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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume III

Chapter Six

Just above the inner lips, my forefinger moved to discover the nodule of her clitoris, that fleshy little jewel, that lodestone, that kernel of passion which was the key to all Marion's womanly emotions and which should unlock the door to all her portals, no matter how much she fought to retain her defensive frigidity against my "abhorred" advances, and the prospect of my mastery and domination.

As my fingertip touched this tender morsel, Marion uttered a stifled groan, her head falling back, her eyes wide and exorbitant and her nostrils flaring delicately as a feverish spasm swept her entire body. Her body shook under the shock of this impulsion, and my left palm felt the convulsive jerk of the agile muscles under the satiny skin of her naked bottom. To distract her a little, I withdrew my left hand and suddenly ran it up under the leg of her rucked-down drawers, to find the stocking top. I detected the tight and flouncy rosette garter high on her thigh which kept the black silk sheath in such impeccably unwrinkled caress of her long, shapely leg. Plucking it out, I snapped it wickedly, and drew a startled little cry of "Ohh! d-don't!" and a convulsive wriggling that made my cock jump with savage ecstasy.

Again my right forefinger pressed against the nodule of her love-button, pressing it back into its protective cowl of soft, pink, protective loveflesh, then releasing it so it could bob up. This maneuver also produced a whimpering gasp and a convulsive twist from the frantic, helpless beauty, and she restlessly turned her face from side to side, her eyes again closed, her lips grimaced to show her clenched yet chattering teeth.

Now my finger withdrew, but only to attack the inner lips of her cunt again and to rim them with soft, tickling caresses, round and round, till I felt them fairly open and twitch and quiver in the insidious attunement which indisputably showed that for all her faults and her profession of disdainful contempt for the male animal, Marion was very much a warm-blooded female.

"You are extremely sensitive, it would appear," I told her, forcing my hoarsening voice to remain mockingly calm, to show her she could expect no wavering or indecision from me. "I wonder if your husband must have utilized this hypnotic coercion, again to borrow your very graphic phrase, to bring you down from your aloof and untouchable pedestal."

"Damn you, damn you for your brutal, vulgar and vicious conduct to me, a helpless woman," she panted. And now she tried desperately to clench her thighs and wrench herself backwards away from my probing finger. I still had my left hand on her upper thigh, and I now snapped her garter viciously, stinging her tender flesh and drawing an anguished little "Oww-oww! End this-end this horror! Haven't you had revenge enough, you dirty brute?"

"I have hardly begun to wipe out your first sarcastic remark this afternoon, my charming sister-in-law to be," was my answer.

I now felt it necessary to call a momentary halt to the proceedings, because my plans had somewhat altered for the subjugation of Alice's sister. Marion was, after all, twenty-seven, two years older than Alice; and where Alice had been a virgin, Marion most assuredly could not be after three years of marriage. Yet to this point, though I had already stripped her and felt her a good deal, I had not actually ascertained her true hymeneal status, and this I meant to do forthwith. Moreover, Marion had grossly insulted and injured me and therefore deserved a sterner reprisal than I had given her delicious sister for holding me off yet still tantalizing me. No, I had steeled my heart; Marion should not be reprieved into receiving any of the tender and creature comforts which I had bestowed on Alice.

She stood there shuddering and groaning, her face turned to one side, resolute in her intention not to look at me and continuing her ridiculous ostrich-like attitude of trying to banish all this unpleasantness from her mind.

So, finally pushing the chair backwards, I knelt down and clasped her slim ankles in the black silk hose, and gradually ran my hands upwards, gently squeezing the fine calves and knee-hollows and thighs. While Marion cried out hysterically for help, and made the most violent contortions which her bonds permitted to try to close her thighs against my amorous inroads. She was closer to her moment of truth than she knew, for the sight of her in this scandalous half-nakedness had inflamed me even more than the stripping of her sister had done, very possibly because of her resistance and defiance and continued arrogance.

"From the way you carry on, Marion," I said cruelly, "you would have me believe you to be an untouched, blushing, shy virgin who is ready to faint dead away at the first lustful touch of a man. Now I cannot credence this after three years of marriage, even though they terminated unhappily. I must therefore determine for myself what your marital condition bestowed upon you. In a word, my charming sister-in-law to be, I am going to see whether you still retain your maidenhead."

A look of horror passed over her face now as she stared down at me, her nostrils furiously dilating and shrinking, her lips trembling, and finally in a husky, stifled voice she panted, "I see that I am helpless now and that, cowardly dog that you are, you are determined to abuse me. Very well, I cannot prevent it, but I warn you that you shall pay dearly for what you have done to me. Oh, God, if I only had a brother or my husband to avenge me, you would be dead now!"

