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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume IV

Chapter Ten

I felt it best to intervene at this moment, since the delightfully posed and helpless half-naked Miss Julia Denton had just expressed a frantic willingness to do anything rather than endure these mercilessly stinging smacks of the envelope cutter which my spirited brunette accomplice Molly Bashe had been directing against her heaving titties. These pink and white loveglobes were by now quite vividly marked with bright red splotches, broadly oval in design and following the contour of the handle of this useful device, since Molly Bashe had grasped it at the tip rather than utilize the middle portion to wield it by. There was also a kind of scrollwork on this handle, engraved by the designer, and it left interesting corrugations on Julia Denton's satiny-smooth skin.

There were other signs that indicated to me that my charming visitor, new to these four walls of my lust-lair, which I had always called The Snuggery, was beginning to feel really apprehensive as to whether she had gone too far in letting her friend Molly know that she would not be adverse to a little game of dastardly coercion. Now I very well knew that Molly had purposely planned this visit to get herself once again into my clutches and enjoy the secret thrill of being made to yield to a man's virility by sheer force which would overcome her will and thus let her delude herself into believing she was still pure as the driven snow; and also that her companion, having been led almost down the primrose path by her unfaithful suitor, was in need of amorous diversion.

But Julia Denton was not exactly pretending to suffer, as I could well see by the fact that there were globules of sweat glistening in the dark private hair of her distended armpits, that her sides were heaving, and that the skin was so tightly stretched that I could see the adorably formed ribcage pressed against that smooth and now anguish-moistened skin. To me her present attire - or rather lack of it! - was far more exciting than if she had been as bare as Mother Eve herself when she first came into this sinless world. I will admit that I was so enchanted by the vision of her standing on one foot, with her arms drawn high above her head and her other leg stretched out to maximum and the ankle corded to the trapeze bar which made her look like a ballerina executing a dexterous kick, that I found myself reluctant to unveil her most secret charms and have her there before me with her bottom and loins exquisitely naked.

Yet the swollen fury of my long restrained prick demanded that I be more reasonable and grant it surcease of its frustrations. So now I approached the trembling young brunette and I demanded, "Wait a bit, Molly! Miss Denton, did I hear you rightly? Are you willing to do whatever I order you to if I stop your friend from smacking your naked bosom?"

She shuddered violently, tilted back her head and, blinking the tears away from her large beautiful dark brown eyes, passionately exclaimed: "You are a wicked villainous man to take such unjust and undeserved advantage of me, sir! Is it not enough that you humiliate poor Molly and force her to watch this, without offending me with your outrageous and shameful proposals?"

I laughed softly as I retorted to her: "My dear Miss Denton, you go much too fast! You have not even heard what my first order to you will be, yet already you impute to me improper motives. I think perhaps you are still too bold and forward for a supposedly well-bred and maidenly young woman, so perhaps I shall have your friend continue until you take a more contrite and apologetic tone!"

With this, I made a sign to Molly to go on, and the naughty vixen seemed actually to take pleasure in this new game. Drawing back the envelope cutter, she at once brought it down with a wicked crack against the base of Julia Denton's left tittie, and the half-naked young woman uttered a piercing cry and flung herself backwards, but of course her bonds greatly circumscribed her range of liberty and all she did was make those fascinating and firm titties of hers dance and jiggle before my enraptured eyes and, unfortunately for her, cause my prick the most savage surging of unbridled desire.

At first I had determined to put Molly Bashe through a deliberately prolonged session of fondling and feathering and whipping before I finally consoled her with a different kind of rod. But now, although her friend Miss Denton was a total stranger to me, I found myself drawn even more passionately to her magnificent young charms.

