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Caresses; ou Memoires intimes de Jacqueline de R - Book Cover
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caresses intimate memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Intimate Memoirs of Jaqueline de R


Before I finish these memoirs of my youth I want to write down one more memory which is very dear to me. It was a very exciting one, too.

Ever since I entered the Society of the Adamites I have remained true to its members and their principles. Aside from the pleasure of being able to associate with freethinking people who are remarkably without prejudices and other ridiculous notions, I found that the element of surprise was a powerful spice in the game of Eros, and it increased the satisfaction tenfold.

Our meetings take place in a small palace in the Rue Servandoni. It belongs to the Duke de B—, who is an excellent and charming leader of our select little group.

The place is well-hidden and the towers of the orthodox Saint-Sulpice church overshadow the charming little building. A large park with beautiful trees hides a small temple which is dedicated to the god Priapus. The decorations and the furniture of the large hall in which we celebrate our orgies are totally dedicated to the game of love in all its various forms.

Huge wall paintings depict the most famous orgies of the ancients and marble statues which are grouped in the park repeat those obscene scenes very clearly.

* * *

A few years after my initiation in the club we were told one evening that a group of noblemen from the province were to be our guests for the night. As usual the hall would be darkened and we would pair off with an anonymous partner.

Dinner was finished, the servants cleared the tables, we sat down upon our sofas and the lights were extinguished. We could not see our guests and they, in turn, could not see us.

Upon a sign from the President we all got up from our places, groping our way through the darkness in search for a partner.

I was slowly walking around, feeling the size of some of the available tools, and also checking their state of readiness when someone put an arm around my waist and a very soft hand began to caress my breast and nipple. I immediately lowered my hands to feel the thighs of my partner and grabbed his member which was very big and extremely stiff.

We fell down upon the pillows on the floor. I could feel the weight of my anonymous lover fall upon me and suddenly I cried out loudly because I tumbled into a deep abyss of delight when he sank his enormous tool deep in my belly.

I felt as if I had been drilled down to the floor and pinned forever upon the pillow like a little butterfly. The divine tool of my partner was trampling around in my insides and his expert hips were grinding away slowly. He was guided by a strong desire and soon we were both drawn into the delights of pure physical love.

But my moans were stifled by his hot lips which bore down upon my mouth. His tongue forced an entrance between my lips and explored the cavity of my mouth. The delight of that kiss stirred long-forgotten memories in my brain.

Meanwhile my partner is rutting deeply in my insides. I hear his voluptuous grunts and my passions reach a peak of incredible wild-ness. My hips rotate, my back arches and I push back with the same force that is driving him into me. I am beginning a long drawn out spasm, and the same happens to my partner. A deep groan answers my cry of joy when our floodgates open simultaneously and I feel myself flooded with a sweet, hot wave.

We remain motionless upon the pillows without loosening our hold on one another. A concerts of groans, moans, sighs and delighted screams, and the heady aroma of rutting floods the hall.

But what do I feel? The excitement of my lover starts all over again. His thing is growing to a tremendous size and begins to pulsate against my body. I take the divine thing in my hands where it grows to an even larger size. It is firm, thick and throbbing with a soft, heavy knob.

Filled with gratitude for so much desire and full of admiration for this big thing I decide to reward it with my special treatment. I turn around and search for it in the dark with eager lips.

Oh delight without comparison: it is sticking between my lips. I know that it loves this particular way of caressing because the darling thing begins to throb and the owner grabs my head, pushing it down.

I shove it with nimble fingers into my mouth. The thing loves it! My tongue touches its warm and very sweet moisture. I am kissing it, my fingers are tickling and caressing it, and slowly I shove it deeper and deeper into my mouth till it sticks in my throat.

The divine thing is very satisfied with this treatment. And it makes that very clear because it begins to move up and down, throbbing heartily. Suddenly it begins to twitch and floods my mouth with a rich, sweet stream which I thirstily swallow.

Now I let go of the limp tool, petting and caressing it while nimble fingers search in the curls of my fleece for my love bud. And the anonymous lover returns the favor by burying his head between my thighs and I soon groan under the kisses of his hot lips and the pushing of his insistent tongue.

Ooh, delightful moments! You are my only reason for living. I shall always remain true to the exercise of passion and the satisfaction of my voluptuous desires. I have devoted my entire life to the delights of pure sex!

I close my eyes and the many scenes of my youth race through my mind. From the very first tender kisses, to my deflowering, my first lesbian experiences, my first conquest in Paris, the Cardinal and...

Suddenly the torches are lit and the dark room is now well-lighted. I cry out in happiness.

The anonymous lover lies still in my embrace, our bodies are close together, our lips are still touching. I look at him and I recognize Francois, my dear Francois, the teacher who initiated me into the delights of love...

* * *

One evening my aunt suddenly left me. She died without having shown any sign of illness. It caused me great suffering and still, after these many years, I feel the deep loss. I will always remember my dear aunt with great devotion since I owe her the happiest childhood and youth anybody could wish for.

And now even youth is about to leave me, though only on the surface, because though the years may pass by, true youth is a state of the soul, full of gifts and exquisite privileges to those who have devoted their lives to love and who remain true to the voluptuous ideals of Eros and the immortal goddess, Venus.