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Spanking Professional -Using the Cane

To most expert spankers this is the ultimate instrument. In their hands it becomes like the baton of a great conductor.

In this page I will write about the standard use of the cane at the end of a long session. In the other pages as I have mentioned I will discuss 'sensuous spanking'.and 'disciplinary spanking' in more detail. The picture above shows how to hold the cane.

I have several canes to choose from. They vary in length from thirty to thirty six inches. They also vary in style with mainly the new straight handled canes. This is because the grip is much better for holding and less likely to slip and hit the wrong area.

Remember the area to hit is the fleshy cheeks of the bum from just above the top of the thighs to below the bone at the bottom of the spine called the coccyx. See the bum displayed to get an imprssion of the perfect target areabum close up. Inspect it and look carefully at the reddened area which is the perfect target.

For practice I recommend a soft cuhsion or pillow. Place this on a bed or chair and strike firmly.Watch where you strike and you will be shocked at the how erratic your early strokes are. Do not use it on a partner until you are happy with your ability to get the strokes in the right place.

To return to the canes. They also vary in thickness from the thin nursery cane to the substantial 'headmaster' cane. They are made from a variety of materials with rattan predominating. The weight of the cane is the most important thing with the thicker canes giving a better 'strike' and 'spread' and will not damage the skin. To put it in context the lighter canes STING and the thicker and heavier ones THUD. The latter are also less likely to wrap around the buttocks and damage the sides.

Unless you are punishing for real then I recommend a maximum of twenty strokes. These will vary in strength, lighter first followed by heavier and ending with the heaviest. As with the orchestra our conductor starts 'pianissimo' and fcontinues with 'crescendo' and ending with' FORTISSIMO'!.

One interesting way when using the cane is to vary the spacing between strokes. This disorientates the spankee. They are expecting a stroke and nothing happens and then-------two follow in quick time!

Now we come to the best method of positioning. The client should be bent over the back of a chair or a spanking bench. and I prefer this time to tie them down. This is because the natural reaction is to put the hands BACK after a stroke thus the next one may fall across the hands. cane backviewIf they are bending across a chair then their legs are tied to the front legs and their hands to the back legs making sure that the buttocks are fully stretched. The ultimate is to bend over and touch their toes. Here the buttocks are fully stretched, as also the calves and thighs and the lash of the cane will hit buttocks which are tight like a drum. .

Notice in this picture that the caner is laying the cane across the buttocks to exactly the right point to make sure that the aim is perfect. As with the tawse the striker stands far enough away so that when laid across the bottom the tip of the cane reaches the CENTRE of the near buttock. Stand well away to the side of the lady as the tip will travel faster than the rest of the cane and we want it to strike the far buttock at the same moment as the rest of the cane strikes the near buttock.

I often write about the 'throw' of the arm which makes the arm finish farter across the buttocks than its starting point. This is a natural phenomenen which is created because the trajectory of the arm means that as the arm moves down in an arc the tip has farther to travel than the end in your hand. This has two effects . The first is that the speed makes the tip finish much faster as it reaches its destination - the bum cheeks -, thus harder than the portion close to you while the other is to send it farther acoss the area to be beaten. A wise Headmaster said in the 1800's that 'one should always cane with a bible firmly lodges under the armpit' This means that all the action is in the wrist NOT the arm itself. Only practice makes this perfect - but it is worth while!

We have all seen the ridiculous pictures of caners with their arms raised high, or read of them running from the door - although I knew a Headmaster who did this ! As I said earlier to test your ability and 'eye' put a soft cushion on a chair and see how much accuracy, control and force you can get with either of these methods. I do not apologise for again reiterating my earlier advice about learning to spank. As I said I recommend that those people who have never caned before should practice on SOFT cushion or pillow.. This allows the caner to see exactly where hsr stroke is landing. It is only by practice that accuracy can be obtained.

Rogue 'caners' found on personal websites are often inaccurate and, in my SENSOUS spanking pages, I quote one lady who was bady hurt when she went to a hotel with a one and he hit both high and low. When he had finished and saw her back and buttocks he apologised and explained that he had 'NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE AND WOULD NEVER DO IT AGAIN'!

No! just as in Muslim countries the caner must cane with a copy of the Koran under his caning arm so the Victorian teacher and parent was advised to "tuck a large book, say the Bible, under your punishing arm and retain it throughout the caning". This forces you to use the wrist and forearm for the stroke.

To deliver the stroke you must hit flat i.e. right to left - not down from on high. Thus the wrist is (approximately) level with the bottom. This makes a perfect impact on the centre of the buttocks whereas the downward stroke can easily hit the end of the spine or possibly a glancing blow to the sides or thighs which may scar. I have always believed that the reason a small apron was placed around the sailor's waist before a flogging was to prevent damage to the base of the spine

Remember you are wanting to deal with the main fatty sensitive portion which will feel the maximum effect from the stroke. A well struck blow will sink into both buttocks at their broadest with little resistance. For the spankee, depending on the strength of the strokes, the effect for a moment will be to feel nothing followed by a numb sensation before the pain strikes. Often people say the pain it as 'though their bum is on fire', or 'they felt like they had been struck by a branding iron'.

bent over As the pain takes hold for most people, except the S/M, this will be the ultimate sensation and the subsequent strokes will build on this until, building and building, the final strokes well laid bring ultimate fulfillment. To the spanker the bottom will first show the depth of the stroke as it burrows deep into the bum cheeks, then show a white line followed closely followed by a red line and ultimately, if the stroke has been well struck, a mauve, later deep purple bruise.

(Many clients take pride in these bruises and, if laid on correctly, they will disappear within a few days. The expert practitioner will get all of his strokes within a six inch vertical area and it is the sign of incompetence to raise weals on the thighs. After the top picture eee the picture below which I use as examples and judge for yourself Every stroke is laid level and central andeach can be counted . I had one spankee who took pride in examining her bum daily hoping the marks would last. When they finally faded she would be calling me for her next session. Leave your spankee satisfied.

Finally the most important question of when to stop. This is a judgement call for the spanker. Do not wait for the 'spankee' to say stop for strangely enough - as I know from painful experience -spankees will say in their mind that 'this is the last one for sure' BUT then wait passively for the next stroke.YOU MUST MAKE THE FINAL DECISION AND DO NOT LEAVE IT TOO LATE

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