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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume III

Chapter Eight

The mirror which I had placed in front of my quivering captive was not only tall enough but also wide enough so that it would reveal me behind her. By now I meant to pass to the second phase of her ordeal, which would be in part psychological and part physical, both parts meant to punish and humble and shame her to the utmost so that she would at last reveal the real reasons for her stubbornness and apparent frigidity and haughty cruelty towards me.

In my cupboard I kept a riding whip of a soft substance which was quite springy and elastic, and which had the particular propensity of stinging but not marking the naked flesh it kissed. I also had a long globe-box in which I kept about a dozen and finely pointed feathers. Both the whip and the feathers had scored Alice off especially well, and there was no reason to suppose that they could not effect a similar subjugation of her older sister, especially as Marion had finally begun to divulge to me some hint as to the reason for her inexplicable disdain of me.

First, taking the scissors, I cut away the blouse and bodice so that she was absolutely naked down to the tops of her thighs. Then, since her drawers would be no further use to her and only an impediment to the whip as well as the feathers, I cut them off too. Marion, who seemed to be languishing there with bowed head, trembling from time to time and uttering an inarticulate sigh or two, raised her head and tried to turn her face back over one shoulder to learn what this maneuver signified.

"You will find that mirror much more comfortable for your watching, my dear Marion," I amusedly told her. "Indeed, it will let you anticipate in advance what I am about to do to you. And the extent of this part of your ordeal, my girl, will depend to a large extent upon your willingness to be truthful with me. The absolute, the utter truth, without adulteration or faction, Marion, is what I want from you!"

Now she stood only in those black silk stockings high along her beautiful thighs, with flouncy rosette garters holding them up on her lovely long legs. Otherwise, she was magnificently naked, and the olive sheen of her bare flesh, the deep chiseled hollow of the supple back, seemed all the more alluring and libidinously enticing against the contact which those stockings made.

And now that she was thus naked, I could feast my eyes undeterred upon her charms and compare her with her sister. Alice's legs were, as I have already remarked, the least trifle too short for her, but this very defect had added to the indescribable fascination of her figure. Alice had plump and round thighs which tapered to the neatest of calves and ankles, and tiny patrician feet. Her waist was dainty but not too small, and she had fine rounded arms with small well-shaped hands. The magnificent curves of hips and haunches, the graciously swelling belly with its deep navel, and the full, fat, fleshy and prominent mount of love together with her rather full, firm and outstanding bubbies, made her really mouthwatering. Yet Marion was visibly more mature, and, slightly taller-she seemed taller still because of the traction of the wrist ropes-which added further to her seductiveness. The jouncy, spacious ovals of her naked bottom fairly invited the whip as well as pinches and slaps, and the beautifully pronounced curve of her back and the dimple at her chinkbone which marked that beginning of the sinuous, shadowy groove separating her superb buttocks set my cock to aching all over again.

It would not be long before Marion would be called upon to service me, and this time in a more leisurely and thorough way than the first fuck had been. For when a man initially conquers a beautiful, defiant and spirited girl, the excitement of the procedure very often defeats him, and he cannot withhold himself to make the conquest so complete as he would like. This bad been the case with me, as I have just narrated, for the feeling of my prick inside Marion's choice, haughty and seemingly unattainable cunt had overcome even my own excellent staying powers. But now that the first furious libation to Venus had been poured out, I knew that I would be easily able to prolong my pleasure with this brown-haired beauty.

The first step, now that I had stripped her except of hose, which I meant her to keep for the sake of contrast and voluptuous naughtiness (a draped female, no matter if she wears only stockings, is infinitely more prick-hardening than a totally nude girl), would be the psychological one. Now, her attire in visiting me had been so voluminous and so overly modest as to let me suppose that she was untouchable, unattainable and far above my unworthy person. And since these had been stripped away and her act as a poseur found out, I wished to alter her coiffure, for it too symbolized her very disdain of me. As I moved behind her, I saw that she was glancing in the mirror, and that her eyes were very wide and her lips parted, that she almost was leaning forward a little as if to perceive what I meant to do to her next. This was an admirable state of mind, and I therefore did not hurry. The first danger was over, she had as much as retracted her furious threats of having me incarcerated in prison for my "rape" of her. Well, it was not really a rape. But there were curious circumstances concerning Marion's attitude which needed explanation. This second phase of my endeavors against her would provide precisely that.