"Once again, only harder this time, Molly, and on the nipple!" I therefore commanded. Nothing loath, Molly Bashe drew back the shining implement and brought the oval head down wickedly against the dainty palpitating coral bud of Julia Denton's left nipple. And the effect was all that could be desired; the half-naked young woman shrieked aloud, turning her face from side to side, her eyes rolling, drowned in tears, her nostrils flaring and shrinking, while her slim fingers clawed the air, then dug into her palms as once again she futilely sought to tear her wrists free from those fettering ropes which dragged her upwards and exposed and projected out to me these all too vulnerable and sensitive fruits of her delightful virgin bosom. Also, her left leg which was extended horizontally as far as it could go, jerked and squirmed at the cords which gripped her slim ankle, and I saw that her batiste drawers would spit along the seams at the crotch and the base of her buttocks if she executed another similar maneuver. Their tightness, which shaped out the absolutely bewitching contours of her behind and marked out the swelling indentation of her crotch where the dark patch of pussy hair flourished, caused me to feel a happy gratitude on behalf of Molly Bashe who had thought of bringing this fair charmer to visit me.

"Once again and in the same place, Molly," I ordered, and Molly did not hesitate, even though poor Julia Denton flung herself back with a wild hoarse shout: "Oh my God, Molly, not there again, you'll kill me! Ohh please noooo!"

Her eyes glistening, her white teeth sparking as her red lips curved in a sensual smile of joyous sadism, beautiful half-naked brunette Molly Bashe pitilessly responded to that frantic appeal by drawing back her right arm and bringing the envelope cutter down against Julia Denton's already darkened and swollen left nipple with an angry thwack!

"Owwwouuuu!!! Oh merciful heaven, I can't bear it, I just can't bear it any longer! Oh, Mr. Jack, if you have any mercy, make her stop and order me, instead of letting me be helpless to such unjust punishment directed by my friend's hand!" she cried out while the tears ran down her flushed cheek.

"Very well, Molly, you may put the envelope cutter away," I directed. "However, Miss Denton, the birch that I have laid down there in the tabouret will be for you instead of the envelope cutter if you do not at once confess yourself ready to obey me in whatever I ask. Well? I await your answer."

"Ohh-ohh merciful God, what do you want of me then?" Julia Denton panted, squirming and trying to shift the leg which had been left for balance while her other leg stuck out in such an inviting manner. I must confess that I was tempted to take that supple thin birch and apply a few swishing, licking cuts around the tender inside from about the knee on up towards the crotch, and progressively ascending until poor Miss Denton believed that the very last flick would dart into her maiden lovebower. Even that thought made my prick throb again with renewed zeal, which this time would brook no further delay. The time had come, the doom of Miss Julia Denton's maidenhead was nigh!

"Ohh, s-sir," she quavered as she raised her beautiful dark brown eyes and bit her lips, her naked and vividly splotched titties rising and falling in the most erratic cadence, "tell me then what it is that you want and release me from this disgracing and shameful position! If you knew how I am dying of shame to have to stand like this, and it is such a strain on my muscles, and my wrists hurt abominably! Be quick, sir, and announce to me what fiendish and disgraceful desire you have upon my person!"

I had no doubt that if this coquettish and intellectual miss had so harangued her fiance, it was understandable that he had sought his carnal appeasement in some other female's more eager and willing arms. This young woman, though undoubtedly possessed of a sensuality which her speech and conduct and now the display of her half-naked body had already suggested, was of that complex and dual personality so often found in the precocious young female who will lead a man on to dream of the unattainable, only to bring him up short by berating high upon a spiritual and intellectual plane which cannot possibly admit of such vulgarity. In other words, dear reader, I began to suspect that the delectable Miss Julia Denton was nothing more nor less than a prickteaser.

"I see that you still persist in condemning me in advance before you have even heard a syllable from me as to my intentions toward you, Miss Denton," I replied with a mocking little bow which made her gasp and squirm backwards in her bonds. "Very well. I am weary of this parlor game of argument because words are caustic at best and seldom reveal the honesty of the speaker's emotions. And since you have given me the name so often, I may as well have the game as well. Very well, Miss Denton, if you wish Molly to stop smacking your naked breasts with that envelope cutter and, after she is tired of that, of directing this thin swishy birch over those same delightful globes, you will ask me very humbly and graciously to put my hand inside your drawers and feel your cunt!"

