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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume IV

Chapter Nineteen

But after this one altercation which was the first rift in the lute of marital bliss, my life with sweet Alice took on a most radiant aspect. It appeared that my young wife was most jealous of me, even so far as Fanny was concerned, for she meted out those moments when the pretty, dark-haired maid should have the privilege of sharing our connubial couch or bed, and invariably she saw to it that Fanny solaced her rather more than me. I offered no argument to this state of affairs, for I was thinking that the time would soon be ripe to have Connie and her Wilhelmina present in the Snuggery for our pleasure. Marion too had stayed away, though she had sent a note by messenger to welcome us back to London after our honeymoon and to wish us every happiness.

Meanwhile, at the end of about the second week after our return from Italy, Alice and I paid a visit to Connie Blunt to see how she and Wilhelmina were faring. Golden-haired Connie expressed herself as enchanted with the young maid's prompt docility and eagerness to please, so I slyly asked, once Wilhelmina was out of the room, "By that do you mean that she provides some tender amorous joys for you, my dear Connie?"

"Oh my gracious, no, Jack!" Connie gasped and blushed. "She is much too innocent. I had not even thought of her in that way."

"But I have," Alice interposed with a naughty wink at me. "I should like to find out more of what happened to her at the orphanage."

"I have asked her several times, dear Alice, but she has shown a great reluctance to discuss it."

"Perhaps," I proposed, "under the persuasive threat of a good smacking or a birching, she might be induced to be more frank about her past. And you, Connie, did you not miss me?"

"Now that is a fine question to ask another woman in your wife's presence, sir," Alice's eyes flashed with anger, but when she saw me smile she couldn't help laughing, and in a spirit of amicable friendship, held out both hands to dear Connie, who squeezed them and flung herself into Alice's arms. "Oh, I could just eat you up, Connie dear!" Alice breathed.

Connie slowly disengaged her hands and stepped back, blushing divinely down to her throat and even to her dainty little ears. I remembered how we, Alice and Fanny and myself, had secured Mrs. Blunt and stripped her and fondled and felt her until she had finally yielded to her first real fucking - only to have me make the discovery that she was not a virgin, something which an earlier fingering had already suggested.

"I tell you what, Connie, why don't you bring Wilhelmina round tomorrow afternoon to visit us?" Alice now proposed in a gay voice. "Are you sure that she has been so good you have no reason to wish her punished?"

"I really can't think of anything, Alice dear," Connie retorted.

"Well, if you can't, I shall," Alice said with determination. And so it was agreed…

The next afternoon at two promptly, the bell rang and Fanny admitted Mrs. Blunt and Wilhelmina. The latter wore a lacy maid's cap, a black skirt and white blouse, black lisle stockings, and dainty shoes with little ribbon bows at the instep. I observed that she had let her hair grow longer now, so that the troublingly mannish look which she had had when we first encountered her as a pseudo-waiter from Willoughby's was gone. Her hair was neatly piled in a round bun at the back of her head, leaving her nape and ears bare. But it gave her quite a charmingly saucy mien, all the same.

I had already apprised Fanny what was going to take place this afternoon, and the charming girl could hardly wait to be reunited with lovely Connie Blunt again. Connie wore this afternoon a pink long dress which did wonders for her pearly-white, deliciously dazzling skin, and I found that the bodice was even more audacious than she generally wore, indicating that doubtless she was as impatient to be reunited with us who had initiated her into the voluptuous mysteries of Life and Love as we were to augment her erotic education.

Fanny served tea, and cast Connie many ardent looks from under her thick curly lashes, which made the delicious young widow blush again.

"I am happy to see you again, Wilhelmina," I now remarked, "and I trust that you are feeling more secure in your new situation and that you and Mrs. Blunt are at least good friends."

"Oh yes, sir!" the charming young girl responded in that inimitably husky voice which never failed to set the blood coursing hotly through my veins.