Now her coiffure added an ambiguity which exactly indicated the duel nature of Marion's personality. Along the top of her high forehead was that little fringe of frilly curls, which suggested a saucy, rather coy girlishness, an almost juvenile ingenuousness. Yet at the back of her stately head, the mass of her glossy black hair was fixed into an exaggeratedly large oval-shaped bun, which I had already remarked on as resembling a kind of crown. That portion of her coiffure indicated her innate and insolent wish to dominate and to "lord it over" even her betters. And that was why I at last reached up both hands and began to unknot that arrogant crown.

Once again I had hit home directly. For Marion started, uttered a husky sobbing "Ohh, what are you doing to me now, you villain?" after perceiving my action in the mirror in front of her, then tried to turn her head.

I gave her hair a little yank and rudely told her, "Hold still unless you want to feel pain. And since you have called me villain and blackguard and scoundrel often enough in the short time you have spent here, I may as well have the game as well as the name."

This momentarily quelled her, but when she saw me loosen her hair and rumple it out with my fingers till it fell in a rich ebony cascade to her shoulderblades, she caught her breath again and closed her eyes and bowed her head in resignation. Decidedly I had attacked her vulnerability this time. And now there was a wonderful femininity and grace to her which she had not had before. Now she was more softly alluring and not quite so harshly embittered. And more than ever, now, being able to adapt my own views as circumstances changed and altered, I resolved that I would make Marion my passionate, complaisant mistress while marrying her sister and thus having to myself a secret harem of infinite quality. There would also be Fanny, Alice's lovely maid, and delicious Connie Blunt. The future prospect was dazzlingly bright indeed!

I stood there for a long moment behind her, with my cock in full erection, my hands on my hips, as if pondering her fate. Actually, I had long since decided on it, but this pause was purposely chosen to agonize her, to heighten her suspense, to weaken her nervous resistance to the point where she would be frantically willing to grant me what I yearned of from her tasty olive-tinted, vibrant flesh.

For openers, I now passed my hands round and in front of her, grabbing her beautiful bubbies and squeezing them lingeringly, while I moved up close behind her so that the tip of my aching cock just brushed the base of her behind and suggestively prodded the warm, slightly humid furrow that divided that magnificent posterior.

Once again Marion caught her breath and stiffened, uttering a long, heartrending sigh. And she also closed her eyes, so that she would not have to be shamed by watching my sinewy strong fingers close like tentacles over her swelling, glorious breasts!

"Are you feeling a little more humble now, dear sister-in-law to be?" I sarcastically demanded. I felt her bottom twitch and contract against my gently, slyly, prodding cocktip, and I stared over her right shoulder to follow her reactions in the huge mirror placed before her. A wave of scarlet suffused her lovely haughty face, and her chin was trembling as she bit her lips, not able to answer. I tightened my fingers over those luscious bubbies, and I hissed "You are going to have to learn to answer me when I ask you a question, Marion, or take the consequences! Now, what do you say?"

"Oh, please - my b-b-breasts - they - they're very sensitive - please don't hurt them like that - I - Ohh, s-sir, I-I already told you I-I'm sorry I did what I did. I should have left and not argued with you - but you were so hateful! Oh please, now that you've had your revenge, won't you let me go and hide my shame? You-you have my word I won't inform on you!"

The low, vibrant and tremblingly husky voice in which she expressed this supplication was really amusing to my ears. Exactly why she changed so quickly from the spiteful and furiously threatening happy to the pleading, acquiescent captive?

"That was not exactly a direct answer, but it will do for the moment," I coldly told her. "Now, why are you so intent upon my not acquainting Alice with our little tete-a-tete this afternoon?"

