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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume IV

Chapter Fourteen

I must confess that this was a most entertaining diversion which I had not even conjectured when I had made my plans to entertain my beautiful Alice. If I were inclined to pun, I should say I was exchanging my days of liberty for days of libertinage. But assuredly, had I planned it, I could have devised no more fascinatingly piquant scene to mark the reunion of Alice and myself under happier circumstances. For as you will recall in the first volume of my saga, delicious Alice was entrapped and against her own will brought into this lair of lust of mine and there compelled by the most delicious dalliance to accord to me that which she had refused to do by her own sweet volition. Now here we were on the eve of our nuptials, and as a kind of aperitif the two of us had entrapped a young girl who had stolen three pound notes from my fiance and, what was worst of all, disguised herself as a youth in service to my caterer. Heaven alone knows what other scurrilous schemes she had perpetrated on the unwary. Now, posing on tiptoes of her brand-new and very shiny black patent leather shoes, the white man's shirt unbuttoned all down the front and spreading out to disclose to my enraptured eyes the saucy oranges of her panting young titties, the pale white sleek goblet of her belly shuddering and rippling with constant tremors, her wrists pinioned by the pulley ropes, she stood in tight white cotton knickers and the gray wool half-socks and shoes awaiting our good pleasure. And pleasure indeed it would be-and it would be good!

Alice had already stationed herself behind the lovely and deceitful Wilhelmina, and posing her left hand on the girl's neck, applied a tentative slap over each saucy bottom-summit.

"Gracious, Jack," she called to me, "her bottom's very hard and elastic. It will wear out my poor little hand long before she has had her count."

"You are not to give her the entire chastisement of which she is long overdue with that soft little hand, my darling," I responded. "Did I not tell you that this was but a prelude to the more serious part of her chastisement? You shall punish her as hard and as long as your hand can endure it, and you will tell yourself that when you have finished she will have had her share for the theft of your three pounds. You will leave the rest to me."

"I do think," Alice petulantly observed, for she had, I now perceived, become as sensitive as any voluptuary in the nuances of our charming games, "that this bulky shirt is really in the way and the tails of it hide her bottom."

"In that case my dear, you have only to roll it up and perhaps drape it over her head. That will be an excellent idea, moreover, since it will serve as a blindfold and she will not know when to expect the smacks."

No sooner said than done. With a gay little cry of delight, my lovely Alice seized the tails of the offending shirt, rolled them up and dragged them over the victim's head, whilst I, not to be outdone in chivalry, aided her in front so that in a moment the white, thickly starched shirt completely muffled and veiled the wistful, charming oval face which I had originally taken as that of a boy.

"Oh sir, I beg of you if-if I must be punished, at least let her do it then," came the imploring, sobbing supplication, muffled by the shirt. "It's not decent for you to see me this way, sir, it truly isn't! Oh, do be kind and let her punish me, and do you leave the room, I beg of you humbly!"

Now, this speech was not that of a course young ruffian from the slums of Soho or Newcastle, not one whit of it! The husky, tremulous voice and excellent diction made me suspect that Wilhelmina Ponsonby had a history far more intriguing than the concocted tale she had tried to pass off to excuse her theft of Alice's money. She had a sick aunt, she had been trying to find work, so she had got this post at Willoughby's and fallen victim to the temptation of seeing my fiance's open purse. No, it was much too pat. But I have found that the birch, when judiciously applied to the tenderest parts of a young lady's anatomy, is a remarkable panacea for prevarication. And after Alice had inflicted the smack-bottom to which I had sentenced charming Wilhelmina, I meant to preside as master of the rod and draw from my felonious impersonatress a less mendacious story.

"Now I think you may safely go to it, Alice, and there is no need to hurry, since we have all evening before us," I observed. I seated myself on a footstool at some distance from the gasping, squirming captive, not wishing to fall prey to one of her sporadic kicks, for those black patent-leather shoes seemed very stiff and solid, and my shins are exceptionally tender, I lit a cigar and reveled in the good life that lay before us, for if this was an augury of the felicitous hours that Alice and I should pass once we had exchanged our vows before the minister, then life would be indeed serene, and all my fears of losing my freedom would prove unfounded.