"Why, that is good news, my dear girl," I said generously. "I am happy that things turned out so well, aren't you, my beloved wife?"

"Perhaps," Alice said with a sniff of disdain, "but Wilhelmina still owes me three pounds, you know."

"Alice," I chided lovingly, "you are being petty. I am sure that she paid for that when we chastised her."

Now Wilhelmina's face was as crimson as Connie's had been a little while ago, and she looked down at the floor as if wishing herself leagues under it.

"Tell me, Connie dear," Alice drawled, "are you certain that your new maid has been properly disciplined, and that she performs all your orders without argument and question?"

"Well, not exactly," Connie giggled, with an arched glance at me, "because I have persistently asked her to tell me about the orphanage, and she keeps silent on that score."

"Oh, Mrs. Blunt, please, you really mustn't ask me about that! I beg you not to!" came from Wilhelmina.

"Revolt in the ranks!" I laughingly observed as I rose with a gesture to Alice and at Fanny to hold themselves in readiness. "I think perhaps we had best thresh matters out. Come along, Connie, and tell your maid to accompany us."

"Oh, what-what do you mean, sir?" Wilhelmina stammered.

"I mean, my girl," I said sternly, "that you are at last going to tell us the truth about your origin."

"No, I shan't! You have no right to pry anymore! I paid my penalty, and I'm working for Mrs. Blunt and - oh do let go of me, sir - it's wrong - oh please - don't do this!" Wilhelmina cried as now Fanny and I and Alice seized her by the arms and elbows and dragged her toward the Snuggery, with Connie following.

But once we were inside, and once we had swiftly bound Wilhelmina's wrists to the pulley ropes dangling from the ceiling, the three of us as a united household now turned upon the golden-haired young widow.

"And you, Connie," Alice said greedily, "still have a score to settle with me. Dear Jack and I both wish to know how it was that, for all your professions of maidenly innocence, we discovered that you were not a virgin at all, you naughty girl! Seize her, Fanny, and hoist her alongside Wilhelmina!"

"I have a still better idea," I chuckled. "Move that lever so that the other set of pulley ropes will dangle exactly in front of Wilhelmina, and we shall have maid and mistress opposite each other for a reckoning!"

"A capital idea, my darling," Alice approved.

And so it was. A few minutes later, Connie Blunt found herself with her arms dragged high above her head standing in front of her own maid, while Fanny and Alice were swiftly disrobing the two young women.

This was not done without shrieks and cries and pleas from both of them, but I was obdurate in the matter. I wished only to preside as a kind of arbiter, and render impartial justice.

Alice herself was stripping Wilhelmina, while Fanny lovingly disrobed the young widow. Connie wore a corset, a chemise and vest, and when her drawers were removed she stood in stockings and garters and her shoes, a wealth of disorderly golden hair tumbling on her panting bosom, her face scarlet. Meanwhile, I drank in with my eyes her tall slender naked figure, uninterrupted from mid-thigh to her updrawn hands, and that enforced attitude displaying to perfection the voluptuous curves of her hips, her luscious haunches, her magnificently rounded bottom and shapely legs. But what a pearly, delicious skin she had, and the contrast of those full juicy buttocks as against the delicious little titties which stood naughtily out with their coral nipples protruding and stiff as they quivered and palpitated on her heaving bosom! And then the round smooth belly with its adorable niche like a jewel in the center, and over the soft cunt a thickly clustering mass of silky, curly, golden-brown hairs hiding the soft pink lips which I myself had explored and found to be tight and grudging in their yielding to my ramrod but, alas for Connie's sweet sanctity, not virginal!

"Oh, aren't they lovely, Miss Alice!" Fanny enthused, her eyes sparkling.

"Indeed they are, but Wilhelmina is mine," said my young and beautiful wife. Then she looked at me and said sternly, "Jack, let us go make ourselves more comfortable so that we can deal with these wicked girls! Fanny, go find two feathers, you'll find them in the chest back in the corner there, and get them ready. They are going to be tickled and smacked, and maybe many things more, until we learn the truth about them both!"

