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caresses intimate memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Intimate Memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Marquis had invited me to visit him in his small but comfortable apartments which were near our home. The apartments were part of a mansion which belonged to his parents, and, since they were extremely severe and moralistic, my lover had to employ a thousand different tricks to get me into his rooms without their becoming suspicious.

He decided that I should dress as a chambermaid so that I could reach his apartments without any difficulties.

Of course I had some misgivings and did not show too much enthusiasm for the idea, but the Marquis was so absolutely enthusiastic about his brilliant idea that I finally decided to give in. I had also discovered a certain peculiarity. It seemed that the idea of smuggling me into his apartments as a common chambermaid had a certain added excitement for my Marquis. This latter consideration prompted me to borrow a dress and overcoat from Toinette, and I walked over to the home of the Marquis.

It was so extremely easy to see the young Marquis that it seemed as if he had bribed his parents into consent. My lover received me into his home and covered me with kisses. The decoration was charming, the furniture was tasteful and very comfortable for making love.

A little table had been set. We ate a few sweets and drank some Chinese tea. Then the Marquis offered me a few glasses of delicious liqueur which set my entire body afire.

After those few drinks he did not have to implore me long to enter his bedroom. I had become very excited and was impatient to begin the games of Eros and Venus.

The Marquis repeated his declarations of undying love. He carefully undressed me and I stood naked before him; only my stockings and shoes were not removed.

The young nobleman was overjoyed with the charming sight. He told me that he had never before seen a girl who was so well-developed, who had such a beautiful figure, and such a smooth skin without blemishes. He took his sweet time to explore my body extensively, kissing every part of it, fondling my breasts and nipples.

The young man went about it very tenderly and I was very grateful to him for this as well as for the honorable way in which he treated me and the many compliments he paid my beauty and charm.

He employed some exciting caresses which fanned my desire and I could hardly wait for him to pick me up and carry me to his bed. He finally decided to do just that. He took me in his strong arms and put me down upon the pillows. Then he began to take off his own clothes without taking his eyes off my charming form.

He was already standing in his undershirt and I could admire his muscular form and the tremendous bulge which indicated his waxing desire, when suddenly the door was thrown wide open and an imposing figure, dressed in cardinal's red, entered the room.

“Ooh, uncle!†the young Marquis cried out. The bulge disappeared and the Marquis himself stiffened.

“Well, well, that is a curious exhibition,†remarked the Cardinal. “How dare you give yourself to these unspeakable things in the very house in which your parents live, nephew! And especially during my visit here, which is a time when you should think about higher things, and when your mind should be occupied with devotions and prayer.â€

Though the speech was stern, the smile belied the Cardinal's words. But my young Marquis, reddened with shame, had picked up his clothes and ran out of his apartments. There I was, completely naked, upon the bed.

I had hoped that the Cardinal would follow his nephew. He went to the door, but instead of leaving, he carefully locked the door and returned to the bed.

He sat down upon the bed and began to pet me, giving me a chance to look him over a little bit more carefully.

He was tall and strong, still young, with a noble bearing and an almost majestic elegance. His eyes sparkled impishly and his face began to redden till it had almost become as purple as the robe he was wearing.

Suddenly he bent over me, murmuring little nothings in my ear, and he began to caress and kiss me. The novelty of the situation excited me. The adventure had fanned the flames of passion instead of extinguishing them. I looked the prelate boldly in the eyes, and moved my body voluptuously under his careful caresses.

Soon it became very clear to me that His Eminence desired more than anything else to mount me and make love to me. He lifted his purple robe and I noticed a short pair of breeches of the same color with a strong bulge between the thighs.

The sight of this purple bulge increased my desire tremendously and I began to unbutton the purple breeches very carefully. The male member of the Cardinal jumped out toward me and I could not prevent the cry of admiration that escaped from my lips. Never in my life had I seen such a gigantic member. Till now I had believed that Jerome had the biggest and hardest tool which was possible on a man. But the Cardinal's giant made Jerome's look like a little pinkie.

