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caresses intimate memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Intimate Memoirs of Jaqueline de R


Amaranthe's room is next to mine. After dinner I decided to pay my cousin a visit. We have a lot to talk about since the last time we saw each other.

Amaranthe told me about her voyage. She vivaciously described the changes of coaches and horses, her staying at the various inns, and all the thousands of little things that happen during a long trip. She told me that she was as happy as a child having escaped from her home for a while, and she also mentioned that I had changed so much, that I had become so much of a woman...

The one question I want to ask her burns upon my lips, but I recognize from Amaranthe's slight innuendoes, her behavior, and especially from the tone of her voice when she tells me that she went out in the park to look for us, that she is fully familiar with our secret and that she has watched us in the bushes from beginning to end.

There is no longer any doubt left in my mind when she begins to ask impish questions about my tutor.

It is no longer necessary to pretend that there is a secret. Smiling, while trying not to blush, I admit the truth to my dear cousin.

Amaranthe laughs, and says, “Oh, yes, my dear. I have seen the two of you playing around in the bushes. And I must admit that I have seen a lot of things which were very interesting and also... a little bit shocking.â€

“Tell me, my dearest Amaranthe, what did you see?â€

“But, darling, why should I tell you! You know much better what you have been doing in those bushes than I. After all, you were a participant, and I was only an onlooker.â€

“Please! Tell me...â€

“All right! As you know, I was looking for the two of you somewhere in the park. It seemed to me that those marble nymphs were pointing at the bushes, so I went in to look for you there. When I came closer I heard someone groan and moan; obviously I came even closer so that I could see what was going on. Can you imagine my surprise, darling cousin, when I saw you down on the grass, your legs sticking up in the air, and your dear tutor using his head for a purpose which I had always heard was the task of another part of a man's anatomy. It sure looked funny to see his slobbering face between your thighs...

“But I also realized that you were enjoying it tremendously because your sighing and groaning became stronger, expressing the greatest joy. Your fists were balled, your feet drummed upon his back, and spasms seemed to jolt your body and jerk your hips.

“I stood there, not moving, frankly shocked, but against my will. My eyes were forced to stare upon the spectacle in the grass. Suddenly you uttered a loud scream.

“I suddenly came to my senses and ran away, very scared. But then, you came out of the bushes, smiling and happy, and I understood immediately... I must admit that I am a little bit jealous of you for having such a fabulous teacher...â€

During those last words my cousin's eyes were filled with lust and desire, betraying far more clearly than words her true thoughts. I knew that she was burning up inside, and could not wait to be initiated into the joys and pleasures of the game of love.

The memory of that afternoon, plus Amaranthe's vivid description of it, had made me very excited, and I embraced my cousin passionately kissing her upon the lips. At first Amaranthe was a little taken aback, but I kissed her so passionately, and held my lips so firmly upon her mouth, that her lips parted and allowed my tongue to explore her mouth. She was soon panting under my feverish kisses and let herself fall limply back upon the couch.

She began to kiss me in return, which gave me another idea! I suddenly wanted to give her the same caresses with which Francois always brought me to a climax. I pulled her legs slowly apart, pulled down her panties and lifted her skirts. For the sake of appearances, Amaranthe put up a very mild struggle which was not too convincing. Her struggle stopped the instant my lips approached her blonde fleece and my tongue went into her little rosy slit.

She shuddered under my caresses and began to moan slightly when I went on to explore her little secret spot which was so much like my own. I did my best to imitate Francois with hands, tongue and lips and I must admit that I was doing it rather well, because Amaranthe began to groan and buck. I recognized her pleasure, because the little cries of joy were similar to the ones I had so often uttered when Francois was sucking and licking my love spot.

I was very pleased to be able to give my cousin so much pleasure with my caresses. My tongue was very busy in that little triangle, the warm moist flower which I sprinkled with my spittle, mixing it with the warm juices exuding from her love nest.

Suddenly Amaranthe, who had been trembling like an aspen leaf, cried out loudly. She lifted her buttocks high off the couch, her legs and arms spasmed, her entire body shuddered, and I realized that she had tasted a true climax for the first time in her life. She remained motionless upon the couch, and I pulled my head slowly back, covering her marble-white thighs with ardent kisses.

I was suddenly very tired. It had greatly pleased me to initiate my dear cousin in the pleasures of love. I had passionately made love to her with my tongue and lips. It made me happy, though a curious pain was mixed with my joy; I had not had any real satisfaction. I was about to dampen my glowing desire with my own fingers when I suddenly uttered a sharp cry of surprise which awakened Amaranthe from her slumber.

Francois came from behind the Chinese screen.

I did not even have the chance to ask him how he got into the room, and whether he had seen what Amaranthe and I had been doing. He suddenly jumped toward me and mounted me as if I were a dog.

Looking at the throbbing Francinet, I realized that Francois had seen everything and that it had brought him to an extreme state of excitement. He did not waste time on preliminaries, but shoved Francinet deep inside me and began to push with such vehemence that I could feel his balls slam against my buttocks.

—Ooh! It was marvelous. I was roughly taken before the very eyes of my dear Amaranthe. Soon the passionate glow inside me was extinguished.

I was no longer able to take it, and I pushed Francois away from me. My sweet Francinet left its moist sheath, but it seemed that his excitement was too great because he immediately stretched out and became erect again, as thick and stiff as he had been before entering me.

He went directly toward my cousin; Francois mounted her and Francinet found the way to his satisfaction without any trouble at all. Amaranthe was more than prepared. First, I had whetted her appetite with my moist caresses, and secondly, she was practically under me when I was mounted and taken by Francois. The scene she had watched had more than excited her and her desire was at its peak.

At first I did not enjoy the idea at all. I was aware that my cousin was about to enjoy what I considered the ultimate climax of the game of love, and that she did not have to suffer the long months of preparation which I have had to endure. In short, I felt a tinge of jealousy.

But then I realized that it was, after all, my own fault, and that I had no right to object because of a silly little jealousy. It did not take me long to push those unpleasant ideas out of my mind, because the scene I was about to witness was extremely interesting and I became fully absorbed in it.

I looked at my dear Francois from behind, and could see the muscles of his firm buttocks harden, when he pushed Francinet deep into my dear cousin and began to work her over with tremendous jolts. Amaranthe's charming legs were trampling, sticking high up in the air.

And I heard her moan and groan her little screams of joy, her Oohs! and Aahs! and finally, “Ooh, darling... I'm dying... oooh, darling, darling... it... is... too much!â€

A scream, louder than all the other ones, announced that the thunderstorm of love was over. I got up from my seat and walked over to the couple, who were now relaxing upon the large couch.

Francinet looked just plain terrible after this double attack. And my dear Amaranthe was in about the same condition I had been in only a month earlier. She silently looked down upon the large spot of blood which announced louder than words what she had just irreparably lost.

For a long time the three of us rested in silence upon the huge couch, and then we began to laugh. Our tiredness had passed. The curious situation which had developed was truly amusing!

My dear teacher complimented me upon the effectiveness with which I had demonstrated that his lessons had not fallen upon deaf ears, and he thought it magnanimous of me that I had wanted my cousin to share my happiness. Then he began a long lecture about love between women, pointing out the things that were missing, though he had to admit grudgingly that their mutual caresses could be infinitely more tender.

To round out his lessons for the day, Francois showed us that three people can act out more love fantasies than two.