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caresses intimate memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Intimate Memoirs of Jaqueline de R


As usual, we took our daily afternoon stroll in the park.

After we had said hello to Leda, who, also as usual, was dying under the caresses of her swan, we wandered into the lane with the nymphs. We always like to look at those marble nymphs who laughingly and playfully surrender themselves to the lustful fauns.

Looking at them gives us a thousand voluptuous ideas, and soon we leave them to their eternal games and go into the bushes to play a few games ourselves, always trying to outdo those marble statues.

This particular day, Francois began his game by putting me down upon the grass without giving me time to take off my panties. His feverish hands groped under my dress and his nimble fingers loosened my garters and began to take off my silken stockings. He loved to hide his head under my petticoat, kissing my thighs impatiently, working his way slowly toward my curly fleece, where his tongue would be lapping the juices and his teeth put tiny marks in the rosy lips. This game usually drives me wild. I put my legs over his shoulders to make it easier for him to get with his mouth deeper into my love nest and my feet tap the rhythm upon his back. Francois gets wilder and wilder and finally I reach a climax, giving a loud scream and collapsing into a delicious numbness.

Just as I fainted away I thought I heard something rustle in the bushes. I pushed Francois' head away, and though I thought it might have been a bird or a squirrel, I did not want to take any chances. I pulled up my stockings, smoothed my dress and left the bushes, motioning Francois to follow me.

I was utterly surprised. A charming young girl stood before me. Her blue eyes were wide open and expressed confusion, and the wind had disarranged her hair, which was as golden blonde as mine.

When she saw us, she began to blush. But I opened my arms with a wide smile. She embraced me, kissing me upon the forehead. I kissed her ardently, meanwhile looking around if there was someone else present. As soon as I was satisfied that she was alone, I introduced her to Francois.

It was my cousin Amaranthe.

After we had strolled through the park some more we went back to the castle together. Amaranthe told us that she had just arrived, and after she had taken her second breakfast with my aunt, the latter had told her that she would find us somewhere in the park.

My cousin was very vivacious and on occasion her remarks sounded like a pun about what I was afraid she might have witnessed in the bushes. The way she looked at us, I was almost sure that she knew what we had been doing.

Francois did not say a word; he just looked at my lovely cousin who had taken my arm. We must have been a charming couple. Amaranthe was a stunningly beautiful girl, about a year younger than I, vivacious, witty and with a little bit of devil in her.

Despite what had happened, I was very glad to see her again, and I liked the idea that she was going to stay with us for a month. The idea that she would be a stumbling block to our love games did not occur to me. On the contrary! And, since she had not yet indicated what, if anything, she had seen us do in the bushes, I decided to question her about it that evening, and make her my confidante.

... Yes! I could even give her a couple of lessons myself! This silly idea flitted across my mind when I felt her warm hand and smooth arm pressed against mine.

This idea made me so happy that I began to laugh, kissing Amaranthe on both cheeks, brushing her lips as if by mistake, but in reality I had planned it that way.

When I turned around to look at Francois, I saw that a curious smile played around his lips.