Alice rolled up the sleeves of her pretty frock, displaying those lovely plump, white arms whose tender, moist skin I had so often kissed and stroked in my moments of tender delight with her, but her pretty face was now implacably cruel as with narrowed eyes and compressed lips she posed herself as executioner behind the culprit, and once again placing her left palm at about the neck of the victim, she launched a ferocious openhanded smack on the right buttock and then, moving quickly to the left, equalized matters with as hard and crisp a spank on the other bottomcheek.

"Ohh dear!" Wilhelmina anxiously gasped out, squirming and twisting and yanking on her bonds.

"Not so hard and fast at first, or you will numb not only the surface you are attacking, but your charming hand as well, my dear," I advised.

"You are right, of course, Jack. It's just that I can't tolerate the airs this wicked little thieving minx gives herself. So you would steal my money out of my own purse and in my fiance's own quarters, would you? There, take that - and that as well! I'm going to make you howl, my girl! Gracious, what a hard, solid bottom you have! It's like a rock! I only wish I could give you the birch as you so richly deserve. There! Did you feel that one? And that one, too! There, and there!"

It was plain that Alice was working herself up into an erotic fury of sadistic joy, judging from the lovely flush that pervaded her face, the way her eyes sparkled now and her nostrils twitched and shrank. Her magnificent titties rose and fell with an emotion they had not till this moment had, as she drew back her right hand and brought it forward smartly and noisily across the thin-knicker-sheathed contours of Wilhelmina's lovely, resilient bottom. The crisp sound of the spanks was music to my ears, as you may well imagine, and already my prick was stimulated by this symphonic music to which it was indoctrinated by none other than fair Alice herself, and in this very room.

I must confess that Wilhelmina bore her smacking well enough, and it was probably shame at knowing herself to be half-naked before a gentleman's eyes, whilst being chastised by a young lady's hand, that drew from her the flurried little sobs and groans and cries with which she announced almost each of those stinging smacks.

But the force of Alice's blows made her prance, if I may accurately employ that term, for she seemed to execute a kind of hopping skip from foot to foot, lunging herself forward and bending her back deliciously, only to be drawn back within the stern limits of the pulley's range, ever pressing her back towards the avenging hand of lovely Alice. Shifting constantly from foot to foot, squirming her hips from side to side, she began at last to show that this seemingly innocuous and juvenile correction was having its effect, for at length she began to groan and then to sob: "Oww! Oh my! Oh dear! Oh, do send him away, he's looking at me, I know he is!" and then, "Ouch! Oh, it hurts! Oh, please that's enough, I told you I'd return the money-Ahhrr! Oh, do please stop - make an end of it!"

At last Alice did make an end of it, because she was out of breath and she was ruefully blowing on her hand and examining it, and I could see that it was red and inflamed. But I was anxious to know whether the flesh she had been smacking so enthusiastically was of the same coloration by now. Moreover, it was time for the birch to come into play.

So we let our victim sob and gasp and turn and twist at the end of her wrist-ropes, whilst I returned to the bucket of brine in which I always kept a thick and a long, slim birch soaking, just in the event that, like that never-to-be-forgotten afternoon last week, I was visited by Molly Bashe and her provocative and arrogant companion, Miss Julia Denton.

"Now it is your turn to sit and watch and compose yourself, dear Alice," I told my fiance. "Wilhelmina, are you ready for your birching? I warn you that it will be severe, because you have not been honest with us in the least."

"Oh Lord," our lovely prisoner tearfully gasped from beneath and muffling and blindfolding confines of the white starched man's shirt drawn over her head, "I can only implore you, sir, in the name of decency, to retire and let your lady chastise me if you are so determined that I must be further punished."

"I am so determined, but I shall not retire. You may address your plea to me directly, then, for I am the one who shall wield the chastising rod over your naked posterior, my girl," was my reply.

