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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume IV

Chapter Twelve

By the unexpected diversion which my patron goddess Venus had so graciously bestowed upon me on an afternoon which would otherwise no doubt have been spent in mournful meditation over my forthcoming renunciation, it began to dawn upon me that I had perhaps enrolled two delectable damsels into what I humorously called my "harem."

By the time Julia Denton and Molly Bashe left my quarters, they were not only reconciled amid many flushes and giggles, but the naughty and venturesome brunette hurried back to give me a farewell kiss and, whilst her satiny white arms clung round my neck, took advantage to whisper into my ear, "Ohhh, Jack, it was just heavenly! It was just what we both needed, Julia and I. I think, sir, you have made her forget all about being jilted and given her a new interest in life. May we sometime soon come and visit you again?"

Now since technically I was still a bachelor, dear reader, I impulsively and instinctively answered, "By all means, dear Molly, come whenever you can and I in turn shall do my best to come." A remark which made her giggle more than ever and turn away from me with her lovely cheeks a bewitching scarlet. And indeed, as the two fair charmers opened the door to go out, I saw Molly whisper to her enchanting friend and then observed that the latter was blushing and sending back to me a glance which intimated that she was not quite so irate with me as might have been supposed after the way I had imprisoned, fettered, fondled and finally fucked her.

Now I would not have you believe that entering upon the holy state of matrimony was a prospect which I contemplated without some serious meditation. Just as the leopard cannot change his spots, so could I not overnight and by the simple pronouncing of words and the exchanging of rings before witnesses convert myself to a circumspect and drearily puritanical sobersides. Yet on the other hand it is not within the code of a gentleman to make a flagrant show of being unfaithful to his consort without at least her knowing it and giving her full consent. This creed, to be sure, would be far in advance of our somewhat hypocritical times, for you must not forget that we were living in an era when women simply did not admit to experiencing sexual transports as men did, for to do so would be to proclaim themselves little better than whores.

Indeed, in all my charming little coterie, had any one of these delectable young women boldly announced to all and sundry that they ecstatically welcomed the cohesion of man with maid, a righteous society would have branded them as strumpets and urged that they be publicly flogged at the cart's tail and made to wear a scarlet letter, much as in Nathaniel Hawthorne's memorable novel which bears that same title.

Yet at the same time it was a delicious prospect to present to our conformist society, smug and bourgeois as it undoubtedly was, the very model of domestic felicity in the marriage of sweet Alice and myself, while at the same time all of us would understand that within the privacy of our own four walls, we might serve ourselves as we thought best to portions of pleasure and passion without the slightest concern for the long-faced hypocrites who, if the truth be known, would die of envy and jealousy if they could but know what secret joys were ours. I myself have found that those who most cry out with pompous anger against the lubricity and shamelessness of romantic dalliance can generally be found to trace back their outlook to a pure and simple case of sour grapes. Perhaps when a gawky youth, when first our would-be reformer and keeper of public morality experienced an itching in his private parts and did a-wooing go like Froggie of the fable, the pert maiden to whom he pleaded his carnal cause merrily rejected him because he was so cumbersome and inept at bussing and fondling and exchanging witty conversation which would have brought her to the point of opening her warm thigh to receive his further arguments. And thus undoubtedly, in his bitter disappointment, he had come to envy his less dogmatic fellow man who had the visceral fortitude to take what he wished and the devil be damned in consequence, and out of envious spite set himself up as an arbiter of his more imaginative neighbor's good fortune.

So much for philosophising. What I mean to say, dear reader, is that I had made up my mind to propose wedlock to sweet Alice upon her return the following week, yet at the same time to warn her that if she did accept my honorable proposal, it did not at all imply that I should forsake all other women save only her. Nay, I proposed to explain to her that if I henceforth should ban all other lovely femininity from my attentions, it would be but a poor compliment to her; the true proof of my lasting affection for her that would be that after each escapade, I should return the more ardently to claim her marital favors and thus demonstrate that for all the temptations of the others, her charms were those which most made my prick ardent and constant in her service.

Yet as I pondered all this happy and doubtless complicated future in store for me, I could not help remembering Marion's father flirtatious and parting remark to me that if sweet Alice would not have me, perhaps she would instead.

I must wed one or the other, since only on some desert island or in some primitive and backward land could I take both sisters to my bed without being jailed for outrageous bigamy. Of if I should change my mind and sue for Marion's hand in marriage, then Alice would be outraged in jealousy and I could expect no alliance with her and her sweet maid Fanny in future. Yet conversely, if I wed Alice as I fully intended, Marion would remain my secret ally until such time as she deemed it proper to tell her younger sister that she no longer detested me and would no longer stand in the way of our happiness. So that point was settled.

And so, dear reader, when the following Tuesday, blushing Fanny knocked discretely at my door, upon my admitting her, curtsied and stammered that her dear mistress was longing to see me at my earliest convenience. I kissed her on both cheeks and then exclaimed, "Dearest Fanny, I too, long to see your mistress, for I have news to impart to her that will bring us together forever."

"Oh, Mister Jack, do you mean that you are going to ask her to marry you?"

"Fanny, you are as perceptive as you are lovely," I chuckled as my hand slipped down to her delicious bottom and squeezed it lingeringly while my lips moved from her satiny and blushing cheeks to her rosy mouth.

"Ohh, sir, how happy that will make me, and Miss Alice most of all!" the dear girl effusively exclaimed.

