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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume III

Chapter Twelve

I held Marion trembling and shuddering in my arms long after her first true spasm had passed. Her face was crimson, her nostrils uncontrollably flared and shrank, and the turbulent swelling of those beautiful bubbies showed unequivocally that this was perhaps the most sincere manifestation she had ever shown in the act of love, or so at least I could conjecture after what she had already disclosed concerning her frustrating marital experiences.

When I was certain she was quieted, I withdrew from her and hastened to my water closet to repair the wounds of the fray. I returned with a wet hand towel and knelt beside her and gallantly did her toilet for her, much to her sighing embarrassment. To my great delight, she showed no inclination to move from her sprawled and completely abandoned pose on my couch, and the enhancement of her olive-warm nakedness against the cushions and the dark upholstery of my couch of love was a most pleasant vista for my eyes.

"Whatever has become of me?" she murmured in a low, faint voice, passing a hand in front of her eyes, and then she burst into convulsive tears and sobs. It was doubtless the reaction of being aware that despite all her prudery and haughtiness, she discovered she was simply mortal, after all, a discovery which had, as you may well imagine, entranced me to the utmost!

"But my dear Marion," I gallantly protested, "there is no need to feel such despondency with yourself. You have been for the past half hour the most amiable of consorts, and you have absorbed my attentions to the fullest. I could not have paid any other woman a more enthusiastic and passionate tribute than I have shown you, which should console you completely and force you to take a more sanguine view of yourself, at least as seen through my eyes."

"But I have been shameless… wicked and wanton… like the worst trollop on the streets who hires herself out to any man. Oh, what shame is mine, to have been so weak! If I had only had more courage, you could not have made me yield myself so lewdly!" she sobbed.

Now doubtless her reaction was also caused by the immortal maxim which, rendering from the Latin, holds that after love, every animal is sad. But I felt no such sadness; quite the contrary, I felt a geniality and zest for her companionship, for she had now entered into my sphere and was of considerable import to my future hopes and aspirations for pleasure. I would certainly be loath to relinquish so delicious a mistress, now that she had shown her true capacities for fucking. Oh, by no means was her education yet complete in this tender art, and she had not even touched upon some of its more secretive and exciting variants, such as the sweet bliss a woman of her beauty and proportions could give to a man by taking his prick into her softly beautiful warm lips and plying her tongue nimbly and delightfully upon it, or by using her fingers to frig her delicately and whet his virility to a supreme manifestation of his lust for her soft cunny. Nor had I even introduced her into bottom-fucking, a variant with which I had begun her sister's amorous training so memorably.

I took her hand and brought it to my lips and kissed it as tenderly as any gallant at court, and I said to her soothingly, "My dear sister-in-law to be, be of good heart and cheerful disposition, for you have done away with your hateful past and with your embittered philosophy, which held you back from realizing the joys of the honest and eager flesh. You have my promise, nay, my solemn word, that this will be a secret between us. But I tell you admiringly and in all honesty myself, that I hope this will not be the only time I shall be privileged to enjoy your lovely body. And particularly this tender and delicious grotto which has served my prick so ably just now."

And with this, putting my hands to her quivering hips, I bent my head and implanted on her mossy cunt the most prolonged and tender and adoring of kisses.

At once her hands clutched at my head, and in a sobbing, piteous tone, she implored, "Oh, Jack, how can you plunge the dagger deeper into my wounded heart, when you have left me so desolate and with so little respect for myself? I dare not show my face in your presence, or even in my sister's, for I shall know every time what has passed between us. I have given you more than ever I gave poor Harry, for all his faults, and the dreadful thing is, oh, that you have forced this from me, and I know that I am not your equal in cleverness or in cunning - but when you were having me just now, I very nearly swooned away and was no longer mistress of myself. For a moment I forgot the shame and the odium of being forced to obey your wicked passions."

