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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume III

Chapter Sixteen

When at last I withdrew my limpened weapon from Kay's dripping, contracting lovesheath, the lovely redhead hung in her bonds, violently shuddering in aftermath. The birching had drawn her very near to climax, as I could tell by the significant flexions of her naked, long, creamy thighs and the moans and sighings which made her beautiful, perky bubbies rise and fall with the most desultory of rhythms.

"I rather think we may now extend the laurel wreath of forgiveness to this naughty girl," I said languidly to my beautiful brunette mistress, "and in token of this new enlightened state of harmony which I trust will exist between you two henceforth, it is only meet that you give her the kiss of peace and bring her to pleasure."

"Why, whatever do you mean, dear Jack?" Marion enthusiastically demanded as she came to stand beside me and to stare greedily at the quivering nakedness of her servant.

I whispered into Marion's ear, and she gasped and blushed, flashing me a dewy look which bespoke a considerable lascivious eagerness.

"Oh, I should never dare," she whispered, but her eyes were dancing to belie that negation.

I took my handkerchief out and mopped Kay's cunt, at which the naked sufferer squirmed and moaned and wriggled again, obviously just on the verge of the appeasement which the whipping and the fucking had procured.

"It will bind the two of you closer together, Marion," I hinted, "and this evening you may discover that though no husband is on hand to grace and warm your bed, your maid will be only too eager to render you sweet service."

Marion gasped, as her eyes widened. Then with a soft, husky giggle, she murmured, "What a naughty idea! Well, Kay, if I forgive you and leave it up to you, will you promise faithfully to be a good servant to me?"

"Oh, yes. Truly I will. You have only to ask and I will obey you! Oh - ma'am - what are you doing to me? Ooooaaaahhh - oh, ma'am, that t-tickles so - oh, you-u-u-u-Ohhh-I'm going to faint - Aaaaahhheeeeeoooouu..."

For Marion, kneeling down, her fingers squeezing her maid's birch-welted bottomcheeks, had delicately applied a tender kiss on that soft cunt, and becoming emboldened by this first essay as well as by my whispered instructions to her now, foraged out her nimble tongue and began to gamahuch the lovely red-haired sufferer. Kay's eyes rolled in their sockets, her head turned restlessly from side to side, her fingers opened and clenched in her palms, as long, shuddering spasms rippled through her tethered body, till at last her moans and sobs and cries mounted to paroxysm as she suddenly achieved the explosive fury of her orgasm, and slumped in her bonds, her eyes closed, her bubbies heaving wildly.

Together Marion and I released Kay from the ropes, and I carried her over to the couch, while Marion hastened to fetch a glass of restorative brandy, which, kneeling solicitously before the couch, she proffered to Kay's trembling lips, her left arm under the girl's trembling shoulders. It was really a delicious tableau, and after Kay had sipped the restorative, color came back into her cheeks. Putting down the glass, Marion suddenly and impulsively leaned forward and kissed her maid passionately on the mouth, while her hand roamed down Kay's quivering belly.

"Oh, you darling, you're so lovely," she breathed, "I'm so sorry I birched you, dear! Will you forgive me and be a good girl now?"

Oh, miracle of conversion, brought about by the most honest instincts which in our flesh have the power to overcome sanctimoniousness and prudery! For the charming redhead, with a little flurried cry, flung her arms around Marion and returned her kiss with gusto as she panted, "Oh, ma'am, oh yes, of course I'll forgive you! I was wicked, and I deserved it, I know I did! I'll be such a good maid from now on, you'll never even have to scold me again, I promise."

Discreetly I determined to withdraw from this tender scene of reconciliation, but not until I had whispered in Marion's ear that she should profit from her maid's newly acquired contrition by making love to her, and indeed, in my absence, Kay might be the means to sweet erotic fulfillment for her. I then left the Snuggery and, after a quick and refreshing tub, clad myself in my silk dressing gown and sandals and repaired back to my favorite lair, bringing with me two glasses of strong cordial. There, a breathtaking spectacle awaited me, for Marion had undressed except for hose and rosette garters, and she and Kay were lying entwined on my couch, whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears, while their lips met and their hands ardently fondled quivering contours.

