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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume III

Chapter Fourteen

Unhappily, the next day a messenger came round with a note from Marion saying that she regretted not being able to keep our tentative assignation, but my heart bounded with joy when I read the postscript which she had added:

"I think if all goes well you may expect a visit from me tomorrow afternoon, and I shall take my maid shopping with me."

History was about to repeat itself! How well I remembered the exquisite way in which my beloved Alice had taken to the bait of demonstrating that she, too, could couple sweet sadism to love's alluring ways and brought vivacious Fanny to my Snuggery. In so doing, naturally, as you, my patient readers, no doubt remember, she had offered me an additional inamorata for my private harem, the incomparable Fanny. Not only that, this introduction had resulted in a sweet rapport between Fanny and her young mistress, so I may be said to have diversely contributed to the happiness of others than myself, and thus could not be charged with the epithet of selfish, unprincipled rogue and bachelor.

Via the same messenger, whom I tipped handsomely, I sent back an answering note that I should be quite at Marion's disposal the following afternoon, and I bade the energetic young man who had conveyed this message to execute a further commission for me by pausing on his way back to Marion at a florist's and there purchasing a dozen dark red roses with which my card was to be enclosed.

I dined at Simpson's that evening to replenish my vigor, which I foresaw I should sorely need when not only Marion herself but the intrepid Kay, whom I had not once met, should visit my Snuggery. My dreams that night, as you may well expect, were full of the most titillating and lascivious scenes and images of my fertile dalliance and voluptuous chastisements which I proposed to inflict not only upon Kay but upon her mistress as well.

All my preparations were made and the apartment was in excellent order. I lunched early, ordering a glass of wine to drink a solitary toast to the oncoming pleasures, and then I waited with impatience. The doorbell rang at two o'clock.

I was immaculately dressed, as I had been when I received Marion, and when I opened the door, my eyes widened with admiration. Standing just behind Marion, who wore an entrancingly attractive blue frock and a dainty matching bonnet, was a young woman as tall, perhaps more svelte, with a profusion of coppery-red curls and the most impertinently sulky face one can imagine, with dainty snub nose, insolent and very ripe mouth, high-set cheekbones, and a complexion of pale ivory flecked by tiny rosy dots, the genuine and ardent complexion of a true redhead. Her eyes were gray-green and very closely set together, while her lashes were extremely long and thick, and her eyebrows full and eloquent. I looked forward to testing whether her mercurial nature and secret amorous proclivities were in keeping with her spirited and sensually enticing countenance.

"Well, a pleasant afternoon to you, Jack," Marion blithely greeted me. "I was out shopping and found myself nearby, so I asked our driver to let us off here so that I can thank you for those beautiful flowers. How thoughtful you were, Jack."

"It was my pleasure," I bowed low, "and it was only a humble tribute to your beauty and warmth."

I saw the red-haired maid prick up her ears at this, and she shot me a covert glance full of mischief and malice. Aha, I thought to myself, I know the cut of your jib well enough already, my fine wench! Yes, this Kay was the sort who would spy on her mistress to gain a hold over her, and I knew she was speculating on what might have passed between us for me to have addressed Marion in so warm a manner and for Marion to reply to me in kind. Well, I should soon disabuse her of this unjustified status-seeking, I told myself, as I invited Marion to enter my domain.

I asked her if she would not take a cup of tea with me and Marion gratefully acquiesced, graciously inviting Kay to share with us, but the pert wench tossed her head and tartly replied, "No thank you, ma'am. I'll wait till high tea, if you don't mind."

Marion's eyes met mine, and I saw a sort of facial expression on her charming features which told me this was quite typical of the maid. Ah, the wench was overdue for chastisement months ago.

"As you like," I said airily, "but at least, since I am a mere man, you may be gracious, Kay, to help me prepare the tea exactly the way your mistress wishes it."

