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caresses intimate memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Intimate Memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Marquis told me about a group of people of both sexes, freethinkers, who have devoted their lives to the cult of Priapus and who worship the God of sexual lust in the same manner as the ancients. I was terribly curious about these people and I did not stop pestering my lover with questions, though he was very reluctant to talk to me about them.

But finally, one evening, after an especially satisfying love bout, my darling promised me that he would introduce me to this group, and that I would be able to participate in one of their sessions. He warned me, however, about a special custom of theirs, so that I would be prepared as to what might happen: it was customary to search for a partner in a fully darkened hall.

My lover explained to me that this rite was followed by many cults in the ancient world. The system, he said, afforded the greatest voluptuous feelings and gave tremendous satisfaction. The love games and sexual struggles could be extremely exciting and rewarding. When I hesitated because, as I explained to him, I did not want to run the risk of being embraced by ugly and senile old men, he reassured me. Only those who were deemed worthy of Eros and Venus were selected by the membership. The Marquis added that I, too, had to undergo this examination before I could be admitted as a member of the Adamites. That was the name of the club, commemorating the founder of all mankind who lived the early part of his life in blissful nudity.

* * *

I had completely forgotten about this discussion till one night in his cottage in Auteuil something happened which rather forcefully reminded me about the existence of the Adamites.

We were both in bed, busily making love when suddenly three noblemen appeared from behind the heavy curtains. I screamed out loud and was terribly embarrassed by their ungallant behavior. But my lover reassured me, telling me that the three gentlemen were good friends of his and also members of the Adamites. They had watched our performance, which was part of the preliminary examinations, and I was glad to hear that I had passed this part with flying colors.

The gentlemen apologized for their seeming indiscretion and they retired into another room. When the Marquis and I had reached complete satisfaction, we went into the dining room for a little bite to eat. Can you imagine my surprise when I found those three gentlemen still there, as naked as the day they were born. The Marquis, too, wore nothing but his Adam's costume while I was as nude as the mother of all mankind.

I was slightly embarrassed to sit at dinner with four undressed gentlemen, but I had decided not to show my confusion. I tried to be a charming hostess, pretending that we were all fully dressed for a gala dinner.

When dessert had arrived one of our guests stood up and proclaimed that it was about time to bring a sacrifice to the gods of love just as we had sacrificed so copiously to the gods of food and drink.

We enthusiastically agreed and the table was cleared, except for the flowers and the candles. The gentlemen lifted me up and laid me down upon the table. My body was to become the altar and I was at the same time goddess and sacrifice.

My lover got up to be the first one. He had filled his cup with wine and lifted it high, while he gave a long and beautiful speech. Meanwhile his friends caressed my thighs, my breasts, arms, legs and buttocks. My lover poured the wine over my body as a first sacrifice in the rite that followed.

This heady bath only served to increase my desire. I embraced the cavalier who was closest to me. He got up on the table, his strong arm whisked the flowers and candelabras away, and he began to satisfy me in a hearty and solid manner.

His powerful, swollen member which swiftly penetrated deep into my belly caused me to cry out loud with screams of deep passion. He pumped quickly and deeply; the moment he had satisfied himself, he pulled out and left me for the next partner who was ready to mount me.

My second lover made me enjoy the trip through loveland as much as the first one. He squirted his warm juices deep inside my belly, then gave way to number three, who plunged his powerful member into my overflowing love nest.

The Marquis wanted to honor the goddess of love also, but he was very drunk. He turned me on my stomach and he penetrated the lake of lust through the other passage, similar in manner to the way he had used his little pageboy. It was quite a different experience, and, though it is not accepted by many, I must admit to my surprise that this extremely virile way of love-making gave me a deep and lasting satisfaction. I can now understand that there are not only lesbians who can exclusively satisfy one another, but that their male counterparts are as numerous as willing women.