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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume III

Chapter Thirteen

I let her quit me for a much-needed respite in the bidet, while I put back on my silk dressing gown and poured out two glasses of wine, this time without any addition of cantharides to her glass. Seeing me in my dressing gown, she blushed again, and at once put her hand over her mount, murmuring sweetly, "You have the advantage of me again, Jack, so won't you let me put back on my things?"

"Not quite yet, my dear, for your beauty should never be veiled and before you leave, I shall certainly wish to bid you a last tender farewell," I gallantly answered as I handed her her glass. She seated herself on the couch, leaning back, arching out those wonderfully firm bubbies, whose nipples were very definitely darkened and turgified by all the excitement they had met in so short a space of time, concentrated into one afternoon and thus acquiring far more experience within that span than she had known throughout her three years of domesticity.

She looked so naughtily wanton in just her stockings that I could not resist rushing over to salute her on the throat and then on each gorgeous bubbie in turn, at which she actually giggled, then blushed divinely. Nonetheless, she crossed her legs one over the other, letting me admire the play of muscles and the firm swelling contours of her uppermost thigh, and then, to distract her from self-consciousness, I remarked, "Did you know that Alice has learned from me how to chastise her maid, Fanny, when the latter is impertinent, as she so often is?"

This struck a responsive chord in Marion's bosom, evidently, for she looked up at me, with those dark blue eyes quite wide with surprise, and shaking her head, replied, "Good heavens, I can hardly believe that, Jack. I have seen Fanny a great deal, as you know, but I never dreamed that my meek little sister could ever dominate her."

"No, because you were such a past mistress at dominating her yourself," I chuckled. She bit her under lip at this and glanced down, and I realized I was on a rather touchy subject, so I hastened on: "But it is quite true, and you have only to ask Alice yourself. Why, she has had Fanny here in the Snuggery, and bound her and tickled her and smacked her - and, I might add, loved her."

"Loved her?" Marion gasped in echo, her eyes wider than ever.

"Why, yes, to be sure. You cannot mean to tell me you have never heard of the art whereby two lovely women can find affection in their own persons?" I chanced.

"No! Assuredly, no. But how can such a thing be?"

Yes, Marion's sexual education had quite evidently been limited, and apparently it was going to fall to me as her initiator to edify her on many subjects. What a pleasant prospect to have before one!

"Yes, it's quite common indeed," I said casually, as I lit a fresh cigar and took a sip of my wine. "There is nothing so strange about it, for it took place thousands of years ago on the Island of Lesbos, when dear Bilitis was the favorite of the priestess Sappho."

"That is all very well," Marion primly remarked, "but it tells me nothing, Jack."

"Is this my former haughty Marion speaking?" I laughed. "Here you are pressing me for the most intimate details and on a still more intimate subject, and only a little while ago you thought me the most contemptible brute and blackguard."

"Oh, please, do forget that, won't you, Jack?" she entreated, and she sent me the most exquisitely appealing glance from those lovely blue eyes.

I could not gainsay her now, after she had proved herself so passionately cooperative on the couch of love, and so I went over and kissed her again on the mouth, and I drew her free hand down toward my dwindled prick as a new test of her compliance. To my delight, she did not withdraw her hand or shrink in the least, but instead took hold of my weapon boldly and sweetly stroked the head and felt the balls, which had considerably diminished, as one can imagine.

"Well, now," I went on as I seated myself beside her, "the fact simply is, Marion, that girls have as much passion as men, as you yourself have just demonstrated so beautifully."

At this she drew in her breath sharply, and her blushes deepened. It was delightful to see her like this, almost like a virgin.

"And," I went on as I shifted myself still closer to her, "sometimes some of the bolder and more ardent females even try to duplicate nature by artificial means to make up for the absence of that which you are so delightfully touching now."

At this she drew her hand away from my cock, but I seized her wrist and drew it back to my cock, for I was beginning to appreciate her caresses. I did not think myself capable of still another spend, for I thought I had given her all my essence, but if we went on this way I could well chance the strenuous taxation on my vigor by assaying further amorous passages with this delectable young woman.

"Whatever do you mean, you wicked man?" she said with another slurred little giggle. "I knew it was a dreadful mistake as soon as I walked into your apartment, and now I am more convinced of it than ever."

"But not nearly so unhappy about it as when you first did, eh?" I whispered, and she blushed and nodded. "Well then," I said as I finished my wine and set the glass down, "it is really quite elementary. And there are numerous ways in which women can make love together, just as there are between ourselves. For example, one may lie upon the other and with their arms about them, each will lass and rub back and forth to create the most diverting friction and passionate glow imaginable in their sweet cunts."

"Ohh my!" Marion gasped at this illuminating edification, and I saw the rosy hue of her cheeks grow even more fiery as she averted her face from me.

"And then, they may wish to use their mouths and tongues, as I did with you when you were standing there, so pretty, with arms held high above your head and legs spread apart so you could not resist my blandishments," I continued.

"Oh dear! If you ever dare breath a word to Alice, I-I don't know what I'll do!" she tremulously confessed. I held her hand tightly now against my cock, and I leaned over to kiss her sweet rosy mouth.

"The time will come," I murmured, "when you will tell her everything yourself, and for pleasure, mark my words, Marion."

"Oh, I should never dare! What would Alice think of me, after I have treated her so severely?" she breathed.

"As I was going to say," I resumed my didactic lecture, "they may emulate my example with you by placing themselves in reverse over each other, and while one kisses and tongues the soft cunt of the other, the latter in turn requites her in kind. And then again, there are those who are passive by nature, and wish to have love made to them but wish someone else to take the initiative. So as you were lying on the couch a little while ago, the other girl will simply kneel between her thighs and kiss and lick and suck her there."

