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caresses intimate memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Intimate Memoirs of Jaqueline de R


Something unexpected happened which cut short my lessons, and which kept me separated from Francois for several days.

One of my cousins, Alain de Cambelousse, who serves in His Majesty's Navy, had just earned his first epaulets and gold stripes.

Through a messenger, who arrived one day at the castle, we learned that his ship had anchored in Bordeaux and that it would remain there for several days.

My aunt used the opportunity to drive into the city where it seemed she had a lot of things to do. She suggested that I accompany her.

I did not like the idea at all, and at first I was tempted to decline her invitation, trying to find some good reason to stay home. But then it occurred to me that it was not fitting for a young girl to remain alone with her male teacher, and the last thing I wanted to do was to create suspicion in my aunt's mind.

For better or worse, I had to play along, and I decided to go with my aunt into the city.

* * *

Bordeaux is several miles away from the old family estate, and in less than a day the wheels of our carriage rattled on the quays of the Gironde River. We were the guests of a dear, old friend of my aunt.

The next day we went to the harbor, and I liked the multicolored spectacle. There were ships from all parts of the world and the lusty songs of the sailors filled the air. Throngs of people were there to look at all the marvelous things that were unloaded onto the docks, and to amuse themselves with the funny-faced monkeys and colorful parrots which the sailors had brought with them. There were a lot of people in the harbor, and the sound of drums, the music, the laughter and the screams, reminded me of a yearly fair.

Finally we reached my cousin's ship. It was an imposing structure and the lily flag of His Majesty proudly flew from the top.

A narrow gangplank went from the quay to the ship. With the surefootedness of an old sailor, my aunt climbed the plank, motioning me to follow her. I was surprised to find out how well she knew her way around on the ship and even more that she seemed to know everybody, from the captain on down to the lowest cabin boy.

She introduced me to her nephew whom I had never seen before. He was a beautiful naval officer, and his uniform made him look positively gorgeous. Dark curly hair framed his good-looking face with its perfect nose, thin lips and blue, dreamy-looking eyes.

We remained on the ship for a considerable length of time, and, while my aunt conversed with the captain, my cousin offered to show me around. It was quite exciting to see the insides of this big ship and we walked through a lot of corridors and crossed a lot of decks. I breathed deeply; the smell of the salty air and the pitch of the ship was new to me, and very exciting. I followed my cousin, who was obviously very proud to show a girl around in his domain. We walked down one of the rickety stairs into a large room where spare sails were kept. It was fairly dark in there; the only light came from high up through some holes in the ceiling.

From time to time my cousin looked at me, and he seemed very pleased with what he saw. Even though it was half-dark I could see him blush when he was peeking down my neckline.

The beautiful officer was clearly excited, which pleased me immensely. As a matter of fact, I was so pleased, that I did not watch where I was going and I fell from the last rung of one of the ladders. I fell down upon one of those large rolls of sail cloth, in a most uncomfortable and ridiculous position. My legs were up in the air, and my skirts fell about my waist.

I soon had recuperated from the first scare, and I began to laugh, especially since my handsome cousin had put his hand between my thighs and started to tickle me.

This unexpected situation in the bowels of the ship, on top of a roll of sail cloth, seemed priceless to me. And, instead of defending myself, I encouraged Alain with his voyages of discovery. I trampled, moved my legs into a better position, to facilitate his finding that spot which men are usually after.

My cousin was quite surprised, especially since I stretched out my hand toward that spot in his breeches where I had discovered a considerable swelling.

But he was as stupid as he was handsome, and he did not seem to be aware that I offered him a splendid opportunity. He got up, helped me up, brushed off his uniform and mumbled a few inane apologies. I think he suddenly became afraid; I do not know why... I assume that he was afraid we might be discovered. He started to climb the ladder again, telling me to follow him.

I was, at the same time, terribly disappointed and also happy. Disappointed, because a little adventure with my handsome cousin would have enhanced my self-esteem, happy, because I had not been unfaithful to Francois. But, despite all these worthy feelings, I had to do something about the desire which my cousin had awakened, and that night I sought solace in solitary satisfaction.

* * *

The next day my aunt visited the priest of Sainte-Croix who was an old acquaintance of hers, and from there she went to see friends in the Rue Sainte-Colombe. Before dinner, we took one last stroll through the main streets of this beautiful town.

It was very pleasant to visit the many shops and to admire all the beautiful window displays. On the esplanade I watched the gorgeous officers of the Royal Guard, my heart pounding when I noticed the way they looked at me. We also went to a bookshop, bought some maps and a few illustrated books. Then we returned to the home of my aunt's friend, who was waiting for us with dinner.

The next day we took leave from our charming hostess and went back home to our castle, where we arrived before dark.

The first thing I did was to lock myself in with Francois to tell him about my trip and my adventures. I obviously remained silent about what had happened between myself and my cousin in the ship; but the memory of it gave me a desire which could only be satisfied by giving and receiving many caresses.

I got fully compensated by the poor Francois who had to bear the full brunt of my failure in Bordeaux. He was not at all mad about this, which I noticed from the behavior of Francinet who, that particular evening, became tremendously powerful and mighty between my lips, and who jumped deliciously around in my wide opened mouth