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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume III

Chapter Five

Once again I rose from my chair and, pressing myself tightly against the fuming young woman, cupped my hands around her voluptuous, firm behind and pressed her tightly up against me. She uttered a raging cry and struggled vainly to break loose, tilting back her head until the cords of her neck stood out against the soft, warm olive skin in the most obvious display of aversion to my person. Her lips curled back to bare fine, strong, white teeth, and altogether she presented the most alluring portrait of rebellious femininity at bay that I had ever encountered. I was greatly pleased with Marion; by contrast, sweet Alice had succumbed with far less hostility. But this duel which I foresaw between Marion and myself could only procure me a thousand more new and seductive joys which would redound to the more crushing defeat of Marion herself!

By this time, also, she could have no doubt of the state of my own emotions as I kept her pressed tightly against me. My angrily stiff prick at last demanded its rightful emergence into the sphere of action, so to speak, and thrust out boldly through the folds of my dressing gown. The broad meatus, that valiant spearhead on which I proposed to skewer haughty Marion's proud citadel, rubbed against the hollow of her dress where I knew her crotch to be. And the burning waves of furious, crimsoning shame which beleaguered her now told me that she was quite sensible as to my intent, as well as to the adequacy with which I had come prepared to wreak my male vengeance for her effrontery.

My hands now left her bottom to rove down the backs of her thighs, pressing her full skirts tightly up against them so I could shape out those luscious columns. I felt them quivering and jerking against my appraising palpations, and stifled gasps emerged from between her clenched teeth, while her lashes fluttered and her eyelids blinked repeatedly as she stubbornly twisted her face as far from me as she could get it. But her body, rather more than her face, deliciously told me that she was not quite so impervious to my ministrations as she would have it appear, and as I pressed the head of my cock directly against her veiled grotto, I knew that the moment had come at last to carry out my decision of disrobing her, step by mortifying step.

Without a word of warning, therefore, I released her thighs, at which she gave a gasp, no doubt of relief, only to commence with the dainty mother-of-pearl buttons down the middle of her handsome chest. One by one I began to open these, while she stared at me for a long moment as if unwilling to believe that I would go so far as this.

But when I had reached the final button, she said in a shuddering, hoarse voice: "You villain, what are you going to do to me now? I warn you, treating a decent woman like this will mean prison for life for an unprincipled wretch like you!"

"Why, my dear Marion, since it is already certain that you mean to send me to prison for merely tying your wrists above your head just to give you pause for meditation," I tauntingly replied, "I may as well have some little pleasure for my trouble, to provide some pleasant memories for the period of my incarceration in a cell. Don't you think so?"

I now unfastened the two tiny buttons of the high collar of her frock, and this gave me full leeway to take hold of the yawning flaps from her throat down to the lower curves of her bosom and energetically rip the frock asunder at the front, exposing a short pink crinoline blouse under which was evidently a tight, white linen bodice. I smiled with amusement at this discovery, for it showed me that Marion was not only fastidious but also extremely prudish in keeping herself so voluminously veiled. For once, therefore, I did not regret this abundance of garments; the removal of each in turn would augment her anxiety and shame and frustrated rage, and thus heighten my own exquisite and gloating pleasures in this conquest of Alice's over-righteous sister.

"I shall, of course, replace this ruined frock, Marion," I remarked as I proceeded to unfasten the blouse. She uttered a cry of horror and resumed her struggles to get free. She lunged backwards and then to the side, energetically tugging at the tethered wrists, but her face, was congested and red with the violent waves of crimson sweeping over her, both from her exertion and her mortification. The visions I had of the skin of her warm upper chest and throat were enough to inflame my determination to husk her completely naked. There was on her collarbone to the left a most adorable little brown, oval-shaped birthmark, which I playfully stroked with a fingertip while I paused to let her take stock of her situation. In this disheveled disarray, standing with legs slightly spread and arms tractioned above her head, her face scarlet and her teeth chattering, her sensuous nostril-wings flaring and shrinking, and her large eyes blinking uncontrollably as, no doubt, she fought away the treacherous tears of anguish which all this was causing her, Marion at this moment excited me even more than had my beautiful Alice at the moment of the latter's subjugation.

I was not ashamed of myself for this fickle transfer of affections; a prick has no conscience and it is entirely a creature of hedonism, no matter how cerebrally its owner may be motivated. Had Alice been in Marion's place at this moment, my prick would doubtless have had as great an exuberance, but Marion must now bear the brunt of its desires.