I did not reply to his, for I was staring eagerly at her cunt. The thick, abundant black curls which covered it themselves gave me no clue as to her sexual nature, but I now passed my right forefinger against the center of that hidden grotto and pressed it on between the fleshy outer lips of Marion's pleasure channel. She caught her breath and tilted back her head, her eyes desperately closed as tightly as she could get them, and her body went rigid. It was a magnificent spectacle to observe how the muscles of her sleek calves, so beautifully and provocatively sheathed in the clinging black silk stockings, flexed and trembled from the nervous stress upon her system in this beleaguered pose. I paid no heed to it except to constate it as a further proof that she would have me believe her immaculate and untouched ere this. And I foraged my finger onward, past the smaller inner labia of her slit, till I felt myself intrude within that tender mysterious groove which nature has afforded for the gratification of my sex. Up to the hilt I plunged my finger, and I looked up triumphantly: she was decidedly no virgin!

Her teeth were chattering again, and all her muscles were in mobile tension as she stood there, stiffened and quivering with baffled fury and shame. Once again her olive cheeks were dyed a flaming scarlet hue, and the pulse-hollow in her aristocratic throat was even more visibly hammering from her agitated senses.

Whisking my finger out of her cunt, I straightened before her, and I boldly cupped her breasts, tickling her nipples with the tips of my forefingers as I stared into her congested face. My cock prodded against the silky hairs of her mount; and, sucking in her breath again very sharply, Marion executed a violent, convulsive recoiling with the intent of placing her most vulnerable niche at a distance from my person.

"So," I gloatingly remarked, "you are not quite the blushing maiden you would have me believe you to be. Now how is it that after three years of supposedly blissful conjugal relations, you decided to dispense with your husband? Can it be that he did not know how to satisfy your true secret passions, Marion?"

"Ohhh!!" It would be impossible to describe the horrified tone with which she pronounced this expletive. And for a moment, her large eyes opened and inflicted upon me a withering, raging look. Yes, I had hurt Marion in her secret woman's pride, I had implied that this haughty and patrician goddess had feet of clay and could not hold her man. I had impugned the most intimate part of her life, but you will observe that I had rather placed the blame on her husband than on her, lasciviously suggesting that her lusts were inordinate, whereas my belief was that it was quite the other way around and that very likely Marion was a deficient lover to the point where her husband had sought his amorous diversions elsewhere.

"Well," I continued, for I had now determined to carry on this delightful little ruse, "I will try my humble best to satisfy your desires, Marion. At the same time, my method should acquaint you with the capabilities I have for satisfying your sister whom I seriously intend to marry, and this time without brooking any further interference or nastiness from you. In a word, Marion, I am going to fuck you and I am going to try to satisfy the urges which I am certain give you such an irascible temperamentů which can only come about when a woman is not sexually satisfied!"

"No! I shan't let you - I'd rather die, you loathsome beast! Help me, Oh, for God's sake won't someone help me? You shan't have me, you shan't!" she cried in a loud hoarse voice as she flung herself this way and that against her bonds.

For answer, I unbelted my dressing-gown and slipped it off my shoulders, letting it fall behind me, and I was naked. My prick was in violent erection as you may well suppose, and the head was swollen and purplish with pent-up ardor. I stepped closer to her, and I reached round and palmed the lower cheeks of her bottom, luxuriating in the warm satiny smoothness of those impudent and resilient globes, in the frantic contractions with which all the muscles now came into play as she realized that her defeat was imminent.

Putting my lips to one of her nipples, I took it between them and nuzzled it delicately, flicking it with my tongue, and she uttered another hoarse shout, absolutely beside herself at the liberties I was taking with her fair person: "Ohh-no, no, you monster, you wretch, I don't want you to have me, I won't let you, I'd sooner die, oh let me go, you contemptible coward!"

Keeping my left palm against her quivering bare bottom, I shifted my right hand in front of us and with my forefinger I again attacked her cunt. This time, I went directly to the tender hidden lodestone of her clitoris, and I began to rub it insistently and lingeringly, making her thighs jerk convulsively with the erotic stimulus. I could see that beads of sweat were gathering in her finely downed soft armpit-hollows, and the scent of her sweat and of her naked flesh now began to overpower the artificial perfume with which she had doused herself. Her eyes rolled, her nostrils opened and closed convulsively and at a more accelerated pace, while she made a frenzied effort to clench her thighs and, of course, could not I cannot tell you what maddening pleasure I experience as I kept my left hand firmly pressed against her jerking, squirming, contracting naked bottom and my forefinger pressed against the nodule of. her very life. And as I continued to suck and nibble at her nipple, I felt it stiffen and turgify, indisputable proof that she was, for all of her injurious and embattled behavior, a mature woman of ardent flesh and blood, quite capable of being stimulated to the point of yielding to the good fucking I meant to give her.

Now inarticulate groans exuded from her gaping mouth, as she relentlessly turned her face from side to side, and from time to time dragged mercilessly on her bound wrists. It was evident that all of her senses were now being tumultuously wakened, try as she would to deny them. She had set me a magnificent challenge, and I was extremely grateful to her!