Now the large dark blue eyes did open, and she groaned and then tried to rum her face round to look at me, while I kept my fingers tightened over her heaving titties.

"You - oh give me your word - I'll keep mine - please, please, sir, be merciful! I would die of shame if Alice ever knew that I've allowed you such liberties..."

"Evidently it causes you great chagrin. But why? I insist on knowing, and that is what you are going to tell me. Or shall I pinch your nipples - thus?" and, suiting action to word, I made pincers of my thumbs and forefingers and plucking out her darkened stiffened nipples from their coral centers, I insidiously squeezed.

"Aiii!! Ohh, don't, don't, for God's sake, let go of them! Oh please, I'll tell you what you want to know, but please don't pinch me there!" she wailed.

"Then speak before I lose my patience with you, Marion!" I commanded.

Bowing her head, and in a voice choking with sobs, she stammered, "I-I've always been a sort of older aunt to Alice, you s-see, and I was first to marry and I thought I'd made a catch. I boasted to Alice, even when I soon learned that - well, that I had made a mistake. But I was too proud to admit it. And then, when I first heard that she was infatuated with you, sir, I-I resolved that she should not have the chance to c-compare, as it were."

"Now we are getting to the heart of the matter. I commend you for your veracity so far. And now you are going to tell me precisely why you learned you had made a mistake. Yet you spent three years with this man, did you not?"

Again she bowed her head, and her face turned a furious scarlet from forehead to throat. Her eyes closed, her eyelashes fluttering, and with a great effort she managed to stammer in a low and trembling voice, "Oh, sir, if you've any mercy at all for me, have pity on my shame and - and don't ask me to tell you that. Please - please be content with - with what you've had of me and let me be now."

For answer, while I kept my left thumb and forefinger at her nipple, I plunged my right hand down to the furry moss of her cunt and, and, plucking a sprig of silky black hair, I drew on it ominously, intimating that I was ready to yank it out by the roots. "The truth, Marion!" I insisted and gave it a tiny tug.

"Owww!! Oh don't, not there, oh I couldn't stand it, oh please have mercy, I'll tell, I'll tell!" she cried hysterically, trying to maneuver her tethered body so as to ease the tension on her sensitive pussy-hair.

Without relaxing my grip. I countered. "Then speak at once, or I will pluck it out. You are much too well protected in that area anyway."

Her bubbies rose and fell with violent turbulence now, as, head bowed, eyes tightly shut, Marion vouchsafed in her husky, tear-filled voice the explanation which I had been so curiously eager to possess: "He-he was ten years older than I, and very wealthy and, I had heard considered quite a distinguished gentleman. Our parents died when we were young, and an elderly aunt brought us up till we were about nineteen. She left only a little money for us, and Alice is so extravagant at times, you've no idea..."

I gave the sprig of silky private hair another encouraging little yank to hasten her story.

"Oww - don't, I'm going to tell, please don't do it, please!" was the frightened outcry.

"Be quick then!" I warned, and I gave her nipple a sly little pinch which made her sob and groan and squirm about.

"I'll tell, I'm going to tell. Oh, please don't hurt me - you see, I wanted security, and he had so much to offer. And I thought, well, it would mean money for Alice to buy fine clothes and things she liked, too and I did admire him, I truly did at first."

"Well, what happened to change your rosy outlook?"

"He-he revealed his true colors on our w-wedding n-night," she faltered, again averting her face and keeping her eyes closed while her blushes continued to flame on that soft olive skin of hers. "I-I had been a virgin till then, and I was proud of it. And I was shy, but he behaved like an animal. He-he practically tugged off my clothes, and I started to cry, and he laughed at me as being a silly girl much too old for such vapors. And then he-he h-had me. And it hurt a good deal and there-wasn't any p-pleasure in it."

"Was it always that way during your marriage?"

