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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume IV

Chapter Seventeen

I need not bore you with too detailed an account of the vagaries and the journeyings which befell sweet Alice and myself during our honeymoon. Briefly, we were wed in the afternoon and repaired to a tasty little supper-reception which was held at Alice's apartment. Marion and her maid Kay were there, as were of course charming Fanny and Mrs. Blunt and Wilhelmina. Doubtless if I had sent a notice of our wedding to Molly Bashe, she might herself have appeared in the company of Miss Julia Denton. I had not told Alice of this magical afternoon which you, my reader, vicariously shared with me, because I foresaw that if it should be repeated, Alice would then take an active part for the greater enjoyment of all concerned. And I wished the dear girl to think that I had been continent all during her absence as well as during this period prior to our wedlock.

That night, we embarked upon a steamer bound for Naples, and that night in our cabin I formally became Alice's lord and master, adored and adoring husband and ably satisfying lover. I was not really cross with my darling for having imposed upon me the vow of chastity, because I discovered it entirely worthwhile that my furiously pent-up passions had been stored all for her, and I can assure you that she was left gasping upon her pillow by the time we sought the arms of Morpheus rather than each other's!

The week-long trip left us little to do except to eat, sun ourselves upon the promenade deck, and at night, enjoying the bounty which dear Venus grants spouse and consort as well as sweetheart and lover - for were we not all these in ourselves to each other?

We spent three days in Naples, two in Florence, and another four in Rome, and decided to spend three days in the countryside as we had both agreed. There my adorable Alice became a forest nymph in a sylvan glade and, blushingly removing all her garments, waded into a stream with myself after her. The squeals and giggles and soft hushed sounds of kisses and of passionate embraces followed, as our dripping bodies wrestled upon the bank of that fortuitous stream, and we felt as if we had been reincarnated back in time through the eons to become Pan and forest nymph indeed.

It was on our last night in the little inn where we had commandeered the best set of rooms that Alice and I lay in bed naked, she with her hand upon my already limpened cock, seeking to restore to it its powers so that we might for the third time embark upon the wonderful voyage to Cythera of which we mortals never tire, and I with my lips paying tribute to a dark-rosy tumescent nipplebud, reveling in the sweet smell and taste of my Alice, all of whose secrets I had explored and found as new and inviting as on that first time in the Snuggery.

"Jack dearest," she breathed into my ear, as her other hand caressed my cheek, "Are you sorry you married me?"

"What a question to ask!"

"But I do mean it. You know, you had me without marriage and you could have always had me without this. Now you will have to be a dutiful husband and obey all the laws which a natural wife will exact from you."

"Not quite all, my love," I laughed softly. "Because you are not and never will be the model and conventional kind of wife who berates her husband if he so much as dares to look at another woman. I will be faithful you, yes, and this you may expect as my pledge, but I will not always be continent, for you alone. Yet I promise that you shall share all my joys, because you are now flesh of my flesh and body of my body."

"Why, I think I like that better than the marriage vows, sir," Alice giggled as she gave my prickhead an adorable little squeeze which nearly brought the life back then and there. "Do you know what I'm really longing to do when we get back?"

"I can hardly imagine," I laughed softly.

"I want to see Connie and Wilhelmina tied up and made to love each other, as you made Fanny and me do in that dreadful den of yours, Jack!" she declared.

"Well, to be truthful with you Alice, I have been thinking of just such an eventuality myself. You know that when we found that Connie was not a virgin, we knew that she had been married but a brief time to an elderly husband whose nature could not stand her passionate young beauty. But we never did decide, nor did Connie tell us whether she lost her sweet hymen to that elderly mate or whether by some other happier circumstance she entered upon the state of womanhood."

"And I know something else, sir," Alice added with mock gravity as she now slid her soft little hand down to my balls and began to tickle them. "You would like very much to flog and fuck that pretty Wilhelmina, wouldn't you, Jack?"

"I should be a liar if I said no, my darling," I told her truthfully.

"That tricky little wench is grateful to you because you found her that post with Mrs. Blunt," Alice said thoughtfully. "But I'm not going to stand by helplessly and watch her cuckold me in my own house. You will have her and her mistress over after a week or two upon our return to England, darling, and I propose to take a hand with Wilhelmina's saucy bottom. I hurt that very hand smacking it, as you will recall and you had all the pleasure of giving her the birch. This time, sir, things are going to be different in this household!"