"But think on it gently for a moment, dear Marion," I urged, as I retained my soothing and caressing hold of her sleek naked hips and kept my face but inches from that mossy groove which had done my cock such sweet service, willy-nilly. It was as if, indeed, I were addressing that portion of her which had suddenly become so vital to my pleasure. "If, as you have just said, my passions were truly wicked, then you yourself would not have shared them with me. For you were ardently moved, my beautiful Marion, as if you truly were in love with me, to see the tumult of your lovely breasts, to feel the tremoring of your voluptuous bottom, and best of all to feel the quaking surges of those secret walls along your temple of love as they besieged my on-rushing prick; was to know that I was not selfish in letting you glimpse what divine bliss there can be in fucking!"

The use of this word, so violently terminating my flowery discourse, dear reader, was purposely intended, first to lull the beautiful Amazon into a flattered state wherein her vanity would be restored and she could preen herself much after the manner of a peacock that has momentarily had its glorious tail go unnoticed. Then, the lecherous word, the word that would evoke in her secret mind all the sweet naughtiness of what she had just done, even though she had tried to desperately to hold back her response to my priapic powers.

At any rate, my ruse partly succeeded, for she managed to lower her hand and to stare at me with wide and humid eyes, although at this moment she suddenly maneuvered her other hand to cover that delightful Mount of Venus. And she stammered, "Is it really true, Jack, that you do not think me cheap or wanton? Is it possible that the two of us, such enemies at the beginning, could really have shared what loving husband and wife can know?"

"It is, it is indeed, my beautiful sister-in-law to be," I cried exultantly, "and if you will but let me try a final time before I release you from your sweet captivity, I will prove it And I vow that I will never think you cheap, for that would be to think myself cheap too, and then I would not be a fitting mate for your dear sister whom I love, not only with all my heart… but with this too, dear Marion.'

As I said "this too," I drew her fingers off her cunt and, moving slightly forward on my knees, forced them to clasp my thoroughly limpened but newly cleansed prick.

"Ohhh! Oh, I dare not - oh, Jack, oh, this is so new and dreadfully embarrassing, will you not spare me? Have I not paid my debt to you now many times over?"

"Yes, in all sincerity, I would be an ingrate and a dour wretch if I were to hold you to further payment of our score," I told her truthfully. "But now I ask you, since you have taken this first tremendous step toward taking me for what I am and not for what you thought I must be, can it not be done in honest endeavor and in token of friendship?"

"What - what must I do then, to show you that I do not any longer bear rancor against you, s-sir?" she tremulously quavered.

"Why, then," I told her jubilantly, for I knew her now to be upon the brink of total surrender and of renunciation of all previous enmity between us, "you can begin by seeing me as I am, just as I have seen you as you are, Marion. Frankness and honesty is a precept as highly regarded in fucking as in every walk of life and in every endeavor. Each part of your charming person is delicious, and cumulatively the total comprises the most entrancing lover. But you, in turn, must regard, the male instrument of your newly acquired pleasure, constituted as separately and then again as cumulative, by which I mean, do not shy from looking, nay, from touching that which you see perhaps in its rightful state perhaps for the first time, just as this..." and here I lifted up her sweet hand which had sought to cover her lovely cunt and which I had brought to touch my prong, "is now a thousandfold more dear to me than when I did not know your person save in the formidable prudery of your garments and judged you as dull of mind and clouded of spirit as you made your body seem by hiding it."

Oh, yes, I knew how specious was my argument with Marion, but remember I had brought her a considerable distance, and in so short a time as to make this alteration in her almost inconceivable. I confess I had not dreamed to have gone so far. Oh, there was no question that by my artful frigging and feathering and gamahuching I could bring about the vengeance I had always sought over her, but it was evident that I had mastered her, truly mastered her, and she startled me by participating in the battle so that it was not always so one-sided, and thereby she had gained both my respect and my newly kindled desire. Yes, I wished to fuck her again, but this time it would be in joy, not in enmity, and would be enjoyed on both sides. This, then, was the thread of my argument.

And I added, while she was wavering, her face once more scarlet, still staring at me, considering this revelation of male wisdom, "Was it because you were brought up to believe that to show one's body even to one's husband is sinful and wanton? Was it also because during your marriage to that inconsiderate brute, he never once undertook to explain to you the mysteries of Cythera and of Priapus, but sinfully and brutally took that which he believed to be his right, without considering your own fair estate in the matter?"