There is was, in all its bold candor, and it was purposely said to shock the erudite and enigmatic beauty into revealing in her turn her own sincere emotions. I daresay I succeeded, judging from her horrified loud gasp, and the way her eyes fixed me with a dawning comprehension and then the most furious of blushes. Ah, she understood that salacious, sweetly pronounced and savory word very well, did Miss Julia Denton, or she would not have blushed so. And if she knew the word, she must know the deed to which the word's sweet tasty virginal embodiment must yield itself… in a word, to my manly and groaning prick!

"Ohh my God, sir, you cannot expect a decent girl to formulate such a vile request to her heartless seducer!" she murmured in a low shaking voice. "My God, at least have the decency to send my friend away if you are going to torture me until I yield to your iniquities!"

I confess I was sorely tempted to take her at her word and have a private seance with her. Yet on the other hand the whole point of this exciting afternoon lay in the fact that Molly Bashe, as the arch conspiratress, had slyly arranged this casual visit to my quarters with her friend and had so unexpectedly proposed to me that I subject the two of them to my carnal urges. I wished them therefore both to be present and both to participate at that time I possessed or whipped one so that the other might derive her own stimulating and voyeuristic thrill. For thus, each of these delectable damsels sharing the other's ordeal and herself affected by it, I should come off superlatively well in the expansion of my own radiant pleasures in the Snuggery.

That is why I coldly responded: "No, Miss Denton, I shall not send Molly away, for she has not yet had her full punishment. But you, with your bold words and your insults and your continued defiance of me, have altered my schedule for her punishment, so it is you who must first pay the penalty for your brazenness. Hence I ask you again, nay I command you: beg me to put my fingers inside your drawers and feel your soft hairy cunt!"

Even Molly Bashe, standing beside me breathless with her own excitement, gasped at this violently lewd verbal assault upon the hitherto impeccable chastity of Miss Julia Denton.

I waited a moment, my eyes glittering at the sight of how sweetly now my captive's flamingly marked naked titties swelled and receded and how, more than ever, the dark brown curls in her distended armpits had become damp with the sweat of her ordeal. I stared also at the lisle-stockinged leg which was held out straight beyond me, and I could see the muscular spasms which were not all caused by the traction of that beautifully shaped limb.

"Hand me that birch, then, Molly," I said after a long pause during which my captive remained defiantly silent, contenting herself with blushing and sighing, and closing her eyes as she tried to avert her face from me. "We shall see if a few good cuts from this stinging rod will be more painful than the envelope cutter."

"Yes, Mr. Jack, here you are," Molly exclaimed as she proffered the thin supple bundle of flexible withes.

Julia Denton's eyes bulged with horror as she saw me lift the birch slowly and menacingly over her panting titties. "Oh for God's sake, Mr. Jack, not that, not that on my bosom! Oh, you will kill me for a certainty! I cannot hold out against such pain, oh have pity on my helplessness and at least, in the name of decency, send Molly out of this room - and - and - and - " she began to sob, bowing her head, her shoulders shaking with the muffled sounds of her despair.

"And what then, pray tell, Miss Denton?" I ironically pursued.

"I-I will do what you - you want - oh heavens, sir, you are torturing me and making me die of shame by keeping me like this with Molly here to watch and to hear all the - all the awful things you say!"

"I know this very well, and this too is part of your punishment, Miss Denton. Now you have five seconds to ask me what I wish you to ask, or you shall feel this rod where you have just felt the envelope cutter - one… two… three…"

"Wait - oh dear Lord, I cannot bear it. Yes - Yes I'll say it - oh, s-sir, don't b-b-birch me, and you may p-p-put your f-f-fingers in-into my d-d-drawers-" she babbled. Then, bursting into tears she bowed her lovely head and stood there shuddering violently while my prick gloried in her surrender, for I knew now that it would not be long before she would feel something other than my fingers in that sweet maiden treasure of hers which the almost bursting drawers still concealed.

