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caresses intimate memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Intimate Memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The atmosphere in my classroom begins to become positively charming—as a matter of fact, so are the lectures. The hours we spend here are full of joy.

I am making progress, and I know how to conjugate the verb 'to love', without making any mistake. I can do it in latin and... in practice.

But the lectures mostly take place upon the sofa! That is also the place where I made closer acquaintance with Francinet. I have looked at him much closer, and have spent much time kissing him. But, tell me, what else could I do after the delicious hour Francois provided for me yesterday.

Perhaps my kisses were a little bit too shy in the beginning, but the cries of joy, uttered by my teacher, encouraged me and made me more bold. I believe that I have accomplished the entire affair to a satisfactory ending. At least, Francois has assured me that I did.

We had barely arrived in our little classroom when Francois laid himself down upon the sofa, in exactly the same position I was in yesterday.

I understood immediately and freed Francinet from his prison, caressing him carefully with my fingers.

How sweet that is! I feel him grow between my lips, warm and velvety. Then I caress him slowly with my tongue, press down upon him and moisten him as much as I can.

Aah! Francinet... He grows, stretches and builds up to an enormous size, much larger than when I was caressing him with my fingers only. Finally he has become so big that I wonder whether my mouth will be big enough to envelop him.

But Francois, groaning, pulls him a little bit back, only to push him in much deeper! He moves Francinet deliriously back and forth between my firmly closed lips. I follow him all the while with my tongue, carefully licking him on all sides.

Suddenly Francinet announces the climax of his lust by flooding my mouth with a warm fluid which is so rich that I have to swallow it down.

Did I do that right? At first the question did not enter my mind, and I did it without hesitation. I think I must have acted correctly, because it was delicious, delicious...

But Francinet rapidly dwindled in size and with a groaning sigh, Francois pulled it softly out of my mouth. Like I did yesterday, Francois remained totally exhausted on the sofa... he fell in a deep faint. I pressed a kiss upon his lips and let him rest.

I walk over to the window. The weather is marvelous. The whole world shares my joy. The large trees in the park bend their branches under the caresses of a soft wind, and the nymphs under the waterfall seem more beautiful than ever, smiling their knowing smiles...

Francois has promised a very interesting lesson for this afternoon.

He carefully closes the door, locking it with the big bolt, and he undresses himself till he is stark naked. He tells me that I should do the same.

I hesitate slightly, but Francois is becoming impatient. He opens my dress and it falls to the floor. While I am unhooking my bodice, my teacher has knelt down in front of me, removing my garters and—in passing—he slowly kisses the insides of my thighs.

Now the last cover has fallen to the floor, and, instead of blushing, I smile with extreme satisfaction, especially since Francois seems delighted at the sight of me. He is extremely overjoyed with my youthful beauty and charm. Francinet, too, expresses his admiration by becoming extremely hard and stiff.

Francois pulls me quickly over to the sofa upon which he stretches out. He orders me to do the same. I want to lie down, but before I have a chance to do so, my teacher has grabbed me and forces me to sit down upon his face. Without hesitation he puts his nimble tongue to work.

Aha! Now I understand... I remember that I have seen this curious position in one of the books I read secretly. I lay myself down upon Francois, my breasts pressing warmly upon his belly. A sweet tingling penetrates my body. And what is that? Oh, beautiful thing, right in front of my eyes. Francinet is standing there, a lonely sentinel, proud and erect, directly under my face, stretching out toward my lips. And he is jumping, the little darling, he is begging for a soft caress.

I hurry to take him between thumb and index finger and to shove him into my mouth. But suddenly I have to sigh deeply. At the same moment, Francois shoves his tongue into my secret slit, hitting the center of my passion which, as I now discover, is precisely down upon his face.

Oh! It feels so good... A very strong feeling floods through my body, penetrates into my deepest being, overtaking me completely. Jolting spasms shoot through my entire body, and I am thrashing around upon the body of my teacher. I never let go of Francinet, though, who seems to enjoy the wild movements I am making with my head.

My arms and legs tighten up, my back arches, my mouth works quickly and I am caressing Francois and Francinet with lips and moist tongue.

Suddenly... ooh, incomparable delight... a warm balsam fills my mouth. Francinet is jumping up and down, and Francois is mixing his spittle with the warm dew that is sprinkling my fleece.

I fall into a deep swoon, and I am in the grip of an extraordinary passion. I can feel that my lover feels exactly as I do; I can feel him twitch under me, and I can hear him groan.

Floating, our limbs feel crushed, we loosen our embrace. We slide next to one another, tired but happy, and our lips find each other in a passionate and long, very long kiss.

* * *

My aunt has allowed us to take a stroll in the park after dinner. Francois has expressed the wish to show me the stars and to tell me the name and the nature of the constellations.

What a beautiful night! We reach the marble statue where Leda is swooning under the caresses of the swan. The moon throws its faint rays upon the marble grouping, and this light makes it the more sensuous and mystical.

Francois embraces me and tells me beautiful mythological stories about the love life of gods and goddesses.

We stayed long in the bushes, sitting on the grass, our hands playfully reaching for our secret parts. Francois' fingers grope my golden fleece, and mine find Francinet who playfully reaches toward me. A

nd our lips come together again, melting into one of those passionate, endless kisses.