Now at last I reached the bodice, and I extended my right hand toward the dainty buttons, while my left moved behind her to palm the small of her back so that she might not lunge away from me. As my fingers touched the first button, she panted in a choking voice: "In God's name, no - don't do this to me, sir - if - if you mean to frighten me, then be sure you have. I am dying of shame - I - I entreat you to be merciful!"

"But I am being merciful, Marion; for all your jibes and slander, as well as for your slap, I might, had I been more ruthlessly inclined, have taken a whip to those soft shoulders and that plump backside whose dimensions I am longing to behold, after having felt you just now. No, quite the contrary, Marion. You see in me an admiring spectator standing ready to salute your hidden charms, and you cannot accuse me of cruelty. It is rather you who are guilty of that for hiding your delicious person with such a confining amount of garments."

"Ohh, you - you wicked, heartless, infamous man!" she breathed, turning her face to the left, closing her eyes and compressing her lips, while a long shudder rippled through her body.

I now unbuttoned her bodice, and as the last button gave way to my impetuous fingers, she uttered a low groan and bent her head a little, trembling convulsively as she felt me drag apart the folds and expose in all their glory the sumptuous turrets of her naked bosom.

I almost gasped myself in ecstatic admiration. Marion's breasts were really splendid, boldly uptilting pears with the sauciest, firm dark coral nipples imaginable. The aureolae were wide and of a brownish-orangeish hue, and I could not take my eyes off them for a long, devouring moment. But when at last I extended my hands and cupped those firm, satiny-warm gourds, my thumbpads delicately pressing the pert buds back into their centers, Marion uttered a shriek of shame and rage, and violently flung herself backwards to escape the ignominious palpation.

How I reveled in the warm, palpitating feel of her naked breasts against my eager hands! Her panting, sobbing and tumultuous breathing made them flutter like doves in my avid grasp, while she turned her face from side to side, her forehead now damp with agony-sweat, continuing to jerk at her bound wrists and claw the air uselessly with her long, slim fingers. I knew that she longed to rip and shred my face with her sharp-buffed nails if she were free, and the knowledge that she was utterly at my mercy and must endure all that I cared to inflict upon her, filled me with a glorious exuberance and an incomparable vitality. My prick ached so savagely that I determined to give her a brief respite so that she could once more reappraise her situation, which was certainly no more desperate than at the outset.

I seated myself before her while I planned the next step in my campaign to subjugate haughty Marion. You will recall that I had had to undress Alice forcibly, though I had not needed to use the scissors; I very much doubted, however, that Marion would give me the same kind of passive resignation, allowing me to work her clothes over her clenched hands, over the ropes, then release each rope in turn, slip the garments down and off, then refasten the noose. No, it would actually be more exciting to cut away Marion's clothes when the moment came to expose the most intimate parts of her body. I had already ripped her frock down to the waist, badly enough so that it would certainly need replacement.

I therefore lit a fresh cigar and sat there silently watching her while I puffed away, sending puffs of smoke into her scarlet, contorted face. She coughed, twisted her face from side to side, clenched her teeth and moaned, trying her best not to look at me during this prolonged interlude. All this while I feasted my eyes on the shuddering rise and fall of those heaving loveglobes, whose nipples seemed to have darkened and stiffened now that they were exposed to the air and to the burning caresses of my enraptured gaze.

"Well, Marion, are you beginning to realize that your sharp tongue and impulsive belligerence have condemned you to reprisal?" I mockingly asked after this long silence.

"Have - have you no decency in your nature, s - sir?" she at last forced herself to speak, and her voice was low and husky and trembling with the effort it must have cost her. "Very well. I admit that I behaved rudely to you, and I should not have slapped you, but that gave you no right to abuse me and to shame me in this way, which is criminal, as you surely know. Let me go now, at least, to make some amends for your disgraceful and horrid conduct. In return, I - I will apologize for having slapped you."

"What, so soon contrite, after so determined and embittered a resolve to have me imprisoned, Marion?" I chuckled, as I took a long puff at my cigar and sent a wreath of aromatic blue smoke into her contorted face. "I confess I like you better as an enraged Amazon, ready to claw and rend and decimate me at all costs. So you are willing to apologize for the slap, are you? And do you think, Marion, that will even the score between us, Marion? You, who from the outset tried in every way to hamper my romance with your sister. You, who constantly blackened my character, even before we had come to that first rift which was your doing, trying to set her mind against me and to deny her her own natural inclinations."

