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Spanking Professional - Using the Riding Crop

This is the fun instrument for spankers - or in the hands of a stable boss a very vicious instrument indeed.

To get rid of comments on the latterfirst. It should only be used on horses to guide them and speed them up, not to beat or thrash them into obedience. This is counter productive and does not help horse or horseman! It used to be used frequently in stables to chastise the bottoms of staff who had failed in their stable duties. Fortunately this barbaric practice has also long ceased as also the use by parents who found their children abusing a pony or horse when riding., I avoid this in this section although in the stories it is often brought into use!.

In play the riding crop has its own place. It is whippy and used to have a whalebone interior, although this is now usually a thin metal. It is covered with leather and has a handle and tail.

The spankee needs to be bent over a suitable bench (or saddle) with their bare bum exposed. The crop is then brought down sharply across both buttocks for a MAXIMUM of ten times. This enough for most people and I would not recommend more. The marks should show clearly and a good spanker can look proudly on his/her handiwork.

There is little else to say about the riding crop. except that it is a superb instrument for 'scenarios' as you can make up a story which includes son. daughter, groom waiting to be punished. The riding crop is the ideal to use in this!

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