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caresses intimate memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Intimate Memoirs of Jaqueline de R


Today my darling teacher received my aunt's permission to accompany me outside of our domain to give me lessons in botany. Francois was filled with the ideas of that curious Monsieur Rousseau and he thought it most important that I studied Nature closely, all the plants and flowers which cover the fields.

My aunt, who shares Francois' enthusiasm for this philosopher, thought it a splendid idea that I would get a first-hand look at the virginal fields and forests as Nature had intended them, rather than getting used to the artificial surroundings of our park.

We left early in the morning. Francois carried his little botany box, and I carried a little umbrella.

The fields that surround our castle are positively charming. There are many ponds and across their quiet waters flit dragonflies and butterflies, their wings like little jewels glittering in the sun.

We started to pick flowers and soon Francois' box was filled with a variety of plants and flowers of which he told me the names, explaining how and why they were classified.

Slowly we approached a thicket and Francois embraced me so passionately that it became very clear to me that he was about to pick a flower of an entirely different kind. We forgot our learned talk, and walked slowly into the forest. Our lips met; the only witnesses were the majestic trees. We bedded down upon the grass which was soft and cool and perfectly charming for the games we had in mind.

I lay down, flattening the soft grass, and with a triumphant smile I took off my panties.

My dear Francois followed my invitation to a sweet game of love and stretched out next to me. His lips pressed firmly upon mine and his hand strayed into the opening of my blouse, squeezing and stroking the roundness of my breasts, whose rosy tips hardened and swelled, jumping out of their silken prison to catch a breath of fresh air.

Suddenly Francois mounted me, pushing his hands under my hips. Now I knew how to help him and to make his task easier. I spread my thighs wide and my hand guided Francinet through the curls of my fleece till he had reached the opening of the rosy center of my passion.

“Aah! My sweet Francinet... He is quite erect and stiff, the little darling.†For the second time I can feel him penetrate me, diving into me as deep as he can, mixing his warmth with mine.

And then he starts to move deep inside me. At first slowly and softly but soon more persistent, quicker and harder.

It is beautiful, fantastic! With every move the sweet, moist feeling permeates my entire being. It is pure revelation, because this up and down movement exceeds anything I have heretofore experienced.

The feeling which engulfs me, which envelops my entire being is enervating and precious. There are no words to express it; one must have experienced it to form a proper picture of the situation.

Aah! Now I understand that even the wisest people will do the most foolish things to play this marvelous game. How truly do I pity the ones who cannot participate for whatever reason!

Ooh! Francois, my darling Francois!... We kiss without stopping, our legs are entwined; they cling together, loosening occasionally, keeping up with the rhythm of our hips.

We groan and moan, we scream, smothering those screams in our endless, passionate kisses. We do not, for once, interrupt the grinding motions of our bodies.

Suddenly—Ooh, greatest of all delights!— we both, simultaneously let out a deep moaning scream. A warm liquid flows, spurting, deep inside my belly. Francinet rears up and spasms; I can feel it clearly. We both have reached the climax of our passion and now we sink back in a cloud of indescribable happiness. We just lie there, together, our bodies closely intertwined, tumbling into a deep sleep.

But Francinet wakes me up; he has recuperated and is throbbing and pulsating in my hand. His pressure becomes insistent, as if he is begging for new caresses.

I am very tired, but the darling is responsible for the great pleasure I have had, and I do not want to disappoint him. I grab him playfully and now we begin all those various caresses and darling little games which bring about our passion and lust. I spice them with new variations and combinations of old ones.

My mouth kisses Francinet wildly, I suck the throbbing knob with ardent passion. Francois, meanwhile, has sunk his thirsty lips in my moist fleece and his trembling tongue works violently on my rosy triangle. I groan and shiver, trampling upon the soft grass with both feet. It is too, too much! A jolting spasm rattles through my body, and I suddenly relax; I capitulate unconditionally, sinking away into a feeling of unhampered happiness...

* * *

When I regain consciousness, I see that Francois is examining the flowers we have picked. My legs look like two, long stemmed, fleshy flowers resting upon the grass. I begin to put on my stockings and push away my teacher who has put his hands under the lace of my petticoat, pretending to help me with my garters.

We begin to struggle; Francois grabs me and I resist, laughing. But I am too tired. I cannot put up enough resistance, and Francois is victorious again. He pulls my thighs apart, and I am obliged to offer him my still dripping triangle for further sacrifices. He kisses the rosy lips with ardent passion, his tongue playing around with my secret parts. Francinet meanwhile has swollen to enormous proportions and now petulantly demands entrance into what has become his domain. I faint again in a delirium of happiness...