"Do you mean, Jack, that Alice and Fanny do those things together?" She stared directly at me, and her eyes were huge as saucers.

"I rather think they do, but again, as I told you, you can learn all this from Alice simply by consulting with her," I said slyly.

"Jack! Now you are being too bold! If I were to do such a thing, do you not think Alice would at once guess what had happened between us today?"

"I rather think she would, for your sister is almost as alert and vivacious of mind as yourself, Marion," I praised her. "That is why you must deliberate as to the wisdom of taking the bull by the horns and telling her yourself, in a manner which will turn it to your own best advantage."

"But to get back to Fanny and Alice," Marion pursued, for evidently this was piquing her quite a good deal, "you know, I have a maid also who is in my opinion certainly more impertinent than Fanny on many occasions, and I have been beside myself to know what tack to take with her to teach her more deference and humility."

"I will make the same offer to you that I made to Alice before you," I chuckled. "Bring her here and enlist my aid, and between the two of us, we will teach this saucy baggage her place, my dear."

"Good heavens, I couldn't do that! But still..."

"But still?" I questioned as I kissed her left nipple, taking it between my lips and flicking it with the tip of my tongue till she moaned with pleasure.

"Now, you're not-not to do that anymore, because I am all quieted down now and you mustn't drive me giddy again so soon," my sweet brunette inamorata chided. But from a delicious glint in her eyes and the sudden erratic heaving of her gorgeous bubbies, I could see I had not at all displeased her by my attentions.

"You are begging the question again, you impertinent minx, and you know what that will cost your bottom if you persist in it," I teased her.

"Oh, that was so humiliating I don't dare think of it. Please, don't let's speak of it," Marion stammered, blushing. "But you were saying about Kay - that is my maid's name - that you and I could together make her toe the mark. Why, do you know what she did yesterday afternoon?"

"I haven't the slightest notion, Marion dear."

"Well, I wanted her to run an errand for me, you see," Marion earnestly began, "and the saucy vixen had the temerity to tell me that she was already occupied with laying out my clothes for dinner last night and she certainly would not have time for such a commission."

"And you didn't even box her ears for her?"

"Heavens, no, she is as tall as I am and quiet determined in her ways."

"And so am I, unless you have by chance forgotten it," I said with a mocking little smile, at which she colored and lowered her eyes. "Decidedly this Kay needs a good birching or bottom-smacking to teach her manners to her mistress. And as your new protector, Marion, I herewith engage myself to that task. You will enjoy assisting me, I am certain."

"You mean, you would tie her up as you tied me, and then..."

"And then disrobe her? I would indeed, with your permission, to be sure."

"Oh, Jack! It would be delightful. And she does have it coming, the impertinent hussy."

"How old is this paragon of virtue of yours?"

"Twenty-three, and she leads the poor hostlers and clerks a merry chase, from all she tells me. Why, do you know, she boasts openly of flirting, and then when these unhappy men make overtures to her, scoring them off, and she boasts of it to me."

"She is what the French call a demi-vierge, a half-virgin, who enjoys using her powers of allure to agonize and frustrate her victims. Decidedly, she is in need of a good lesson, Marion."

"Then, Jack, I will bring her to you tomorrow afternoon. Oh dear, what time is it? I must go, really I must, dear Jack."

She tried to rise from the couch, but my hands were cupping her bubbies and it was no easy task. My lips once more met hers, and now I felt my cock throb and stiffen in a last farewell manifestation of its hunger for Marion's sweet, hot, encompassing flesh. I kissed her on the mouth and let my tongue roam at will, and she answered as avidly as I. My hands slipped down from her breasts to caress the insides of her olive-sheened upper thighs, and soon I had my forefinger on the twitching lips of her cunt again and was delving to find the clitoris.

Marion's breath came quickly now, erratically, and she moaned and tried to clench her thighs together. But my finger had taken its inroads and it was already far too late for her to make such a defensive maneuver. Squirming on that lovely bottom of hers, leaning back, her eyes closed, she moaned as my finger plied her love-button with the most insidious touchings and caresses.

"And one thing more, Marion," I remarked as I ended a long, passionate kiss which left her quivering in my arms, "once you have helped me strip and smack this naughty maid of yours, you can, if you wish, reconcile yourself with her in the manner I have just described, and she will be your sweet prisoner of love."

"Oh dear Heavens! What you say is so outlandish and naughty that I ought to be terribly vexed with you," she panted, but again the flash in her dark blue eyes would have me believe that she did not find my words so terrible after all.

At last I allowed the beautiful naked brunette to rise from the couch to dress again, to dress and to be free of me. I watched her, for to see a female restore her clothes to order over her naked beauty has always been for me one of the choicest regalia of this life.

"My blouse and my bodice and the front of my dress will hardly hold together after your outrageous treatment," she chided me, with a hasty glance in my direction.

"I will lend you a cape to put over you to hide the disarray, and I shall keep my word as to replacing that pretty frock. My sister-in-law to be must surely accept a present of friendship which it will be my pleasure to offer you. You will go to the Sandys Salon on Fleet Street and have them send the bill to me for anything you wish."

"Oh, how nice you are now, and how I had misjudged you, Jack!" she cried ecstatically as she clung her arms around my neck and hugged me. My right hand continued to forage in the sweet region of her cunt, while my left hand at the back of her neck forced her panting, most, warmly red mouth against my lips.

At last I escorted her to the door of my apartment, and it was a far different Marion that I led there than I had let enter. Now she was an arch-conspiratress who was destined to bring into my life new pleasures and delights, and who would not now stand in the way of my happiness with Alice.