"Oh, haven't I been punished enough already, to be stripped and shamed like this in front of a man, and then smacked like a child - like a veritable child - by one of my own sex? Surely it is worth three pounds of vengeance to you by now, sir!" Our lovely captive pleaded her case eloquently well, I must admit. But my prick was now so hard and exorbitantly in need of surfeit that I could not find it in me to grant her leniency.

That was why I replied in the gravest tone I could summon. "Why, Wilhelmina, if a thief could get off scot-free with only a bottom-smacking for everything he or she took, we should all be impoverished by now! No, my girl, make up your mind to it, your knickers are coming down and it is on your naked bottom that you shall have the birch. I propose to give you fifteen strokes, five for each of the pound notes you filched from my fiance's purse."

"Oh Jack, may I take her knickers down, may I?" Alice childishly begged, rising from the footstool and going to me and putting her arms about me and pressing that delectable body against mine.

"Why, if you wish, I think it is only proper, since Wilhelmina has already exclaimed against the impropriety of a man's lowering that modest garment which hides her naughty bottom," I retorted.

"Oh, thank you, Jack! And then I can see how well I have smacked her naked seat!" Alice exclaimed joyously. She approached the frantic captive and began to unbutton the tops of the knickers, then moved round to Wilhelmina's right side and, gripping the waistband between thumbs and forefingers, dragged the tight-fitting garment down. A despairing shriek and a maddened lunge from side to side attested to Wilhelmina's anguish, and by the gyrations of her lithe, slim hips, the young woman tried to prevent the descent of her final veil.

In vain, dragged down to her knees, they rested as a kind of a festooning fetter, and I gestured to Alice to leave them where they were, for they would thus serve as a restraining bond should she try to kick about too much when the first kisses of the thin swishy birch should bite against her vividly inflamed and quivering naked bottom-cheeks.

"Oh, look, Jack, what a fine, saucy backside the little vixen has!" Alice exclaimed in glee as she pointed at those flaming ovals. She had really painted them a fiery shade, and the birch would impart its kisses all the more hotly thanks to my fiance's energetic and enthusiastic preparation.

But what fascinated me most of all, from my vantage point facing the squirming and now virtually naked captive, was that her pussy was shrouded by a thick-growth of dark brown curls, unusual in a girl so young, completely hiding the delicate lips of her slit. The mound of love was suave and not at all prominent, and as she realized what she must be showing to us both, Wilhelmina Ponsonby clenched her long, slender thighs together as tightly as she could. The nervous flexions of her agile muscles called attention not only to their agility but also the pale white skin of her luscious body, that of a young nymph.

Alice saw that my prick was in gigantic erection now, and the dear girl sought to solace me, since neither of us had at the moment any plans for involving our lovely thief in the diversions of Cythera; we thought only of chastising her so that the lesson would be long remembered, and of finally obtaining from her lips the truth about herself. Unbuttoning my trousers, Alice boldly introduced her hand into my underdrawers and drew out my cock. With thumb and forefinger she squeezed the meatus at the very groove which separated it from the gristly and dark-veined shaft, and I ground my teeth to hold back all my pent-up juices. How sweetly implanted in my Alice were all the sweet brazen precepts of the courtesan! On our wedding night, I should not be bedding a squeamish virgin who should turn from me and whimper and implore mercy, but rather a warm-blooded, passionate and voluptuous young houri who would keep pace with me and challenge all my ingenuity and strength, to the satisfaction of her own amorous needs.

She whispered very faintly to me, so that only I could hear: "Shall I frig you, my darling, or would you rather have me suck you off?"

Oh, sweet Alice, soon-to-be wife of my bosom, what wife in our stultified era would have dared, or even known how, to ask such a delicious question of her mate?

"Why, if it pleases you, my darling, a little of both," I whispered back.

All this while, needless to say, the naked young girl was left in the most atrocious suspense. She kept moving her hips from side to side as if to cast off the annoying heat which Alice's little palm had engendered in her pale white bottom and left it the color of a ripe tomato. She must have wondered what the little hissings of breath and gaspings and slushings portended, and I will admit that her presence there, though blindfolded, was a tremendous stimulus to my now frenzied lust.

