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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume III

Chapter Four

I took a last look around the Snuggery, to remind myself once again of all its delightful propensities for subjugating a naughty, rebellious young woman like Marion. Not far from the pillars was an immense divan-couch upholstered in dark leather, standing on eight massive legs (four on each side), behind each of which lay, coiled for use, a strong leather strap which was worked by rollers hidden in the upholstery. Cushions were piled all over it to dissemble its actual role, that of a coercional whipping bench or couch of amorous surrender. Yes, everything was in place, and now the moment had come to transfer Marion from her immobilized pose in the armchair to a standing position from which I could leisurely proceed to caress and undress her to my heart's content… a euphemistic expression if ever there was one, for actually it would be to my prick's content!

I took a last puff of my cigar and crushed it out in a copper ashtray on a little tabouret next to the armchair in which the fuming beauty was incarcerated. She gave me a furious look of hatred, glancing at the cigar, which I had purposely not put out, so fumes of smoke still rose towards her.

"So you are still of a mind not to apologize, Marion!" I resumed my preliminary interrogation.

She did not deign to reply, but instead turned her face away and drew a long, shuddering breath. It was obvious that she was trying to impress me with the attitude that she could not bear the sight of me. Ah, but I would - bare the sight of her, and then poor Marion would just have to grin and bear it!

"Oh, well," I said calmly, "I shall let you go."

"And high time, too!" she angrily retorted. "But don't think, sir, that you can attempt to soothe my feelings by releasing me. I am still determined to prefer charges against you for your rude and ungentlemanly assault upon my person. You had absolutely no right to hold me here against my will, sir. It is a criminal thing, as you will soon find out!"

"That we shall see, my dear Marion," I replied as I touched the secret mechanism of the chair. The arms folded back and Marion was able, with a smothered cry of frustrated anger, to put her arms on the edges and to lift herself to her feet. Hardly had she done so, however, when I pounced upon her, grasping her by the shoulders and forcing her over to the dangling rope pulleys.

Now, these rope pulleys had already been admirably tested on her sister, as you will recall, and I had then used an endless band of the softest, strongest silk rope I could get made. The ropes and straps in the Snuggery were all fitted with swivelsnap hooks. All I had to do was slip a double band around Marion's waist or ankle, pass one end through the other, draw it tight, and then snap the free end into the swivel hook. No matter how much she should struggle or twist or plunge about, she could not loosen this attachment, a fact I had already learned when I conquered Alice. Moreover, the softness of the silk would prevent her finely grained skin from being rubbed or even marked, yet at the same time I could proceed with the utmost ruthlessness.

Marion had been taken by surprise, as I had hoped she would be. She was practically under the rope-pulleys by the time she recognized my purpose, and she began to utter wild cries, and to struggle and to strike at me with her fists. I disregarded her buffets entirely, concentrating on seizing her wrists with both hands; then, grasping the nearest rope-pulley, I fastened it securely around her wrists. This done, it was a matter of another moment or two to attach her other wrist the same way. I then touched the button, the ropes tightened inexorably, Marion's arms were drawn upwards until they were stretched to the maximum, and she was forced to stand erect from the pull exerted on her slender wrists.

"You villain! Untie me at once! How dare you treat me this way, you abominable man? What are you going to do to me? I warn you, you will suffer for this brutality!" Marion cried in a vibrant, shaking voice as she began to kick, while at the same time dragging on her bound wrists.

I watched carefully, and when I was certain that the admirable device of the silk bands attached to the swivel hooks would surely hold and that she absolutely could not free herself, I calmly went to the other armchair at the other end of the room, where my dressing gown and slippers awaited me. I had put up a Japanese shop screen beside the armchair, and I retired behind it now, leaving Marion to cry out and inveigle against me while I simply undressed completely, then donned the dressing gown and belted it tightly, thrust my bare feet into slippers, and emerged from behind the screen.

When she saw me approach her in such intimate attire, her large eyes enormously dilated and her mouth gaped with the most consternated surprise I have ever seen on a woman's face. All she could say was "Ohhh!"

It was certainly a good beginning. I had managed at last to divert her arrogant and selfish nature from the righteous indignation which was consuming her. Now, perhaps for the first time, she realized that she had been most rash in flouting me and behaving in no way as a well-bred feminine guest should ever do in a gentleman's apartment.

