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caresses intimate memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Intimate Memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The days which followed this episode were for me the most memorable and pleasant ones in the execution of my love-making.

The Marquis was very lazy and usually slept till noon. I therefore reserved the mornings for his uncle who always received me in his bed. The good Father was as strong as a bull and very experienced in the art of love. During his stay in Paris he fulfilled my wildest desires, gave me tremendous joy, and satisfied me completely.

This, of course, did not deter me from enjoying the same games on the afternoons with his nephew. The Marquis did not dare to receive me at his home, so we either tumbled around in my apartment or in his cottage near Auteuil.

And, despite my tiredness from enjoying all this love-making, I gave myself completely, at night, to the ministrations of my beloved Toinette.

My charming maid fulfilled her task with such admirable vigor and ardor that I did not want to deny her my body and its delights for one single night. Especially since it gave me, too, tremendous joy and contrary to common opinion it did not wear me out but refreshed my powers for the love games I would play the next day.

Toinette simply adored me. She could foresee my slightest wishes and she fulfilled them instantly with a devotion that is quite uncommon for people of her low standing. The charming child never takes off my shoes without kissing my feet and legs. Every time she helps me put on a new gown, or undress for the night, her lips linger upon my body and her moist caresses cover every single spot of my exposed skin.

And that is only the prelude to more ardent and passionate caresses. I do not have to tell her about my desires. I simply stretch out on the couch, or sit down in a chair and spread my legs apart. Darling Toinette immediately throws herself upon me, buries her face deep in my fleece and her lips begin to nibble away at my treasure, her tongue eagerly searching for the jumping bud. She affords me the wildest caresses and she keeps it up as long as it pleases me. I am sure that she could leave her lips all night buried in my love treasure were it not for the fact that after several jolting spasms I am simply forced to push her head away.

The sweet girl still is not satisfied. She kisses my nude body with moist lips, presses her mouth against my buttocks and her trembling tongue traces patterns in every grove and furrow of my body. She caresses my breasts and nibbles the hardening nipples, while her tender, soft hands stroke my body endlessly in all the sensitive spots she knows so well. I never know when she is finished because I always fall asleep under her tender caresses. I am always in a state of wild desire when I fall asleep, and in the morning, upon awakening, dear Toinette is there to give me deep satisfaction.

This deep love and devotion of a young girl for another girl surprised me, and one day I asked Toinette for an explanation.

Toinette admitted to me that she had never known the love of a man; that she was still a virgin, and deeply devoted to lesbian love. She swore to me that she would never allow a man to touch her, because no man would be able to give her the deep satisfaction which she experienced from giving and taking female bodies.

This answer made me very curious and I wanted to know more about this. Toinette finally told me about her experiences, and how she was initiated into lesbian lovemaking. It had happened when she was sixteen years old and in the service of the famous Countess de B—.

I was stretched out upon the couch and Toinette had pressed her body against mine. She slowly stroked my belly and breasts, pressing a moist kiss now and then upon the nipples, and she began to tell me her story, now and then interrupting to take a long draught from my moist fleece