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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume III

Chapter Seven

At last I had achieved my long-dreamed-of match with haughty Marion. And yet I was a long way from having achieved full satisfaction - by that I do not mean climax, for the way her tight warm cunt clung to my imbedded cock told me that very shortly I should have to pay a tribute to her which would not be due entirely to her delicious powers, but rather to my own cumulative passion. No, the satisfaction I intended was to turn this aloof and contemptuous young matron into as submissive a love-slave as ever Alice now was… more than that, to make her humbly beg pardon for having so insulted and perjured me, to say nothing of the slap and the spittle which had been her tender gifts to me thus far. And even beyond that, I foresaw that I would have Alice and her lovely maid Fanny, and possibly even lovely Connie Blunt participate in a fucking and feathering and frigging fray wherein Marion would be the piece de resistance.

She had, to be sure, adopted the only possible attitude for herself; totally helpless, arms dragged high above her head, legs slightly spread and ankles tethered by the silken ropes to the opposing wall rings, she had tried first the ostrich trick of pretending that this was not happening to her, and now finally she had resorted to furiously defiant bravado, warning me of my demise for the great affront I had done her. She had not even begun to know the full measure of my capacity for subjugation.

For I wished her to enjoy the subtle psychological nuances of her own defeat as thoroughly as I now meant to enjoy her voluptuous, olive-skinned loveliness. To conquer her flesh was only half the battle, therefore.

I paused once again, grinding my teeth to hold back the sudden spasmodic urge to ejaculate my boiling balsam, and I contemplated her scarlet, congested face, admiring the lascivious offertory which her yawning blouse and bodice made to expose the heaving turrets of her beautiful bare breasts. Both nipples now were stiff and wet with my saliva, and that stiffness suggested a carnal attunement which I was not yet certain she actually felt. I would bring her to it, never fear!

"You are extremely tight to my fit," I now mockingly observed as my fingers sank into the quivering hillocks of her behind. "I ask myself, dear Marion, whether this presupposes an infrequency of pleasure between yourself and your so-recently departing husband. Can it be that he neglected you and did not perform his marital duties as often you would have liked?"

At this she stiffened and uttered a low, sobbing groan, twisting her face far to one side to avoid me, and I felt her trembling against me. You cannot imagine the fluttering, delicious sensations directed against my rutting prick by those tremors of her body which almost felt as if they came from her vaginal sheath itself. I realized also that her long sojourn in this vertical position which imposed such pitiless upward traction on her arms must by now be extremely irksome for her, but in no way did I feel tender-hearted enough to grant her mercy as I had done with Alice when I had allowed my sweet beloved to take her fucking on the couch.

Of course, to be perfectly truthful about that first glorious affair with the sisters, I must admit that Alice had not initially come to the couch at first of her own free will, for I had had at first to tie her over the stool and apply the whip smartly to her hindquarters to compel her obedience, after which I had bottomfucked her. Only then had she realized the uselessness of further struggles and decided to cast herself on my tender mercies and make the most - or actually the best! - of her situation.

But Lady Marion - or so I ironically termed her in my mind - should not have any such concessions. Her account was long overdue and it was by now far in excess of its original debt. I meant to humiliate her and shame her all I could, because by moral and mental suffering alone would it be possible to strip away this hypocritical smugness and holier-than-thou veneer with which she had cloaked herself so effectively.

Drawing my cock out to the very brink of her warm slit, while my fingers luxuriantly pinched and squeezed her bare bottom cheeks, I pursued my taunting interrogation: "No, I think we may both admit on good authority that you were not a virgin when you came to me this afternoon, by dear Marion, and so let us both seek to analyze what it was that drove your husband away and give me this golden opportunity to be alone with you in this cherished intimacy!"

