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caresses intimate memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Intimate Memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The day after this memorable evening Amaranthe insisted upon reciprocating my little service of love and showing her gratitude for having been initiated into those precious caresses which had culminated in her receiving the ultimate delight of making love.

Francois had taken his horse and was riding in the fields to get lots of fresh air and to recuperate from his exhausting labors. He wanted to restore his powers quickly.

Amaranthe and I were alone in my room.

As a matter of fact, I was still in bed when my charming cousin knocked on my door. She was wearing a charming night gown of lace and silk, and her clear blue eyes still showed the strain from the previous night. But they looked happy and content nevertheless, and a certain glint betrayed that she was already in a certain state of excitement.

She slipped under the covers next to me, cuddled up, and began with the youthful impatience of a beginner to caress me copiously. She imitated as well as she could everything I had done to her that previous night; instinctively she invented the most refined caresses and I quickly reached a point where I felt an intensive lust.

Even though her rather inexperienced caresses and kisses did not have the expertness of my dear Francois, who was a connoisseur in that area, I did reach a very intensified climax.

As soon as I had come to my senses again, I patiently explained to Amaranthe how much her quick approach had spoiled part of the intimacy of my excitement.

And since, by now, we were both naked in the large bed, I could demonstrate my teachings upon her own charming body. I proceeded very carefully and slowly, thereby intensifying her voluptuous yearnings and putting off the climax which she so greatly desired. I carefully went over every part of her exposed body.

I covered every corner with my kisses, the little breasts with the rosy tips, her narrow waist, her flaring hips, the insides of her slender thighs, her flat belly, the blonde curls of her armpits and the delicious fleece which was hiding her moist, warm flower.

I stroked with my hands the soft skin of her belly and legs. I turned her over on her stomach and kneaded and squeezed her firm buttocks. Then I let my tongue slowly penetrate her love nest till it had found the little tickler. I rolled it around till it was quite erect, my nimble hands twitching the hardened rosy nipples of her breasts.

Amaranthe was surprised at the effects. She arched her back, her legs trampled in the air, and her fists drummed upon the mattress. I turned her around again, falling upon her and we rubbed our fleeces together. Amaranthe groaned and moaned, went into a jolting spasm and experienced a satisfying climax. When she had rested a while she noticed that the nipples of my breasts were standing proudly erect and that a hot flush covered my body. The dear girl understood immediately. She kissed them and nibbled on them, her hands searched for my fleece, caressing my thighs; in short, she did to me what I had done to her, and I, too, went into a tremendous climax. Our games went on and on till late in the afternoon, and finally we fell asleep in each other's arms, completely exhausted, but happy.

The dinner bell woke us up with a start and we were rather late when we appeared for dinner. Francois stared at us with a knowing smirk, and he even used the absence of my aunt for making a few unseemly remarks which were designed to make us feel silly, also indicating that our teacher knew exactly how we had spent our day.

Poor Amaranthe blushed and was red as a peony, but I quickly changed the subject by kidding Francois about his sudden urge to be alone with his horse all day, asking him a thousand questions about his ride into the country.

Fortunately my aunt returned quickly and we sat down to dinner. Needless to say we honored our sumptuous meal with great appetite, repairing our strength with delicious bits of meat, fowl and fish, not to speak of a reasonable quantity of burgundy wine.