Alice now began to "milk" my cock by drawing on the meatus from the groove on to the lips and then back again, tautening the pink, sensitive head until I thought I should go mad with the Tantalus ecstasy that she launched within my ramrod. But she was already too well versed in understanding my whims and impulses, so that she at last desisted and knelt down, fondling my balls in one soft palm while with her right thumb and forefinger she daintily took hold of the middle of my prick and guided it towards her soft red lips, which opened in gracious welcome.

I felt them close over my meatus and then a sucking sensation, warm and moist and indescribably thrilling, took possession of me, concentrating all my vitality in my loins, driving away all my conscience and recrimination and making me know only that I gladdened and exulted in my manhood if it could be thus venerated by my brown-haired, voluptuous young Venus!

I dug my nails into my palms and stiffened myself, closing my eyes and resolving not to emit one sound that would tell our prisoner what I was experiencing. But in the midst of my rapture, I suddenly heard Wilhelmina's husky, sob-chocked voice implore, "Oh, dear Lord, won't you give me the rest of my punishment and end it so that I may leave this dreadful place? I am dying of anguish here - oh, what can you be doing to torture me so? Birch me and be done with it, I beg of you!"

In a hoarse voice I responded: "I have never heard a naughty girl so earnestly beseech the rod, but never fear that you will have it, and in such abundance that you will repent your eagerness for it. Ohhh, do go on!" This last to Alice, in a low and trembling voice, for I was at the end of my self-control. The soft sweet slushings and the suckings and the nibblings of her dainty lips, the flickings of her ardent little pink tongue over my ardent, puckering cocktip and along the velvety pink and throbbing crannies of the meatus, had driven me to an ungovernable frenzy. I suddenly seized Alice by the hair with my left hand, and my entire body jerked in a violent explosion as I shot my seminal contents into her soft throat. She gasped and choked, but valiantly swallowed, hastily sucking from me till the stream had ebbed its last viscous gobbet.

And then I exhaled a sigh such as must have done the followers of Mohammed in the gardens of Allah's Paradise when the promised houris had accomplished their sweet blandishments and given those devout worshippers the divine reward which the Prophet had promised the faithful. At last with a sigh I composed myself, and Alice hastily took out a handkerchief from my trousers and mopped my cock, and then daintily stuffed it back into my fly and buttoned it up. Now that I had expelled my venom, I had a rather languid attitude and I felt not quite so ferociously punitive towards the sobbing and squirming young captive stretched by the wrist ropes before me. Nonetheless, she should have her birching, but I would adhere to the fifteen cuts as promised.

I gestured to Alice to bring me the rod while I took my place behind the young woman, but the remarkable pale whiteness of her thighs in contrast with the darkening red ovals of her well-spanked bottom overcame my good resolve, and my fingers wandered to those resilient contours and squeezed and palpated them lingeringly, while Wilhelmina uttered a series of shrieks and groans and incoherent supplications: "Ah-oh please no! Oh my God, birch me and be done with it, I beg of you! Who of you is touching me so? Oh, the shame of it, I want to die - oh, whip me, whip me then and let me go! Ahh-Ohh, it's vile - oh please, I cannot bear such humiliation - oh at least, in the name of heaven, send him away - ohh - oh God!

Alice returned, holding out to me the dripping rod, which I flourished in the air until all the drops had been shaken out. The ominous swishing sounds which I made as I cut it through the air made Wilhelmina gasp the more.

Stepping back and laying the rod across her hindquarters, and composing my voice as to cool a level as I could under the circumstances, I announced: "Attention now, Wilhelmina, to the first of your fifteen cuts for lying and impersonation and sinfulness!"

"Oh, let her do it instead, sir - oh please - AIIII!"

I cut short her prayers by drawing back my right arm and lunging the rod across the tops of both naked hips. With a dreadful scream, Wilhelmina lunged forward, her back bending deliciously, her buttocks wriggling and tightening, until the pulley ropes returned her to the range of the swishy birch.

I dealt out her cuts mercilessly, like a magistrate, slowly, unmoved by her sobs and tears and cries until the sixth, which flailed the base of her saucy bottom.

