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caresses intimate memoirs of Jaqueline de R


The Intimate Memoirs of Jaqueline de R


We abandon ourselves daily to the Great Game. That means, we no longer are satisfied with the variety of caresses which we have been giving to each other for such a long time. Of course, we have not abandoned them... on the contrary. Either before, or after, sometimes even during, we invent new positions, new variations, and our lustful fantasies are never at a loss for trying our utmost to do something we have never done before. But regardless, we wind up doing the one thing that gives us true fulfillment.

I have gathered all the frivolous books in the house, and I force my darling Francois to possess me in the manifold positions which are portrayed in the many etchings.

Today I tried a completely new one. I don't even remember ever having seen this position in one of the books...

How I got in the position, I don't recall either. Our legs were intertwined, and suddenly... there I was, sitting on top of Francois, resting upon his knees. One thing I know for sure. Sweet Francinet was pulsating and reaching impatiently for my lower belly. He almost shouted his impatience and wanted to rest in his hide-out.

I suddenly decided to lift myself slightly, and then to sit down again, but not before I had grabbed a hold of Francinet and guided him with tender hand in the voluptuous hiding place of our mutual pleasure.

It feels as if I am riding horseback, and I move up and down as if I am proudly in the saddle. Francois is very helpful, and I enjoy the game tremendously.

Occasionally Francinet slips out of my moist sheath, but the sweet little darling knows what is good for him, and jumps right back.

I am enormously pleased with myself, and Francois, who also seems to be very happy, encourages me and tries to excite me even more. But suddenly I have to hold on to him, because my horse starts bucking wildly, and I have trouble remaining in the saddle and keeping Francinet in the warm grip of my sheath.

Finally the jumping begins to wear me out, and with a turn of my hips I force Francois to follow my example. Now he is on top of me and a series of tremendous jolts brings us to a satisfying climax.

Nobody exists for me in the entire world, except Francois. I am totally disinterested in everything else, except for loving and being loved.

The soft words spoken by my precious teacher, and his constant caresses, are worth more to me than all the jewels and gold in the world. Ooh! My eyes light up when I hear him call me, 'his little darling, his treasure, his joy'...

I will never forget these precious hours during which I am supposed to learn Latin and Greek grammar, but which are mostly spent upon the sofa.

We have a world globe standing on the table, but Francois prefers to lift my dress and put his hands upon my own soft globe which, he says, allows him to discover a new world, giving him all the pleasures he can think of.

His trembling fingers glide across the velvety skin, his inexhaustible tongue explores every nook and cranny, lingering upon the folds and crevices ultimately loosing itself in the depths of my golden forest.

Those are precious moments indeed! Our happiness is complete, and we discover many pleasures during our explorations, especially since I do not hesitate to go on some explorations of my own. Francois has offered me his forest in the middle of which Francinet stands like a giant tree trunk, robbed of its branches.

The firm stem resists my onslaughts, but I shake it so firmly that it becomes more pliable. I go further, touching it from beginning to end, till it finally collapses, a victim of my insistence... not without having thrown out its life juices as high as a geyser.

* * *

My aunt had a surprise for us during dinner. She announces that my girl cousin will visit us for a month. Aunt has decided that she will also take lessons from Francois so that her stay in the country will also be beneficial to her education.

Francois does not seem to be overjoyed at the prospect, but I put him at ease by telling him that my cousin is a very charming and beautiful young lady...

“And, above all, she has a beautiful name, my darling. A name that sounds like the smell of a field with flowers. It is Amaranthe, a beautiful flower, waiting to be picked.â€

We laugh heartily while we are walking around in the park under the soft light of the moon which is reflected by the nymphs and fountains around us