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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume IV

Chapter Eighteen

So a new life began for me, householder, husband and master of a beautiful, passionate young wife and her flirtatious and seductive maid. For ten full days I enjoyed the conclusion of my honeymoon in my own home terrain, without interruption. However, about the seventh afternoon, a messenger rang my bell to bring me a note from none other than Molly Bashe, and at a most inopportune moment. I was only in my dressing robe and slippers, and I was wiling away a very rainy and dreary afternoon in the most delightful of fashions: namely, having charming Fanny spread-eagled on the settee-couch on her belly with sweet Alice seated with yawning thighs and clad only in her hose and vest, her mossy lovegarden proffered to Fanny's adoring mouth whilst Alice's fingers entwined in her maid's hair, leaving me the clear field of Fanny's luscious bottom and thighs to smack with a battledore until the dear girl agreed to let me introduce my organ into the tender and furtive little orifice between her buttocks.

I have not often performed this oblique and backward tribute to Venus, but it was my own dear wife who so naughtily suggested it. Fanny at once began to wring her hands and implore mercy, swearing it would never go in, whereupon Alice had immediately sentenced Fanny to a sound smacking to overcome her misgivings and also to punish her for impertinence towards her mistress.

No, dear reader, far, from being disgruntled over my loss of bachelor freedom, it appeared to me that, if the first days of wedlock were any omen upon my own home grounds, I should look forward to a riotously ecstatic existence, where my only problem would be to summon up sufficient energy to share among the lovely members of my willing harem!

I tipped the messenger at once and put Molly's message into the pocket of my gown, then hurried back to the Snuggery. Fanny was still squirming and wriggling and sobbing, but all the same she was gamahuching Alice most enthusiastically as I entered and once again cast off my robe to evince my manhood, which was in violent erection.

"What was that, darling?" Alice panted, while she twisted her fingers in Fanny's hair and forced her lovely maid to use her tongue into that pink gape which was so dear to me.

"A message requesting that I visit an old friend, dear," I glibly responded, "and I sent back word that of course I was otherwise occupied."

"I rather think you would," Alice slyly responded with a giggle. "Now keep on smacking Fanny's bottom soundly, darling, because I am dying to see you bugger her!"

"It appears, my charming wife, that you have become a very aggressive sadist, if the truth be known. Poor Fanny will have to endure the pangs of the flights of your fancy, it would appear," I laughed.

I took up the battledore, seated myself on the edge of the settee-couch and began to smack those lusciously rounded nether cheeks, already flaming from my previous attentions. Fanny began to arch and wriggle and squirm, rubbing her pussy to and fro against the thick upholstery of this couch of captivity, and I suspected that she was not entirely displeased with the sensations received both fore and aft, judging from her moans and sighs and little whimpering gasps as well as from her frantically hurried looks over her beautiful ivory shoulders at my flush and intent face.

It was really a charming sight to behold this dark-haired vivacious maid lying on her belly with her legs straddled hugely to give access to her most intimate parts, her arms equally drawn well apart and fixed immutably to the other end of the couch, while my own dear wife in vest and stockings and her beauty bare from waist to mid thigh, crouched on her knees and lifted up Fanny's head by dint of twisting her fingers in Fanny's hair to force our lovely maid to gamahuch her.

"Maybe you should use a birch rod, her bottom is so big and hard," Alice said tauntingly.

"Ohh, Mr. Jack, please don't do that, sir!" Fanny tearfully begged, "That awful smacking is making my poor bottom terribly sore, truly it is!"

"In that case, you naughty girl, tell your master that you are ready for him to bugger you, and maybe he will spare you the rod," was Alice's rejoinder.

To add more persuasive eloquence to my lovely wife's argument, I applied four or five stinging whacks of the battledore right across both flaming globes, bridging the mysteriously shadowy crease whose hidden temple I was intended to profane, and Fanny's hips lunged and swerved in every direction as she squealed her pangs of woe:

"OWWW! Ahhhh, oh don't, sir I'll do it, I'll let you do it to me, oh please don't smack my poor bottom any more and I'll obey!"

"That's being very sensible, Fanny," Alice told her, "But don't forget you have a duty to perform on me, your mistress, too. Now you just keep kissing and licking me until I come, or I'll have Mr. Jack take the birch after all when he'd done buggering you. Go ahead, darling, I'm just dying to see how you're going to do it to her!"

She relaxed her grip in Fanny's hair to permit her charming maid to look round and study - not without apprehension - my manoeuvres. I took a jar of cold cream which I had already in advance brought out and put upon a tabouret, opened it and daubed a goodly amount over my stiff prick, from tip to balls. Then, pressing open Fanny's buttocks with my left thumb and median finger, I anointed the puckering and shrinking little rosette of her tender arsehole, whereupon she uttered plaintive sighs and gasps and finally a stammered supplication, "Ohh, s-sir, please be very gentle, I'm so afraid! Don't hurt me, I'll be a good girl!"

"I shall try my best, my lovely Fanny, not to make your first experience in the kingdom of Sodom too anguishing a one, and I shall solace you immediately thereafter," I promised.