"You are a heartless wretch to have so entrapped me," she panted, frantically glancing down at her front and biting her lips again as she saw how lewdly the ripped front of her frock, the yawning blouse and bodice, exposed the glories of her olive-sheened, panting naked bosom. "You dared lure me here by saying that you could inform me of my future happiness, only to brutalize and manhandle me in this abusive and criminal way - surely whatever I have done to you is more than wiped out by the offense you have given me this afternoon."

"Not by one thousandth part, I fear," was my reply as I leaned back in my chair and leered up at her, giving her a taste of her own medicine, as it were. "You very nearly cost me my sweetheart, you dared to set yourself up as judge and jury over me, whereas now I merely pay an admiring tribute to your womanly attributes, Marion. Indeed, I have been asking myself all this time if you were truly a woman, to have so little heart and so much spleen and so much vindictiveness."

"And that is a damnable lie!" she burst out, her naked bosom heaving, wildly as she struggled with the bonds that held her. "I could not possibly in all the world have the slightest regard for a beast and traducer like you, even if you were the only man alive!"

"Now that is much better, and I much prefer it. It comes from the heart and is therefore more credible,'' I mockingly told her. "And I did not lie when I told you I would give you information as to your future happiness. I shall proceed to do that, Marion, by continuing with my plan to draw from you even more truthful and sincere reactions which will once and for all set to rest in my mind the doubts I have had. For all this while you have represented yourself as a stone statue, with no more heart than that and no more soul and no more understanding of what may pass between a man and a maid who desires him. Prepare yourself, then, to learn the absolute truth about yourself before this afternoon is ended."

I crushed out my cigar in the ashtray and rose from my chair. Marion sucked in her breath, her eyes widening supremely, and tried to fling herself backward at my approach. Once again I put my hands out to those splendid naked globes of her bosom and lovingly squeezed and stroked them, feeling her nipples stiffen and tingle as my palms lingeringly grazed those crinkly tidbits. Then once again I seated myself and, while I kept my eyes on her scarlet and contorted face, I lowered my hands under her voluminous skirts and suddenly yanked them up.

"Oh my God, no! Don't do that! Oh, I'll kill you for that - stop it - oh, help me, help me, for God's sake, won't somebody help me?" Marion shrieked. With all her might she lunged this way and that, trying to jerk her ankles against the confining pinions, dragging on her tractioned wrists, while her beautiful bare breasts jiggled and danced in the most delicious choreography.

The skirt was exceptionally full, and besides this she wore two attractive lawn petticoats. When I had grasped all this bulky fabric in my left hand and lofted it up to her waist, I found to my rising excitement the vulnerable target of her loins and bottom sheathed in dainty lace-trimmed pink silk drawers, whose legs reached nearly to mid-thigh and whose snugness shaped out the plump prominence of her Mount of Venus. I even fancied I could see the thick bush of black silky curls which framed and shielded her luscious cunt.

"Nooo!! Let my clothes down, for God's sake. Oh, you infamous brute, you vile, despicable fiend!" Marion screamed hoarsely, beside herself to find herself in such desperate straits. She wriggled and twisted frantically, straining to clench her thighs, which of course she could not do. I kept the mass of garments lifted high and now, leaning forward, I began to stroke her shapely thighs, sheathed in black silk stockings which disappeared under the legs of her drawers. I could see the white satin-elastic sheath of her stays framing the sides of her drawers and girdling her about the waist, and I now temporarily released the up-rucked mass of skirt and petticoats to use both hands in unfastening the stays, which dropped to the floor between her legs. At that she uttered another agonized shriek of indescribable fury and despair.

I felt I must, in all conscience, though I had no great love for Marion, grant her at least a gentlemanly alternative of release without force, and so, removing my hands and letting her skirt and petticoats drop down, I demanded, "If you will agree to remove all of your clothing and offer yourself to me as a sign of contrition for the wrongs you have done me, Marion, I will let you down from the ropes and treat you with that kind of honor that a man accords a woman who willingly yields herself."