"Oh, you vicious, unprincipled dog, you wretched scoundrel!" she, suddenly groaned, and blinked her large dark blue eyes, full of sudden tears, "it is no affair of yours, you monster, you demon! Yes, have your pleasure now, for I can't defend myself because of your vicious cowardice, but my turn will come, I swear it will! When the judge pronounces sentence upon you for your vile rape and disgusting treatment of a decent woman, then it will be your turn to quail."

"I rather doubt that you will prefer charges against me, my dear sister-in-law to be," was my reply as I gave her a nasty little pinch at the base of a jouncy bottom cheek by dint of squeezing thumb and forefinger together, making her squeal and wriggle in the most delightful way - which of course further rasped the tender lining of her amorous fissure against my hilted cock. "It would be your word against mine, and I may say that I have some fair reputation in the City and good acquaintanceship amongst many illustrious judges and notable barristers. But more than that, my defense would be that you shamelessly came, bereft of a husband who had not been enough to satisfy your carnal needs, seeking to seduce me. And when you found you could not by your blandishments, you ragingly set upon me, spitting and slapping at me like a common shrew. Now if you would attempt to give this the lie, my charming sister-in-law to be, it would be necessary for you to go into precise and intimate detail as to my modus operandi. I think you far too prim and puritanical for that. So you see, Marion, you will just have to resign yourself to the punishment which you so richly have deserved."

"You blackguard! A decent woman could not - would not have the vulgarity, the shamelessness - to speak of such monstrosities as you are committing now with me!" she moaned.

"Exactly. This shall be our secret between the two of us, unless you want me to tell Alice that you sought me out here in her absence so that you could partake of the sweet pleasures which till now have been hers solely to enjoy."

"You would not do that," she suddenly gasped, and her eyes were enormous now with a shadowing fear.

Aha! I said silently to myself. Can it be that I have unwittingly stumbled upon some secret difference between these two beauties which will really solve my domestic problems in the most delicious manner? So, pursuing this line of thought, I countered: "Yes, I rather think I shall do precisely that, Marion. Alice is likely to be jealous, you know, and since you are the older sister, she will resent your poaching in her premises. And the more so as, as I have told you, I intend to wed your sister as soon as she will have me."

Now I will confess in all honesty that I did not have an immediate intention of espousing my beautiful Alice, but I also hasten to add as a gentleman that it was not because I had already tasted her charms and known her favors. She was not any less desirable for all of that. No, it was simply that I had enjoyed my freedom all these years, and it gave me an inordinate sense of well-being and mastery to remain free of shackles and to proceed with a delicious woman like Alice as if I were the lord and she the concubine and quivering slave. However, it seemed to me that if I played my cards well this afternoon I might well achieve the most incredibly rewarding and complex of relationships, for let us say that I did wed Alice and now fully conquered her sister, would I not have two harem beauties to my beck and call? This mental process almost unnerved me to the point of losing all my gism, and it was only with a supreme effort that, grinding my teeth and closing my eyes, I could force back the furious ejaculation rising in my testicles.

It was salacious enough to conduct such a heated conversation with a beautiful young matron who was practically naked and bound to my desires, so salacious indeed that the mental awareness of it alone was enough to produce loss of control.

"Sir, I implore you, if you have any mercy in you, say nothing to my sister - and - and - " she could not finish.

"And what, then, Marion?" I pursued. Once again I pinched the base of her buttock to spur her to alacrity of response, and again she squealed and jerked this way and that, affording to my imbedded cock most delightful sensations.

"Aah! Oh don't, don't sir! It is dreadful to treat a woman this way, dreadful! Have you no kindness, no mercy?"

"Why? Did you expect any, after the way you stormed at me from the first moment you entered my apartment? And then after you slapped me and spit into my face? Oh no, I cannot credit you with any of the tender virtues which I most respect in womanhood," I answered. "But you have not yet answered my question: If I do not tell Alice about this little seance of ours, what will you do?"

