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caresses intimate memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Intimate Memoirs of Jaqueline de R


Toinette's Story

I came from the provinces to this town and entered the services of the Countess de B—. Very soon I became her chambermaid.

My charming mistress was in the prime of life. She had been widowed at an early age, and her new freedom allowed her to be as tender and passionate as she wanted, whenever she wanted it.

The Countess was not severe. She treated her servants well and was familiar with all of them. She was only very strict on the point of cleanliness.

I liked it very much in her home, because the house where I had worked in the province was headed by an old hag with a terrible temper, who paid extremely low wages and punished the slightest mistake horribly.

I was attracted to the idea of going to Paris where, I had heard, the wages were much better, and I wanted to be able to send some money now and then to my poor and ailing mother.

One evening, when I was helping the Countess prepare for bed, she looked at me in a curious way. She asked all sorts of questions about my background and my family and finally she ordered me, just before I was about to leave, to show her my underwear. She praised the cleanliness of it and told me that I should undress completely, because she wanted to know if my body was as clean as my laundry.

I was a little bit confused and somewhat ashamed, but I did as I was told. Soon I stood fully naked before my mistress who showed her satisfaction by fondling my breasts and stroking my buttocks. She also kissed me and said that I was very charming and that I had a fine figure. She praised my cleanliness and informed me that from now on I was going to have another job which suited my cleanliness and my personality much better.

I told the Countess that I was very grateful and, after she had fallen asleep, I left her room.

* * *

The next day the Countess drove to Passy where she owned a country home.

I knew the town, because I had been there twice. What I did not know was that my mistress used to receive her female lovers there.

She, herself, made the preparations for my reception. A few hours later I got into a carriage and the governess, a very witty, elderly lady who was head of the Countess' household, accompanied me to the country home in Passy.

It looked like a huge farm, behind which an enormous orchard stretched out in all directions. The trees were so close together that they formed an impenetrable wall through which the neighbors were unable to spy. Actually, the orchard was a beautiful park with lanes and meadows, and hidden behind another cluster of trees was a beautiful pavilion which the Countess had dedicated as a temple to that famous poetess, Sappho of Lesbos.

A beautiful marble statue was erected in honor of this great female lover of women. It was surrounded by gorgeous nymphs whose secret parts fulfilled the function of fountains.

I was brought into the temple, bathed, perfumed and my body hair was painlessly removed. I also got a wonderful massage. Then I was dressed in a beautiful silken gown which was very low cut in front and from behind it left my buttocks free. A thin veil covered my breasts, and I was sent into the rooms of my dear mistress.

The Countess seemed to me more beautiful than ever. She was dressed in a long silken gown and she languished upon a sofa. She looked like a perfect statue of exquisite form. Her exposed bosom revealed two large and firm globes, crowned by rosy buds; they invited caresses. Her beautiful belly and her marble-white thighs were clearly visible through the thin fabric. Her firm arms and the calves of her legs were uncovered.

She arose slowly when I entered, and looked at me passionately. In her soft, melodious voice she invited me to sit down next to her. She asked me if I was happy to be near her and if I were willing to love her.

I answered that I was willing to do almost anything to show her my gratitude, and I threw myself upon her, kissing her passionately.

“No, no, my dumb little goose. That is not how one does it! Have you never seen two doves rub their bills with loving caresses? That is the example you should follow!â€

She pulled my face toward hers and stuck her tongue into my mouth. A divine, hitherto unknown feeling came over me, and I reciprocated this voluptuous kiss as well as I could.

The Countess stroked my breasts, exclaiming her admiration. “Oh, how sweet! They are so charming and firm! And look... the little darlings are swelling and stiffening!â€

I kissed her passionately and wanted to stroke her breasts also when she suddenly put her hand between my thighs, discovering my buttocks.

She caressed me, and her nimble fingers played around, coming closer and closer to the center of all joy. She excited me for a long time in this manner and then she pushed me gently back upon the sofa. She admired the beautiful flower in the center of my fleece, bringing her face closer and closer, finally kissing it. I know now what she wanted when I felt her lips press upon my love spot and her tongue insistently penetrate toward the throbbing bud. It was delicious.

She kept covering me with hot, moist, passionate kisses, thereby slowly turning herself around till her secret parts were above my own mouth. I immediately understood and I did not have to be invited twice. My eager mouth sought the fleece, my lips passionately pressed against her organ and my tongue began to explore the soft inside, searching for her innermost secret. It filled me with indescribable joy to cover the moist, delicious flower of my dear mistress with kisses and to caress the inside with my tongue.

We exchanged the most glowing and tender caresses for more than an hour without letting go of our firm embrace. We almost choked on each other's love juices which copiously flowed, mixing with the spittle of our passionate mouths. Finally, jolting spasms overtook us and we sank exhausted down upon the sofa.

The Countess rang and two chambermaids appeared who washed and perfumed us. We then took a copious meal during which my mistress told me all about lesbian love and instructed me in its history and supremacy. She told me that she was a member of a sect called the Tribades, and that she ardently wished that I, too, would become a member.

She added that one had to be a virgin, which I was, and that one had to be convinced of the superiority of love-making between women. I also would have to swear that I would never allow a man to touch me, and that I would forever spread word of the superiority of lesbian love and, if necessary, be capable of proving it.

The Countess took me into her confidence by telling me that she was, as I, still a virgin. Despite her marriage into which her family had forced her, she had managed to remain pure. True, she admitted, her husband had made it easy for her, because he was an old lecher who preferred to consort with whores of the lowest kind. Moreover, as a Marshall of France, he had had the good taste to win many honors for his King and Country, whereupon, mortally wounded, he expired in foreign lands, leaving his bereaved widow with a famous name, a fabulous fortune and full freedom.

My dear mistress also told me that it was a great honor to become a member of the Sect of Tribades and that I had to undergo a series of strict examinations before I was admitted. But she also told me that she was convinced that I was worthy to be initiated into the divine rites and mysteries of lesbian love. That same night the first examinations would take place.

The Countess was convinced that I would be successful because she had an excellent opinion of me on account of our leisurely afternoon. And she also believed that I would be more than willing to sacrifice my life to the delicious pleasure of lasciviousness.

I thanked my mistress profusely and assured her that she would never have any reason to regret her decision, and that I would do everything in my power to prove myself worthy of her trust in me.

After dinner we strolled together through the park for many delicious hours in which I was thoroughly instructed to make sure that I would pass the strict examinations which would make me a full-fledged member of the lesbian cult of the Tribades.