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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume III

Chapter Fifteen

Marion paused now, exhilarated by this fascinating new sport, finding it no doubt a joyous change to wield the rod instead of herself being the wielder's victim. Then, stepping back a pace or two to give herself more room, she swept the birch from right to left, and holding it at about the level of her own hip, swished it venomously across the tops of Kay's naked behind. Again the tethered captive lunged forward, her thighs shuddering and trying to clench, and her cry was piercing in its intensity:

"Eeeeooowwww!! For Lord's sake, sir, make her stop now, that's quite enough now! Oh dear, I know I'm bleeding!"

"You are prone to exaggeration as well as to insolence, my girl,'' I mockingly observed, "for the skin is nowhere broken, and judging by your mistress's surprising skill on her very first essay, I should judge that your naughty backside can stand a good many more such vigorous cuts before there is the slightest tear in your impudent skin. You are, I believe, so calloused morally and temperamentally as to have the same imperviousness to pain as you do the infiltration of humility and proper manners in a domestic!"

Marion huskily laughed with delight at this sarcastic little speech, and as I finished it, she loosed yet another stroke of the birch full over the ripest curves of her maid's squirming and writhing bottomcheeks, eliciting another piteous wail and a frantic lunging from side to side, till the rope-pulleys creaked in protest.

"Perhaps," Marion declared, "this will help teach you not to go about carrying tales of my private affairs, my girl!"

And with this, she administered still another whisking slash of the birch just where the base of Kay's voluptuous naked behind merged into the ripe, jouncy contours of the summits.

"Aiiii! Ohh Lord, oh dear, oh sir, sir, for God's sake get her to stop before she kills me, I can't endure such torture, truly I can't!" And again Kay turned her tear-stained face back over her shoulder as she sought a reprieve from me for this exemplary chastisement.

"Will you stop that caterwauling, my girl, before I really give you something to squeal about?" Marion angrily demanded, "I have hardly begun to chastise you as you deserve, you spiteful, tale-bearing baggage!"

"Oh dear heaven, did you hear that, sir? She won't be content until she has killed me. Oh, do make her stop, I implore you!" Kay sobbingly pleaded, her eyes very big and blurred with tears, as once again she turned her head to appeal to me for mercy.

"I will say only that when next you bare your tail, you had best not antagonize your mistress as you have so injudiciously done already," I could not resist from punning. Then, to Marion, I urged, "But pray continue, my dear sister-in-law to be, for I begin to perceive you are making some headway at last, for she is beginning to feel the cuts."

"I would say it was more a case of 'tailway'." To my great delight Marion showed herself to be as deft a punster, thereby indicating her evident relish for this exquisite little game, as again she patted her maid's naked, well-streaked posterior with the swishiest rod.

"Oh, how can you be so wickedly inhuman and merciless, sir, to let a poor, helpless girl suffer like this?" Kay sobbingly asked, and her body lunged forward again, bending like a bow, to escape the dire inclinations of the rod. "I only wish it was she who was getting this instead of me, for she'd be begging off from the very first cut and - aaarrrhhhh! Ohh, mercy, mercy, you're tearing me to shreds. Oh, do have mercy and stop now, for Lord's sake!"

Her sobbing declaration was suddenly cut off as Marion slashed the birch with a quick and brisk maneuver which licked round Kay's satiny right hip and on towards the most intimate part of all her body.

"I should not deafen other people with such braying sounds," Marion sarcastically retorted, and, growing more vehement by the moment as she found sensual excitement in her sport, administered a backhanded cut of the rod from left to right which sent the twigs whistling over the top of Kay's left hip whilst the solid portion of the switches made stinging impact against the top of the minx's left buttock and leaped across to visit the other cheek with an equally ardent salutation.

"Owww! Oh dear, oh, I shall faint, I am beside myself with pain. Oh, sir, what must I do to have you beg me off? Oh dear lord, such torture for a poor, helpless girl. It is unjust and cruel indeed," Kay lamented. Her head lifted and then bowed, she dragged on her wrist-ropes incessantly, and her now vividly striped naked backside jerked and weaved and twisted and squirmed, presenting my enchanted eyes with a most voluptuous vision in the famous and infallibly prick-hardening "dance of the rod."