So saying, Alice crooked her arm through mine, and led me off into our dressing room, where each of us with eager hands undressed the other until my darling wife was naked but for her hose and garters and her button shoes, over which she at once put a negligee of red satin that was most becoming. Indeed, I was almost tempted to forget the two occupants of the Snuggery and to take my wife to bed then and there for the rest of the day. But that would be to eschew the luscious temptations awaiting us both. I myself put on only a dressing gown and slippers, and then we went back as a happily married couple should to share the pleasures which awaited us.

Fanny had already procured the long downy feathers, one in each hand, and was awaiting us. When she saw how summarily we were dressed, she exclaimed, "Oh, won't you let me undress too, Miss Alice?"

"You may do so at once, Fanny, but hurry back," Alice retorted. "Hand me those feathers at once!"

"Oh dear, what are they going to do to us, Mrs. Blunt?" Wilhelmina Ponsonby sobbed.

"I'm afraid, Wilhelmina," Connie replied with a languorous sigh, and a glance over her shoulder at me which indicated that she was not particularly angry with me for having reduced her to such a naked and helpless state, "that there is nothing we can do about it except obey them."

"That is sound advice, Willy," I chuckled.

But now Alice had planted herself behind the lovely young maid and was busy rasping both feathers over the young girl's bottom, pausing occasionally to reach under Wilhelmina's milky posterior to caress her cunt.

"Darling, why don't you find out if she is a nice girl or not?" Alice now demanded of me.

I did not need a second invitation, believe me! In a trice, I stood at their sides as they faced each other, and putting my left hand out toward Wilhelmina's cunt, I prodded my forefinger through the thick fleece of her pubis and towards the dainty shell-pink lips of her cunny.

With a cry, she backed away, but Alice had shifted both feathers to her left hand and rewarded that maneuver with a furious open-handed smack that made Wilhelmina squeal and lunge forward to rub her pussy against Connie's.

"Now you are going to tell me the truth for once and for all, Wilhelmina," I ordered. "What actually happened in that orphanage?"

"Oh please, sir, I'm so ashamed, I don't dare tell you!" Wilhelmina sobbed.

Then she shrieked, and wriggled and tried to jerk herself away, for my stealthy forefinger had crept between the lips of her pussy and was digging inward until I came up against - nothing. Wilhelmina Ponsonby was definitely not a virgin!"

Meanwhile, Alice, quite excited and irate, was applying quick and stinging and noisy smacks to the lovely pale milky cheeks of Wilhelmina's bottom, driving the young girl forward against my finger, which continued to dig up to the hilt inside her tender tight but definitely unvirgined cunt.

"Oww! Oh dear, oh please, Miss Alice, don't smack me so hard! I'll tell you - oh please, sir, take your finger out of there, I want to die of shame - oh, Mrs. Blunt, what must you think of me!" our lovely Willy cried.

But I kept my finger deep inside of her, as I warned her, "If you don't start to talk at once, I shall have my wife take a birch to your bare posterior, my girl."

And so she made no further protest over where my finger was, but she looked back frantically over her shoulder to see whether Alice was in reality procuring a birch for her stinging and smarting bottom. Then she sobbed, her face downcast and her head bowed, "I did come from the orphanage, it's true… but that dreadful man who ran the place… until finally I couldn't stand it anymore, because the matron was taking me into a cell all the time and giving me the strap or the birch. And so I - I let him h-h-have me… that's the truth, sir, oh forgive me!"

So that would explain lovely Wilhelmina's disguise into the more untouchable costume of a male and also her aversion to whipping, to say nothing of her distress when my forefinger had traversed her sheath and found no obstruction to halt its inroads!

