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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume IV

Chapter Eleven

The swishy, thin birch rod lay on the floor within immediate reach if needed, but my hope was that Miss Julia Denton, having gone so far as to invite me in the most salacious terms imaginable to take that which her fiance had not yet enjoyed, was thoroughly sincere, for at this point, dear reader, I was too impatient to seek more prolongation of the charming little game I had been playing all this while.

"Very well, Miss Denton," I hoarsely replied, "I am going to grant your request to show you that I can be lenient upon occasion when a well-bred young lady tactfully selects a propitiatory tone in which to convey her meaning to me. But let me understand you clearly, so there can be no cause for recrimination later on. You have just asked me - nay, begged me! - to fuck you. Are you quite aware of what that term implies, my very charming and provocative Miss Denton?"

She had turned her face to one side. It was flaming now, streaked with tears, and her eyes were closed. But her hands seemed to twist about in prayer, as if invoking whatever patron saint she felt it imperative upon herself to call on in this dire moment when she was on the brink of kissing her maidenhead goodbye forever. Moreover, her magnificent titties were rising and falling with a turbulence that indicated that she was at the very end of her resistance. Her outthrust leg shuddered and jerked, the daintily shod feet turning and twisting with a message all its own of heartrending eloquence. Naked in her stockings, garters and shoes, she was absolutely bewitching.

"I believe I asked you a question," I pursued, my voice thickening with my impatient lust. "What? After such a valiant display of courageous acceptance of your fate, you now renounce your good deeds and remain mutinously silent? Molly, I fear you will have to hand me the birch again. I will have to give Miss Denton a few extra flicks well up between her straddled legs."

"Ohh, for God's sake, sir, I cannot stand any more! Oh, will you have no humanity and take pity on a shamed and helpless girl and d-do what you must?" burst from the shuddering young houri.

"Why, to be sure I will, yet I would not have you ignorant of my intentions, seeing that you have so often during the course of this afternoon inveighed against me for my scurrilous motives," I ironically retorted. "Come, Miss Denton, before I accept your delightfully gracious invitation, which I assure you I had not expected at our very first meeting, I wish you to explain to me what I am to do to you, so there can be no possible doubt between us."

"Ohh, you horrid, cruel, heartless man," she gasped in a low, chocking voice as she stared directly at me, her face crimson with her outraged modesty. "It was you who taught me to say such words, and now that I say them, you mock me and torture me all over again. Do your worst, you beast, but have done with it, for God's sake! And I hope - indeed, sir, it is my only consolation in this terrible hour - that having done your worst, you will at least spare my poor friend Molly from your odious and indecent cravings!"

Did I not say already that Miss Julia Denton was the most eloquent of female orators I had had the privilege of entertaining in my Snuggery? If not, then let me inscribe it here and now for all time, for she filled me with a boundless admiration in the way her high-flown and overly dramatized verbiage sought to conceal her truest, most vital feelings.

"I am afraid that answer will not do, Miss Denton," was my reply to her. "You will either specifically instruct me in my conduct towards you now, or you will feel the birch between your legs until you are inclined to do so."

And this at last decided the blushing, wriggling, naked brownette. Closing her eyes very tightly, taking a long, shuddering breath, she at last quavered, "You - you are to - to have me, sir. Oh, please do it and have it done with, for God's dear sake!"

"Well, that is a little better, but not yet the answer I was seeking. Do you see what I have between my legs for you, Miss Denton?" Here I pointed to my swollen, agonized weapon, the lips of which puckered uncontrollably to tell me that whereas my brain might be delighted by this cat-and-mouse interchange, it very definitely was not of the same opinion but sought instant action.

She did not answer, but instead bowed her head, and a long shudder rippled through her body. The discolorations which the envelope cutter had left on those panting titties of hers was an exciting contrast to the pink-and-white smoothness of her naked skin. And she was decidedly sweating now under the duress of her long ordeal.

"I will try to make you answer, then," I said softly, and I reached out both thumbs and forefingers and pinched her nipples, twisting them this way and that. Miss Julia Denton lunged forward with a shriek, and babbled, "EEOWW, OHH PLEASE DON'T SIR! I WILL TELL YOU, OH MY GOD, PLEASE LET GO OF MY BREASTS, YOU HAVE HURT ME THERE SO HORRIBLY, I'M GOING TO FAINT! BUT ONLY STOP!

"Speak, then, and be quick about it," I demanded as I released the tension of my fingers.


I would really be an unfeeling brute to pursue this line of questioning, I felt. I was sure that Miss Julia Denton had been chastely upreared and that the words she had used were daring enough, even at so critical a time as this when the alteration of her sweet girlhood stood at the crossroads of her destiny.

"Molly, if you will notice that little windlass over by the wall, do you go to it now and turn the lever directly to the left," I instructed.