Decidedly, she was quite feminine. The charming little fringe of exaggerated curls all along the top of her forehead contrasted with the prim bun into which her black hair was gathered at the back of her haughty head. Her dark blue eyes were glistening with undisguised rage, and I could not help but mark the angry curl of her ripe upper lip. Her complexion was quite good, and it foretold the most indescribably delicious moments for me when I should at last have every inch of it exposed to my eager gaze. Alice had ivory skin, but Marion's skin in some ways excited me now even more: it was a warm olive in tone, and that is a complexion which I had always believed to denote an ardent temperament.

"Are you quite through staring, yon contemptible brute?" she suddenly ranted, and before I could anticipate her conduct, kicked out her right foot at me. It was by great good luck only that I managed to recoil, or she might have kicked me very painfully in the shin or kneecap.

"I have hardly begun, Marion," I answered, "but it seems to me that yon are trying to impede my view." It was evident to me, however, that, unlike Alice, who finally realized the futility of struggling against the inevitable, Marion was made of sterner stuff and would continue to rebel against my intentions and therefore hamper my full enjoyment of her luscious charms. "I shall have to take measures to quiet your angry spirit," I said jestingly.

Now there were rings set at the base of the pillars as well as at a point about eight feet from the floor. These lower rings would be extremely handy, for as I moved to one side of Marion, she launched another perfidious kick at my person, indicating that she did not intend to submit quite so readily as might be hoped.

So I procured two long silken ropes, after having measured the distance between the pillars and where she stood, and I moved to her right, squatted down, seized her left ankle with my left hand and wound the silken rope around her slim ankle with several turns, making a good strong knot. Next I secured the other end through the ring at the base of the pillar, which immobilized that leg. It did not take long to treat the other leg the same way, and by then, I assure you, Marion was in a perfect frenzy of hateful rage. To her credit, I must say that she had as yet displayed no fear, and I must say also that the sight of her sparkling eyes, her furiously flushed face, her defiant wriggling against her bonds, and the hoarse and insulting threats which she poured forth against me as I proceeded to immobilize her for the preliminary conquest of her person whetted my sexual appetites to a boundless flight of rapture.

"That's better, Marion. Now we shall be able to conduct a rational conversation, without your being able to interrupt it with unladylike kicks," I said as I approached her.

"You utter swine," she hissed between her teeth, "you are showing yourself in your true colors at last. Oh, I knew from the start, I knew intuitively what a dreadful mistake my poor sister made in ever becoming attached to you. But you wait, you dreadful monster, till I get out of here, and you will not be able to assault and maltreat any more helpless girls, I promise you."

"And I, for my part, Marion," I told her deliberately, staring into her eyes with a mocking expression on my face, "promise you that you shall not leave here till you have given me even more than your lovely and gentle sister has done, and that many times over."

She read my meaning all too well. She seemed to recoil in her bonds, as if throwing herself backwards away from me. Her eyes widened enormously, and then a sudden, fiery color suffused her olive-sheened cheeks.

"Since you have had the advantage of marital experience and estate over dear Alice," I resumed in my most taunting tones, "I expected that you would be more perceptive and would require less explanation of my feelings for you, Marion. You have an admirable figure, and it is plain to see why you attracted your husband. What I intend to find out, however, is why you failed to hold him, always assuming that he was as virile and appreciative a man as I myself. Yes, quite an excellent figure, although I personally should not choose so thick a fabric for your dress. It only hides the elegance of your bosom."

"How dare you!" she managed in a shuddering, low, husky voice.

"I shall dare a great deal before you leave here, Marion. And before you do, you will have paid me back for every slander, every slur, every haughty and insolent look, every threat and curse and vilification. And then there is that infamous slap you rendered me, thinking yourself beyond reprisal simply because of your sex. It is going to be a long afternoon for you, I fear. Let me see now, how shall we begin? But of course - I must see if those splendid breasts are as firm as they seem to be through your bodice!"

"What do you mean? You infernal fiend - I forbid you to touch me! If you do - I will kill you, I swear I will, as soon as I am free," she cried in an almost hysterical frenzy.

Looking up at the ceiling, she dragged ferociously on her wrists, but she did not succeed in loosening them to the slightest degree. And, much to my delight, her violent maneuvers made her breasts jiggle in the most suggestive way. I watched her greedily, waiting for her to come to the awareness that, despite all her bravado and defiance, she was doomed.

But from the savage rancor on her lovely, arrogant face, the fulminating surge of her magnificent bosom, and the convulsive jerks she continued to give to her pinioned wrists, it was evident that she was still a long way from that realization. As for myself, my cock was swelling and aching with the infinitesimal relish of the mysterious delights I meant to provide for it before this long and delicious afternoon had been concluded.

