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caresses intimate memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Intimate Memoirs of Jaqueline de R


When my dearest Toinette had reached this point of her story I was suddenly overcome by an irresistible desire. The vivid description of her love games had excited me beyond the point of control. I suddenly threw my little darling backwards upon the sofa, used her surprise to roughly open her thighs and dive deeply with my hot mouth into her fleece. My tongue eagerly sought the bud and my lips burned passionate kisses upon her secret parts.

I had a wild desire to caress this delightful girl and I also wanted to prove to her that despite my lost virginity I was not unworthy to become a member of the divine cult of Sappho.

The dear child submitted readily to my caresses and soon she was reciprocating my hot kisses. We licked and sucked each other, kissing and tonguing till we both collapsed in jolting spasms, copiously flooding each other's face with our love juices. When we had rested and dried our faces, Toinette continued her story:

* * *

I was led into a very charming boudoir, and the door was firmly bolted behind me. In the center stood a gigantic statue of the god Priapus, his enormous tool threateningly erect in the full power of his virile strength and beauty. The paintings on the wall depicted men and women in the most various and lascivious positions. On the tables were books and etchings with similar positions, describing in vivid detail the many ways in which men and women can play the game of love.

At the foot of the enormous statue burned a fire which I was supposed to tend. The flame was fed by a quickly burning substance and a single moment of inattention could cause the flame to burn out without any possibility of starting it again.

This was a very easy way to find out if the candidate expressed any interest at all in the forbidden ways of love-making. One moment of forgetfulness would extinguish the flame and the honor of becoming a member of this lesbian society would be forfeited forever.

Sometimes these tests lasted for days. In my case it was a mere few hours because the flame burned brightly and continuously since I had absolutely no interest in what the depicted gentlemen were doing with their despicable tools. Three lesbians entered the boudoir and when they saw that I was only interested in tending the flame they freed me of my task.

Then I was brought into the temple. All member lesbians were there, dressed in festive gowns. The full-fledged members wore red tunics with a blue waistband, and the novices wore white and pink. The necklines were very low, so that the breasts were free. The tunics were short, showing the thighs, and the back and front were split, giving free access to fleece and buttocks. All the ladies present had beautiful figures, marvelous breasts and wonderful thighs and buttocks. It was a feast for the eye!

A large fire was kept burning in the middle of the great hall; novices threw incense in it from time to time, and a light, aromatic smoke circled toward the ceiling.

I had reached the front row of the membership, where the ruling committee was sitting.

I had to kneel in front of a beautiful woman— I found out later that she was the Duchess de R—, and my mistress, the Countess, gave the following short speech:

“Honored and dearest Madame President and you, my charming and beautiful lady friends. I have the honor to present to you today a young candidate who, I believe, possesses all the necessary qualities to become a welcome member of our little circle. She is, as you can see for yourself, a beautiful girl, and I can vouch for her inclinations, because I have tried her myself. I can also vouch for her eagerness and her sense of duty, and beg of you to initiate her today as a member.â€

I was told to get up and take off my tunic. I had to stand fully in the nude so that the members of the committee and the other sisters could take a good look at me. The President was first. She patted my buttocks and squeezed my firm breasts, her hand slid down my belly and her fingers caressed my fleece. She stuck her index finger suddenly quite deep into me to satisfy herself that I was still a virgin.

I was a little bit ashamed and shy during this examination, but it turned out that this shyness was in my favor; the ladies proclaimed their satisfaction unanimously and acknowledged my charms and beauty.

Accompanied by two attendants I was led out of the temple to give the membership a chance to discuss me and cast their ballots. A few minutes later the Countess entered the anteroom, embraced me passionately, and told me that I had been unanimously accepted. When I returned into the temple all the lesbians kissed me profusely, and I was dressed in the tunic of a novice.

I then swore solemnly that I would forever abjure physical contact with men, that I would abide by the rules of this true lesbian society, and that I would never reveal the secret rites, and mysteries of our sect.

The night ended with a mutual pairing off. It was my task to satisfy the lusts of the members of the committee and the President. But I kept my most devoted caresses for my mistress to show her my gratitude for having introduced me to this marvelous society of refined ladies.

After a short novice period and after having undergone several severe tests, I was accepted as a full-fledged sister of Lesbos. Then something terrible happened. My beloved Countess had an accident and died. I will never forget her and I will forever honor the principles, the secrets and the oaths of this beautiful society of lesbians.

* * *

Poor Toinette had cried when she remembered her early benefactress, but I kissed her eyes and lips and soon our mouths were glued together. Her story had made me very hot and passionate again and my desire to possess her knew no bounds. That night my dear Toinette received climax after climax under my passionate kisses. I worked hard at it, because I had resolved to spare neither toil nor trouble, and make Toinette love me as much as she had her former mistress. We united our bodies according to the rites of Toinette's lesbian cult, which my little darling had explained to me after I had solemnly sworn never to reveal anything of what she had told me. It had become a point of honor to me to replace the late Countess in Toinette's affections. I fully believe that I have been quite successful.

Toinette would like to see that I stop all activities with the other sex. It is more a matter of principle to her than jealousy, but I do not think that I am completely ripe for this form of sexual exclusiveness.

Even though I do not deny the voluptuous charms of my dearest Toinette, I simply cannot go without the stronger satisfactions that only the male of the species can give me. And just as I managed, back home at the ancestral castle, to divide my attentions between Francois and Amaranthe, I can manage the same here, in Paris, between my Marquis and my chambermaid.

And, as far as men are concerned, I have a greater selection to choose from, especially since the Cardinal returns quite frequently to Paris. As a matter of fact, I pride myself that he does not return because of church business, but because he cannot stay away from me for any prolonged period of time. It drives his nephew into fits of jealousy because the Marquis, despite my assurances that I love him deeply, is a very suspicious person.

But, I manage somehow. Everybody has his own charms which are capable of satisfying my lusts. And I have decided to make it my exclusive pastime to discover as much as I can.