring girl-ponies began to perspire a little. Their cunts gave off a delicate mineral scent of feminine arousal. Very soon a faint, musty girl-scent also came from between the cheeks of Jackie's bottom. Mandy's perspiration between her arse-halves soon contributed to this.

Horse flies and mosquitoes sang eagerly around these savoury areas. The happy insects landed and fed, several at a time, in such veritable clusters. It was true that Jackie and Mandy had pony-tails attached to them, but these merely brushed to and fro across the very tops of their arses, leaving much of their buttocks and thighs without such a fly whisk.

To assist the girls in their plight, each groom armed himself with a broad, thin strap, divided into three tails at its end - the tawse which Miss M. had used upon Vanessa. The two men set up in competition to see which could swat the greater number of flies on the legs and bottom of the girl he attended. The first groom swung his strap with ringing smacks across the pale, fattened cheeks of Jackie's bottom and her thighs. The red spank marks soon blossomed from her waist to her knees. Jackie's arse was spangled with the remains of insects flattened by these blows.

Mandy was more agile and twisted more violently. The tawse sometimes caught her flanks in consequence. Yet Mandy's bottom and thighs received their fair share of a severe strapping. Like Jackie, she was riven by the exquisite thrills between her legs and the smarting ordeal of the strap.

The grooms made the two young women stop for a moment. They now moistened the two love-purses with a thin coat of honey. How intriguing this was. Next the men took two small boxes, each containing a colony of saucy ants, and applied them to these parts of the girls' anatomies!

Can you guess the sequel? The ants began to sting lightly the cunt-lips and bottom cleavages of Jackie and Mandy. It was no punishment, merely the injection of the irritant acid into those most erotically sensitive crevices. The virulence of the itch and the swelling heat, the need for fondling and handling, turned Jackie and Mandy almost demented. All labour ceased. Each of them lay bottom-upwards over her yoke bar, squeezing her thighs hard and rhythmically on her love-slit, whimpering for the hand and penis of her groom.

You may be sure they would soon get their hearts' desire. Yet first there was a good deal of play about their disobedience. The first groom took his cane. Twenty or thirty whip strokes across the pale, fattish cheeks of Jackie's bottom, which the young blonde did not mind greatly, for it was the spur to her Venus-gallop. The second groom grinned at Mandy as she bent squirming piteously with longing over the bar. The firm young face, with its auburn waves to her bare shoulders, was pleading with desire. He gazed at her strong, broadened young hips, long sturdy legs, and Mandy's strapping, fifteen-year-old arse-cheeks.

Mandy had never had the cane before and she cried out under the first few strokes across her backside. Then her protests also sank to soft questioning whimpers of wanting and needing.

The two hours' labour became four hours... six.... eight.... Darkness fell over that remote part of the grounds. Quiet voices carried in the warm night air.

"Your cunt is so velvet-smooth, Jackie! Yet a swollen belly will make you run to fat, will it not? I shall withdraw. Turn over. Ah, you like the feel of the sperm coming in your bottom, Jackie, you randy young thing!... Lie back with legs open and make love to yourself, Mandy. Let me shine the light on you. Now thread yourself on my stiffness. How greatly you enjoy it, Mandy, even though Miss Martinet will cane your backside tomorrow for so long an absence. Does that add to your thrill, Mandy?..."

Such, Lizzie, are the sweet words which the summer night carries to,

Your own adoring, Charlie.