She came forward with a sort of sulky resignation, and I watched her handle my tea things with summary dispatch. I said nothing, but I glanced again at Marion, who smiled and nodded. Yes, I had her approbation in my proposed scheme of things, and judging from the grimace of annoyance she made when Kay placed her cup before her with an annoying clatter of the saucer, I was sure she would give me not only moral support but also physical assistance when it came to the disciplinary measures I meant to take with this coppery-haired young vixen.

I recalled only too well how Alice and I had conspired to bring Fanny along that memorable afternoon, how the two of us had administered a voluptuous chastisement to the dark-haired maid, who is now as thoroughly impassioned as my beloved sweetheart. But Fanny at least had had a redeeming demureness and sweet humility, even with all her persiflage, whereas my impression of red-haired Kay was that she was spoiling for the rod in pickle, to turn a phrase. I did not know how long Marion had had her in service, but it was evident at once that she lacked the proper breeding for being a discreet confidante between a man and a maid of higher social plateau than her own. So I resolved that while providing Marion with her debut as a loving flagellant, I should requite on my own account this saucy baggage's brash manner, not only toward her mistress during the episode of tea, but also toward myself. I saw that Marion was somewhat ill at ease, obviously not knowing how to proceed in making this debut which would once and for all proclaim her superiority and dominance over her red-haired vixen of a maid, so I deemed it meet to commence the proceedings.

"There is something I should like you to examine, Marion," I soberly remarked, "because I, being a bachelor, cannot be expected to know much about decor, and I have probably committed several errors in taste and judgment."

"I should be happy to give what little advice I can, Jack," Marion flushed as she replied in a low voice, "but you must realize that since Harry and I have been separated, I have had little occasion to think of such relatively inconsequential matters as furnishing and decorating."

"Surely you are not a recluse yet, my dear," I jokingly replied with twinkling eyes, "for you are far too young and lovely to sequestrate yourself in. a mausoleum and hide your charms from an appreciative society."

I saw Kay give her mistress an almost sneering look at this, and I could scarcely contain myself with glee, because it was obvious at once that this impertinent creature dared censure her betters. I blandly urged Marion, therefore, to come with me into what I termed my "photographic salon" so that I might have her valuable opinion. She did so, and, glancing back over her shoulder, casually added, "come along, Kay, please."

"If you don't mind, ma'am, I'll stay here. I'm sure you'd just as soon prefer that anyhow," was the bold jade's pert answer. Marion's face flamed, because the maid's quip was an arrow shot far too close for comfort, and she looked at me helplessly, hoping I could right the situation.

I eyed Kay with a crushing glance and thereupon remarked, "Do you know, Marion, I wonder how long you have had this sharp-tongued young woman in your service, for if she were in my employ, she would receive a week's notice for such an insolent answer."

"But I'm not, sir, and I'll thank you not to address your remarks to me," was Kay's insolent retort, as with flashing eyes and scornful features she pulled herself up. Decidedly she was playing right into my hands, which fairly itched to deal her out the sort of chastisement her audacity fully merited.

"Now this is quite enough, Kay," Marion said sharply, and she was not playing a part now. "I wish you to accompany me, and you will do so. Do you understand?"

"Very well, if you put it that way, ma'am," Kay drawled with as condescending an air as she could muster.

And so the time had come, and I forced myself to keep my features grave and controlled so that our intended victim could not have the faintest inkling what awaited her inside that door which led to my "photographic salon!"

Once inside, I slipped back to turn the spring lock, which was so well concealed that a stranger to the Snuggery could never locate it in a time of aggravated haste, and then casually I led the way.

"Do you not think, Marion," I sententiously demanded, "that it is much too dark and gloomy in here?"

"But for the development work you must do, Jack, I should say it is quite in keeping. But do, pray, tell me what are all those curious pillars and the rings fixed to them?" Marion innocently asked.

"Why, I should say they were there to guarantee the docility and obedience of insolent baggages," I blandly countered, as I turned to look at Kay. "And if you like, I should be happy to demonstrate to you just how effective they can be."

