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caresses intimate memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Intimate Memoirs of Jaqueline de R


I had laid myself down upon the grass again, pulled up my dress, and openly showed all the charms of my otherwise hidden secrets. I trembled with impatient desire, and spied through the thicket to see if Jerome would really come back to me in the bushes.

Suddenly I saw him. He was walking quickly toward my direction. When he had reached the bushes, he hesitated a little. I called out to him, assuring him that there was nothing to be afraid of, and that I was waiting for him with great longing.

The boy pushed the branches apart and his face covered with a deep purple blush when he saw my nakedness.

Contrary to what I had expected, it seemed that my gallant nudity made him shy and awkward instead of fanning his desires.

Jerome just stood there; his eyes downcast, twirling his hat in his strong peasant hands. It was a very funny sight and I looked at him in amazement. The boy was very good-looking, strong, and the blush on his face made him appear extremely healthy. His short pants reached just below the knees; his calves were firm and strong, his muscular thighs were beautifully molded. He looked very clean and I found that Jerome was not unworthy of me.

“Come on, you dumb boy, stretch out next to me and make yourself comfortable.â€

I slowly caressed his cheeks, trying to alleviate his obvious fear of me, and I asked him if he was always so shy in the company of a woman.

“Have you never looked at a girl in all her uncovered charms before?†I asked, taking his hands and holding one against my breasts, which were trying to escape my silken bodice, and putting the other between my thighs which I then firmly pressed together.

The dear boy immediately understood what I wanted! He carefully caressed my breasts till the tips were stiff and hard. He tried to get his other hand free and, in doing so, his fingers fumbled around in the golden locks of my moist fleece.

Now the fire of wild desire began to sparkle in his eyes; his face became redder and his breath was halting. He did not speak, but his silence and his excitement proved to me that this boy knew the rules of the game and could not think of anything else but to put them into practice with me.

My face approached his and I offered him my lips. He kissed them ardently with a long and passionate kiss. My hands slowly slid up and down his thighs, and I could feel that the fabric of his pants was strained by an enormous bulge.

This bulge was for me the ultimate proof of his excitement. My caresses became more insistent, and Jerome unbuttoned himself. Freed from its prison the thing jumped forward into my hand.

Now the boy was quite beside himself. He mounted me, spread my thighs carefully and tried to reach the center of my passion. I noticed that he had a little bit of trouble finding the correct spot and it was necessary for me to guide him in. I squeezed him slightly, trying to make the preliminaries as short as possible.

Suddenly I screamed out loud! His enormous flesh pole had penetrated me up to the hilt.

The poor boy was frightened and he wanted to pull out. But I tried to reassure him as well as I could, giving him charming little names. “Don't worry, my little darling... it feels marvelous... ooh, it's sooo good and wonderful... Go on, do with me what you want!â€

He needed no further reassurance. Whipped into fierce passion by my cries of joy, Jerome doubled his efforts and pushed into me with all the strength of his strong, muscular buttocks—he is very quick and extremely powerful. His piston driving up and down is augmented by the swinging rhythm of my hips. My back is arched and I groan with pleasure. The thick head of the heavy monster penetrates deeply into my body and we are so firmly pressed together that we truly form one body.

I make his work easier for him with the various movements I have learned. Our sighs mix together into one; our lips crush each other. We let go so that we can take a deep breath and then our mouths search for each other again in renewed and ardent kisses.

The jolting spasms which now begin to take a hold of my body release an incredible happiness in me. I can feel that I am about to reach an enormous climax. I want to reach it together and I begin to grind my buttocks in the same pistoning rhythm of Jerome's incessant pounding. I pull my lover close to me. Finally both of us tumble into the abyss of all carnal joys and I can feel the warm and benevolent love juices spurt into my body.

We remained upon the grass, our bodies closely intertwined, motionless and sleepy, the fantastic aftermath which approaches perfect satisfaction.

When I came to and looked up, I saw that Jerome was sitting upon his knees between my thighs, looking down upon me with spirited devotion. He caressed me with trembling hands and kissed my thighs and legs.

For a moment it occurred to me that I should take his head and guide it toward my fleece, but I was really too tired and I thought that tomorrow might be a better time to initiate Jerome into the delights of these marvelous caresses.

Finally the poor boy's mouth approached mine, as if he were begging for one more, final kiss. I kissed him, and he was so grateful and thanked me so profusely that it suddenly dawned on me how incredibly naive this boy was.

He covered my hands with kisses. I pulled him to his feet and told him to be at this same spot tomorrow. He gave me one more kiss and left me. I saw him run across the meadows in the direction of his father's tenant farm. I straightened out my dress, and walked toward the castle.