"Are you ready to apologize for all your nastiness, my girl?" her mistress queried To hasten Kay's reply, she vengefully cut away at the base of her naked bottom with a whistling, swishing stroke.

"Eeeowww!! Oh, yes! Oh, please, ma'am, do have mercy. I'm sorry if I angered you, truly I am. Oh, won't you stop now before you kill me?"

"And do you promise never, never again to make such a show of insolence and overbearing impudence when you accompany me to Mr. Jack's apartment or anywhere else I choose to go?" Marion persisted, and this query too she punctuated with a slash of the rod that fairly danced off Kay's bare, jouncy bottom, this in diagonal fashion to bridge the quaking, flinching nether hemispheres and to leave a bright, angry weal on the fine, creamy skin already so piteously marred by stripes and darkening little splotches where the harsher knots at certain sections of the withes had made pitiless impact with that fair flesh.

"Ahhhrrrr! Oh, truly I will, truly I'll know my place, I swear it, ma'am, only do stop, I can't bear any more - oh, I can't, I can't! Oh, Mr. Jack, do make her stop now - I'll be good - I won't give offense ever again, you may be sure of it, sir!"

"I rather think she has had her due from you, my dear Marion," I now interceded, "and besides, my dear, you are out of breath and very flushed. Do you sit down in that convenient chair and rest yourself a bit."

Marion handed me the rod with a long, panting sigh of pleasure, and judging from the humid glow in her dark blue eyes and the quivering of her moist red lips, as well as the heaving of her superb bosom, she had quite enjoyed herself as a practitioner of the rod.

"Are you going to let her down now, Jack dear?" she asked as she seated herself in the chair which had been pulled up to the right of the tethered maid, enabling her to view both back and front of the captive.

"Why, not yet at all," was my answer, "for although you have settled your score with this saucy baggage, I still have one of my own to settle with her."

With this, I moved around to face the aghast redhead who, seeing the dreadful instrument of her suffering gripped firmly in my right hand, let out a pitiful wail of: "Oh my Lord, surely not more whipping? Oh, sir, I apologize to you, truly I do - oh, do forgive me now and spare me. I am at the end of my endurance!"

"Not at all, my girl," was my sardonic retort, "for I do not propose to birch your insolent backside. The rest of you, however, is quite untouched and will provide ample terrain for our little reckoning."

At this, I extended the rod and patted her across the tops of her naked thighs, very near that dark-red thatched mound which was the temple of her young womanhood.

Kay stared down at the rod with a horrified incredulity and then, with a mad lunge backwards, threw back her head and shrieked, "Oh heavens - oh, surely you won't whip me there? Oh, sir, be merciful now, I beg you humbly for forgiveness!"

"I shall accept your supplication only after you have had your chastisement, as that will guarantee that you will keep your promise of better conduct in the future," was my answer.

Drawing back my arm, I lightly made the flexible rod dart across those shaking, distended, creamy upper columns of Kay's delicious thighs and was rewarded by her frenzied twisting and lunging and her harassed scream of "Eeeowwww! Oh, it is dreadful there - oh, please it hurts me worse, sir, far worse - oh, Mr. Jack, do be kind and pardon me any more - I can't stand it, sir."

"But you will just have to stand it till I am satisfied," I gloated, as again I laid the rod just above the tops of her stockings and watched her squirm and shrink, her eyes huge with anguish, drowned with tears which began to rivulet down her cheeks.

"I think before I proceed further," I remarked, "I shall have your stockings down, as they furnish rather too much protection for the whipping of your thighs."

Laying down the rod, which was already somewhat frayed from Marion's energetic application to the redhead's voluptuous bare bottom, I squatted down and applied my hands to the flouncy rosette on Kay's left thigh, then tugged it down to her ankle.

"Oh, don't - oh, sir, don't shame me any more. Oh, please, it's dreadful for me to be like this in front of you - oh, do have mercy, I'll be ever so good - I apologize, truly I do, but spare me any more, let me go now!" she sobbed, heartrendingly.

