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Spanking Professional - Erotic Hand Spanking

This about the perfect type of spanking . Hand Spanking allows almost every type of spanking from pleasurable erotic spanking to firm disciplinary spanking. It can be over the dress or trousers down to the bare bottom.

In this page I hope to show a range of ways of handspanking but I will put my cards on the table and say that to me the perfect scenario is with the lady spankee lying along my legs with her bare bottom in front of me. However let me start from the beginning and take you through my typical hand spanking when a lady visits me. Although this is erotic handspanking I do start the same way with both sets of the start of any session is a 'toner' to prepare the bottom. The advice on massage prepares the buttocks for the 'assault' on them and the massage and caressing in particular keeps the blood circulating and prevents bruising. The real disciplinary part comes after the hand spanking when I begin to use the instruments.

I liken it to a railway track. First it is a single line where everybody receives the same hand spanking. Then it deviates three ways Erotic, Disciplinary and finally Erotic/Disiciplinary. The final choice is at rhe wishes and needs of the spankee.

I do have a preferred dress code which I find works well. I like my ladies to be wearing a dress or wide skirt with either stockings or bare legs. NO tights or trousers. As we progess through the article you will see that the spanking develops a rhythm of its own which is broken if the spankee has to stand up and remove trousers or tights.

* * * * * * * * * *

On arrival the spankee is put at ease and I explain two things. The first is that " nothing happens that you don't want to happen."

The second is to agree a 'safe word' This is a word NOT associated with spanking that allows the lady to stop the action IMMEDIATELY. This is essential at every session. The reason I use the expression "not associated with spanking" is that as the action continues they may say "NO!", or"STOP!" as part of the experience but not really mean it. The SAFE WORD not being associated e.g. RED, SINK, KITCHEN means they genuinely want you to stop all action.

This usually happens because, although they have dreamed of being spanked, read all the stories and have erotic thoughts, the REALITY, as opposed to the FANTASY for some is too much and the shock of real spanking stops them in their tracks. In this case action ceases immediately and the lady ets up, dresses and leaves with no hard feelings on either side.


* * * * * * * * * *

The action now begins. Still fully dressed the lady comes across my knees on the settee with her head tucked into cushions at one end, her bottom immediately in front of me , with her legs at the other end. For a right handed spanker the lady should lie with her head to the left. At this point if she is a first time visitor you will find her very tense with her body and legs tight. Now you start spanking her bottom over the dress. She will hardly feel it and in most cases soon relax. Keep a steady rhythm. spanking across both cheeks of her buttocks.

One word on the hand of the spanker. The hand should be FLAT and the action is withthe flat palm of the hand. Do not use the fingers alone for several reasons. The first is sound.The flat of the hand makes a lovely 'SMACKING' noise; he next is that when the bottom is bare the fingers can bruise; and the third is that it hurts your fingers !.

As you spank gently massage the bottom - this time using the fingers. It soothes and stimulates at the same time. Later on it will help to prevent bruising of the buttocks.

This spanking over the dress can continue for several minutes - do not be impatient - and, if your spankee is receptive, you will soon notice her relax. This is the clue to continue to the next stage.

If she is still stiff and reacting badly now is the time to call a halt before you both regret anything. I have, in my many years of experience, found TWO ladies like this as in each case we parted amicably and without embarassment. Never force ontinuing as you will both be sorry later

Everything is going well and the lady is relaxing. her neck is no longer stiff and her legs are no longer tight. Now you make the next major step. Lift the dress over her back so that you are now confronted with her knickers. She will probably take a quick breaht. This is both your action and the coolness as the dress is raised. TAKE YOUR TIME!Now you are spanking over a thinner layer, and she will feel it more. Don't go hard but keep up the rhythm. Lots and lots of left and then right buttocks remembering to massage. over her knickers, Again only you can tell when to move on to the next stage.but probably after several minutes.

Now I take the sides of the knickers and draw them into the bum crack, gently pulling as I do so. This has an erotic effect as the gusset rubs against her pubic area. I draw in and out several times. Now her buttocks are bare and you will see the soft orbs already glowing.remember TAKE YOUR TIME

By this time you can be sure that the spankee is responsive and 'enjoying' what is happening - ENJOYING it. The mixture of 'pain and plaeasure, pleasure and pain' will have taken hold and she is eager for you to continue. Put your fingers in the top of her knickers and gentlyease them down over her buttocks and slip them down her thighs and calves and off her feet as though it is the most natural thing in the world. You will find by now that she will probably assist by raising her body and wriggling her legs to help. This is the moment when everything comes together..The lady has accepted everything and is ready for the next stage.

Your hand now becomes a real weapon. You have the full expanse of her bum under you hand and you conduct a full orchestral drumming - all the while watching her reactions. Now it is 'fast and slow, hard and soft' more massage and yet more spanking. This can continue for several minutes while you are watching closely as you spank. The tell tail signs are soon understood and will direct your future progress.

In the first case as you massage her buttocks and thighs and you move your fingers to the inside of her thighs she gently parts her legs offering you greater access. No it is up to you to eploit this. Usually you will find that for this lady the erotic effects of spanking are already taking over. The inside of her thighs are wet with her spend and the spanker must then make the decision as to whether her brings her to a well deserved climax with his hand or, as I have had several times the spankee asks if they can use my bedroom to perform the same action privately on themself. That is an outcome which cannot be predicted but NO professional spanker will ever take advantage of his client.

In the second case as you gently try to massage the inside of her thighs her legs remain firmly closed to you. No problem as this is a lady who wants to be spanked, probably hard but going no further.When you have finished spanking help her to her feet and she will draw her knickers on and dress. She will thank you and leave. The action has finished and the spankee dresses, thanks the spanker and leaves for home - hopefully happier and less stressed that when they arrived and already planning a further visit in their mind. Whatever the spanker has the satisfaction of a job well done.

The spankee who reacts by parting her legs is showing that she wants you to continue. Now you and she have a decision to make. She has proved her eroticism but now SHE must decide whether she wants to continue or, as I say above' relieve herself in private. By now her libido is aroused and I ask her to remove the rest of her clothes and stand in front of me. This gives her the option to stop or continues. SHE MAKES THE DECISION!.

What may happen now takes us beyond the scope of this article as the handspanking is finished!


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