I saw her nod and close her eyes, then turn her face away. Her fingers tightened in mine, but I drew them forcibly again to my cock, which was beginning to show signs of new life, thanks to all this philosophical discussion whilst in the nude, and I confess that seeing her naked on the couch, clad only in those delicious and naughty black hose with their provocative rosettes to hold them firm and unwrinkled to her lovely legs, was even more whetting to my lustful appetites than all the philosophy of heaven and hell combined.

"Then," I resumed, feeling her fingers shrink and nervously jerk as I continued to press them against the candid manifestation of my manhood so that she could not mistake it for what it was, "is it not true, by the same token, that as a woman of beauty and wit and spirit, you yourself have a right to expect tenderness and the snaring of mutual joys in lovemaking?"

Again she nodded, lowering her eyes and blushing hotly. We were at least well on the right track now, I knew. All her shibboleths and old-wives' tales which had made her frigidly disdainful towards this exquisite cohesion between man and maid were now being brought into the piercing and fierce light of discussion and debate, and I meant to purge her mind of them so that she would no longer be cluttered by unfounded distaste for the joyous sport of fucking.

"Well, then, in that event, my dear Marion," I murmured, "let us joyously, as friends who have nothing to hide from each other, become acquainted with each other's capabilities and whims, and enter into a companionship which cannot but be wholesome for us both. Try to forget the pain I caused you, but if you do remember it, tell yourself that it was merited and that it led to this happy understanding between the two of us. Now, are you more inclined to view me as a friend than as an enemy?"

She had averted her face toward the back of the couch, but she did not try, I noticed, to pull her fingers away from my cock. They seemed to quiver as if half afraid and half eager to assay the knowledge she had so long shunned.

I moved closer to her on the couch now, and took her in my arms. To my great delight she did not draw away, nor did she withdraw her hand from my soft cock, which by its new tremors under her soft touch once again warned me that its amorous energies were not yet exhausted. My left arm moved under her armpit and around, so that my hand might taste and cup and palpate the sweet, shuddering goblet of her bubbie, and I bent my head to kiss the nipple of that other sweet love-turret nearest me, whilst my right hand stroked the shivering, silk-sheathed contours of her lovely thighs.

Momentarily I pondered on the dilemma which might be mine should Alice discover that I had turned her strict and somewhat feared sister into a passionate accomplice, but as you will see, dear reader, Marion herself solved this predicament most happily for me and all others concerned in my happy entourage of loving partners.

"What beautiful breasts you have, dear Marion," I murmured. "One might well spend an entire night praising and adoring them. And to each facet of your luscious form, another night might be entirely devoted. When I think that your oafish consort ignored such loveliness for so long, I sorrow for the stupidity of my own sex. But in my humble way, let me compensate you as best I can, not only to give you back your self-esteem, but the pleasurable knowledge that as a woman who can inspire passion and adoration, you are surely in the foremost rank."

I heard her sigh and saw her blush more deeply. At last she turned her face toward me, her eyes shimmering with a lovely light through those penitential tears. Her lips trembled as if to speak, and then she glanced down at her slim hand, which was still lying atop my cock, and she gave a little gasp of "Ohhh, how wicked I have suddenly become, and it's all your fault, sir!"

I laughed aloud in my joy at seeing her thus happily reconciled to destiny, and I said, "Sweet Marion, give me your lips and let us seal our bargain, our past of peace and companionship henceforth."

She smiled then and nodded, and then my mouth was on hers, gently at first, until I felt the soft, moist petals quiver in acquiescence, and very delicately I advanced the tip of my tongue to hers. She quivered and moaned a little, and her fingers squeezed very slightly my now invigorated cock. Correspondingly, my left hand tightened on the soft thrust of her bubbie, my fingertips brushing the sweet, softly crinkly bud until I felt it turgify. And now my right hand, which had been dallying so gently and lingeringly over first one stockinged thigh and then the other, boldly marched along the bare olive-sheened skin towards the furry nest between them. With my forefinger, I began to tickle the lips of Marion's soft, moist and quivering cunt.