I did not let myself be softened by this plaint, but now rolled down the stocking, disclosing the admirable and creamy-sheened contours of as delightfully dimpled a knee and as temptingly curved a calf as a warm-blooded man might ever hope to behold at such close proximity.

Now I began to palpate that enchanting calf and knee with lingering touches, which made the frantic, naked victim struggle afresh with her bonds as she desperately strove to clench her legs and conceal to some extent the thickly furred gap between her naked legs, though she could not entirely hide it. I now proceeded to the other stocking and garter and had them down in a trice, and then I slipped off her shoes; at first she tried to plant her feet solidly on the floor to prevent this, but a slight pinch to each calf drew a cry and an involuntary movement of her imprisoned legs so that I was able to divest her of her footgear. This done, it was a simple matter to take stocking and garter completely off each leg, and now Kay was clad only in her blushes, a true daughter of Eve.

"Now I think we are ready to proceed with this part of your correction, my girl," I told her as I retrieved the birch and stood before her switching it about in the air and watching with sly amusement at the terrified way her tear-blurred, hugely dilated eyes shifted hither and yon to follow its menacing flourishes.

"Oh, don't - oh, please, no more! I can't stand it! Oh, sir, what must I do to entreat you? I swear before my mistress, truly I do, I shan't ever give offense again! Oh, do have mercy now and let me go!" she babbled.

I stepped back a little to get the proper range and extended the birch till its flexible tips brushed her left leg just above the knee and to the inside.

"Let us see how sensitive it is there," I remarked aloud, and drawing back my hand, I inflicted a whisking cut which sent the tips over the back of her lower thigh.

"Eeeeouuuuuuu!! Oh, dear Lord, I can't endure it, it's terrible! Oh, sir, Mr. Jack, do spare me, it hurts as much as on my poor b-b-bottom!" she wailed.

"I am encouraged to hear you say as much," was my cynical rejoinder, "for after your insistence that your backside was cut to ribbons when there was hardly a scratch showing, I was beginning to think you were thick-skinned everywhere," and with this, patting the other jerking, creamy leg in the same manner and in the same place, I regaled it with a similar deft whisk, producing a frantic plunging and twisting about which made her bubbies jiggle in the most appetizing manner and tore a shrill plaint from her trembling lips.

"Perhaps a little higher up will be still more effective," I commented as I pressed the tips of the withes about midway up on the inside of her left thigh.

She was trembling violently now as she stared down at the switches, and the muscles of her legs flexed supremely as she strove without avail to close them.

"Oh, Mr. Jack, oh heavens, not there - you'll kill me - you'll kill me! Oh sir, I beg you, I pray you, I entreat you most humbly, do spare me and forgive me! I'll do anything you order, I swear I will, if you'll only put down that dreadful rod!"

"I shall put it down when you have had your punishment in full and not before, so you might as well steel yourself and make up your mind to endure what you have so justly merited," I pronounced.

Thereupon I cut at her inner thigh with a dexterous movement of my wrist, and Kay flung back her head and shrieked with pain as the lashes curled eagerly over the tender, sensitive column, her bottom plunging from side to side, and of course affording me the greatest visual pleasure as her cunt gaped and even exposed exquisite glimpses of the soft, twitching pink lips through the dark-red foliage.

Now I patted the other leg at the same place halfway up the slender, creamy thigh, and tears ran down Kay's cheeks as she pitifully besought me to grant her mercy from the burning slashes. By now, as you can guess, my own rod was in a ferocious state of readiness, and I would as soon apply one as the other because the voluptuous nakedness of this dashingly handsome pert little minx whetted all my carnal appetites.

"Let us see if the birch will not be even more efficacious somewhat higher up," I ruminated, and poor Kay, whimpering and sobbing, flung herself about every which way to escape its searching quest, which ended when the tips of the withes pressed home against her left inner thigh just below that exquisite juncture of her furry crotch.

"Oh, not there - for God's sake, not there, I beg you humbly!" poor Kay pleaded, but I was adamant, and rod swept over the designated spot, producing an even more frantic twisting and a piercing yell of intolerable anguish.

Nothing daunted, I transferred the swishy rod to the other thigh just below her cunt, and after I savored her tearful and hysterical supplications to be let off, applied a stinging slash.