My half-naked voluptuous brunette accomplice eagerly nodded and ran over to the wall, her juicy round creamy titties jouncing in the most mouth-watering fashion. I confess that I felt at that moment like a pasha who has a veritable harem to wait upon him and cannot quite make up his mind upon impulse. But at the same time the joyous reminder leaped into my brain that I should have my beloved Alice as my consort soon enough, and with her sweet, obliging and voluptuously acquiescent Fanny as well as sister-in-law Marion and her red-haired maid Kay, to say nothing of Connie Blunt. Oh, that would be harem enough for the most virile and sanguine of men in the future, have no doubt about it!

I thought, too, of the game that Alexander the Great used to play with his concubines, and which he wittily named "Scheherazade." It was an enchantingly imaginative sport, but it would require great fortitude as well as stamina on the part of the male. The ingredients were simplicity itself. A huge wide bed, a conquering overlord (myself, naturally!) and from five to a dozen seductive maidens, all either naked or arrayed in varying degrees of deshabille, such as these two charming captives. Let one be in just hose and pumps, like Miss Julia Denton at the moment. Still another, like Miss Molly Bashe, in drawers and hose and pumps. Another might be naked, except for furry mules about her dainty feet and perhaps silver anklets, whilst a fourth should come to me clad only in her shift and the thinnest possible pair of knickers under them and the sheerest, most clinging hose obtainable. And so on and on, ad infinitum.

And then I, the overlord, the pasha, the erotic emir, the sensual sultan should lie there with my head pillowed on my arms, master of all I surveyed, whilst these bringers of sweet delights, the harbingers of heavenly pastimes, should ply my naked body with caresses and ultimately mount me one by one and seek to draw forth my vital juices. And she who should be the winner in this tourney of Tantalus should receive a precious gift, while the others should all receive a smart birching to teach them to be more adept and clingingly amours the next time I, their lord and master, should summon them to my bower.

And if that was not a delightful fantasy, another even more esoteric and complex leaped into my febrile brain. Each member of my harem should be talented for one particular adeptness or charm. One girl should be, for instance, my calf-mistress, because of all those in my harem she possessed the most satiny, deliciously contoured, ripplingly muscled calves of all. Another should be my thigh-mistress; and still another my hand-mistress, because her hand was softest of all, the most gifted and talented in caressing and fondling my manhood to do valorous deeds. Still another should be my tittie-mistress, endowed with such amorous proclivities that she could kneel before me and cup those lovely gourds of satiny flesh against my cock and, moving back and forth over me, create the illusion that the satiny valley between those loveglobes was a kind of a sheath, a new vaginal chasm for my probing. Or again, she might rub one breast against the shaft and the head and the balls to whet my appetites to new heights of fancy and prowess.

My thigh-mistress should have gloriously versatile limbs the which to clench my prick with between their satiny columns or to rub against my cock to waken it to priapic performance; or still again, to wind around me to hold me to her so that my hands might fondle their backs and taste the warm, vibrant satin of their flexing columns.

I should naturally appoint a mouth-mistress, she whose soft, rosy lips could bite and nibble, suck and breathe all over me, but best of all, could absorb the head of my rutting ramrod deep into the sweet-nectared cavern and there draw forth my venom if it was this tribute to Venus which impelled me at the time.

There would even be a toe-mistress, who could tickle and fondle my prick and balls and with the most delicate of touches send waves of lust shivering through my entire body, no matter where her soft little toes glided. And of course a bottom-mistress who should be many things to me, from proffering the target for a birch or cane or my eager hand, to offering those satiny globes for the advent of my mighty scepter into the dainty little crevice between the divine rotundities.

Such would be the life of a pasha, and such, I felt, might well be my own life once married to sweet Alice and in possession of so select and praiseworthy a harem as I might be able to count on.

But now Molly Bashe had moved the lever as bidden, and the pulley which held up the trapeze bar which pinioned Miss Julia Denton's outstretched leg moved backwards and drew that lovely leg upwards to create a dancer's split. I saw thus before me the upturned base of one of the most delicious bottoms in all the world, a groove between it exaggeratedly yawned open and the sweetly pouting pink lips of her virgin cunt stretched and gaping and visible through the dark-brown clusters of pussy-curls which decorated Miss Julia's Venus. Her leg was held up almost vertically now, and the stretch on her muscles must have been extremely excruciating, for she wailed and sobbed and cried and begged me to let her leg down and she would do whatever I wished if only I would grant her this mercy. But her time had run out and so had all my self-control, I fear.