"Now this delights me," I exclaimed, "for I perceive a happy augury of the future, and a bond of harmony between you both which will compensate Marion for her loss of a husband. And for you, Kay, this show of sweet humility to gain reconciliation with your mistress justifies my severity with you. It remains only for you, my girl, to acknowledge that you bear me no rancor for having inflicted it."

"Oh, n-no… s-sir," the coppery-haired maid quavered, huddling rightly up against my naked sister-in-law to be, and her face was fiery with demure blushes as she observed that my eyes were fasting on her splendid supple nakedness. The marks of her chastisement made her finely grained pale-sheened skin especially appetizing, and I confess that my cock was rampant in tribute to such elegance of feminine proportions as she exhibited. Moreover, the dark upholstery of the couch and the decor of the cushions intensified that fairness of epidermis, while for Marion's olive-tinted skin it gave my former brunette adversary a most thrillingly exotic enhancement.

Yes, as I stared at my couch in the Snuggery, I could tell myself that were I to carry out my sudden impulsive decision to wed my beloved Alice, I should have at the start of my farewell to bachelorhood such a harem as even an Oriental potentate could not surpass-perchance in quantity, yes, but not at all in quality! There would be Alice and the dark-haired Fanny as her sweetly complaisant serving-wench and in her own right as lascivious an odalisque as any virile emir or sultan could command; and then these two, and blond Connie Blunt…

You cannot imagine what euphoria was in my heart - and what aching joy throbbed in my cock - at this happy speculation. But now the time had come to benefit for my own part - and, speaking literally, my most concerned and ardent part! - on the healing of the rift between Marion and her rebellious baggage of a red-haired maid.

"And I take it you have quite forgiven Kay her naughtiness towards you," I addressed the charming brunette.

"To be sure, Jack dear, and I owe it all to you. And, while you were out procuring those welcome glasses of fortifying refreshment, she gave me to understand how my wretched scoundrel of a husband not only forced her to yield to him but also constrained her to believe I was unfaithful to him, and hence to spy on me for the purpose of reporting back to him so he might have a pretext to carry on his many infidelities without the stab of conscience," Marion exclaimed, the while she fondled Kay's sweet bubbies with both slim hands. "Ah, and to think, sir, that if I had not conspired with you to punish this sweet child, we should never have learned the truth! For, to be sure, you heartless rogue you, I was not at all unfaithful to Harry - nor to myself till that other afternoon when you took your revenge on my helpless person."

I bent to kiss her, and the folds of my dressing gown at this point slyly abetted my desire to supplement my pleasure on this memorable afternoon; for, yawning, they disclosed the renewed structure of my cock, and Kay's eyes widened as she saw the swollen red arrow-tip so close to her own blushing cheek.

"Perhaps, in the true spirit of conciliation and of strict justice, then," I said to the sleek brunette sister of my beloved Alice, "it would be only right if Kay were to chastise you for the unfounded mistrust which you had of her all this while."

At this, Kay's eyes widened still more, and then she cast her mistress a quizzical look which, I swear, was almost one of appraisal as to how it would really be to turn the tables and give back as good as she had just got.

"Now wait a bit, Jack," Marion protested, while she blushed to her temples, "I do not follow your reasoning in this. For did I not tell you that Kay was impertinent, and that is not permissible in a well-trained domestic no matter what her secret purpose may be. Moreover, this very afternoon, did she not treat you with such insolence as a fine lady might behave towards her social equal? And that too is decidedly unpardonable."

"Granted," I chuckled amiably, "but let me remind you that I have already paid Kay back in full for her untoward conduct towards me, as she herself will doubtless testify."

"Oh, indeed you did, Mr. Jack," Kay ruefully gasped, as she slipped one dainty hand towards her well-marked naked backside, "and I can still feel those dreadful stinging cuts on my tender bum."

"Very well, Marion, you are answered, and my sentence is this: to effect the fullest reconciliation between yourself and Kay, you shall submit to a good bottom-smacking at her fair hand, after which the both of you will kiss and make up and avow that henceforth you will be not only mistress and maid but the closest of friends and confidantes!"