I had, as I passed by the panel on the wall, slyly touched the button which lowered the rope-pulleys, those same aids which had enabled me to subjugate delicious Alice, so they were now at easy reach when the moment came to entrap the red-haired minx who had incited both of us to irritation with her.

"Are you speaking to me, sir?" Kay indignantly exclaimed, drawing herself up again and tightening her lips with evident displeasure.

"I was indeed addressing you, Kay," I rejoined, "and since your mistress does not have the spunk, or perhaps the hardness of heart, necessary to correct your intolerable behavior, I shall take it upon myself to do so."

With this, striding towards her and taking her entirely by surprise for her mouth gaped and her eyes went very wide indeed, I seized her by a wrist and dragging it up to the nearest pulley, in a trice had fastened her securely while I called to Marion to emulate me on the other side.

"What are you doing - how dare you treat me like this, and you too, ma'am - oh, you'll both be sorry for this, you mark my words!" Kay stormed as she tugged at her bound wrists and kicked out at us both. She did indeed succeed in barking Marion's shin, rather lightly but enough to make my beautiful brunette sister-in-law absolutely furious with her. I was really grateful to the baggage for having thus forced her mistress's hand, for now there was no doubt whatsoever that Marion would heartily abet me in my imminent plans for the thorough chastisement of this wretchedly impertinent and forward young vixen.

Going to the wall, I touched a button to elevate Kay's arms overhead till she was forced to stand on tiptoe, the while she shrieked her angry denunciations of us both. I took no heed of these at all, needless to say, but warily approaching her on her right, squatted down behind her, and in a trice bound her slender ankle with a silken rope and made it fast to the pillar. Marion, with quick native wit, followed my example with almost as much dexterity as if she had done this sort of thing all her life.

Thus in a few moments we had the raging, red-haired baggage secured, ready for disrobing and the subsequent punishment which would follow.

"Now then, Marion," I said calmly, as we both stood back to observe the furious, writhing captive, "do you not agree that this minx deserves a sound birching?"

"Indeed she does!" Marion retorted with a sparkling glint in her eyes which boded no good for her maid. "You don't know how I've wanted to take her down a peg or two, Jack. She's been in my service eighteen months now, and I am certain the way she's flouted me had not a little to do with dear Harry's becoming vexed with me and..."

"That's a lie!" Kay cried out hoarsely, beside herself with fury as she tugged uselessly at her bound wrists tied high above her head. "Anyone with half an eye could see from the start that you couldn't keep that nice husband of yours, so you just wanted to take it out on me. I could tell, you, how extravagant you were and..."

"That's quite enough, Kay," I broke in sternly. "You are only aggravating your mistress' already considerable case against you. I am no judge of what happened between the two of you outside of my abode, but this I can tell you: the way you have acted toward us both this afternoon is itself enough to condemn you to rebuke many times over."

"And what, sir, do you intend to do, sir?" Kay sneered. "When you let me go - as you're going to have to, you know - I shall go to a constable and have you taken in charge for this outrageous insult."

"Well, then, Marion, since she seems determined to charge us rather more seriously than we have already acted, do you not suppose we may as well merit the charge?" I turned to the beautiful brunette beside me.

Marion's eyes shone, and she murmured, "Oh yes, Jack, I'm dying to see her come down off her high horse and start realizing her place!"

"Then why don't you undress her and get her ready for the birch!" I asked, loudly enough to be heard by our proposed victim. Kay could not believe her ears.

"What? What did you just say? Birch me? You wouldn't, you wouldn't dare! Oh, I should like to see you try, I should! You'd dearly regret it if you lay a finger on me, I can tell you that!"

"It will not be a finger, but a good swishy birch, Kay, administered judiciously and soundly across your naked posterior," was my cold answer.

"Oh, let me do it, Jack," Marion gasped, her bosom rising and falling with excitement.

"She is your maid, after all, so it is only just that you should deliver her up to punishment," I gallantly rejoined.

