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caresses intimate memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Intimate Memoirs of Jaqueline de R


I was overjoyed that night when I went to sleep. I finally had found a successor for Francois and I would no longer lack the caresses and games of love-making.

Yes, I was very flattered, too. Because with Jerome and me the roles were reversed. The boy was going to be my pupil and I would become the teacher.

These thoughts made me very happy. I promised myself that I was going to get the greatest benefit out of the lessons I had received from Francois. By initiating Jerome I could force him to give me complete joy and utter satisfaction.

The next day, and the days that followed, we gave ourselves completely and utterly to the same voluptuous games. I had managed to let my strolls in the park coincide with the time when Jerome returned from the castle.

But then the weather changed, and the temperature went down. This brought us some embarrassment which became worse every day. Winter set in quickly, and it became impossible to meet in the open.

I was looking for an opportunity to smuggle Jerome into my room. My plans were made easy by my aunt—unwittingly, of course—who had to leave the castle for a few days shopping in the city. After Jerome had delivered his basket and his jars, it was not at all difficult for him to meet me in the hallway from where I could smuggle him into my room.

The dear boy was completely flabbergasted at the sight of so much luxury. He picked up and looked at many of the knick-knacks, felt the furniture upholstery, but finally he came over to the couch upon which I was resting. I asked him to take off his blouse and shoes; he gladly obliged.

It was a little bit difficult for me to help him fight his shyness. The poor boy was completely overwhelmed by his surroundings. But I finally managed, and he became a little bit more bold. He covered my hands with kisses, but, since I had stretched out very voluptuously and offered him my body to caress, he suddenly was in the grip of heat and passion.

Without having to help him, he pushed up my dress, and—since I was not wearing any underwear—he took hold of my thighs. I opened them very slowly to make it easier for him to reach his goal. His hand wandered over my fleece, his fingers were playing around in the golden curls. I had no objections, though he was an obvious beginner at this game. I enjoyed it tremendously, especially since he had now reached the moist lips of my triangle.

When he had reached the proper spot, I took him by the wrist to indicate that he had reached the seat of my voluptuous desires. Moreover, the moisture had guided the dear boy to the proper spot and he knew how to give me the preliminary joys by soft stroking on that spot.

I let him play with my love nest for a while; then I took his hand, pushed it away and told him that the same caresses, when done with the tongue and lips, would be far more pleasurable both for him and for me.

Jerome seemed very surprised to hear this but he did not have to be invited for a second time. He buried his face between my thighs, and I crossed my legs around his neck.

It did not take the darling long to find the most sensitive spot, and his caresses, though inexperienced, were very pleasant and sweet, giving me complete satisfaction. Encouraged by my little cries of joy and pleasure, the dear boy labored quicker and more intensively. His strong, smooth tongue hit me with strong jolts, and his lips slurped my love juices which flowed copiously out of my love nest.

When I suddenly spasmed, arching my back and trampling my legs, I could see that Jerome's face was purple with desire, a wild glow sparkling in his eyes. I thought that was very sweet and I told him that I would reward his troubles and bring him to complete satisfaction, similar to the way he had done to me.

I told him to stretch out upon the sofa; I unbuttoned his breeches and his beautiful tool jumped up toward me. The sight of it drove me wild and I thought up a thousand ways to caress it. The beautiful big treasure jumped for joy in my expert hands. I could no longer contain myself and kissed it with hot lips, taking the large knob in my mouth. It smelled delicious, the sweet fragrance of freshly mowed hay.

Jerome let me do with him what I wanted. He trembled with joy and his hands reached for my breasts, kneading them with his firm hands till the buds were as stiff and swollen as his own marvelous tool.

He shuddered with pleasure when I tried to take his whole tool into my mouth. I loved the warm taste of it.

Jerome began to buck, forcing his enormous pole down my throat. I had trouble breathing, and tried to pull away, but Jerome had taken my head and was holding it firmly, pushing his giant tool deeper down my throat. Suddenly I felt the mighty spurts and at the same time Jerome groaned with pleasure.

The boy thanked me with kisses plastered all over my body, and he assured me by all the saints in heaven that he would never forget the most beautiful hour of his life. Since I was not wearing any clothes, he looked at me full of love, kneeled in front of me and began to kiss my moist fleece all over again. I could see that it excited him, because his limp tool began to swell mightily and soon it was proudly erect again.

However, prudence forbade me to let him do it again, because I did not want to run the risk of the servants' guessing what might be going on in my room. I got up from the couch and took my leave of him with a last kiss.

I could see that the dear boy was very reluctant to leave, but I was tired, the sweet tiredness which always follows a good love bout...