As she felt that titillation she groaned a little, and then her arms flung round me and locked me to her as she sank back on the cushions, and the shifting of her beautiful naked body granted me total access to her most secret charms. My forefinger unhesitatingly moved back to find that lodestone of her being, the crux and kernel of all her womanhood. And very gently I began to rub the dainty button of sweet love-flesh, while my tongue foraged more audaciously still inside her nectared mouth.

When at last I released her lips she was panting and sighing, her thick lashes fluttering wildly, incontrovertible proof that she was withholding nothing from me now and that all hostility and mistrust had vanished. Exultance filled me, along with eager lust, to know that I had not only de-pedestalled Marion from that lofty and unattainable peak of hatred and contempt but brought her to the warm ebullience of communal passion.

"You are not afraid of me any longer, my darling Marion?" I whispered.

She shook her lovely head, closing her eyes and lowering her head demurely.

"Good! Now, since I have taken such liberties with your person, it is only fair that you should take equal freedom with mine," I told her. "Explore with that sweet hand and learn the nature of this instrument which rises to your command and droops at your neglect. Constate its powers and its deliverance from ennui and frustrating frigidity. Touch it where and as you will, and learn its portents for that happiness to which nature destined you in giving you so delicious a body - yes, and so sweet and hot and tight a cunt in which to accept my willing weapon!"

She kept her face averted, but nonetheless the lovely brunette began hesitantly and shyly, like a new bride on her eve of wakening, to graze and tickle, to press and squeeze, to explore, to observe the dimensions of my now thoroughly erect phallus.

Her touch was velvety and soft and quivering, perhaps subtly different from Alice's, and so the more enjoyable because of that delicious difference. She was perhaps more inquisitive because, older, she had denied herself so long and been denied in turn by that wretched Harry, to whom I daresay I should be heartily grateful; had he not withered the sprouts of affection in her voluptuous form, I might this afternoon have had no such triumph, a greater one than I had first envisioned when I had first lured her into my Snuggery.

"You must touch my balls too, Marion darling," I instructed her, "for these are the sacks which contain the balm and the balsam of intense pleasure, a panacea to the most reluctant, the driest, the most frigid cunt."

"Is-is that what you call my s-s-spot?" she naively queried, while her cheeks and throat and forehead flamed at her own sweetly scandalous obscenity. I observed the quivering curve of her red, moist lips as she said that naughty, image-provoking word, and my pulses leaped in salacious ecstasy.

"Yes, my dear Marion, that and 'pussy' and 'cunny', too. The more imaginative the lover, the more descriptive his names for that temple of Venus, that grotto of all delight, that haven of exquisite repose and languishing fulfillment." I spoke in a mellow and poetic tone, to bring her still further from that pathway of guilty prurience which one finds in those of little imagination who still believe that the art of fucking should be under a cloud, in the dark and secretive and sinful.

Her fingertips grazed my balls, and they throbbed and ached, telling me that they still contained the wherewithal to offer tribute to my newly acquired mistress. All this while, my finger was touching her clitoris, though I had not been too active, so as not to bring her too quickly to climax. I wished that climax to be shared with me, to seal the bond infrangibly between us. For once thoroughly appeased of all her secret ardors, my beautiful sister-in-law to be would not again hold me in contempt or deem me guilty of insufficient homage to her charms.

But her sweet cunt was moistening, and the love-juices which had been gathering for so long were now readily appearing as Nature graciously showed my beautiful black-haired inamorata the felicitous bounty which comes only with candor and honesty in the way between a man and a maid.

She no longer clutched her thighs so perilously tight, and though her muscles shivered and flexed as I brushed the tender lodestone inside her temple, Marion in no way withheld herself. Once again I kissed her, and this time my tongue was met by her, with a little moaning sigh that welcomed me to take the amorous initiative, knowing it would be met and abetted by my beautiful partner. I left off touching her clitoris to rim the twitching inner lips of her cunt with the tip of my forefinger, and they were swollen and moist with the sweet cream of this prelude to bliss.