"Oh yes, Mr. Jack!" Kay now eagerly broke in, "I confess I've always longed to chastise Miss Marion for the overbearing way she acted to me when I was but a poor novice in her service and already under Mr. Harry's stern orders to obey him implicitly and not to defer to her. I do so want to smack her lovely bum, I do for a fact, sir!"

Marion gasped and tried to rise from the couch, but now, since it was only fair to give tit for tat, I seated myself at one end and seized her by the wrists, and drew her over my lap in the classical attitude of a naughty child readied for chastisement.

"Oh, no, Jack, you - oh, you're embarrassing me dreadfully," Marion panted, wriggling and trying to twist off my lap. But I would have none of it and, shifting her svelte naked body, made her kicking, stockinged long legs angle down to the floor, whereupon I promptly clamped my right leg over her calves to pinion her effectively, whilst my right arm circled her slim waist and with my left hand I grasped her right wrist and drew it up against my body, thus completely subjugating her.

Though her left arm was free, she could not conveniently reach back down to cover up the upturned olive-satiny cheeks of her magnificent posterior, and the stage was set for this delightful reversal of relationship between once equally arrogant mistress and supercilious, disapproving domestic in which I had played the role of the equitable Solomon.

"Now then, Kay," I instructed the sparkling-eyed coppery-haired minx, who had risen and come over to my end of the couch to watch my subjugation of her beautiful naked mistress, "smack your mistress's backside soundly, but do not hurry the smacks. Let each have ample time to register its biting sting, so that she will feel the weight of your little hand. I shall determine when thorough justice has been rendered."

"Oh, you heartless creature, you have trapped me," Marion indignantly protested and tried her best to struggle, arching and twisting her magnificent bare bottom, trying to reach my pinioning hand with her free one.

But I leaned to her and commanded, "Resign yourself, dear Marion, or I will have Kay use a birch instead of her hand on your saucy backside!" which quite made her subside. Hanging her head and closing her eyes, as her cheeks reddened in shame, she prepared herself to receive this juvenile chastisement, which surely must have humiliated her, especially in my presence.

Kay leaned over, thereby providing me with the mouthwatering sight of those two lovely naked bubbies of hers dangling like the fruits with which poor Tantalus was tortured by the malicious rulers of Mount Olympus, and she seemed to be scrutinizing the flinching, huddling, firm, resilient olive-satiny cheeks of Marion's behind with a view towards determining where it would cause her mistress the most discomfort to strike.

Then at last she raised her right hand and brought it down with a lovely, noisy "Smack!" solidly on the right summit of Marion's velvety behind, leaving a bright pink imprint of her palm and causing my helpless naked brunette captive to tense herself and utter a stifled gasp which indicated that she had felt the chastening sting.

I could see from the delighted expression on the red-haired baggage's face that she had just discovered a vastly amusing pastime. "Very good," I commended her, "but conserve your strength, or after only a few sound smacks you will find yourself not only tiring but suffering nearly as much as your charming patient. Carefully dosed and gradually increasing severity is the secret of this juvenile chastisement."

"Yes, Mr. Jack, I see," Kay murmured, pursing her lips thoughtfully as if I had just diaphanously explained Mr. Gladstone's position on the British colonial policy. Raising her hand, she applied the second spank on the other cheek of Marion's squirming backside, not quite so vehemently, but, I assure you, sufficiently to cause the brunette to gasp again and to try to kick up her pinioned stockinged legs which my right leg still efficaciously imprisoned.

"That is the way, and now that you have discovered it, proceed at your leisure," I remarked, whilst Marion, indignantly turning her flushed face back to me, exclaimed, "This is not fair of you, Jack, to traitorously encourage the girl to make my ordeal one of scientific torture!"

"Will you confess yourself less stoic than your maid, who bore a goodly number of severe cuts with the birch over her tender posterior?" I taunted Marion, who at once bit her lips, turned away her head and steeled herself to evince her Spartan fortitude.