Marion had followed all this scene with the greatest interest, and from the panting of her magnificent bubbies and the spiteful glow in her great blue eyes, as well as from the tell-tale sign of her soft pink tongue creeping about the corners of her rosy mouth, I knew that this once haughty and aloof sister of my beloved Alice fully shared my own sadistically erotic impulses towards the red-haired captive.

For now she exhorted me, "Don't spare the naughty minx, Jack dear! Birch her well! Why, all this fuss over a few mild cuts, you'd think she was being flayed alive."

At this, Kay turned her face and piteously sobbed, "Only a few cuts? Oh my Lord, ma'am, I only wish you had to bear as many. You'd be begging mercy just as I am. Oh, how can you be so heartless to me?"

Now the time had come for me to substitute rods, as it were, for my prick would have no more of this sublimation, however exciting. And so, lowering the rod for a moment to give Kay a brief respite, I proceeded without warning to lift it till the tips of the switches pressed home against her furry cunt.

"Ooooh-noooo! For God's sake, not there! You'll kill me! Oh, Mr. Jack, for God's sake, don't whip me there!"

Her voice was wildly strident as she strained herself, as if wishing to lift herself up from the firmament and away from the deadly menace of the birch. I kept patting her cunt with the tip of the birches all this time, to impress upon her more firmly the utter hopelessness of her situation, and then I sternly demanded,

"Your spiteful tongue and your insolence have really not earned you any leniency, Kay. So you must think of something better than words to appease my determination for evening our score. If you cannot, I fear you must be content with enduring your punishment till it pleases me to suspend it."

Thus intimating to her that I would consider her plea to be had instead of birched, I lowered the rod slowly, whilst her horrified and tear-drowned eyes wildly followed its peregrinations. Just as my wrist was about to flick upwards and deliver the diabolical sting into her tenderest gape, she shrieked,

"Oh, don't! I'll do whatever you want - anything. Only for God's sake, ma'am, don't let him hit me there - not between the legs - oh, for God's sake, don't!"

"You must address your supplications to me now, not your mistress, since this portion of your chastisement concerns only the two of us," I interrupted. "For that further insolence, you shall have an extra three cuts in the same place after you have had your dozen."

"Ohh, my God, not so many - oh, not between the legs - wait - please don't whip me there - yes, I'll beg you - anything you want - oh, please, not between the legs - good heavens, you'll kill a girl there - mercy, mercy, Mr. Jack!" she wildly babbled.

"You must be more explicit than that," I told her as I feigned lifting the rod up towards her vulnerable Mount of Venus. Her body writhed and shrank, twisting frenziedly, as she shrieked,

"Oh, Mr. Jack, have me, do me, then, but for God's sake put down that dreadful rod!"

"Why, the sinful baggage," Marion now played her role as my assistant even more delightfully than I could have hoped for even if I had coached her in advance. "Such presumptuousness, to offer herself so shamelessly and in my presence! She deserves no mercy, Jack, and if you are softhearted enough to spare her, I shall attend to her myself when we get home."

"Oh no, no, ma'am. You don't understand - I can't bear such pain. It will kill me, surely it will. Oh, he'll let me off if I let him have me, and I can't stand it - I must - oh, please, ma'am, say you understand and forgive me that I can't endure such torture," Kay sobbed wildly. She turned her face imploringly over her shoulder towards her mistress.

"I think, Marion," I said with false gentleness, for my voice was trembling already with desire, "that she has learned her lesson. I would put her on probation. Of course, a strict probation, with the understanding that if she once more offends you, her punishment will be even more severe. Won't you excuse her from further birching this evening, now that she has shown herself to be humble and contrite?"

"Oh, very well. But all the same, the naughty hussy is getting off far too easily."

I now turned my attentions to the sobbing redhead, who hung there in her bonds, exhausted and weeping, utterly distraught.

"Do I understand you fully, my girl?" I said. "In return for my sparing you any more cuts of the rod, you wish me to have you? You are aware, I take it, what such an offer implies."

"Oh, yes! Do it and end my suffering. Do it!" she moaned.

"I had thought you much more chaste than this," was my ironic comment. "Can it be that you are not the vaunted virgin your mistress and I believed you to be? Let us find out."