She thrust out her lower lip, and she looked so deliciously defiant that I could not help rolling her over and giving her plump ivory bottom a hard little smack. Whereupon she squealed, wriggled round onto her back and drew me down to her, and by then, I must admit, I was prepared for the journey as if I had never made it before on that sweet night of nights…

But we had not once touched on the subject of Marion, and I was waiting for Alice to propound the topic. On our way back on the steamer, the same one by the way that had brought us to our land of romantic honeymooning, we took further joy of each other and got better to understand each other's whims and foibles. No, I was not sorry that I had given up my liberty to wed my Alice. She had none of the exasperating faults which many lesser women do; she did not snore, and that was a great blessing! Even with her hair tumbled on her ivory bosom, her limbs sprawled, and her lips parted with slumber full upon her, she looked so irresistibly fuckable that I knew I should not tire of putting thought into action. And now that she had become a full-fledged voluptuary and shared my amorous penchants, she would be partner as well as wife, helpmate as well as houri.

Thus in all our honeymoon lasted slightly over four weeks instead of the three we had originally planned, but I would not have changed it by one day. I knew that it would give Marion ample time to ponder how she should herself reveal to her sister the understanding that I had already tasted her widowed charms as well as the fresher and younger delights which saucy red-haired Kay had bestowed upon me after her chastisement.

And so we came home to our London, in a downpour of rain and heavy fog at Waterloo station. The fall season was upon us and then would come the winter, but to me this was as cheerful a prospect as the glorious sun and blue sky which we had enjoyed in Byron's Italy. Because, you see, when the weather is foul, such a milieu as the Snuggery takes on added luster, an exotic lure. I may even say that for a voluptuary who appreciates the tasty ramifications of female flesh as I do, there is no more pleasurable season in all the year than when it is bad weather outside and hot passionate climate inside!

Fanny had been staying at Alice's former apartment until our return, and she was there at the station to meet us with an umbrella, herself half drenched, but obviously delighted to see her mistress and master safely back.

We were able to find a cab to drive us to my quarters, and so we arrived late of an evening, only to find that dear thoughtful Fanny had anticipated our need and had ordered from Willoughby's a substantial and most fortifying hot supper, with a bottle of excellent hock as well as one of claret, to welcome us back in style.

Nothing would do but that she must share this feast with us, and I lifted my glass of claret to click against my wife's glass and then Fanny's, with the toast, "May all of us be together in good weather as in bad, in good times and poor, as ardently bound together in our friendship then as we are now!"

Once supper was over and the dishes out of the way, Alice became at once the mistress of the household. She demanded from Fanny an accounting of how the latter had kept her apartment during her absence and whether certain little errands which she had commissioned to do had been carried out.

Much to my delight, Fanny clapped a hand to her cheek and gasped, when Alice had remarked about one particular errand, "Oh, gracious, Miss Alice, that one I forgot, I do confess! I shall do it in the morning!"

"That you shall, you saucy vixen. But in the morning you shall execute that errand with a reddened bottom which you will receive here and now. Jack, since she is still my maid and not yours, sir, and since this order was given to her while I was becoming your wif,e and very nicely too!" this with a divine blush which made me chuckle, "I myself shall inflict Fanny's punishment."

Fanny glanced at me appealingly. "Oh, Mr. Jack," she entreated, "I shan't mind at all if you'll console me afterwards. Miss Alice hasn't punished me in over a month now, and I am afraid she will go to it very severely."

"If by that, Fanny," Alice tartly rejoined, "you are trying to seduce my husband, you are going to get not only a bottomsmacking, but a birching as well to teach you not to be so licentious. You will go into the Snuggery and prepare yourself. I'm going to take you over my lap and spank your big naked bottom with my hand first, and then we shall see what you deserve after that."

Fanny exhaled a long doleful sigh, once again glanced at me petitioningly, but I merely folded my arms and stared her down, until with still another sigh of rueful anticipation she rose and walked towards the Snuggery. Alice and I followed her, arm in arm, Alice pausing every so often to kiss me on the mouth and to whisper, "You'll be proud of me, dearest, you'll see! I've learned so much from you that now I must practice my technique so that I shan't disappoint you."

Just before we entered the Snuggery, she whispered to me, "If you are a very good boy, I may let you fuck Fanny tonight, but it will have to be on my terms, sir, for after all she still belongs to me!"

"I will not gainsay your right, my adorable wife," I laughed.

So Fanny's fate was sealed, but I suspected it would not be one to cause her much anguish - at least not the last part of it!

My blood was beginning to heat in my veins, and with good reason. Fanny was a distinctly pretty girl, tall, slenderly but sturdily built, with a superbly developed figure. She had a slightly turned-up nose and dark flashing eyes which gave her face a saucy look. And in her manner of speaking, her actions in movement, her entire personality, this sauciness was predominant, while her dark hair and rich coloring of skin indicated a warm-blooded and very passionate temperament - attributes which as you well know I had already discovered for my happy self.

"How do you wish me, Miss Alice?" Fanny now turned to my wife with a downcast look, though her bosom was heaving and her cheeks were already deliciously flushed, indicating that she was not too apprehensive over what was to follow.