"Will you love me now, dear Marion?" I murmured, for now I meant to give her the choice, to let her see she was no longer the slave but freest of lovers, and I waited impatiently to learn whether she had profited by this lesson in the strategy of courtship and of fucking, between prick and cunt, between man and maid.

Oh, how well she had! With a little cry, she flung both her arms around me and dragged me down upon her, my chest mashing down the heaving goblets of her bubbies, and her tongue rapiered its way into my own eager mouth. Our tongues thus commenced a friction that was a portent of that greater and more glorious friction soon to be effected between us. I fitted myself to her, and my cockhead rubbed her inner thigh and then prodded at the gates of her domain, imploring entrance. With another little moan of acquiescence, she squirmed a bit, as if to make room for me, and with a shout of joy I felt the tip of my spear probe easily now into her moistened cunt, and as my hands slipped under her bottom to hold her tightly, I felt myself press forward into that gloriously tight channel to the very hilt.

She groaned, her eyes closed, her nostrils flaring wildly, as I slowly drew myself back to the gateway of this paradise of pussy, only to sink back as slowly again till I was buried again to my balls. Her buttocks jerked against my grasp, and their contractions told me there need be no more words between us, only sweet fucking.

Now, withdrawing my right hand, I edged it between us, and my forefinger once more sought the button of Marion's clitoris, as I drew back from that charming nook which held my cock so snugly. Indeed, if I was any judge, Marion's cunt was equally as tight as sweet Alice's, which was not surprising since, despite three years of conjugal union to the dolt Harry, she was herself truly a virgin to fucking.

The moment my finger touched her lovebutton again, Marion uttered aloud, "Ohh my Lord! Oh, Jack!" in such a tone of panting rapture and wondrous delight that I shuddered with the afflux of an almost overpowering lust. It was as if she had come upon the gates of paradise itself! Flattening that tumescent nodule with my fingertip, I now thrust myself slowly back down into her depths, and even I was not prepared for the convulsive and frenzied clutching of her arms and of her legs, too - yes, her stockinged thighs and calves coiled over me as might the attacking serpents, pinioning me to her with such ardor that my pulses hammered wildly in sheer erotic joy. My lips met hers, and now our tongues had free coming and going, and I felt her fingernails dig into my tensioned back while under my left palm her naked, velvety bottom weaved and lunged and squirmed uncontrollably.

Back I drew again and again to the brink of her sweet cunt, whilst my forefinger prodded and pushed and flattened her stiffening clitoris. Her moans and sobs and whimpering cries were stifled in my mouth as I drank with savoring relish the onomatopoeia of her mounting rapture.

Now I quickened my gait, and my finger furled and pressed and rolled the stiffening little button; and Marion could not control her responses as her climax neared. Her legs threshed round me with their feverish lock, her nails gouged my back, her eyes opened and rolled and glazed, while her tongue slashed and stabbed and daggered at me, as she now seemed to thrust up her pelvis to meet my every down-digging plunge. She began to gasp and groan, and her bubbies wildly surged against my dominating chest, flattening their sweet turrets with such a brash exuberance as to belie completely the formidable prudish countenance she had once put on things… was it centuries ago?

Then suddenly she twisted her face away, her eyes wild and staring. She arched up her loins just as I thrust to the very hilt, and just as my finger thrust and flattened the love button back into its soft, protective cowl of pink love-flesh, Alice's sister uttered a piercing scream that vibrated in my ears like the heralding of all the angels of heaven: "Ohhh-ahhhhh! Ohhhh, Jack, I am going to die! Oh, Jack, hurry - oh, darling, oh Jack-oh-oh-oh!" And with this she cleaved unto me, our bellies grinding together as I poured forth my last libation of the afternoon and felt it met by the responding torrent of her ecstatic climax-cream.

It was the little death the philosophers write of, and it was renascence for both of us, but most of all for Marion, whose lovely face was contorted in the sweet rictus of passionate fulfillment for what was undoubtedly the first time in all her lovely life.