Now grasping the cheeks of her flaming bottom and forcing them gently and slowly apart, I proffered the tip of my prong to the shrinking crevice, and gently introduced the tip just past the ring of sphincter muscles. There I halted, while Fanny groaned and sobbed and squirmed in the most capricious and salacious manner, and all these nippings and clippings of her agile anal ring against the imbedded tip of my ramrod caused me the most indescribable thrilling sensations I had ever known.

Much of this, I will agree, was due to the beauty and the salacity of the tableau: I faced my wife, whose thin vest could not conceal the panting rondures of her magnificent bosom, with her dark-fleeced cunt gaping and pink and glistening from Fanny's lips and tongue. I had there before me the stretched-out, spread-eagled naked body of lovely Fanny, whose buttocks were crimson from my own smacking, and whose deeply hollowed back shivered and rippled with myriad tremors. And the anguished look on that saucy face as she turned her head back towards me whetted my carnal appetites immeasurably.

I thrust a little farther, and Fanny squealed: "Oh sir, no more, oh I can't bear it, truly I can't, sir! Oh do have mercy and birch me instead, I know I shall die!"

"You little fool, you silly goose," Alice chided her, "get back to your work, for I am midway between heaven and hell, and you shall finish me off before he finishes you, Fanny, or I'll know the reason why!"

Giving a yank to Fanny's hair, she made the sobbing lovely naked maid return to gamahuching, whilst I took advantage of this intervention to thrust a little deeper this time, until I was halfway into Fanny's tender rectal channel.

It was all I could do to hold back my vital juices, so violently potent were the contractions of sweet Fanny's nether sheath, so I closed my eyes and ground my teeth and waited until I had regained some measure of control before I essayed the final half of that journey deep into the temple of Sodom.

And when at last I had reached it, Alice was near her spend, but now both her hands gripped Fanny by the latter's dainty little ears as she forced the poor girl's face deep into her cunt and wriggled and squirmed and groaned aloud till finally her body shuddered in the violent earthquake of completion. Seeing and hearing all this drew my essence deep and bubblingly into Fanny's bowels, and we all three expired with delight… for to appease the sweet and docile maid, I had slid my right hand between her straddled legs and my forefinger had found the tender button of her utmost sensitivity, frigging it until she too attained the most furious of climaxes.

But that same night, as I was reading the Times, sweet Alice emerged from the sitting room where she had undoubtedly been consoling dear Fanny, with whom she had been reading a new novel by a young aspiring writer by the name of Galsworthy. In her hand she was waving a folded note, and when I recognized the telltale lavender paper, I gulped and was nonplussed for a moment.

"So this, sir, is the visitor who wished to see you and whom you rebuffed, is it?" she declared, her large eyes sparkling with anger. "Miss Molly Bashe, indeed! I thought we had seen the last of that high-flown bitch when Connie and Fanny and I paid her and her mother off for trying to hook you as a husband! And here you are making overtures to her!"

"Now just a moment, my dear," I heard myself saying, with a fatalistic kind of awareness that my stereotyped remark had probably been uttered by every well-meaning husband since the year One. "There is an explanation for all this, and if you will quiet down a bit, I shall give it to you."

"It had best be convincing, Jack, or you shan't sleep with me tonight, you wicked, villainous seducer you! What went on between you and Molly Bashe? It must have happened during the week I was away."

"That is exactly when it did happen, my love," I remarked. "But..."

"Then you do admit that you saw her and you probably, knowing you as I do, fucked her too, didn't you?" Alice was working herself up into a veritable passion.

"Will you allow me to explain, and without raising your voice, darling?"

"Do so, but be quick about it! Otherwise tonight I shall sleep with Fanny, and maybe for the next night, and then after that too, until I think that you have been sufficiently punished for cheating as soon as I was out of town!"

"Now you have fallen into several errors, which are going to turn the tables and earn you a chastisement, Alice," I chuckled. "Primarily, when you were away that week, we were not yet at the point of my asking you to do me the honor of becoming my beloved wife. Isn't that true?"

"Well, yes, but..." Alice grumbled.

"But that is the actual truth. In the second place, I swear I had no thoughts except for your return when one afternoon there was a knock at my door, and there stood Miss Bashe and a friend of hers named Julia Denton. What did the forward young minx do but entreat me, taking me to one side, to involve her and her companion in one of the little dramas that take place in our beloved Snuggery. Miss Bashe gave me to understand that she had found a secret delight in being humiliated and thrashed and fucked, and that her friend, having just been jilted and being most unhappy, was also possessed of a secret yearning to be mastered and taken. What could I do but accommodate them?"

"You rogue! And you didn't tell me one word of this until just now, because I trapped you when I found this note in your gown!"

"Which you ought not really to have done, my dear. That implies distrust, and at such an early stage in our marriage, an attitude like that is very unwholesome. But we will forget it all..."

"I am not so sure I will!" Alice defiantly retorted.

"So be it. But if you wish, I shall grant Molly and her friend a return engagement, and you shall be present to hold them to a strict accounting of our new relationship together if you wish," I promised.

And so Alice was mollified and crept into my arms, and presently into my bed where we spent the most delightful of nights.

Yet for the first time the seed of discord had been sown. I could only wonder what would happen when Alice discovered that Marion, far from detesting me, had herself effected a most tender and burning reconciliation!