"Oh my God, you must be raving mad!" was Marion's hoarse, almost shouted reply, and she glared at me as vindictively as she had from the very outset "I will give you no satisfaction, you hideous monster, you blackguard, you debaucher of innocent and helpless women! Oh God, why did not my poor deranged sister tell me of your cowardly and perverted nature? What hypnotic coercion did you use to force her to your bestial desires?"

"Better and better," I complimented her in jest. "For this abhorrence of yours for me is almost genuine. As such, it is a challenge I cannot gainsay. You have asked a question, and I shall give you an answer. Yes, Marion, I propose to use on you those same methods of hypnotic coercion, as you so picturesquely term them, that I used on sweet Alice. Then you will be in a fair way to make honest comparisons, which will, I trust, prevent you in the future from jumping to malicious and mendacious conclusions. I am going to strip you, my beauty, and I am going to get to the very roots of you. You may prepare yourself!"

With this, despite her frenzied cries and struggles, I pitilessly rose and, seizing the rent folds of her frock, gave an energetic yank that tore the fine material down to the very hems, so that the tattered frock hung loosely around her shuddering and straining body. I found the drawstrings of the petticoats and loosened them, although of course, because of the slight spread of her lower legs, they remained clinging to her lower limbs.

The scissors were deftly applied to them and in a few minutes, all these garments festooned her as she stood exposed to me now in the magnificent deshabille of drawers, stockings and shoes, with her upper body slightly covered only by the unbuttoned blouse and bodice that yawned on either side to bare the tempting glories of her warm olive-skinned breasts.

She began to cry out for help in a hoarse, agonized voice, throwing herself this way and that, making her naked bosom globes dance and jiggle in the most lascivious manner. My prick could not stand such excitement without a further respite, for it bulged out of my dressing gown in all its stiff and inflamed virility. So once again I seated myself and tried to regain my composure, for I had no intention of hastening the conquest of this beautiful virago. Meanwhile she hung there in her bonds, panting and gasping, her face crimson and damp with sweat, her nostrils shrinking and flaring erratically, staring at me as if I were the very Devil himself, an attitude of fearful respect which I, for one, found most appropriate to the occasion!

"Now that is better," I at last commented in a clam, composed tone which told me I had at last succeeded in regaining mastery over myself and that I could proceed with full dignity and calculation to the conquest of Marion's tasty and most secret charms. "With all of that oppressive clothing removed, you are not likely to get so heated, and you are therefore much more suitably prepared to appreciate the nature of my hypnotic coercion."

"I will kill you for this, you monster!" she murmured, flashing me a savage look of undisguised look of hatred.

I can assure you, dear reader, that far from wishing to accede to her murderous desire, I had every intention of living a good long while, or at least so long as I could do justice to the mouthwatering treasures which Marion so unwillingly displayed before me. Now I could really appreciate the gracious and ample contours of her voluptuously mature body. A good inch taller than my sweet Alice, she was magnificently formed. Her thighs were somewhat longer than Alice's, and gradually rounding as they neared the appetizing hemispheres of her bottom. Her calves were sleek and rather sinuous, beautifully muscled and sculptured in the tight cling of her black silk stockings. Her knees were delightfully dimpled and suavely rounded. Going behind her for a moment to appraise her bottom, which portion of a woman's anatomy has always given a special impetus to my erotic passions, I was entranced to find that her posterior was in some ways even more exciting in conformation than sweet Alice's. The cheeks were broadly oval and highset, with a flare and jut to the summits that was absolutely impudent and audacious. The sinuous furrow that separated them widened at the base to suggest a most delicious access to both her sexual orifices, only one of which I knew to be virgin - or at least, guessed it to be as much. Also there was a wonderfully sensual mobility to that backside of hers, for as she sensed me behind her and contemplating her, Marion tightened her sphincter muscles with a supreme effort, making the full oval globes flex and contract lasciviously, as she tried to diminish the contours of her luscious posterior and to defend herself against both gaze and touch.

Standing behind her, at last I reached out and around her to cup the delicious lovegourds of her bosom and to pinch the nipples between thumbs and forefingers. As I expected, Marion gave a shriek and lunged and twisted, but I stood up close and I felt her resilient bottom grind and rub against my belly and loins, further agitating my aching prick until the sensation of lust was almost insupportable. Violent shuddering spasms wrenched her voluptuous body as she fought to disengage her naked bosom from my profaning clutches. The smell of her body was equally exciting to me; she had used a delicate verbena perfume, and coupled to it was the aphrodisiacal scent of sweat and of female flesh to which clung, also, the scented odor of her clothing. I detected a fine sachet. And this compound of both artificial and natural bodily effluvia whetted me as my nostrils savoringly drank it in.