"You are still very bold, Miss Denton. I told you to beg me humbly and graciously. Instead, you tell me that I may do this and may do that. You speak as if you were at home in your own salon, giving orders to a footman. No, decidedly, you need chastening, Miss Denton. I think you shall have three good cuts with the birch before I listen to your appeals again."

Hardening my heart, beside her frenzied lunges and twists, I applied three light but deftly swishing cuts to both titties, taking care not to strike the delicate nipplebuds at each luscious firm young globe. Nevertheless, the victim tilted back her head and shrieked at the top of her lungs, clawing the air with her slim fingers, digging her nails into her sweating palms, trying to kick her outstretched leg free of the rope which fixed it to the trapeze bar, her body twisting and swaying and the overhead pulley creaked loudly to announce her frantic attempts at evading the stinging kisses of the rod.

"And now you may speak again, Miss Denton, but take care and choose your words with care. For if they are not satisfactory to me, you shall have six more and not three, and these right over the centers of those tender breasts of yours!" I warned.

I drew back my right hand and her eyes despairingly fixed upon the uplifted birch, then she fairly shouted, "Oh no! Wait, don't hit me again - oh my God, I can't help myself sir, oh please, I beg - I humbly be - ohh - ahh - I beg of you - s-sir, please put your f-fingers inside my dr-drawers and f-f-feel my- my- "

She could get no further but burst into hysterical tears and bowed her head.

"That was very good, Miss Denton, so far as it goes, but it does not quite far enough. Once I have my fingers inside your drawers, what do you wish me to feel?" I demanded. And then, to spur her to a suitable and hasty answer, I patted one of her gorgeous titties with the ends of the switches.

"Ohh, feel my cunt, please feel my cunt, then, but oh my God, don't birch me there!" Julia Denton screamed.

I flung the rod to the floor and I advanced against her. Her outstretched stockinged leg trembled and shuddered as I put my left hand on it, my fingertips squeezing the firm elastic flesh between the leg of her drawers and the lisle stockings. Then my right thumb and forefinger edged toward the waist of those pink drawers, inserted beneath to feel the moist warm shivering goblet of her belly, and then slowly and lingeringly descended until to my joy I could feel the beginning of that love garden which was her furry pubis. The fleece was extremely thick and silky, and it was also moist. Now this moisture could be from agony-sweat, but there would be a final test to determine whether it was something far more treacherously informative as to Miss Julia Denton's most secretive emotions.

She had turned her face to one side and screwed her eyes desperately shut as if to obliterate and take herself away from this locale. I shot a glance at Molly and saw the brunette, her hands clasped in front of her, leaning forward to watch with shining eyes. I smiled to myself. She had been a perfidious friend indeed, and she would not leave my quarters full absolved of her naughtiness until she too had paid a penalty she had not counted on when first she knocked at my door.

Julia Denton held her breath as my hand rested on her abdomen, and then she began to shiver and to whimper softly. I could understand her stress and suspense. It was part of my project to ensupple her completely and to make her subservient to my desires.

Then suddenly I plunged my two fingers down into the very mouth of her soft cunt, and she uttered a strangled: "Ahh - oh my God - ohh s-sir!" So fraught with anguished emotion that my prick very nearly lost its stored-up distillation which was now pledged to the sweet sheath which my fingers meant to find.

The lips were delicate and dainty, not so fleshy as Molly Bashe's cunt, but extremely mobile and exquisitely sensitive, judging from her squirming and also the way those dainty petals twitched the minute my fingers brushed their prisms. She groaned and sobbed as I probed my forefinger deeper, and then I came up against the barrier to bliss, the real proof that she was in truth untouched by man though doubtless whetted by her fiance, to that penetration.

In the moving about of my hand inside her exaggeratedly snug drawers, owing to the outstretched posture of her leg, that which I had guessed would happen, did. I heard a ripping sound, and Julia uttered a piercing cry of "Oh my God, they're tearing!"