"At last!" Marion exclaimed, as she approached the horrified redhead, who until this very moment could not believe the testimony of her ears and eyes.

"No - I forbid you to - you shan't - sir, are you going to let her undress me in your presence? This is indecent, outrageous, vile!"

"Not one twentieth part so vile as your sly insinuations about your mistress and her husband," was my cold answer, "and if your modesty should be offended, you have only yourself to blame for it. Meanwhile, I shall go fetch the birch."

I had cut two fresh birch rods that morning, one thin, long and very flexible, the other somewhat bulkier, binding them with a cloth strip to serve as handle and arranging them most expertly for the proper castigation of a female bottom. To be sure, the choice would be decided by the victim's proportions, so one may judge with what impatience I awaited Marion's preparations.

Marion lost no time. First unbuttoning the straps of Kay's plain muslin dress, she dragged the garment down to the girl's waist. Then she unbuttoned Kay's undervest, leaving the redhead in only her chemise, which covered bosom and loins. This was not done, however, without frenzied threatening, shrieking and struggling, as Kay, absolutely frantic at the shameful thought of being undressed before a man, flung herself this way and that against her bonds.

"You will not be able to get her frock off without releasing her feet, Marion," I suggested, "and I daresay you do not wish to do that since she is the mulish sort who will kick. Here, take this pair of scissors and cut it off her."

"Oh, you miserable scoundrel, to do such a thing to a helpless girl," Kay cried hysterically as she tried to lunge backwards as she saw Marion approach, scissors in hand. "Help me, for the Lord's sake! Sir, sir, how can you stand there and let this happen to a defenseless girl, a decent girl who's never done any harm to anyone in all her life?"

"I would not be surprised if you had quite a bit to do with harming Marion's marriage," I sternly replied, "but your mistress has asked for my aid and I am here to give it. You will have to appeal to her, I am afraid."

By now Marion had cut the frock off and dragged it away, and now the undervest had been removed and Kay stood there in only her batiste chemise, her gray cotton stockings and plain black shoes. But that deshabille was already breathtaking enough to set my cock to aching and stirring in its dormant hiding place.

She was magnificently svelte, and in some ways even more sinuous and supple than her mistress. Demurely cut as the chemise was it, did not in the least conceal the splendid promontories of her bosom, high-perched globes shaped somewhat like ripe pears, set widely apart and thrusting their voluptuously developed buds vigorously against the stuff of her chemise. From her slim waist there flared a pair of delectably sleek, agile hips, and her buttocks were broad ovals with a gradually widening furrow between them. Her thighs were delightfully long and almost boyishly slender.

"Oh, ma'am, no - for God's sake, not in front of him! Have mercy on me!" Kay exclaimed, as she lunged back and tried to escape her mistress's reach. But I stood there with hands clasped behind my back, enjoying the spectacle of this embattled vixen at bay and the still more exquisite scene of the once arrogant Marion's playing the role of executioner. The buttons fell one by one to Marion's nimble fingers, and now she moved to Kay's other side, ignoring the girl's sobbing pleas as she undid those as well. The chemise suddenly descended, falling to Kay's hips, exposing those beautiful bubbies in all their glory.

"Ohhh! Oh my God, oh my God, cover me up, ma'am, I beg of you, not in front of him - don't let him see me n-naked!" and already the anger in her voice had given way to real shame and terror, the two most voluptuously rousing emotions a man can discern in a proposed female captive.

Those bubbies were wonderfully firm and uptilting, with narrow, dark coral aureolae, and extremely well-developed nipples. Her navel, also, was a jewel in the flesh, very dainty, deep and very narrow, and in the frenzied play of her muscles as she threw herself this way and that against her bonds, it seemed to wink at me as if inviting me to pay its owner ardent tribute - which I surely meant to do.

