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Spanking Professional - using the Strap and Tawse

The picture shows one of the five straps I have being used on a receptive bottom. There is more.detailed Information about the rest of them on the instruments pages. This page is about how straps and tawses might be used.

The first question is the difference between a strap and a tawse. I suppose the onlysensible answer is that the 'tawse' is a Scottish term for an instrument which was used mainly on the hands of children. It had a fearsome reputation and there are reports from elderly Scots that when they were children they were strap/tawsesometimes beaten so hard that their hands would swell and make writing impossible for days. I heard of one man that was beaten on his hands on a snowy day after arriving at school late and his hands were so bruised tnat they split with the pain and cold.

Usually a tawse has 'tails', in other words the leather is split at the ends to make its effect even fiercer. The strap on the other hand is one straight piece of leather which is not divided. I use both types but only on the bottom. I NEVER spank on the hands, although some ladies do expect and anticipate that I will do this. I have marked the individual strap with letters to help identification.

The strap on the right 'E' is a fairly lightweight flexible leather strap. I use it regularly to stimulate the bottom after a firm handspanking. The flexibility of this strap allows it to be used at any time and in most circumstances. I find that it can be used for a long session. The bottom is only just warmed up after a dozen and three dozen with it are not unusual. Because of its size it can never be a punishment strap and I would never attempt touse it iin these circumstances. An example of the use of this strap is when a lady is bent over a chair, bed or is kneeling. Make sure her legs are well apart to prevent her tightening her bum cheeks. Then gently spank for half a dozen strokes. If she does not respong then up the tempo and another half a dozen harder strokes. Now it is time to explore so draw the edge of the strap up through her pussy and bum crack two or three times. She will now be aroused so half a dozen harder strokes will work well before the final six which should be extremely firm. This you will find will satisfy her and prepare her for any further 'pain and pleasure' you offer!

A strap can be used at any time when the lady is bent over or even standing. One of my subs enjoys cooking and when she is standing making a cake I will lift her skirt and deliver half a dozen sharp strokes across her bum. I rarely use this method it when she is across my knee as it needs a 'reach' - a distance from spanker to spankee - to be effective.. The strap and tawse is designed to cover both buttocks when it strikes and is not suitable for one buttock only - as, for example,is the paddle.

tawse on bottomNow how to! Bend the spankee over - where does not matter (this picture has her on a ladder with a tawse). I often use the end of a bed or spanking bench although a chair or even 'touching her toes' works as well.. Stand to the side and when your arm is bent at the elbow place the centre of the strap so that it rest on the cleft dividing the buttocks. Now you are in the perfect position and ready to strike.keep the elbow close to the side and flick the wrist sharply down and across the buttocks. You will find that the 'throw' of the arm will mean that the both buttocks are struck firmly.

Exactly how you spank, and the effect, will depend on the stap or tawse that you are using. the heavy tawse 'A' will give by far the hardest and most solid strokes. It will seem to drive through the bottom and there appears to be less 'sting' but more pure power and a 'thud' which will drive the bottom deep into its support. I use this for punishment spanking when I will give two dozen or more strokes across both buttocks as well as using it less fiercely for erotic spanking.

Strap 'E' is my favourite for play. It fulfills all the needs for efficiency, effect and sound and can also be used for a long sustained erotic spanking. It is valuable in this regard and I find that ladies who I use it on often need to 'relieve' themselves with their fingers when a session is finished!

'B' and 'C' are similar in their looks but 'B' is much more effective as it is shorter, stouter and will be more accurate in its action. For choice I believe that the best straps and tawses have a rigidity about them which makes them better and nore effective instruments.

'B' consists of two thicknesses of flexible leather with with three fairly short tails which are close together. It is accurate and can give a good "C R A C K K !!" on the bottom. It is also excellent for covering both buttocks. Because of its two thicknesses it is stiff enough to hold its shape.
Compare the structure of 'B' and below it 'C'.
black strap
three tailed strap
I always say that 'C' is 'waffily' and lacks control. With these two it important to follow the rules of position to stand as the long tongues have a tendency to wrap round the sides and create raw patches.

I was sent 'D' from London Tanners an excellent US based leather spanking instrument company. It is thick for its narrowness and ladies tell me that it is very painful if not used carefully so it is one I avoid axcept when ladies want a change and then only for half a dozen strokes..

My choices therefore are 'A' and 'E' with the others just 'sitting in the box'!

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