His Eminence mounted me and buried his tool deep in my insides with expertness and without any troubles at all. He behaved like a perfect lover and made me forget all about his unfortunate nephew. I reached the highest peaks of satisfaction several times which flattered the Cardinal tremendously. He was very friendly and asked me about the details of my loss of virginity. He was a very good conversationalist and told me repeatedly that this pleasant affair with such a young and beautiful girl had deeply satisfied him.

When he found out who I was, and that I belonged to the cream of society, his enthusiasm knew no bounds. He thanked me profusely for my company and vowed that we should repeat our sacrifice to the goddess of love more often. He gave me the address of a small home where we could meet as often as possible without creating any difficulties for him or for me.

Beside himself with joy, he showed me that his tongue was as good as his tool when it came to exciting my private parts. I quivered under his kisses and because I did not want to be outdone, I reciprocated by kissing, sucking and caressing his big, heavy tool which had so perfectly extinguished the all-consuming fire in my body. Soon I was floating on a cloud of delight, and when I came out of my swoon, the Cardinal was standing next to the bed, in full majesty and only the deep, dark rings under his eyes betrayed that he had just savored a wild and wonderful journey through the valley of lust.

We said farewell, and he kissed my hand. I glanced in the mirror and had to laugh at the sight of this majestic Cardinal kissing a naked girl. After he had left, I dressed, left the bedroom and tried to find the Marquis.

I was walking through the corridors, trying to find my way, when I suddenly heard a loud groan, and a cry of lust and pain. The sounds came from a little room, the door of which was ajar. I tiptoed toward the door and what I saw made my mouth slacken with surprise! A young page boy was presenting his naked buttocks to my young Marquis, who was pumping his tool into him. This was the way he consoled himself —with a young page boy who served him... as a mistress!

I fled the home, laughing, and I thought that this was the way of all flesh. We turned to our own sex, when we could not find an outlet with the other. This is why I turned so often to my own, dear, Toinette.

The Cardinal had given me so much pleasure that I could not be mad at the Marquis about his cowardly flight and his affair with the page boy. At first I was a little bit disappointed that he had turned toward his own sex rather than to me, and when I told him so—later— he was at first confused, but then he, too, laughed about the episode.

It was different, though, when I told him that his uncle had been a more than perfect replacement, and that it would be very difficult to please me as much, now that I had found out certain things which might have remained hidden from me were it not for the Marquis' own cowardice.

“I am very grateful that His Eminence took pity on me, and gallantly fulfilled the desire which you had fanned in me,†I said, “because you left me suddenly without caring about my feelings.â€

The Marquis was furious about his uncle's behavior and he called him all sorts of vile names... a dirty old hypocrite and a ravager of young girls. I interrupted his furious monologue by pointing out that he, himself, was responsible for what had happened. He was the one who had left the battlefield, handing over the spoils to his opponent.

“Do you really believe, my dear lover, that your uncle, facing a charming and naked girl in the bed, would have begun a sermon on morals and then asked her to join him in prayer?†“He did the natural thing which any real man in those circumstances would do. Nature took its course and I must admit that I was more than satisfied. I cannot possibly be disenchanted with your uncle.â€

The Marquis was still furious, in fact, after my little speech even more so. We quarreled most of that afternoon, and finally I told him that I did not desire to go on that way, and that I thought his jealousy was ridiculous. And I also pointed out that he had taken his pleasure with the page boy.

My last remark quieted him down considerably and he suggested that we retire to his cottage near Auteuil to finish what he had planned for that morning.

The horses were readied, and soon our carriage hurried through the suburbs toward our little love nest. We returned to Paris very late that evening, and my dear aunt was terribly upset. The dinner hour had long since passed and she was friendly but firm in pointing out that, especially in the late evening hours, things could happen to innocent young girls which might mark them for life. “

The dangers,†she said, “are many. Believe me, my dear, not every man you meet has honorable intentions.â€