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Carnal Interlude


Robert Sermais


In the morning, I awakened with a clear mind. The storm had ended and nature had resumed its silent serenity. As I regarded Claude's sleeping body I, thought that our last day together had just dawned, and that this evening, I should lie beside Robert my husband, to whom I would tell all that had happened without in any way disguising the truth. I stretched luxuriously, tasting the delicious freshness of the morning. I got out of bed and hurried down the stairs, longing to be present at the wakening of this new, this last, day. I was naked, but it was thus I wished to mingle myself with the rosy dawn. I was soon in the garden, and I ran to the back, leaping over the beds of flowers, my titties jiggling. My skin tingled with the caress of air and sun. I did ballet steps, feeling the springy bound of my bottomcheeks and bubbies. I approached a tree, a childish desire rising in me to climb it. I posed my foot on the first branch and drew myself high enough to reach the second. But the third branch was much too high for me, so I clung my arms round the trunk, gripping it between my naked thighs, and thus hoisted myself upwards. The rough bark chafed my tender inner thighs, but I nonetheless pursued my efforts. At last I could reach that third branch. But I decided on the more difficult ascent by means of the trunk. Deliberately, my naked titties rubbed against the tree, and the bark scratched my belly, my titties, my thighs. I arrived at last to one of the highest branches, and I could stand, my legs straddled, to balance myself. I could see all the villa, yes, and the room where Claude was sleeping; my view went even beyond, to the distant rooftops of the little houses of the village. “

Claude!†I cried, and my echo came back to me from a nearby little hill. “Claude, wake up!â€

His face appeared at the window.

He stared out, bewildered.

“Aren't you going to kiss me this morning, darling?†I called at him.

He looked every which way, seeking the source of my voice. At last he espied me. “What are you doing there?†he cried. “I'm taking my exercise,†I called back.

“Don't move. I'll join you.â€

I knew he said that as a joke, and I began to prepare for my descent. I clung to the trunk and, heedless of my chafed skin, let myself slip down. Then I leaped from one branch to another with supple maneuver, eager to be in his arms again. As I sprang from the last branch, I saw him at the foot of the tree, naked as I was. He caught me as I leaped, his eyes widening with astonishment at the red blotches on my naked skin. Gently he opened my thighs to make sure the bark had not wounded my soft cunny. He fondled my titties, then plucked off the bits of bark and foliage that had clung to my pussyhairs. My tender, inflamed skin found the contact of his naked flesh the more delicious when he held me against him. But I broke away from his arms and ran to the fountain to sprinkle myself with the glorious cold water. I turned the spray on him when he ran up to me, and soon our bodies glistened.

Ah, that last day, what would we do before exhausting the catalog of our embraces? I did not wish to explore all the possibilities, but simply expand the wisdom he had so far gleaned. “Kiss me,†I said. “Caress me with your tongue.†“

How beautiful you are, Therese my love!†His mouth fused to mine with avid sensuality. To heighten his desire, I slipped out of his arms and ran across the grass. He pursued me like a faun. I hid behind the hedges, their branches stinging my flesh, reddening my tingling skin, stimulating me to equal passion. But when he found me crouching behind a tree, I resumed my flight, hardly giving him time to catch hold of me, escaping from his arms at the last possible instant. In recompense, I offered him my lips, but it was my cunthole he wanted, I knew well. His prick rose with a ferocious erection.

I ran off to a new hiding place. When he found me, he bit into the round flesh of my shoulder, then his lips glided over all of my body. In concentric spirals, his lips grazed my skin towards the irresistible oasis of my cunthole. I freed myself each time, trying vainly to escape in the depths of the hedges, but lascivious and warring young god that he was, he caught me. I repulsed his caresses, but he clung to me and tumbled me onto the ground.

“Young bear of the woods,†I laughed.

His cheek rubbed against my panting titties. “Don't go away,†he pleaded.

I tried to rise, but his strong arms held me down. I abandoned my lips, but soon he wanted more. His arms locked round my naked waist; my head fallen back, I tasted the exquisite joy of his embrace. “You big fool,†I giggled. Again I tried to escape, but he seized me by the legs and I was spread out over his body. “You brute!†I pretended to be afraid.

“Don't laugh,†he said softly, thickly. My mouth was near his prick, but I could only just graze it with my lips. Meanwhile, he bowed his head to my cunthole; with one hand I stopped him, pretending to draw him towards me, but before he could reach his goal, I tight-end my legs together and foiled him. I took hold of his prick and shook it, then flicked it with the tips of my fingers.

“You're torturing me,†he groaned. At last I opened my thighs and his greedy tongue plunged into my cunthole. He pried open my pussylips and his agile lips greedily sucked my slit. I wriggled away from this contact, wishing as much to prolong my pleasure as to intensify his. Around us, the trampled grass had taken the format of a bed, imprinted by our naked bodies. He began to suck my nipples, saying, “I want all your body against my lips, I want to know every part of you.â€

I kissed his cock as he descended his mouth down my belly to my cunt again. Then I rolled off and onto my back, and instantly his prick-head prodded against my moist, opening cunthole; I drew him to me, and with a single massive dig, he went in my cunt to his balls.

“Ohh, Claude, I feel you in me, so deep, so very deep,†I groaned.

“That's the way I want to be,†he breathed.

He began to fuck — but slyly, with a nimble twist of my body, I escaped him, and ran away again ....

Oh, what we didn't do that last day! Standing, lying down, on my knees, even turning my back to him — I taught him to explore all the wholesome possibilities of conjugal fucking. The pupil had turned into a marvelous partner. “What progress you make,†I panted as I submitted joyously to his digs. His fury led him with a marvelous grace in which there was neither bestiality nor false modesty. I was standing now, my back against the tree, and when he came, I wound my legs round his waist and let myself slip down to the ground. He crouched forward, holding me to him, his prick lodged well inside my churning cunt.

Let no one call that perversion, for nothing immoral was done. A woman should be able to overwhelm her husband and be by him also overwhelmed, so that neither he nor she would seek extra-marital compensations because of the false modesty of either partner. I am sure the first man and the first woman on this earth sought the same evolution that Claude and I essayed.

All was still now. We could hear the birds sing in the trees above our heads, think ourselves the only inhabitants on all the earth. Now I was stretched out on my back, and his tireless young prick dwelt deep inside my cunnytemple. I heard him panting in my ear, and my groans merged with his. Suddenly, I felt his spunk rise, and then in my own churning well my tides brought forth the essence to mingle with his jet. Long, ineffable moments rolled by, as we vibrated in harmony together. His face, transfigured by the passion of fucking, bent over mine. My head swam, my dilated eyes were blind.

“Again, again,†I moaned.

My palpitating nostrils sought more air; a madness unwound within me; a potent shuddering rocked and wrenched my body; oh, I could bear no more... ecstasy flooded every iota of my being. Irresistible quakings made my body jerk and bound as he clung to me. Groans escaped his gritted teeth, and at that instant, I felt him strain and explode... my lovecream again merged to his bubbling drench, and, broken, spent, he sank exhausted on my quaking flesh