With this, standing close to her, I put my hand lightly over the huddling, birch-warmed cheeks of her naked backside, and with my right forefinger probed between the twitching outer lips of Kay's cunt She moaned and turned her face away, tears running down her face, as I pursued my inspection. Once past the inner lips which guarded the citadel of her love channel, I felt not the least obstruction, and this I announced to Marion.

"Why, she is not at all a virgin, my finger tells me!"

"You wanton little trollop!" Marion denounced her. "How comes this loss of virtue? Was it in my service? Answer, or I shall have Mr. Jack take the birch to you again, and it would be appropriate for him to punish you in the very place with which you have offended."

I sent Marion a look of boundless admiration; she was a woman after my own heart, and it had come intuitively to her exactly how to speak and act during this voluptuous chastisement of her beautiful maid.

"Oh, I-I couldn't help it, ma'am, truly I couldn't." Kay was crying like a naughty child who has been found out.

My forefinger remained in the depths of her cunny all the while, enjoying the most delicious sensations of her palpitations.

"He-he made me, ma'am. I couldn't help myself, truly I couldn't."

"Who made you?" Marion demanded.

"Oh, don't make me tell, please don't!"

"I will cut the skin off your big backside, miss, if you don't speak," her mistress spiritedly rejoined.

"It was your-your h-husband, ma'am," Kay groaned in a dying voice.

"Oh, the ignoble wretch! And then you had the gall to reproach me for not being a proper wife to that scoundrel,'' Marion burst out enraged.

"Oh, forgive me, do forgive me, I'm so ashamed! Oh, have mercy!" Kay sobbed.

"I think we have had the truth at last, Marion," I interposed. "And as I told you before, this dolt of a husband of yours was the chief protagonist of all your unhappiness. You are well rid of him. So this afternoon has not been without accomplishment, for I daresay you will bring home with you a wiser and more discreet servant - isn't that so, my girl?"

"Oh y-y-yes, sir, she will never have reason to complain of me again. Please, won't you untie me now? My b-b-bottom burns me so I can hardly stand it."

"You are forgetting your generous offer to me a moment ago, which I am resolved to take advantage of," I twitted her.

Unbuttoning my trousers, I liberated my massively swollen cock and stepped forward to service the delicious, naked redhead. I circled her quivering, creamy supple waist with my left arm, so she could not pull away, and then, using right thumb and forefinger, yawned apart the portals of her slit and introduced the tip of my bulging cock between them. Kay moaned and closed her eyes, as a long tremor swept her helpless frenzied urge to emit the fearful burden weighing on my balls, I penetrated the sweet baggage.

Kay's cunt was gloriously tight - yes, as tight as her mistress's - and it was evident that even if Marion's errant and boorish husband had taken her prize, he had not thoroughly acquainted her with the delicious art of fucking, for she gasped and wriggled like a true virgin when she felt my spear impale her to the hilt.

I lifted my hands to cup her bubbies now and to revel in their springy feel to my fingers, as I stood up against her, buried in her tight warm cunt, feeling the indescribably thrilling pulsations of that vaginal sheath which so snugly housed my rampant rod.

Suddenly Kay jerked and uttered a scream, turning her face back over her shoulders. Marion had taken up the birch, and resuming her stance behind her maid, laid a bold stripe across Kay's already furiously striped hind quarters.

"Oww! Oh no, ma'am, please no morel I'm doing what he wants - you know I have to! Aiii - oh, sir, have her stop - I'm dying - oh, Lord, it's too much," Kay wailed as a second stroke of the rod danced over her shuddering hind quarters.

I was speechless with delight, for Marion had a flash of inspiration to furnish me with this memorable episode of whip-fucking. I had only to stand firmly and to cup Kay's heaving bubbies, while under Marion's inspired cuts, the naked captive procured for me the maximum of sensations in her sporadic heavings and wrigglings; and in her frenzied gyrations each time the birch cut across her backside, her weavings, she directed upon my aching cock the most exciting of frictional caresses, so it was not long before I uttered a cry and, digging my fingers into those welted nether globes of hers, spared her further damage by the birch as I deluged her warm tract with a bubbling drench of spunk.