Now my hands glided down her naked sides and towards the front of her drawers and, finally, to my indescribable delight, I had one palm right over Marion's cunt! Oh, how plump and enticing it was through this single thickness of fabric! My other hand rested on her inner left thigh, and I could feel the flexions of her muscles in fierce protest against my sullying touch of the most private portion of her delicious anatomy.

"Take your filthy hand away from my person - oh my God, you beast, you contemptible swine!" she panted. She jerked her bottom back to remove her front from my attack, only to feel the prodding jab of my swollen cock right up against the cleft between her bottomcheeks. She was between Scylla and Charybdis, on the very horns of a Damoclean dilemma, and she realized it at once, for as she felt the rude jab of my enraptured prick against her scantily sheathed bottom, Marion plunged forward again with a wailing cry: "Aaaahhh! For God's sake, no - don't shame me like this - you brute, you monster, you shameless blackguard!"

"For one who was about to apologize in the most contrite manner, my dear Marion," I told her, "you seem to have renounced that temporary humility and determined once again to defy me. Good - I accept your challenge gladly. Do you feel where my hand is, Marion! Did your husband ever caress you thus in the privacy of your conjugal chamber?" and with this I pressed my hand tightly over the prominent Mount of Venus. You cannot imagine the sensations I derived therefrom; not only the bliss of realizing that haughty Marion was at least completely in my power, mine to do with as I chose, hers to endure what I chose to inflict - but also the physical awareness of her womanhood. Oh, she was abundantly fleeced! I could feel the mass of silky curls right under the thin material of her drawers, and I knew those curls must hide the bower of her most intimate femininity.

I could no longer control my lustful urge to see those supreme charms of hers completely unveiled, and so I attacked the tapes of her drawers, which were quite tightly knotted as if in advance she had determined to provide her loins with the most infrangible of barriers.

"Oh, no don't - Oh merciful God, you can't intend to do that - Oh God, come and help me - somebody help me - he's going to ruin me!" she shrieked aloud.

It was almost ludicrous, this call of hers for help, this declaration of her dreaded "ruination". From a virgin I would have expected it as a normal reaction to the initiation into the sweet mysteries of fucking; but Marion had been married for three years and could not, surely, boast of having retained her maidenhead. Or - sudden, titillating hypothesis - had she actually held off a man of normal appetites with every marital right to gratify them by denying him access to this furry niche on which my palm pressed so greedily? I paid no attention to her shrieks and clamorous cries, and I let her struggle and twist and wrench herself about all she chose while I concentrated on the unknotting of those drawstrings which denied my eyes and hands and cock the accessibility to both of her womanly grottoes.

At last I felt them yield, and I grasped the tops and then rolled them downwards with a single husking jerk.

"Aaahhh! Oh, dear God in heaven - no, stop it, you hateful brute - let me go!" Marion hysterically screamed, turning her congested face back over one shoulder as if to appeal to me for mercy.

Her drawers had been tugged down just below her buttocks and would go no further, owing to the slight spread of her writhing, stockinged legs. Oh, magnificent vista, the olive-smooth, warm satiny resilience of her naked bottom, those two full oval cheeks tightening now as poor Marion sought to dissemble her nakedness from my blazing eyes, from my perfidious, searching fingers! The ambery-shadowy cleft almost disappearing in this supreme contraction of her bottom muscles, Marion, hinging and twisting; tried frenziedly to break her bonds and get free from what was in store for her!

Her bottom was absolutely breathtaking in its configuration and its satiny smoothness. It possessed a mobility, an agility and a musculature which promised the most lubricious joys under the assailing onslaught of my possession of her flesh. There was at her chinkbone a most adorable kind of dimple, so that the prominent jut of the buttocks became that much more accentuated.