"But," I continued with a teasing gravity suddenly come into my voice, "once I properly wed your mistress, my dear Fanny, are you not aware that a man must cleave only unto his wife and forsake all others? And do you think your mistress, once my legal consort, will permit you to share our pleasures as before? Give thought to it, Fanny, before you so enthusiastically acclaim this future event."

The sly little baggage only hugged me the tighter, pressing herself most lasciviously against me, while she whispered into my ear, "Oh, Mr. Jack, I'm sure that my mistress won't become overnight such a shrew! In fact, but I don't dare tell you..."

"Tell me what, Fanny?"

"Oh, sir, I shouldn't dare!" she gasped, averting her lovely face, but blushing all the more deeply.

"Perhaps," I playfully threatened her, "a visit to the Snuggery will loosen your tongue, especially when I take a thin swishy birch to your pretty bottom!"

"Oh, that would be cruel, sir, unless - after that..." the naughty minx intimated.

"It seems to me, my girl, that you have difficulty in finishing your sentences today. Unless what, pray tell?" I urged. "Quickly, now, or I shall be most vexed with you, and then I am afraid I shall have to birch you after all, but without granting you that consolation which I think you are hinting at."

Fanny uttered a deep sigh and then finally and boldly stared at me, her eyes sparkling: "You mustn't be afraid that Miss Alice will keep me out of the lovely little games we've had, sir," she whispered. "On our way back to London, she warned me very strictly that if you and she should wed, I must be as obedient to you in serving all your needs as she expects me to be to her in serving hers."

This joyous news consoled me at once for the mere prospect of losing my bachelor's freedom. And as Fanny continued to press and wriggle against me, my prick wished also to accord this charming girl her recompense for bringing me such thrilling news.

"Why, then, Fanny dear," I retorted, "do you go back to your mistress and tell her that perhaps we may take supper in my apartment this very evening. I shall order down the street from the caterer and provide something particularly tasty, as well as some vintage champagne to celebrate her return and the advent of our nuptials."

"I will tell her as soon as I leave, Mr. Jack," was the naughty girl's sly answer, and the roguish glance which she sent me from under those thick curling lashes of hers intimated that she would not very much mind if I delayed her in returning to her mistress.

"So you missed me, too, did you, Fanny?" I muttered as my hands now moved upwards and round to squeeze her luscious titties, the while she locked her arms all the more tightly around me and clung to me as if I were her very salvation.

"Oh, sir, you don't know how much," she whispered back, hiding her face in the crook of my shoulder. "In fact, Miss Alice had to give me a good smacking because I had my mind so much on the Snuggery that I was quite remiss in serving."

"Then after she smacked you, did she console you in the way you both learned here in this very Snuggery?" I teased her. She could only nod, her cheeks flaming furiously.

"Well, since your mistress evidently expects you to return posthaste," I continued, "we shall not have very long for our own little reunion, Fanny dear. And the news you bring me is so delightful that I do not feel at all inclined toward punishing you. So instead you shall have your reward. What would you like best?"

"Oh, Mr. Jack, I'd like you to fuck me right now!" the delicious baggage gasped.

I must confess that I am not so indiscriminate a rake as to be enthralled simply by the prospect of fucking for itself alone. I love dalliance and prolongation, but in this instance I thought I could make an exception, since obviously Fanny was quivering with impatience which had been roused by the absence of her mistress and herself from my presence all this while. Yet, since I have always said that a prick has no conscience, I found it willing, ready and more than able to service Fanny's immediate needs without much regretting that I, its master, would not spend more time in preparing Fanny's sweet terrain for the most languorous and satisfying of fuckings. I thereupon proposed that she try a pose which would do admirably well in view of the need for haste, and she swiftly readied herself for the venture.

Seated on the couch, my swollen organ liberated from trousers, I had a kind of foretaste of my harem-like pleasures as Alice's lovely maid hoisted up skirt and petticoats, let down her drawers, and seated herself upon me with her back toward me, impaling herself on my readied spear and actually using her own soft little hand to guide my weapon into her warm moist tight bower. This left my hands free to squeeze and fondle her panting titties, and I kissed the back of her neck and sucked each dainty earlobe and flicked it with my tonguetip while she wriggled and squirmed, arched and sank down till finally both of us were carried away by the sublime completion to our communal excitement.

After she had tidied herself, she blushingly returned to sit on my lap and to cuddle me for a moment while she whispered, "It will be so wonderful when you are Miss Alice's husband, because then, as the man, you'll be the lord of the household and will give the orders, so that Miss Alice can't always punish me just because she wants to."

"That may all be true, my darling," I laughed gently, "But do not forget that I am more demanding in my ways then ever your mistress could be, and if you are not a good girl at all times, Fanny, you will find yourself across my lap with your drawers down and your lovely naked bottom smarting under a good thrashing. Be warned accordingly! And now, before Alice suspects that you have not spent all this time in communicating her message to me, you had best hasten back to her, and give her a tender and long kiss from me until we meet tonight."

After Fanny had gone, I sat there on the couch smoking a cigar, my eyes closed, conjuring up all sorts on exquisite tableaux which, I must confess, had more erotic variety and imagination than a sober, British husband usually conceives when he thinks of the marital rights which await him. I was still thinking, I fear, more like a pasha than like a husband-but somehow I had the feeling that my beloved Alice would not hold that against me too greatly!