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Spanking Professional - Using the Paddle

paddle on bottom

If you have looked at the instrument pages you will have seen that I have a large variety of paddles.If you look at the Instrument sections where they are all shown you will be aware that this is my favourite! It is worth reading the section carefully as some are much better than others for normal use. For me the only suitable ones are those made of leather. This is because leather has a natural ability to give a little when it meets the bum. This is difficult to explain but what it means is that it is sympathetic to the bottom of a spankee. The wooden paddle however is often varnished or painted and is more like an iron bar in its results. It is much more liable to bruise and cause excessive pain. The same applies to the hairbrush (clothes brush) and wooden spoon.

The paddle is an instrument which can be used in any position. I regularly use it after handspanking, sometimes while a lady is across my knee but usually when bent over something such as a chair, spanking bench or table. Although it is normally a 'follow-up' to hand-spanking I do use it on a regular visitor who bends over the back of a chair and requires several strokes on her arrival. This is not normal for me as I prefer hand spanking to relax the bum and prpare it for harder spanking. The strokesshe receives are not hard but just sharp reminders of why she has come. Her body has been preparing all the way from her home to me and she is eager to receive this reminder. The rest of her visit follows the norm.

paddle flappyWith any instrument the fear of brusing must always be present - this is not the reddening which any spanking gives but the deep bruising which can occur without careful attention to massage of the bottom. The fiercest are of course the canes and birches and these will almost always leave a definitive line across the bum. I always ask my lady visitors if they have any problem with this. The reply depends on whether they have a partner or husband who may see their bum and does not know they are visiting me. If there maybe I am careful with what I do. It varies from lady to lady - one said I must leave no marks while another liked to see the cane marks while she was taking a shower. She used to want them to still be visible after a week. Of course a leather paddle will sting but not leave prolonged marks..

With my 'master paddle' shown at the top of the screen the way to use it is very simple. I have the lady bent over and, as with all the instruments, the tip of the paddle is set to the centre of her buttocks, where the bum crack is. This allows for full flexibility when spanking as I can deliver blows to near far or both buttocks together. The noise has a large part to play as the is always a loud 'S L A P P !!" as it lands. Once in position I bring it down sharply across both buttocks. From then on like the cane I vary my strokes some hard, others soft some on one buttock, others on both. With the paddle the noise will add to to impression it makes. Lots and lots of strokes given with variety are best!

As I said I have two leather ones. The first is shown above and this I use regularly. It has a large surface area and covers both buttocks comfortably if I wish or will deal with one then the other. When spanking I try to vary so that the spankee cannot anticipate exactly where and when the next stroke will land. Again this is an instrument which can be used gently of with power and is naturally accurate because of its size.

The other paddle I use is what I call the 'flappy' paddle which is shown above. This has a very 'flappy' blade and ladies enjoy me using it rapidly for thirty of forty strokes. The noise and the effect is to build up a sting which never becomes overpowering.

I keep the wooden paddles for show. When asked by ladies I do spank with them but VERY softly and only to demonstrate them. I never ever use them for normal use in a session. Much more information about the construction is in the instruments section

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