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Carnal Interlude


Robert Sermais


“Come!†he whispered. “My flesh never tires of you!â€

Under the cover, I saw his sculptured body. He raised himself on his elbows and held out his hands to me. His grave, gentle face made me know that he yearned to find in my arms the joys he had tasted this afternoon.

I let my robe fall to the floor, and, naked, slipped beside him; as he took me in his arms, I put out my hand to turn off the lamp.

“No,†he whispered. “Leave it on.â€

“Daytime is most propitious to pleasure,†I replied, “but at night pleasure is more voluptuous and mysterious!â€

“I want to see you naked!â€

I shook my head, though he didn't see it.

“No, let darkness be the accomplice and the excuse for the dazzling of my senses,†I murmured.

Ah, then how he kissed me. Each of my dimples, all over my body, gave him pretext to linger with his lips. Though he was en-flamed, he hadn't forgotten the charming prelude to fucking. With my eyelids half closed, I tasted the voluptuousness of being a captive stretched on the bed to his will. Under his fingers, my body became a piano on which he played a melody of pleasure.

Gradually, he learned the weakest, most sensitive parts of my body, and there he lingered most insistently; then he sought new sources for the raising of my emotions.

The white light of the moon silvered our lovegames with its radiance through the window. I had upon me a creature half savage, almost a child, slim and lissome as a statue of bronze. And I felt rather than saw the furiously stiff cock he offered in tribute, intended to do homage to my itching cunthole.

I bade him wait while I lowered myself till my mouth was at his belly, and then slowly I ran my lips and tongue over that prick and then his thighs; paused to return to his throbbing cock, and then tantalizingly, shifted myself upwards till my tongue was rimming his paps. The scent of myrtle and of laurel filtered through the open window, intoxicating us. My head fell back, while my lips stammered incoherent words: “You waken all my flesh,†I breathed into his ear.

“No man has ever desired you as much as I, my Therese — how I want to fuck you with my prick, how I want to dig down to the depths of your cunt and feel its walls gripping and kissing every inch of my cock,†he mouthed in his sweet delirium.

I was burning with fever, and my memory was being obliterated little by little, till I forgot all save this man beside me.

“Your body's like a furnace, Therese,†he whispered.

“I desire you,†I avowed.

I was on my back while he, stretched beside me, explored my most intimate regions with fingers and tongue. I wanted to divert our transports into something new, yet without leaving the terrain of joyous, pure voluptuousness. I decided how audacious I should be, though I did not fear offense to my modesty, since I've never been ashamed of assuming those positions which are propitious to fucking pleasure, so long as they remain within the wholesome dominion of the body's offertory.

Brusquely, I turned and, lying on my belly, offered him my round bottomcheeks. His hand stroked my posterior, then his finger ticklingly rasped along the groove leading to love's garden. His fingertip rested on that tiny aperture which I do not offer a man: my virgin asshole. A delicious tickling ran along my spine each time his fingertip rubbed.

“Be good, darling,†I gasped, shivering. But his caress kept on, insistent.

“No, no,†I told him. “You mustn't, you must never go farther there than just touching it!â€

His hand at last sought out my cunthole, his fingers groping in the fleecy curls, then at last to the soft moistened petals of my pussyhole.

“Come, take me,†I breathed.

I felt him stretch out on my back, and by this detour, he found again the proper pathway to fucking. His head lodged on the hollow of my shoulder, and, cheek to cheek, he began a slow and steady movement. My titties were crushed against the bed. I bit my pillow to hold back the bubbling tumult rising in my cunthole. My delirious flesh carried me beyond myself, and soon I was keeping time with each of his in-and-out maneuvers by arching my hips up to him beads of sweat glistened on my forehead. He forced my shoulders and titties down against the bed. I endured, groaningly, the assault of his delving prick; the angle at which it entered rasped the inner sides, tickled my clitoris' dainty button, till inarticulate sounds emerged from my throat; at last I groaned, “Claude, I'm going crazy!â€

But now, nothing could hold him back in his frenzy. Desperately, I sought to resist him. “Claude!†I cried in a strident voice.

My nails clawed the sheets to struggle against the onrushing paroxysm. All my muscles had stiffened. “Ohh-ahhhhh!†I shrieked as I announced the shattering waves that burst within me; I felt my hot gush give down, only to be swept back by the bursting torrent of his spunk.

Little by little, I regained my senses. Claude was still stretched out over me, and yet I could feel, that for all his juicing me, his still stiff cock had not taken such total fulfillment as had my seething cunt. Happily, his patience now gave me time to regain my breath and he lay thus till I turned my head towards him. “Oh, Therese,†he sighed. “How beautiful your face is in the throes of passion!â€

Heavy clouds covered the moon. From afar, I could hear the rumbling of a coming storm. The leaves of the trees rustled swiftly. And then I heard the plash of rain, steadily increasing till it became a rhythmic, regular downpour.

“Oh, Claude,†I breathed, “let's change positions, for my back's broken.â€

Gently, he got off me, and I turned over on my back, my arms spread out in a cross. “Come back to me,†I whispered.

His belly merged to mine, and anew we came together in tight embrace, my arms locking round his shoulders. My thighs tightened, once his stiff cock had dug to the balls inside my bubbling cunny, so that it was sweet prisoner in my keeping. Ah, even my cuntlips seemed to have closed against his ramrod, and he was reduced to immobility. Then I contracted my belly, shoving my bottomcheeks back, disengaging from me the weapon that had nailed me to the bed, but I kept just the tip inside my cunnylips' clinging hold. Anew, I arched my loins; then, with a continuous movement, lifting and lowering my bottom, I fucked him till he stiffened against me and gave down all his remaining spunk, his body tautening over me. Then he sagged in the sweet effacement of appeasement.