But Kay took this as a challenge to her own newly found fustigatory powers, and proceeded to smack her mistress's squirming upturned bottom quite vigorously, distributing the slaps equitably over both tensing, huddling, then relaxing, globes till the warm olive hue of Marion's smooth epidermis turned from bright pink to vivid crimson and till my brunette sister-in-law to be began to lift her head and stare with dilated, humid eyes out ahead of her, while her free hand clenched and thrust against the back of the couch to distract herself from the cumulative warmth and sting which Kay's hand was imparting to her naked behind.

I gazed with gloating pleasure at the exquisite vision of Marion's stockinged thighs flexing and squirming, of the long rippling tremors that passed from the bare flesh of her upper thighs over the beleaguered globes of her naked seat, to pass along the lovely hollowed column of her naked back.

Now, from about the fifteenth smack on, Marion announced the reception of Kay's flattening palm on her resilient flesh with a nervous, flurried gasp, and when her maid, after pausing at what I counted to be about the twenty-fifth or twenty-sixth, blew on her palm, then lifted it and brought it down with redoubled energy to flatten the inner curves of both naked, reddening globes, she uttered a sobbing, "Ahhh! Oh, that's enough now, Jack, make her stop, it's becoming painful to me!"

But I had no such intention. I wished Marion's erotic senses to be roused by this voluptuous correction, which, as I could clearly see from the look on Kay's flushed, vivacious face and the panting swell of her beautiful naked bubbies, was having a similar effect on the maid's warm temperament. So I jestingly countered, "I had believed you to be a mature woman, my dear, but here you are complaining over a childish smackbottom which would not bring tears to the eyes of a twelve-year-old boarding-school pupil!"

"Oh, Mr. Jack, my hand is beginning to smart from her big backside," Kay now saucily proffered, "might I not try a birch on her for a change?"

"Oh, no, don't let her birch me, for Lord's sake, Jack dear," Marion now really became alarmed as she struggled to get loose, waving her flaming bottom in the most salacious manner. By now, needless to remark, my cock was frantically roused by all her squirmings over it, and shifting her a bit as I signed for Kay to wait, I drew aside the folds of my dressing gown so that my fulminating weapon might be free to profess its ardor by rubbing against Marion's belly and loins while she struggled under the smackbottom Kay was so ably administering.

"To rest your smarting palm a moment, Kay," I advised, "try to let your hand act as a whip. Thusly, let your fingers be limp and loose, and as you bring down your hand, let them fall like the thongs of such an instrument. The flicking sting they will thus impart over a terrain so ably prepared and sensitized will, I assure you, make up for the loss of impacting force."

"Oh, yes, I see, Mr. Jack," Kay delightedly cried. Now she knelt down on the floor, and, lifting her right hand slowly aloft, whisked it down exactly as I had instructed, the tips of her fingers nipping the base of Marion's right buttock.

"Ooooh, ohh, please!" Marion tearfully exclaimed as her hips swerved from side to side, "do make her stop! I hate you for being so cruel!"

"But if you only realized that a man must be cruel to be kind, my dear, you would be more appreciative of this. You in turn, my girl," addressing myself to the charming, kneeling, naked red-haired minx, "must reciprocate in the loveliest way two females can demonstrate their amity for each other."

With this, I unclamped my leg over Marion's, and, releasing her captive wrist, took hold of her hips with both hands, gesturing to Kay to lift her by the wrists, and thus the brunette was drawn to her feet, tears staining her flushed cheeks and her magnificent bubbies in tumultuous upheaval.

"Now, then, clasp each other in each other's arms, and kiss sweetly," I ordered, and was obeyed. To see these two delicious females, clad only in their hose and rosette garters, standing, their naked bodies merged, their breasts mashing together, their mouths joined, and to observe on Kay's voluptuous creamy backside the welts and scratches from the birching and on Marion's once olive-hued posterior the fiery red of that admirable bottomsmacking, was to see in my mind's eye the commencement of my true harem, which should be prodigiously expanded when I announced to Alice my eagerness to explore nuptial bliss with her delightful person.

I stood a moment in rapt contemplation of the gracious Sapphic unison of these two beauties, till the adamant compulsion of my own needs roused me to proceed with the last part of the afternoon's program.