"Prepare yourself, Miss Denton," I rasped as I advanced to her and put my hands on her smooth lower back, my prick prodding her lower abdomen and engaging in a sweet anticipatory duel with the curly silken fronds that already began to flourish just above her maiden quim. "I am now going to accept your offer and, as you so quaintly put it, put my thing into your spot. Try to hold very still at the outset, so that I do not miss the target. I wish your first experience - I believe it is that - to be entirely satisfactory so that after I have finished with you, Miss Denton, you will have no foundation on which to base the charge that I did not completely satisfy your humble request to fuck you."

Again she gasped aloud and twisted her face away from mine, her face twisted convulsively, her eyelids fluttering, her nostrils flaring and shrinking in a very upheaval of all her virginal emotions. I had no way of knowing what premarital games her faithless fianc? had managed to play with her, but Molly Bashe had told me that she was a virgin, so my work was well defined.

My hands appraisingly roamed her velvety smooth back and shoulders, before lowering to the jouncy globes of her behind. Her skin was moist with the agony-sweat which had pervaded her from the very outset of her ordeal. Little whimpering sobs escaped her now, and she desperately turned her face from side to side, her eyes still closed, as if expecting heaven to send some impossible reprieve at the crucial moment. But of this there was no sign as I at last arched myself and prodded my prick against the yawning cavern of Miss Julia Denton's virgin cunt.

Feeling the hot pressure of my meatus, the naked brunette uttered a stifled little moan and arched her bottom backwards, and I foresaw that there might be some anguishing moments in store for me before I could effect juncture, unless I utilized the presence of her friend to coerce as well as coax her into a more cooperative attitude. I therefore beckoned to Molly Bashe to come to me and put her ear towards my mouth, whereupon I whispered, "I want you to whip-fuck her lovely bottom, but not too hard, and remember not to cup up between the cheeks, for you might well sting me, and that would cost your own bottom severely."

Molly cast a look of overwhelmed gratitude at me, stooped to retrieve the birch, and took her station behind the naked, squirming brunette. I took hold of the sides of her hips at the top to steer her as I edged the head of my prick against the lips of her virgin vulva. Again she made that nervous recoiling movement to escape the ultimate disaster, but she was met with a horizontal slash of the rod just across the lower summits of her behind, and she wailed and lunged forward, impelled by the stinging pain of the birch.

I stood my ground, my hands reached up to cup her titties, and I merged my mouth to hers to stifle all her outcries.

I heard the birch swish through the air and land with a dry stinging Thuckk!, and again with a wild, sobbing cry that appealed for mercy, Julia Denton arched herself forward to me… and with a growling ejaculation of relief that at last this long game was at an end, I pushed my sword home in her channel, bursting through the hymeneal seal that denied me the true dimensions of her cunt-sheath.

A piercing scream attested to the pain which this violation caused the luscious naked young brownette, and then another scream as Julia Denton turned her head to stare back of her and observe that Molly Bashe had just laid the lash with a cruel swish across the naked curves of her buttocks.

I lowered my left hand to squeeze the base of the buttock of that updrawn leg, my other hand remaining cupping her tittie as I began to fuck her slowly and inexorably.

She groaned and sobbed and whimpered, turning her scarlet face from side to side, her eyes very tightly closed, and her body shook against the pulley ropes as I lunged and drew back, only to lunge again. I had underestimated my powers and control, so after the first few digs inside that new and wonderfully narrow and humid lovecanal, I was able to slacken and regulate my gait. My one hand on a breast, my other squeezing the base of that upturned buttock, crouching between those luscious legs which formed this exaggerated dancer's slip, I thrust to and fro, my teeth set and my eyes fixed oh her scarlet, averted face.

But Molly Bashe did not allow her friend to endure in anguished silence and stoicism the tribute I was paying that gripping, narrow love-scabbard. Through Miss Julia Denton's cries and sobs, I could hear the repeated SWISH-swishhhh of the birch as it leaped over Miss Julia Denton's naked bottom.

Presently Miss Julia Denton's hips began to jerk about as I neared my own climax and by that time, crushing her mouth to stifle her into silence once more, with a lewd and possessive kiss, I began to empty my bubbling seed.

"That will do for the time, Molly," I called, just after my brunette accomplice had laid a furious slash over the tops of Julia's hips, drawing a piercing cry from the unfortunate naked young woman as she tried to twist and fling herself back off my embedded spear. I could endure no more. A thousand rockets were bursting inside my brain and with a wild shout of acclamation, I felt myself explode deep in the confines of Julia Denton's pussy.

When I drew out, the evidence of her virginity was manifested by the stains of blood upon my cock. I left Miss Julia Denton in her salacious pose, as I retired to the water closet to perform my ablutions, meanwhile instructing Molly to take a little hand towel I had dipped into warm water and to cleanse her friend's pussy. She did not give me the satisfaction of letting me know whether she had been at all stirred, but judging from the tight clampings and "kissings" with which her pussy had greeted my digging prick, I was not too deeply concerned. I instructed Molly to give her smelling salts and then to give her a glass of port which she would find in a decanter on the little sideboard, and to pour a glass for herself. I added grimly, "for you will need it, Molly."