Alice gave me a glance and then a wink, and firmly replied: "Absolutely naked, Miss, except for your stockings and garters and your shoes. And be quick about it, because my hand is itching for that backside of yours!"

Fanny's blushes intensified as she hastily began to divest her pretty maid's costume, removing her vest and chemise and finally her drawers, and standing in black stockings rising to midthigh and held there by satin-elastic garters with coquettish little flounces, and her trim buttoned shoes. As for myself, the very sight of that mass of dark curling moss-like hair which covered Fanny's cunt stirred my prick to fond remembrance and to longing that this remembrance should be revivified by once again testing Fanny's sweet inner dimensions with the measuring staff of my rigid prick.

Fanny's lusciously rounded half-moons and her plump womanly thighs and saucily rounded calves regaled my roving eyes, and I did not try to hide my state of erection. Alice glanced at it and gave me another naughty wink, then seized Fanny by the wrist and led her over to a bench on which she seated herself, forcing her naked maid to drape herself across her lap.

"Jack, come here, I want you," she called to me, and I hastened to approach.

"Now then, Fanny, you will suck and lick my husband's cock while you clasp your hands behind your back, you naughty girl, but you'll go very slowly so as not to make him come because I want him first. If you bungle this, I shall really take a birch and thrash your wicked backside until it is black and blue!"

I made haste to open my breeches and to present my furiously rampant organ to blushing Fanny's ministrations. She took the tip between her lips and began to nuzzle softly while Alice, grasping her clasped wrists with her own left hand, raised her right and began to spank Fanny's naked bottom with gusto.

Fanny gasped and squirmed and wriggled and kicked up her prettily stockinged legs from time to time, but she did not struggle in resistance as she kept breathing and mouthing the tip of my prick all the while.

By the time she had had about forty slaps, her ivory bottom was a fiery red and she twisted and squirmed herself about, grinding her furry pussy against Alice's thighs with evident excitement.

Now Alice told her to get up and to kneel on all fours beside the large couch to which, one happy afternoon, Fanny had been bound and spread-eagled for me to fuck at Alice's own conspiratorial arrangement. The large settee-couch was specially equipped for this, and I watched Alice eagerly to see if this was what she intended to do. But instead she swiftly divested herself of her dressing gown and, stark naked and adorably beautiful, flung herself down on her back on the settee, couch and beckoned to me.

In a moment I was deep inside her sheath, which was already moist and tightening with love, as she clasped me ferociously with her arms and legs and arched and twisted under me until our spasm passed deliriously.

Now Fanny was summoned to lie on her back, and her wrists and ankles were made fast to the two top corners and the lower ones. Alice then touched the levers which I had indicated to her sometime before, and Fanny's legs were straddled a full yard apart, while her arms were tractioned and spread equally wide.

The magnificent nakedness of her ivory body was tautly presented, but Alice now shoved a cushion under her behind, pinching her nipples until Fanny squealed and arched herself up to permit this.

"Now then, Jack, I am going to prepare you to fuck Fanny," my wife whispered to me as she went down on her knees, fondled my organ and began to flick her dainty pink tongue against the quivering tip of my ramrod.

I can assure you it did not take long to reinvigorate me for this task, what with Alice's Frenching me and my eyes remaining all the while on Fanny's straddled helpless naked body, watching those luscious round titties rise and fall in the violent upheaval of her emotions. Her stinging naked bottom was pressing against the couch, and it was obvious that her own emotions were furiously excited by this time.

When Alice judged that I was hard enough to service Fanny, she slapped me on the bottom and urged, "Now give it to her good, and after that she shall have the rest of her smacking!"

"Oh, Miss Alice, not more, please, not after this!" Fanny wailed.

I was already astride my beautiful wife's maid, and in a trice my prick was buried to the hilt inside her tight warm moist cunt, and she began to moan and sob, "Oh, sir, oh it's so good - oh, Mr. Jack, I'm in heaven, oh do it to me good - ooh - aah - ooooh!"

Alice allowed Fanny a reprieve to get her breath and to rouse herself from the sweet languor into which this vigorous fucking had plunged her. Then she handed me a little switch and said, "I have decided that you shall switch Fanny's legs and stomach while I kneel over her and get her to excite me so you can fuck me a sweet goodnight, darling Jack!"

Was ever man blessed with so cooperative and inventive a wife as I!

Bending over the couch, I flicked the little thin switch Alice had handed me over Fanny's inner thighs and belly, drawing frantic wriggles and squeals from the naked beauty. Alice, meanwhile, squatting down over Fanny's face, pinched her nipples and forced her to gamahuch her until my darling wife was so roused that she hurried over to me and took hold of my cock and panted, "I must have him now, darling, I simply must!"

And thus our first night back in London was spent in spending, and I had begun my husbandly harem by acquiring sweet Fanny as a loveslave to service both my beloved wife and myself!