I swore to myself that I would topple her from this pedestal of exalted aloofness and that I would make of her a more humble and willing slave than even Alice was! Moreover, I would bring Alice with me as my assistant at a not too distant day, and the two of us would proceed to indoctrinate arrogant Marion into all the exquisite and perversely lustful pleasures that a man and a maid may take with a defiant woman!

But now the time had come for me to seek some momentary relief from the frenzied torment which I myself had suffered in this lengthy ordeal of hers. For a moment I took my forefinger out of her cunt, letting her gasp and shudder and slowly bow her head, while long rippling tremors of enervation swept over her. The down-rucked drawers festooning the tops of her straining thighs effectively hampered her movements, but they would not prevent my penetration of her soft fleshy cunt in the least. Later, to be sure, she would be further stripped and made even more acquiescent to my desire, I savoringly promised myself.

This brief respite left her more agitated than ever, Judging from the spasmodic heavings of her naked breasts. The sweet tidbit which I had sucked and nibbled at glistened with my saliva, and it was darker and stiffer, too. I had at last reached this aloof and disdainful creature and brought her. to a sensual awareness of herself, though I could only speculate on what emotions were truly roused by my so doing. For I had not yet learned the reason for her husband's breaking off with her, and I assuredly meant to before the afternoon was done.

Now, releasing her bottom, I used the median and forefinger of my left hand to delve through that thick verdure and press open the fleshy outer labia of her slit, while grasping my cock exactly at the groove with my right thumb and forefinger, I advanced my savagely rigid weapon towards its goal!

As soon as she felt my fingers on her cunt, Marion uttered a wild cry and again began to struggle with all her might, wriggling backwards, twisting from side to side, wildly dragging at her tractioned wrists, turning her contorted, scarlet face in every direction as she supplicatingly besought some supreme reprieve. But this time there would be none for her!

For slowly, following her jerky spasms hither and yon in the short space which her bonds permitted, and keeping her cuntlips widely yawned apart, I at last entered my prick into the opening thus afforded, and, feeling myself well inside the outer portals of her slit, now gripped the lower curves of both buttocks with eager and sinewy fingers as I ruthlessly forced myself inside her till I was buried in her to the very balls!

Marion uttered a gurgling scream, and, in a supreme effort of contempt and maddened fury, spat fully into my face!

How I loved her at that moment, how I gloatingly savored this new and outrageously unladylike manifestation of her spleen! For now she had added not one but several fresh pages to the ledger of her account. She would be soundly punished for what she had done - after I had fucked her.

But the overpowering sensation of being inside of Alice's sister's cunt took full possession of me now. How wonderfully tight and warm she was, almost as if she were a virgin after all! I felt myself sheathed and clamped upon in her warm snatch, and I had no desire to move about, so rapt was I in tasting the myriad sensations of my sweet confinement. With my fingers digging into the cheeks of her bare behind, feeling the sporadic flexions and the quiverings of that resilient olive-satiny flesh, I once again bent my head to her other nipple now and began to suck it noisily, to embarrass and spite her, to suggest that we were the tenderest of lovers instead of the deadliest of enemies.

And when she felt that suction, the frantic jerkings which her body gave vent to provided me with the most delirious pleasure, for she was providing her own friction to my imbedded cock.

"Beast! Monstrous rapist! Filthy degenerate!" she panted in a sobbing, strangled voice. "Is this the way you overpowered my poor sister and made her your degraded slave? Oh God, if there is any justice, you will never live to boast of the bestial thing you are doing to me!"

"But again, you needlessly malign me, dear Marion," I twitted her as I pushed myself back till I was crammed inside her to the very hilt, wanting that luxuriating completeness of being thoroughly and fully housed inside her warm narrow quivering grotto. "Far from needing to force your sister, I may say that she delights in the attentions that I pay her. As I promise you that you will do before I have finished with you, my dear sister-in-law to be!"

"You selfish, vainglorious, hypocritical beast of a man!" she burst out tearfully," So smug in your belief that because you are a brutal animal, you can make a decent woman yield to you and share your ignoble, filthy pleasures! You shall have nothing of me, you shall have to force me every step of the way, I will resist, I will rebel - Owww!"

I had found it rather repetitiously boring to listen to her jeremiads and upbraiding, so I had stealthily applied my left thumb and forefinger to the base of her right buttock and inflicted a painful quick pinch, which was the reason for her sudden rather ludicrous squeal of pain and the sudden wild jerk of her naked hips, which almost unsheathed my weapon from her amorous depths.

"That, my dear Marion, is a little advance on the punishment due you for spitting at me. I perceive that you are a nasty cat and such animals must thoroughly be shown who is master."

And as she writhed and groaned, I cupped both her naked breasts in my eager hands and began to suck first at one nipple and then the other, whilst arching myself forward so that every inch of my blade would be consummately burrowed in that tight warm sheath of hers. A sobbing groan responded to this new maneuver of mine, a sweet and thrilling promise that haughty Marion would ultimately abandon her raging defiance and become mine as surely as her sister had become!