"Can it be, my dear Marion," I pursued a new track now, "that all this hostility of yours originates from your jealousy of Alice?"

She was startled by this unexpected question, for she looked at me with a piercing, questioning gaze, and her fine forehead furrowed as she strove to catch my meaning. Before she could reply, I continued in the same bantering tone, "Perhaps with you it is a case of sour grapes, my charming sister-in-law to be."

"You contemptible liar!" was her angry, hoarse retort. "You have no more intention of marrying Alice than does the man in the moon, and you will not have the chance, for I intend to inform her once and for all of your heinous character, you odious blackguard!"

"It has been said by many a famous writer, my dear Marion," I ignored her furious insult, "that hate is akin to love. Well, presuming that is so, you must secretly love me very dearly to hate me so, or at least to profess that you do."

"I - love you! Oh, you are impossible! I will not say another word to you except to warn you that if you do not release me at once, yon will repent it till your dying day!" was her panting reply.

I drew up a chair and seated myself before her. She caught her breath and bit her lower lip, staring down at me. Now, perhaps for the first time, I could detect a hint of fear in those dark blue, imperiously cold eyes, for they now held a shadow of uncertainty. Almost instantly, however, she looked upwards and jerked strongly at her wrists, finding it difficult to balance herself, for the ropes at her ankles had drawn her legs slightly apart - though not to their fullest extent - and the traction in two directions was proving to be a sore trial for her.

"I assure you they will hold you fast till I deign to let you down, Marion. Yes, you are quite attractive, and I think you know it. I think perhaps you give yourself too many fine airs, and this may be one reason why you are no longer united with your husband. But quite beyond that, and let us be honest at this moment if at no other," I blandly continued, "is it not the truth that having learned that I am really not such an odious person after all and that my prospects and my person are quite sanguine, you resolved that if you could not have me you would make certain Alice would not either? This, my dear Marion, is the very quintessence of sour grapes."

"You are absolutely insane, sir, to even suggest such a despicable thing," and her voice trembled as her magnificent bosom began to heave wildly again. "I detest and abominate you, do you understand? If it meant my very life, I would never submit myself to you, and the thought that you have been able to enjoy my sister as intimately as I know you have - for her stupidly radiant behavior has told me that without her having had to say a word about what has passed between the two of you - really makes me quite ill!"

"But if Alice has not told you - to use your words, my dear Marion - what has passed between us two, yon have no realistic basis for your repugnance. I mean to put you in a practical way of understanding just what does occur between a man and a woman. It may well be a lesson that you stand in need of, considering that you could not hold your husband for all your delightful charms. And now, with or without your leave, I am going to learn for myself something of their nature."

I had seated myself in this chair, just as I had done with her sister, only with Alice I had not bothered to bind her ankles because she had not thought of kicking me. I now placed my hands on Marion's waist, and she at once uttered an angry cry and twisted herself back from me.

"I warn you, sir, I warn you," she panted. "If you do me any indignity, you will expiate your crime in prison and for as long a time as I can have my solicitor charge you!"

"Well, since you have already determined to have me languish in a cell, my dear sister-in-law to be," I retorted merrily, "I may as well be hanged for a wolf as a sheep." So saying, I slipped my hands behind her shapely back and moved them round until they were at the sides of her breasts.

Marion uttered a wild cry and twisted and dragged at her wrists, to no avail. Gnashing her teeth, her eyes bulging with fury and now a definite fear, she tried to evade my unwanted caresses. I prolonged the moment to the longest possible degree, and then I boldly cupped the globes of her bosom through her clothes!

"Ohh! I forbid you - you inhuman monster. Stop that at once, you vile, lecherous fiend - Oh, help, for God's sake, help me! I am at the mercy of a monster," she shrieked.

I dropped my hands at once, letting her think she had won her point, for when I next pursued my devious designs upon her, it would be the more shattering to her enervated psyche. I stared up at her, seeing how violently her face was flushed, her lips trembling, her eyes exorbitant, her forehead deeply furrowed, and, delicious telltale sign, a bead or two of sweat appearing along her high forehead at the fringe of those flouncy, affectatious curls. Her breath was erratic, and her nostrils flared and shrank as she tried once again to wrest herself free.

