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caresses intimate memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Intimate Memoirs of Jaqueline de R


One Sunday, after we had been to mass at Saint-Roch church, my aunt was in a hurry to leave because she was late for an appointment. I walked a little slower, and upon leaving the church I dipped my finger in the Holy water vessel. I happened to do this simultaneously with a very good-looking nobleman. Our fingers touched, and before I had had a chance to make the sign of the cross, he held my hand and brought it to his lips.

Even though I had already been expecting some bold move from this particular gentleman, especially since we had been exchanging glances in between prayers, I pretended to be extremely shocked about his unseemly behavior in this sacred place.

But it seemed that my face belied my shocked voice because my cavalier was not in the least embarrassed. On the contrary, he offered me a broad smile and his arm. Together we left the church. My aunt was impatiently waiting for me in the coach, her eyes were straying across the people that left the church through its three doors. She suddenly spotted me when I walked down the last few steps on the arm of my unknown cavalier.

My heart beat faster when the beautiful nobleman, whom I greatly admired, walked straight to my aunt's coach and greeted her respectfully.

“Madame,†he said, “I beg a thousand pardons. I took the liberty of guiding your charming daughter, because she almost stumbled in the rush of people getting out of church.†And he introduced himself. To my great surprise he turned out to be the Marquis de F—. My aunt seemed to be very familiar with the noble name. She received his excuse with a dazzling smile and offered him her hand which he gallantly kissed. She thanked him for the service he had rendered me.

I liked the proud boldness of that young man. I made myself an accomplice to his harmless little lie by profusely thanking him for his help, adding that without it I most probably would have ruined my gown and possibly could have been a subject to ridicule if I had fallen down those steps.

The Marquis helped us into the coach, took his leave from us and walked over to his own carriage. I could see that he followed us through the streets and when we stopped in front of our home, I noticed that he ordered his driver to slow down. He looked out of the window and motioned with his hand.

I understood that he was asking me if this was our home and, since my aunt was already descending from the carriage, I nodded yes.

My dear aunt never policed me and she left me a lot of freedom. I frequently went out alone, or accompanied by Toinette.

The day after I had so suddenly met the Marquis de F—, I was not at all surprised to see him stroll up and down the promenade of the Royal Palace, watching our home from the corner of his eye. He was the one who was surprised to see me all alone, and he was hesitant about talking to me. But I took the lead, walked up to him and asked with my most charming smile, “Dearest Marquis, what has happened to yesterday's boldness?â€

He laughed and kissed my hand. Then he asked me about my aunt, whom he mistakenly had taken to be my mother. And, above all, he wanted to know how a girl of my age and standing, managed to walk the promenade alone! I laughed again and assured him that my aunt was a philosopher and absolutely disinterested in stupid prejudices. I also made it quite clear that I was even more of a freethinker and could not care less about the ridiculous conventions of society.

The Marquis was slightly stumped by my little speech and it took him a minute to recuperate. Then he asked me, “My dearest young lady, does that mean that you would have no objections if I invited you into my carriage for a ride?â€

I thought the question was very funny and countered whether he thought there should be anything objectionable to it. “Try me, and ask the question.â€

During this conversation we had reached his carriage, and he helped me get in. Then he sat down next to me and, while the carriage sped away, he told me that he was overjoyed about my freedom which allowed him to be alone with such a charming girl. He paid me a thousand compliments about my looks, my gown, my face, my hair, my eyes and my lips. We had not even reached the gate of rue Saint-Honore when he put his arm around my waist.

When we drove through the gate, our lips met for the first time and when we were outside of the city I allowed him to lift my dress so he could rest his hand upon my knee, stroking me softly, obviously trying to reach my thigh.

I resisted slightly, making sure that during this little struggle his hand was clamped between my thighs. I could see to my great pleasure that my gallant had become extremely excited. He grew more daring and through the fine silk of my panties he began to caress my fleece. The bulge of his virility, which stretched his breeches to the limit, was a sight to behold. It made me very, very happy.

There was no doubt that we understood each other. The bold, good-looking cavalier realized that my mood was equal to his desire; pantingly we slowed down our caresses. He happened to mention that he owned a little cottage in the neighborhood of Auteuil, and that it would be sort of nice if, one of these days, we could go there and pass the time away with a few games and conversation.

I answered that he better make his horses run quicker, because a passionate desire was devouring me and it needed to be extinguished.

The Marquis was utterly surprised, but I did not have to ask him twice. He had obviously intended to possess me one of these days but he had not in his wildest dreams expected such a quick success.

His cottage was the scene of our first hours of love. The pleasant cavalier knew how to satisfy me completely and he was more than surprised to find out that I knew certain rules of the game, myself. I proved to him beyond the shadow of a doubt that a young girl from the noble classes could be as adept at the game of Venus as the best and most expensive of the courtesans.

On our way back to Paris we reminisced about the way we had met at the church. We were both very happy about that meeting, and we promised that we should meet again frequently to repeat our games of this afternoon. It had been a most delicious and satisfying pastime for both of us