"Have pity on me - I am so weak - I am helpless, and you are torturing me, shaming me. It's brutal and vile. Be merciful and let me go, and I swear I will forget what I said about denouncing you to the authorities," she finally quavered.

"I could not be certain of your word, Marion, since you have already broken it half a dozen times over since we entered the Snuggery," I said sternly. "No, you are going to give me full satisfaction. You are going to answer all my questions, you are going to obey my orders, and you are going to act like a woman at long last and not a creature of spells and tantrums and insolence. I do not recognize in you at all any of those sweet attributes which Alice so lovingly possesses. And to think it was you who came between us so long ago and postponed our happiness. If she were here now, Marion, I think she would want to stand here beside me and share my role of judge, jury and executioner."

This shaft struck home, to my great delight! She gasped and stared at me with tear-brimming eyes, her lips trembling feverishly, her naked breasts heaving in a tumult of agitation.

Then suddenly she stammered, closing her eyes and shivering as with ague, "Oh, in God's name, you mustn't tell Alice. Oh, please, have pity on me and don't do that, sir!"

"And why not? Do I owe you anything after the way you have flouted me, after the way you appeared a year ago between Alice and myself, and even now you harbor thoughts of estranging us," I warmed to my theme which by chance shot I had so fortunately discovered.

Yes, haughty Marion had her Achilles' heel after all; somehow, though till now I had not known it, there existed some kind of strained relationship between these two beauties, and much to my surprise I found that Marion was actually afraid of letting her younger sister learn about this exciting little interlude. But why?

"I know… I've treated you very badly. But you must understand - oh, how can you make me speak this way, tied as I am so indecently at your mercy? Let me down, sir, oh, please let me down and give me a chance to think," Marion stammered in a faint, husky voice which thrilled me to my very core. I was not yet ready to grant her this favor; I much preferred the hostile patrician who lorded it over me. To have her humbled thus suddenly was not entirely in my scheme of things. Yet I had to consider the alternatives.

Meanwhile, while she waited to learn my decision, I meant to appease the agony of my inflamed cock, which all this while had remained dug into the very vitals of her, tasting her warm, tight channel and appreciating with a savoring rapture this intimate cohesion between two people who had certainly not seemed at the outset predestined as lovers!

"I will afford you every opportunity to reveal your inscrutable nature to me, Marion, but only when I have fucked you," I told her coldly, and then sinking my fingers deeply into her velvety bottomcheeks, I drew back slightly and plunged to the balls inside of her, drawing a gasp from my beautiful victim. Now my self-control somewhat deserted me. The prospect of subjecting her and bending her to my will had seemed such a remote possibility and now was unexpectedly shown to me as an immediate possibility, and it quite destroyed my carefully conjured plans. So, with a groan, after two or three more deep thrusts inside her quaking cunt, I felt myself explode and spatter her to the depth of her matrix with my bubbling juices.

She gave a moaning sob at this knowledge of her sullying, and, turning her head to one side, she let the tears run down her cheeks - abject and helpless, really a pitiable object, were it not that her damnably arrogant beauty had inflamed me to think of her more as a rebellious Amazon than as a pleading and humble mistress.

I withdrew myself and repaired to the water closet to sponge myself and make my proper ablutions. When I returned, it was to pose before her the large plate glass mirror nearly eight feet high which reflected her at full length. Stark naked, I moved to one side and studied her as she remained panting and groaning, and I could see the thick black tufts of her private hairs stickled with my copious libation to Venus. With her drawers still down just below the sweet grotto from which I had so recently emerged, with the blouse and bodice swinging open to frame for my entranced view the sight of her two dark-nippled, heaving breasts, Marion was absolutely ravishing.

And now the second phase of my conquest was to begin, laying more stress on the psychological than on the physical, until I should draw from her all those secrets which as yet were denied me, so that I might taste her very marrow as no man had ever done before. Insofar as this could be done, Marion remained a virgin to me, an unknown quantity, whose unfathomed depths I meant to probe.