Now, Alice's breasts were firm, upstanding, saucy, and inviting. Perhaps a trifle too full for perfection, but they were also set rather widely apart, and the aureolae were wide and of a most delicious soft pink hue, in whose centers nuzzled dainty little crinkly buds. Yet from the first tentative palpation I had had of Marion's bosom, it had seemed to me that her breasts were rather closely set together and splendidly shaped like firm ripe pears with an uptilting verve to their crests. Even through the thickness of dress and bodice and perhaps the camisole which she must be wearing, her flesh seemed to me to be wonderfully resilient and jouncy. It was a magnificent augury of what was to come.

In the pocket of my dressing gown I had deposed a pair of shears. These I had used to dispossess Alice from the confinements of her final veils. There can be no doubt that once a woman is stripped naked, and no matter how obdurate or insolent her nature, she cannot but sense an atrocious loss of pride and dignity when in the presence of her disrober. Well, I was counting on that in my plans for the final subjugation of arrogant and beautiful Marion.

I should say that she was about an inch taller than Alice, though the rather bulky way she was dressed suggested an even greater plumpness than her sister had in fact. This is why the disrobing of a charming woman is such a treat for a connoisseur of feminine pulchritude: until the very last moment he is kept in suspense as to the true beauties of the body he is about to lay bare for his carnal appeasement.

When I saw that the heaving of her bosom had somewhat subsided, I took hold of her waist again with both my hands and caressed it. Marion shuddered and closed her eyes, setting her teeth to keep from uttering a word. It was evident that she wished to give her executioner not one ounce of satisfaction. It was equally evident that she wished to give the impression of death before dishonor, which was rather ludicrous, after all, in a married woman. But it was totally in keeping with her affectations and holier-than-thou personality. Yes, Marion, we are going to strip away that veneer of yours along with your clothes, I told myself.

Again and completely at my leisure, I considered her. She was damnably delicious, now that there was proof of her being somewhat less than an icy, untouchable goddess, a statue posed high above me on a pedestal. Now the gleam of sweat was more evident than before on her forehead, and long, shivering tremors swept along her tractioned arms and shoulders, while her face was flushed and taut with a mounting anxiety that insidiously began to gnaw against all her angry and heroic defiance. She realized that she was well caught and vulnerable, but I do not think she believed, even at this moment, that I would really go so far as I planned to do; undoubtedly the prim propriety of her upbringing and her outlook on marriage - though here, I will confess, I was speculating - made it absolutely inconceivable that a man should take and pinion and strip and feel and then have his way with her.

"If you were not quite so rebellious, my dear Marion," I now coolly remarked, "the two of us could be far more comfortable than I fear you are at this moment. However, Goethe has an admirable proverb which I shall render for you in the English translation. 'What you can do without, do without.' I fear, therefore, that I must content myself with the sparse means at my disposal till you show a less unruly nature."

And with this, rising from my chair, I pressed myself against her till our knees met and my hands moved round to press against her shoulders so her bosom could not evade my eager chest. Thus her face was posed inches from mine, and I could hear the rapid, agonized stress of her breathing as well as see the broadening of her lovely nostril-wings and read also in her dilated eyes the glazed shadows of her rising dread. She jerked convulsively against my hands, but I nonetheless thrilled to feel her fine, firm breasts mashing against my chest, outlining their rondures against the thick cloth which kept their olive-satiny goblets from my entranced gaze and touch. She twisted her face to the left, closing her eyes as another long shiver ran through her. Now I could see the fine beads of sweat all along her forehead and at the sides near those dainty ears, indisputable proof of her terrifying uncertainty, of the loss of her vaunted poise and arrogance… the first true triumph against this embattled, beautiful young virago!

I could savor each triumph in its turn and time, and I was not greedy, though I confess it required the most powerful self-control of which I was capable to keep from altering my schedule of divestiture of Marion's raiment and the progression to tactual and erotic torments and tauntings which would finally wreak havoc on her delicious, naked, helpless person.

The cords of her round throat surged against the warm olive skin, and I saw the triphammering of the lovely little pulse at the soft hollow which told of her overwrought excitement and increasing anxiety. She had compressed her lips and kept her eyes tightly closed, trying to obliterate me in the manner of the ostrich which thrusts its head into the sand to deny the existence of the oncoming hunter. The time had therefore come to show her that I could not simply be wished away and that my will was stronger than hers, to say nothing of my desire.

So, stealthily releasing her quivering shoulders, I placed my palms at her waist, just at the curve of her rounded hips, which seemed much fuller than they probably were because of the width and fullness of the skirt, and then, without warning, I clapped my palms solidly against the cheeks of her bottom!

