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caresses intimate memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Intimate Memoirs of Jaqueline de R


My dear aunt moved into a beautiful home on the rue Saint-Honore, almost directly across from the Royal Palace.

It happened that this house had two empty floors and an empty ground floor. We could not have had better luck. My aunt decorated the home with furniture which not only was luxurious but also witness to her refined taste. She kept the second floor for herself, while the first floor became my apartment. I was very happy with this arrangement, since it allowed me an enormous measure of freedom.

On the ground floor were the salon and the reception rooms. The courtyard had stables, a barn for the coaches, the carrying chairs, and also living quarters for the servants.

I liked it very much there, because we lived in the middle of the city! The Louvre with its beautiful gardens was in the neighborhood, and as I already wrote, the Royal Palace was practically across the street, as were the beautiful promenades where I was to discover a thousand wonderful things!

Our first Sunday in Paris we went to hear mass in Saint-Roch. I was very surprised about this religious devotion of my aunt, who, I knew, was not devout at all. On the contrary, she made no bones about the fact that she was an atheist! But my dear aunt explained to me that it was customary to show up at this place of prayer, which was visited by the best members of society.

I soon found out that she was right. Moreover, when we left the church, I made acquaintance with the Marquis de F— who became my first conquest—and my first lover—in Paris.

* * *

But first I must talk about a gallant adventure which I had with one of my chambermaids.

This tall, nineteen-year-old girl was in our service, and I selected her to be my chambermaid, because I had noticed her beauty and charm. Moreover, she looked a little bit like my dear cousin, Amaranthe.

Her name was Toinette, and she had a marvelous bosom with gorgeous breasts, very well-developed for her age. Her face was pleasant and her eyes were twinkling with laughter, large and vivacious. Her beautiful lips were dark red, her teeth were even and pearly white, but most attractive was her ashen-blonde hair which made me surmise the beauty and delight of her hidden fleece.

I made haste to use this girl for secret and pleasurable affairs and on the evening of our second day in Paris, after dinner, I told her that it was to be her duty to take care of my person, my laundry, my toilette, and my apartment.

The charming Toinette was overjoyed and thanked me profusely. I was secretly very pleased with her joy, because it gave me the assurance that I would not encounter too many difficulties with her in the future. Because, you see, I had fallen in love with this charming girl at first sight. When I retired to my apartment I called her, and told her to follow me.

After we were alone, and I had carefully locked the door, we began a conversation which I interrupted now and then to caress my new-found girl friend. I asked her if she was pleased to be close to me and if she would be able to learn to love me. Her only answer was a deep blushing and some confused stammering. I bent over and kissed her, first upon the forehead, then the cheeks, finally her irresistible lips, and then I gave myself over completely to my passions. I took off my dress and bodice and sat down. I ordered Toinette to kneel before me and help me take off my shoes and stockings.

The dear little one knelt down, pulling my shoes off my feet, and she began to feel around in my lace and silken underwear to find my garters so she could take off my stockings.

I used the position the girl was in to pull her closer to me and to press her neck between my thighs. I then leaned suddenly back so that my belly slightly protruded. This maneuver brought my panties close to Toinette's shame-reddened face.

I squeezed my thighs closer together on purpose, mainly to force Toinette in the position I wanted; I could feel the warmth of her breath through the thin silk of my panties and I began to shudder with delight.

By lifting myself slightly I could slide down my panties. Toinette instantly guessed my intention and she pulled them down, taking them off. Then she threw her arms around me, caressed my buttocks with her soft hands, and her eager mouth began to explore my fleece.

Soon she had reached the entrance to my love slit and I could feel the warm moistness of her tongue which forcefully penetrated me.

I do not know whether the charming Toinette was used to this kind of service, but she showed certain experience and the eagerness with which she fulfilled her task made up a hundredfold for what she lacked in finesse. She was not in the least impressed by my screams of joy and the more I groaned the deeper and firmer her tongue would explore my inside. She increased the pressure—her entire mouth had disappeared into my hole, and she began to nibble at the center of my passions. I quickly experienced complete release. I could no longer control my spasms—my thighs opened wide, releasing the girl, and with a loud scream I collapsed in a deep swoon.

When I came to, Toinette was still kneeling in front of me, devouring me with her eyes. Her very soft hands stroked my thighs and legs, she murmured soft words of endearment, and she called me her darling mistress.

Her large eyes burned with a voluptuous desire and lust overcame me again. I got up, pushed Toinette down upon the bed and made her put a pillow under her buttocks. She did, and also lifted her legs high up in the air.

I quickly grabbed her thighs, spread them wide apart and ravaged her secret garden. The sweet darling had a slightly curled fleece and I quickly reached the soft flower of love. I opened the folds with my lips and caressed the swelling bud with glowing hot tongue.

The little one groaned and her voluptuous moaning made me double my efforts. Ooh, I caressed the secrets of my charming Toinette with ardent passion! There was not a single spot between her thighs and her firm, smooth belly which remained unkissed.

The little darling twitched and twisted, spreading her thighs, arching her back, making it as, easy as possible for me to penetrate deep into her moist secret. She offered me all her treasures, and my lips and tongue were incessantly busy bringing her pleasure after pleasure.

It took her a long time to reach a climax, which in turn, increased my desire and I gave her the wildest caresses my panting lust could dream up.

Finally she reached the ultimate peak of her lust. I recognized the symptoms. Her back arched higher, her buttocks squeezed together, jolting spasms racked through her body, and the soft flower of her love spot in which I had burrowed my mouth began to quiver uncontrollably.

Suddenly she groaned loudly, pushed back my head, collapsed, and remained motionless upon the bed. Her beautiful eyes expressed great satisfaction, her cheeks were deep red and her lips seemed to me like ripe strawberries waiting to be kissed.

I hastened to do so. Toinette woke up out of her swoon, and she returned my kisses. Our bodies intertwined, and she declared her undying love for me. She assured me that this was the first time in her life that she had reached such a deep and satisfying climax, and she did not stop thanking me for it...

Finally I invited her to share my large bed with me; we took off all our clothes and fell asleep in each other's arms. But not before we had exchanged a hundred thousand passionate kisses.