The chemise would go no lower, owing to the straddle of her legs. Marion seized at the folds of the garments and tugged at them, ignoring Kay's piteous pleas for mercy, but found the progress impeded. Again to my delight, without being told, she resorted to the scissors, and then I uttered a gasp of unconcealed admiration as the garment fell to the floor and Kay stood exposed, naked except for the stockings, before us both.

The silky thatch at the juncture of her thighs was extremely thick and of a darker, more auburn shade than the hair of her lovely arrogant head. She was, to be truthful, even more thickly furred than her mistress, whose public foliage I have already intimately described.

Discovering herself so shamelessly unveiled, Kay closed her eyes, turned her face to one side, and desperately tugged at her bound wrists, shrieking wordless plaints and madly trying to clench her thighs, so the muscles stood out under the satiny pale, milky skin of her thighs.

I now went to the closet and brought back both birch rods, one in each hand-the bulkier in my left. My preference was for the lighter one, for though Kay's bottom was spacious, it had that compact, sinuous quality to it that fairly cried out for a thinner, swishier rod.

My own, rod, as you may well guess by this time, was violently turgid, but I made no effort to conceal my protuberance from Kay's dilated, horrified eyes. I turned to Marion now, handing her the birch in my right hand and remarking, "I believe you will find this birch ideally suited to her insolent posterior."

"Oh, it looks as if it will really sting her properly, Jack," Marion exulted as she took it in her right hand, brandishing it about with many a vicious swish in the air, under the eyes of the now thoroughly frightened maid.

"You surely aren't going to hit me with that dreadful thing! Oh, sir, please don't let her beat me - she's got such a terrible temper, you've no idea. She'll cut me to ribbons, I know she will."

"And so you richly deserve, you sharp-tongued, maliciously gossiping baggage," I irritatedly retorted. "I will not lift a finger to help you." (Nor, dear reader, would I, but I was already lifting my prick in tribute to this red-haired hussy about to pass under the birch for the first time.)

Taking her place behind Kay, Marion called out to me, "How many do you think I should give her, Jack?"

"Why, as to that, dear, let your conscience be your guide," I laughingly retorted. "But mind you, lay them on slowly so she will have ample time to feel the effects of each good stroke. You will also find the lower part of her bottom is much more sensitive to a birch like that, which cuts and stings and draws, than the upper region. Also, listen carefully to her assuredly vivid descriptions of what she is undergoing, which will give you a much-needed clue as to what quota you may set for this her first flogging."

"Oh, you heartless, you dreadful man, to stand by and let me so brutally treated. No, no - oh, for God's sake, sir, have pity!"

"I have already told you I am hors de concours," I taunted her. "This dispute is between your mistress and yourself, so address your supplications and your jeremiads to her entirely."

"Now then, Miss," Marion addressed her as she laid the swishy rod full across the fleshiest curves of her maid's clenching and trembling naked bottomcheeks, "I am going to teach you manners, I am, and you are not going to get off very lightly. Kick me in the shins, would you? Tell me that my husband sought your advice about me, would you? You shall repent your insolence, my girl, to the very fullest."

With this, after patting Kay's naked bottom a few times, she drew back her right arm and made the birch sing out a doleful huissshhhish in the air as the half-dozen freshly cut birch switches swept magisterially across both huddling cheeks of Kay's milky, rosy-flecked bottom.

With a piercing cry of pain, Kay lunged forward and offered the furry gate of her cunt to my blazing eyes. It was all I could do to keep from reaching out and squeezing those heaving bubbies of hers, or caressing her naked belly, or inserting a finger under all those shaggy, dark-red curls to find the delicious inlet to her female secrets.

A second cut now fell, and Kay shrieked aloud, glancing back as she lunged forward, the pulleys creaking under the strain.

"Hold off a bit now, Marion," I advised. "You're going about it much too quickly. Besides, we should put the mirror in front of Kay so she will be prepared for the next cut."