At this she completely broke down and cried out: "Oh wait, oh no more, you are killing me! If you will only stop, I will tell you the truth! Only do have mercy on me, I truly can't bear it any more! If only you knew how much I've been whipped where I came from-you wouldn't do this to me, you wouldn't! Oh, if you knew, you'd have pity - have pity now!"

Again intrigued by this novel turn of events, I lowered the birch and said sternly: "It was in the interests of the truth that I sentenced you to this birching, Wilhelmina. I will give you two minutes to tell me your story, and if I am not then convinced of its veracity, we will start over again from the beginning and you shall have a good and full fifteen hard and severely laid on. Begin!"

She uttered a sobbing cry and then, apparently trying to turn her face back to me over her shoulder, and despite the fact that the shirt over her face still blindfolded her, sobbed out: "Oh, sir, I did lie, it's true, but I had a good reason. I-I'm an orphan, and I ran away from a private orphanage where the superintendent tried to make me - tried to make me be a wicked girl! He had me birched and caned so often by the matrons, and I couldn't stand it any more, and the last night he had the matron tell me that if I didn't come to his rooms after everyone had gone to sleep, I should be whipped on a block in front of the entire orphanage, and so I ran away. And I met this boy, this Davey, and that's the truth, sir. And he told me this Mr. Willoughby needed waiters, and that why I got the job. It was Davey showed me where to get a waiter's clothes, and I had just a few shillings with me, and the man was kind enough to let me rent them. Oh sir, will you not spare me now?"

I lowered the birch and looked at Alice. "What do you think of that, my dear?"

"I think she's telling the truth."

"I think you are right, my darling. I shall make inquiries, Wilhelmina, and you are going to tell me who the superintendent is and where the orphanage is as well. Have no fears - if you are telling the truth, I certainly shan't return you to them. But I must find some means of removing from you the further temptations of theft, for your next victim may not be quite so humane as I am," I told the sobbing young woman.

The birch had certainly marked her rather well, for her saucy oval buttocks were scratched with angry welts superimposed over the flaming red which Alice's little hand had left. She kept moving from foot to foot and I knew that she was in atrocious pain, so I finally showed leniency and allowed her to be untied and taken to the W.C., with Alice in charge.

I poured out a glass of sherry, and when the still sobbing young woman hobbled out, her arm around Alice's shoulder but her breeches restored as if she were once more the young waiter from Willoughby's, I could not help smiling at her rueful appearance. I let her drink the sherry and gave her a few biscuits, and then Alice and I questioned her more closely. We obtained the names of the superintendent and the orphanage over which he was in charge, and Alice told me that on the very next morning she would make investigations and let me know if what Wilhelmina had told was true.

In the meantime, I had a guest room where the young woman could sleep, and I told her that she could take a bath and go to bed and that we would talk about what was to be done with her on the morrow.

Once she had been safely ensconced in that room, wearing a pair of my pajamas, I returned with Alice to the Snuggery and locked the door. Then, before I could say a word, my brown-haired darling, my wife-to-be, swiftly began to undress, and when she was all naked began to undress me in turn. We fell upon the couch with glad cries, and in a trice I felt my prick drive to the depths inside Alice's moist and churning cunt. She fairly consumed me with her passion, winding her ivory legs around my buttocks, her fingernails digging into my armpits, her teeth clashing against mine in the fury of our union. And when it was done and we lay spent with spending, and in our delightful languor on the couch, my sweet fiance heard from my lips the earnest proposal of marriage that would make her not so much an honest woman but my wife, my accomplice, my mistress, my all-and my sweet sharer of joys to come… of which perhaps Wilhelmina might herself provide a future… for Alice confessed to me with many a blush and wink that she was enamored of the slim young beauty who looked so remarkably like a boy, and that she had an overwhelming desire to cuddle with her and to fondle her and see if she was a virgin.

In the afternoon Alice and I would both go to post our banns and obtain the license, and then we would determine, before the glorious date when we two should be one, what to do with Wilhelmina Ponsonby.