She nodded with a sniffle. "Nearly always. But after about a year, he grew weary of my pleading with him to be more tender and considerate. He-he kept a girl in a flat in Soho, I found out. And then he seduced my young maid Lucille. I-I found them together one afternoon when I came back from shopping earlier than expected. He only laughed at me and told me if I wouldn't give him what he wanted, he knew where he could get it. I held out only because I didn't want the disgrace of ending our marriage right away. And for Alice's sake, too. I knew that he would have to make a settlement when the marriage was over. And - and now you know. And I've never even told Alice. She's thought me flighty or too particular, but she didn't know. And I thought you - you were a brute the way he was."

It had truly been an amazing afternoon, though it was far from being over! From a raging leopard, my beautiful black-haired sister-in-law to be had turned into a trembling lamb. And I confess that I felt a little sympathy for her now which she had not previously deserved. Only an inconsiderate brute would have tried to force such a magnificent figure of a woman when with patience and voluptuous skill he could have exacted from her what I already had and would still more.

"Very well, Marion," I said at last. "I shall not give away your story, and it will be our secret. But all the same, my girl, I cannot let you off scot-free after the wicked tantrum you displayed in slapping me and spitting at me. You have alienated my admiration and potential affection for you by such ill-bred manners, and you must agree to accept your punishment for this naughtiness before I can relent and seek a new start with you as your brother-in-law to be."

She drew a long shuddering breath, lifted her head, then bowed it, and then, while my cockhead lightly nuzzled at the shadowy groove between her luscious bare bottomcheeks, falteringly responded: "If only you will give me your word that you won't tell Alice, then I will submit myself. But what else could I think, sir, when you went at me so brutally? It was like Harry all over again."

"He never once gave you pleasure in all the time he made love to you?" I demanded.

She shook her head, her blushes deepening.

"Well, he was a fool, and you were a greater fool to tolerate him for three years." I harshly stated. "So after all I did not lie to you when I wrote you that note saying that I had information involving your future happiness. For, Marion, I propose in the time ahead of us to initiate you into the unknown mysteries of passion which will surely gratify you as much as they will me. But you must make up your mind that there will be also some pain, and that will be your punishment. Do you agree to this?"

"What-what else can I do, s-sir?" she faintly quavered.

As I released the soft curly sprig of intimate hair, I put my forefinger boldly through the mossy fur and touched the petulant fleshy lips of her cunt, and I said: "Now you are showing wisdom. And in due course I will show you the mercy you have implored."

So saying, I went to the cupboard and procured the glove-box of feathers and the springy whip, and resumed my place behind her. Taking up the whip first, I put my left hand to the back of her neck, and I demanded, "When you and Alice went to school, Marion, were you ever birched or caned?"

"N-no, o-only on my hands once," she said in a faint trembling voice.

"Suppose," I pursued ironically, "you had slapped your teacher? How many strokes do you think you should have received then?"

"Oh dear!" she groaned, "More than I could bear, I'm sure of it!"

"And then if you had spat in her face?"

"Oh please, don't torture me so! If-if you must have your revenge, take it, while I still have the courage to endure it! But if you only knew how uncomfortable I am, how all my limbs ache, you would show kindness and put an end to it," she sobbed.

"Very well, I shall pronounce sentence. For the slap, eight good cuts with the whip on your naked behind."

"Oh! Oh dear!"

"For spitting, twice as many, half to be inflicted on your naked bottom, the other half on the fronts of your thighs. You may prepare yourself, Marion, and I shall keep exact count, because this being your first whipping, I very much doubt your ability to retain an accurate accounting."

I pushed her lovely cascading black hair to one side so that I could grip her neck firmly with my left hand and, standing off to the left and with the whip in my right, raised it slowly so that she could not help but see it in the mirror in front of her. She uttered a sob, closed her eyes, and tensed herself with all her might. The lovely play of her muscles under the rippling satiny olive skin was enchantment itself.

My cock was as hard as it had been at the very start of our afternoon in the Snuggery. But now there was a difference. Now I had learned much of Marion's secret nature, and now I could proceed undaunted to adapt and to shape it as Pygmalion fashioned his immortal Galatea, to my very own whims and fancies and lusts!