In a few moments I had the huge mirror standing in front of the naked redhead, just as I had done with Marion so recently. The distracted, frantic, naked sufferer perceived herself in the mirror and stared, observing the thickly ringletted fleece between her straddled thighs, and with a gasp of shame, tried with all her powers to clench her thighs and hide that enticing nook from my view.

I now went behind the redhead to observe Marion's handiwork. The very first two cuts of that slim, whippy rod had left angry, bright pink streaks across both Kay's quivering, clenching buttocks; and the vivid, lascivious sight of these stigmata on that wonderfully milky-pale skin of hers was absolutely devastating to my carnal instincts. Her back was deeply hollowed and her shoulders slim and graceful, while the suppleness of her limbs and muscles thoroughly entranced me. If Marion had not been present, I fear I should have deferred Kay's birching for a most gratifying interlude which had as its aim the determination of her virginity, of which state I had, needless to say, no present knowledge.

"Excellent, my dear," I approved, "but take care not to hurry the cuts and to keep this naughty minx waiting in suspense for each. The proper effect of a good birching is to augment from moment to moment the burning sting of the cut just inflicted, so that the naughty culprit will feel even more apprehensive over the one to follow. And remember my injunction that the underpart of her big bottom is likely to be far more sensitive than the upper region."

"Oh, you hateful, shameless ruffian," Kay tearfully sobbed, as she turned her head back over shoulder to regard me, "you go beyond propriety and decency in this! Oh, I will make you pay for the outrage to my person and to my modesty - I will - Owww!"

In the midst of her tirade, I had made a gesture to Marion, who had promptly regaled the red-haired baggage with a brisk slash just over the base of both flinching nether globes. Taken by surprise, Kay lunged forward with a wild cry of pain, and the play of her muscles and the jerking of her thighs, together with the contractions of her buttocks, blended together into the most sensual choreography in all the world.

"Now that was excellently done, Marion, And she has just demonstrated the truth of what I advised. Concentrate on the lower curves of that impertinent posterior, and you will be amazed in the transformation in this unruly creature!" I remarked.

I could tell that Marion was entering into the spirit of the game, and with bosom heaving and eyes sparkling, she planted herself like a veteran flagellatress, turned somewhat sideways and at Kay's left, whilst she now patted her maid's shrinking, naked seat with the swishy, long, supple rod as if to intimate where the next stroke would be applied. Kay caught her breath and groaned, steeling herself, whereupon Marion drew back her arm and lunged it forward with full strength. The twigs whisked around to the right, towards the victim's groin, and Kay again shouted in anguish under that slashing cut. Her skin was quite well marked by now, and it was most sensitive and delicate, I saw.

"Oh, how delicious this is - to be able to punish her as she deserves, the spiteful jade," Marion murmured to me as she sent me a humid look of happy gratitude. Then, glancing down at my person, she blushingly whispered, "And you, sir, have a rod in store for my maid, I see, instead of for me!"

What boundless delight these words inspired in me, dear reader, you may well imagine! I could not have dreamed of so perfect a conversion as I had made in this so-apt pupil in fucking and flogging, for look you, she had, in one bound and in that single phrase, told me she would permit me to enjoy the charms of her maid as well as herself.

"But you will always have first preference," I murmured back ingratiatingly.

With a soft laugh, Marion swept another whistling cut, this time across the tops of Kay's straddled thighs, the switches licking greedily at the pale, soft skin just above the flouncy, white satin-elastic rosette garters which held her stockings in place on her long, lovely legs.

"Aiii! Oh, for God's sake, will you stop now?" Kay cried in a strident voice. "It is brutal, it is cowardly, to beat a helpless, decent girl like this and to have a man stand by and gloat over her shameful nakedness."

"You should have thought of that before you gave yourself such airs, my girl," Marion sanctimoniously responded, and inflicted yet another whistling cut of the flexible rod, this time biting home across the upper summits of Kay's shuddering, naked bottomcheeks and drawing a hoarse, sobbing cry of "Oh, for God's sake, have mercy. You're cutting me to pieces. Stop, I pray you, stop!"