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Spanking Professional - Using the Birch

I have THREE three birches. and the picture above shows the middle of the range 'B'. They are

  • An Isle of Man type Disciplinary Birch;
  • B General Standard birch using hazel twigs; and and
  • C an interesting but unusual birch of twenty lathes bound together I bought in the United States.

They each have their particular strengths and weaknesses and I will deal with each of them in turn. All birches should be soaked in water or brine for several hours before use to give them their unique flexibility

Disciplinary Birch
This is a fearsome instrrument and I only use it in demonstration, and with minimal force. It can lacerate the bum and will whip round to the sides making vicious gouges of the sides of the bottom. This is why at ALL times SHORTS/KNICKERS should be warn. It is NEVER ever used on the bare bum and, even when used in the Isle of Man as a punishment the victim frequently wore shorts and the birching was birched victorianssupervised by a magistrate with a doctor present! Rarely more than SIX strokes were awarded and this always for violence..
I do not recommend getting one or ever be involved in its use. It is restricted to the extreme SM( Sado Masochist ) followers! There is more information including a picture of a policeman holding it in the Instruments section

Normal Birch
This birch still needs care but can be used and has an unusual effect. It is not essential to wear shorts as long as the spanker takes care. This is the one I show above - to see the others go to the Instruments page. .
I am using this extract from to show how a birch can be made as it is a very clear exposition
* The twigs used to make a birch should be no more than pencil thick at the thick end, and taper to their natural minimum at the other end.
* The length of the birch (and hence the twigs) will depend on how the punisher wants to handle it: short (maybe two feet) for over-the-knee (OTK) sessions, longer if the "victim" is standing, bending or lying down and there's room to swing. Four feet is probably the maximum useful length.
* Some people construct birches from as few as two or three twigs, but a "traditional" birch has seven to nine.
* To hold the twigs together, they should be tightly tied together with twine or such, for about a foot's length, to form a kind of handle.
* Many twigs will fork into numerous even smaller twigs. Some people will tear off the smaller branchings, others will leave them on. The difference is in the effect: Many fine lines or fewer heavier ones. Note that the fine twiglets can cause small skin injuries and draw small amounts of blood; it's up to you to decide if this is your kettle of fish or not.
* Many twigs have small buds of freshly developing stems. Again, some people tear these off, others like the pattern of impact dots they will leave on the skin.
Even in view of best intentions to the contrary, it's quite possible for a birch to leave tiny cuts and pinpricks in the skin of the target area. These micro-wounds are generally harmless and will heal up in a day or two, but it's recommended to take precautions against infection:
*** The punishee should be freshly showered at the very least, or the target area rubbed down with an antiseptic such as rubbing alcohol;
*** The twigs of the birch should be thoroughly cleaned before assembly, perhaps first with a rag soaked in water with dish washing soap, then a second time with rubbing alcohol.
As you'd expect, dry twigs will quickly break. It makes sense to keep a birch moist, or moisten it before use. It's simple enough to dip the business end into a pail of water for a minute or more. You're well advised to use brine (salt water) instead, for its mild (but not reliable!) antibacterial effect, which will keep your birch from rotting if it's left standing for a while. Brine is also a bit heavier than water; this will increase the impact of the birch somewhat

birchingHere is what one writer says about obtaining the twigs"There I was stuck (not able to make a birch rod as he knew nothing about trees)for some time, until a chance trip to the local garden-centre-cum-gift-shop. I suddenly realised that dried bunches of birch twigs stuck in a vase were trendy! And there they were - long (about 6 feet), straight, already stripped of leaves, dried, and neatly bundled. For 12 pounds (less than 20 US dollars), I acquired enough raw material to make at least 2 birches.

I either have my 'birchee' standing at the ladder or bent over the spanking bench. Both have their good and bad points - depending on your point of view!

If you have the 'birchee' standing with their feet on the lower runge of the ladder then their bum muscles will be more rigid, although the bum itself will be looser and more receptive to the birch.When bent over the bench the bum surface is tighter drawn and the strokes will show more and have a geater impact.. For punishment the latter is a more satisfactory method. while for 'pleasure' the ladder will ensure less signs.

The birch having been well wetted to ensure flexibility should rest across the buttock. Then raised and brought SMARTLY down across the centre of the bum. Check after each stroke to make sure that there are no blood blisters on the sides of the bum

Unlike most other instruments the birch has an unusual 'incremental' effect. It starts as a gentle 'whisper' across the buttocks but, 'afficionados' state, as the strokes multiply, they soon grow to a feeling as though the bum has been invaded by ants. The effect is dramatic as, unlike the power of the paddle or strap, or the searing bar of the cane the birch invades the whole area with its sting. The build-up in the bum makes the sting much more long lasting than other instruments

There is also a further and much more delightful use of the birch and this is used a lot in Scandinavia. Here it is still used to caress and stimulate the bottom and I have a number of videos by the Livslust company . My own favourites are early ones such as 'Multiplicity' Delight' and 'The True Birch' which will en-trance any who are interested in spanking as an 'art form' as opposed to just a form of beating.

Multi Lathe Birch
birch on bottomThis is a more unusual birch as it is much more of a stimulant than the other two. I purchased mine from the United States but I am not sure whether they are now availablebut it is not difficult to build your own. The lathes should be 2 feet (60cms) long and you need 20/24 of them. Tape them firmly at one end. Some lathe style 'birch builders' recommend adding six or more lengths of covered wire within the lathes as they say it adds to the sting (as opposed to the thud of the lathes! It should be well soaked in water or brine before use and then applied firmly across the buttocks. Take you place at the side so that the centre of the tips reach the middle of the buttocks and whip it down sharply. there will be a 'spread' of contact that means an unusual feeling as both buttocks feel the effect across their full width.
This can be used with or without knickers.

It is also suitable for a long sustained birching as it will do no harm to the recipient, and may well stimulate them to an erotic climax. Kits can be purchased for building this type. One point about the kits is that they offer a more solid effect (nearer the cane) than the other birches. If you REALLY want to make your own birch here is a link which will give you all the information you need Synthetic Birches

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