But before I tortured myself further with palpating the naked flesh of her behind, I must see her cunt, I told myself. And so, stepping around her, pushing back to the chair, I devoured her with my gaze while her face, scarlet and contracted, glistening with beads of agony and shame-sweat, the haughty black-haired sister of my beloved Alice writhed and groaned in a tumult of distraught emotions. Yes, it was as I had surmised: the plump triangulated aperture of her cunt was completely covered with a thick forest of glossy, silky black curls which extended from the lower abdomen and grew in profusion right over the lips of her delicious snatch, disappearing below the orifice and doubtless growing along the intimate and humid connecting groove which led to her nether slit!

Words cannot describe the exquisitely salacious picture Marion made with her silk drawers rucked down just under that appetizing cunt, stretched by the slight spread of her shaking stockinged thighs, with the sweet, delicately rounded goblet of her belly adorably marked by that tempting kiss-nook which was the navel.

I was shuddering with desire and my eyes were blazing. Alice's cunt was full and plump and fleshy and prominent, but that of her sister had, shall I say, an even more seductive allure for me. At first glance, even though the thick black curls concealed its conformation, it appeared that the outer labia were somewhat more pronounced and also that the aperture was deeper than sweet Alice's tender slit I now placed my left palm on her naked hip, and Marion started convulsively as if she had been touched with a red-hot poker, uttering a wild gasp: "Ohh no, for God's sake, no Don't touch me, you horrid villain! Kill me - kill me instead!"

"But that would be punishment in great excess of what you really deserve, my beloved sister-in-law to be," I jested. "No, Marion, I promise you that you shall be kept alive, and that you will never be more alive in all your life than during the next hour or so. Ah, I see that nature has given you as protective a veil as that which you selected in your choice of attire. But let us see just how hardy it is against the siege of my eager fingers."

With this, I applied my right forefinger to the thicket of jet-black curls and Marion, with a wild scream, lunged her bare bottom backwards in a futile attempt to evade my profanation. But the first touch I had of those thick ringlets made my cock throb with elysian anticipation. Thick though they were, they had a softness and curliness to them that bespoke an absolute treasure trove of Venus beneath their protective foliage. My left hand moved round to palm her naked bottom over both cheeks, bridging the shadowy gap which separated their contracting hemispheres, and thus I could force her back to the peregrinations of my invading finger. She glanced back at that ungentlemanly hand, then once again dragged with all her strength on her wrist bonds, while tremor after tremor rippled through her tractioned body.

For a moment I was playfully content to press my forefinger here and there over the large mound and to feel the thick silky curls of that delectable quim. But now the time had come to explore her innermost secrets. And so, leaning forward in my chair, my left palm pressing hard against her naked, squirming posterior, forcing her to thrust out her loins willy-nilly, I began to probe with the tip of my searching finger. Just as I had imagined, the exquisite fleshy fig of Marion's cunt was much deeper than Alice's. The outer lips formed a soft gash in that lovely mound, and they were as yet dry - a condition which I meant soon enough to alter - but deliciously crinkly-soft to my discriminating touch.

As my fingertip brushed that sensitive outer gateway which led to Marion's lovechannel, she uttered a low, sobbing groan, twisting her face to this side and then the other, her eyes tightly closed and her fists tightly clenched, but the trembling of her jaw and the flaring of her nostrils told me that she was not at all impervious to what she was experiencing. Her breasts too entered into this tumultuous anguish, thrusting out with panting exhalations, and her stertorous breathing gave the lie utterly to her attempt at stoic indifference. To my great delight, as my finger passed slowly all along that delicious aperture, first at the base of the outer lips and up to the top, then down the other lip to the base where it joined its sweet sister, I felt the membrane twitch and flutter and quiver. Oh no, Marion, for all her prudery and prim hauteur, was by no means the stone statue of righteousness she fancied herself!

"You coward, to try to avenge yourself in this disgusting, bestial way," she suddenly flung at me in a voice that was choked with rancor and sobs.

I blithely ignored this outburst, and I proceeded to tickle the outer lips of that soft pink chalice relentlessly back and forth, till gradually I could feel them twitch and tremor and flutter almost uncontrollably, until I could hear Marion's gasps and whimpering moans exude more frequently from between her clenched lips, and until I felt the spasmodic tightenings of her bottom muscles and the squirming, restless, uneasy movements of her naked behind against my restraining left palm.

Slyly then, I probed deeper, and I found the smaller, more delicate and slightly moist lips of the inner membrane which led to the vaginal sheath, the furrow down which at not too far distant a moment I knew my raging prick must needs surfeit its hungers for her tasty woman-flesh.