"Aahhh! You filthy devil - oh, my God, take your dirty hands away at once, you unspeakable, detestable, horrible beast!" was Marion's almost hysterical outburst. She lunged from side to side, throwing back her head towards the ceiling, but all she could see was the ceiling and the inexorable pulleys fixed in that firmament, and there was no reprieve in either. I pressed my palms more firmly against her behind, and with a groan, Marion pressed herself more closely against me, meanwhile glancing back and down at herself as if hoping that this was a nightmare and what she was experiencing was only a figment of her feverishly exercised imagination.

To rid her of that absurd notion, I spread my fingers fantail against the plump globes of her bewitching backside, and then I squeezed!

"Ohh! You beast - no, I don't want you to touch me! You infamous scoundrel, you blackguard - take your hands away from me at once!" she stormed. Her voice trembled and shook with agonized and powerless rage as she trembled and shook with anger. Even as I stared at her contorted face, I could see the deepening of her blushes; and the effect of crimson against that olive skin, was, I must tell you, devastatingly exciting for me. My cock was now impatiently demanding some kind of participation in the fray, for I felt it swell and throb violently, lifting out the folds of my dressing gown until, had Alice's sister chanced to lower her eyes and peer down between our bodies, she could not have mistaken the nature of my own excitement.

"From the frantic wrigglings my touch seems to produce in you, Marion," I remarked as I momentarily relaxed the grip of my sinewy fingers, "I am beginning to believe that your nuptials must have been thoroughly intellectual rather than carnal. What? Do you intend to imply to me that your husband did not hold you this way when he took his conjugal rights?"

"Ohhh!" Her gasp was utterly scandalized. She turned her face to the other side now, but her eyelids blinked rapidly and I thought I saw the suspicion of glistening tears in their shadowed depths. Her fingers clawed the air, and once again she wrenched feverishly at her bound wrists.

"Yes," I continued banteringly, "one would think you a virgin, Marion, from the way you squirm and gasp at the slightest liberty one takes with your delightful person. But surely the marriage must have been consummated in the time of three years."

"Oh, you - you demon - you horrid, overbearing, boorish swine!" she panted, and she turned on me such a withering look of feverish hatred that I almost quailed.

"As I remarked a little earlier," I at last countered her insult, "in the olden days physicians used their lancets to bleed a patient whose humor was choleric, lest he have apoplexy or be stricken with an attack of overly tautened nerves. You are overly hot, and I think the reason is the excessive clothing you are wearing. It is true the room is somewhat close. So instead of bloodletting, Marion, I shall put you somewhat more at your ease by removing some of your apparel."

"Oh God, no! You have no right! I forbid you - this is criminal, horrible, vile. Oh, help! Help, in the name of mercy! Will no one help me from this monster?" she shouted. Again she twisted to and fro and dragged at her ropes.

I put my left arm around her waist and with my right hand began to stroke her hip and bottom, totally ignoring her cries and gasps and groans, and managing her desperate wrigglings with the grip of my circling arm. Again her head fell back, but this time her eyes were closed and only the trembling of her lips and the convulsive flickering of her nostrils told me what she was experiencing. So, too, did the tumultuous surging of her bosom which strained at the stuff of her dress as if longing to be liberated from its prison.

"Patience, Marion," I told her mockingly. Now seating myself on the chair again and keeping my left arm around her waist, I verified the appraisal I had already made of her hips and bottom by pressing my right hand even more firmly and tightly against those delicious curves. From what I could determine, she was about to show me a figure at least as enticing as sweet Alice's. How could a husband have left such a treasure without having educated her into all the ways of bliss that can be procured between a man and a maid? It must only be because she was not willing, or too prudish, or finally, because her husband was an utter fool. I would not make the same mistake he had made, I told myself.

At last I finished with the examination of her bottom, all throughout which she had groaned and squirmed and jerked uselessly at her wrists. She also made desperate attempts to close her widened thighs, quite unaware what a suggestive pose she was proffering even against her will, but of course the ropes at her ankles refused to yield even so much as an inch.

I released her waist also, and for a long moment I stared up at her, gloating at her confusion and feverish anxiety. She was biting her lower lip repeatedly now, and I could see that the beads of sweat had fallen from her forehead, down her cheeks almost like tears. Her thick, long lashes fluttered almost incessantly. Decidedly, Marion's nerves were at a state of flux and she was at that impressionable stage when she could no longer be mistress of herself so long as there was a master like myself present to direct her course.