With a squeal of terror, the young brunette hurried to fetch the glasses, three on a tray, which she brought back as a very delightful maid. One would not find her costume permitted in a teahouse, dear reader, I can assure you. With only her thin drawers and hose and pumps, her creamy full titties heaving passionately, she would have distracted far too many male customers to earn her employer a penny of revenue. But in a cathouse - oh, that would be a different thing entirely!

"Oh, s-sir, now that - now that you have had me and taken your vengeance, won't you please let me down?" Julia Denton pleaded.

I smiled at her and nodded. "You have earned your freedom for the time being, I quite agree, Miss Denton." Now I had Molly Bashe stand on the footstool and untie the ingenious knots of the wrist ropes, and then I myself untied the ankles while Molly supported her from behind with her hands on both Julia Denton's hips.

"Well now, Miss Denton, now that you have been properly fucked, do you wish your own revenge on Molly?" I twitted her.

"I do indeed, sir. I can see now that she was a criminal accomplice to you and helped you to overcome my defenses," Julia Denton gasped, her face again flooding with deep crimson.

"Excellent! You will forget your own momentary hurts by aiding me to tie this little vixen up to those little wrist ropes and then we will straddle her legs well apart so that she may be properly punished," I directed.

Molly Bashe heard this with consternation and penetrating cry of "Ohh! No! Please, Mr. Jack, didn't I help you with her?" which of course let the cat completely out of the bag. The two of us seized Molly Bashe, and in a very short time she found herself with her wrists roped well above her head, her drawers taken down and then her stockinged legs drawn exaggeratedly apart, with cords around the ankles making fast to floor rings.

"And now, Miss Denton, if you will take that birch rod which she used on your lovely bottom, and pay her back in kind, I think I can even the score." Molly Bashe wailed and pleaded with Julia not to hit her with that dreadful rod, but with her eyes sparkling and her bubbies heaving furiously, Julia Denton delectated over the sport. Again and again the thin, supple rod bounded over the creamy nether hemispheres,. drawing piercing wails and shouts and supplications for mercy. Just watching this tableau gave me a new erection, for which this time I should have a great deal more self-control.

Standing up close to the writhing brunette, my hands clamped on her gourd-like titties, I prodded my stiff, weapon against her maiden gateway.

No sooner had my prickhead encountered the soft, twitching petals of her slit, then I discovered that naughty minx was quite moist, indicating that she had had a secret climax while either helping me flog and fuck Miss Julia Denton, or simply while watching my endeavors with her friend. With a single thrust I pressed myself home to the balls, and Molly Bashe let out a sobbing cry. She was in a mood, no doubt about it, to be fulfilled to the very last ounce of my marrow. Then suddenly her face twisted in a rictus of pain just as the swishing birch came home over her naked buttocks, wielded in the avenging hands of beautiful and seductive Julia Denton.

Seeing Molly plunge and twist this way and that, her head turned back over her shoulder to implore mercy from her dearest friend completed my rejuvenation. With a single thrust, I found myself packed into her up to the hairs, and then at short range I began to go in and out, though not retreating more than halfway, while my hands once again found the pert globes of her titties and squeezed and fondled them to my heart's content.

Julia Denton laid on the rod with a will, and Molly was in strident tears, uttering plaint after plaint to be spared any further beating. But I did not let it end until I had fucked her thoroughly and at last felt myself explode deep inside her womb.

"There, Miss Bashe, I think we are quits to date," I told her languidly as I drew myself out of her churning quim. Then I went back to Miss Denton and, cupping her titties and staring boldly into her blushing face, I murmured, "Your friend has told me something about you, Miss Denton, and I hope I have not done you any irreparable harm. But what I have learned about you suggests that you would do well to find a reputable young man to woo you regularly, for you are exceptionally passionate. How your fiance could have deserted you is more than the mind can credit, especially after seeing you so deliciously displayed in my Snuggery."

I made her go lie down on the couch and repose herself while I stood behind Molly Bashe and smacked her with the flat of my hand until she was squealing and begging for mercy and executing the most salacious gyrations imaginable. I told her in a loud voice that I would continue to punish her until she agreed to kneel down and pay tribute to my manhood. Before very much longer, Molly Bashe tearfully agreed, and then the high spot of the afternoon was enacted for me. For, kneeling between my legs, hands on the backs of my calves, her sweet trembling lips fixed against my stiffening prick, she sucked and licked me until with a cry I felt my last juices ebbing into her soft mouth.

I then courteously retired, leaving the two young women to perform their ablutions and to dress before taking their leave of me. It was an afternoon I shall never forget.