"Indeed they are, Miss Denton. And since they are already torn and hardly to be salvaged, we may as well have them entirely off," I said briskly. I imagined that this charming young damsel must be sophisticated enough to know that if a man, at her request, were to probe her tender cunt with his fingers, she could hardly object, in the interest of greater comfort for them both, to remove the constraining veil of these already seam-ripped drawers.

I slipped my hands to the waistband and ripped vigorously as Julia Denton screamed and shrieked and then bowed her head. Then I sent Molly for pair of shears and then very carefully cut the legs towards the crotch, warning the weeping brunette not to budge unless she wished a rather nasty nick of the sharp blades.

They dropped to the floor and Julia Denton stood there clad only in her gray lisle stockings with elastic garters, garters covered with pretty flounces of cloth, her shoes, and her blushes. It was a magnificent pose, because it gaped the soft lips of her quim under the dark brown curls and at the same time it let me see the wonderful play of muscles along the inner thigh, and put into relief the jouncy cheeks of her voluptuous pink-and-white-skinned behind.

I took the birch again and now I flung my bathrobe off and stood before her in all my manhood. She uttered a horrified "Ohhh!" and backed away again, as much as her bonds would allow, but her eyes fixed on my emblem with an unwavering and almost incredulous gaze.

"Now then, Miss Denton, you will ask me to fuck you," I commanded. Lifting out the rod, I tapped her pussy with it, using the very tips of the slender withes, and Julia Denton squealed and wriggled frantically and her blushes went down to her throat as well as to her dainty ears.

"Ohh, no, you shan't do that to me, you wicked cruel beast - oh Molly, save me, go for help at once, he is going to ruin me, the brute!" Julia Denton cried.

"If you take one step toward that door which is, moreover, locked against your hand, Molly," I said dryly, "your drawers shall come down and you shall feel this birch until it is shredded to broken fragments. Kneel down and watch how brazenness and boldness and a wagging tongue are dealt with by a man of character and principle."

Molly Bashe at once knelt down and clasped her hands, leaning forward, her magnificent creamy titties rising and falling, her face flushed, her eyes glittering. I could see that the black thatch around her pussy was moist also, and I was reasonably sure that the naughty little minx was experiencing an emanation from her private parts, attributable to the salacious emotions she was undergoing. I was certain that she was somewhat envious that she had not been chosen to be first with me. But I had no intentions of neglecting her, ah no, for I was much too grateful to her for having brought me this jewel of virginity which was Miss Julia Denton.

But since the lovely naked brunette could not bring herself to utter such shameful words and thus formally in the presence of her friend ask for the sacrifice of her maidenhead, I went behind her to observe the magnificent contours of her shapely bottom. The idea I had had of putting her leg out in front of her had been an admirable one, because it gaped the shadowy groove between those jouncy globes of hers and it made the buttocks flex uncontrollably. I amused myself by giving light little flicks over both cheeks of her bottom, but the frenzied condition of my prick told me that I could not go on much longer with this prolongation. I had to grind my teeth and close my eyes for a moment, indeed, so roused was I by Julia Denton's lasciviously posed nakedness lest I sacrifice all my vital juices before they could be deposited in the sweet receptacle which this delectable morsel of femininity was reserving for them.

"In another moment or two, Miss Denton, I shall really let you feel this birch and up between your legs. When it stings you sweeping upwards from behind like this, you are certain to feel a very painful sensation in that place that I have been permitted by you to touch as well as in that other little hole which nature provided you for the excretion of certain unwelcome substances. I am going to count to three and if you have not yet then begged me to fuck you, you shall feel the rod until you do!"

With this announcement I counted aloud, but I had only gotten as far as the beginning of the word "two" when Julia Denton shrieked, "Oh, no, don't switch me between my legs, Mr. Jack, oh fuck me instead, oh please fuck me, don't whip me, please!"

The moment had at last come and it was high time!