"Come now, Alice dear," I chuckled, "you can see that Wilhelmina is not the naughty undisciplined girl you have always believed her to be. She was a victim of a cruel and lecherous man in an institution to which she was bound by legal decree. If she stole that money, it was only so that she might feed herself and perhaps find some way of reaching London, far from that brute's clutches. Be tolerant, Alice, and forgive!"

"I will, on condition that Connie tells you who took her cherry," was Alice's delightful answer.

"Well, Connie, I'm afraid you're for it!" I chuckled. "Will you tell me, or must I birch it out of you?"

With this, going to the corner and taking one of the rods out of the brine bucket, I returned to the two naked young beauties who stood there, so close that the tips of their titties were practically brushing together, and who were shivering and squirming in a most naughtily and lubricious manner.

Laying the rod across Connie's lovely milky hips, I demanded sternly, "The truth, Mrs. Blunt! Was it your husband who fucked you or did you take a lover on the side?"

With this I gave her a playful swish across the middle of her bottomcheeks, and Connie lunged forward against Wilhelmina, grinding her pussy to her maid's, while she sobbed, "Oh, Jack, please don't whip me, I'll tell you, of course I'll tell you! It was my husband's secretary… on our wedding night, my poor husband couldn't have - well, he couldn't do it at all, and he tried to hard and he nearly had a heart attack then. And he tried several more nights, and wasn't any use. And I was getting so terribly nervous and embarrassed, that when I went back to bed I stood out in the hall for a minute, and there came his secretary, a very nice young man with black hair and the most courteous manners in the world. And I pretended that my door was locked and I couldn't get the key out, and he came to help me, and then he took me to bed and - and that's how it happened, Jack, and that's the truth!"

"Why you naughty girl," Alice giggled, "cheating on your own husband practically the first week of your marriage! Jack, I think that deserves a good bottom-smacking, don't you?

"I tell you what," I now proposed. "We shall let both these charming young women make love to each other, while we chastise them to heat their blood. Not cruelly, but in a way that will excite them. You take Wilhelmina, and I shall content myself very readily with Connie."

And thus is was done. As Alice stood behind Wilhelmina Ponsonby and applied her open palm to the lovely young girl's squirming bottom and as I, my prick growing harder by the moment, smacked Connie Blunt's delicious and jouncy bottom till she sobbed and groaned and begged me not to hurt her any longer, each of us felt a yearning for the other, while poor Fanny, who had little to do except watch, was stealthily frigging herself, half-turned away from us and standing in a corner.

Presently it was seen that under my smacks, Connie Blunt began to grind her pussy wildly against her young maid's, so I called to Alice to redouble her smacks and make the pretty maid share in the fun.

And this Wilhelmina and Connie Blunt came to a new and more tender understanding of each other, and I had no doubt that henceforth the two of them would be inseparable, as indeed they turned out to be…

Now finally I must tell you how it came about that Marion and my wife discovered that each of them had had a share of my affections and that I had not fully lost my taste for Alice's older sister's charms.

About a week after Connie and her maid Wilhelmina had gone back to their own special domestic bliss, Marion herself rang our doorbell and appeared in her large hat and elegant frock and cape to call upon us formally as my sister-in-law and to inquire how her dear sister was enjoying the fruits of marriage.

Fanny made tea for all of us, and served it very demurely. I said nothing, except for an occasional polite comment, for I knew that both sisters had much to talk about.

Finally I decided to withdraw to find my pipe, and excused myself. Fanny remained, although she sent amorous glances in my direction. The naughty minx was experiencing, it would appear, a little too much discipline from her mistress, who would not of late let her come to my bed or to share our transports or our secret little love-games, and doubtless felt herself neglected, as against the happy days when I was a bachelor and could solace her without too much scolding from her adorable mistress.

Marion leaned back, glancing at me surreptitiously, as she addressed herself to her sister: "Well, my dear, I sincerely hope that you and Jack are happy. You know that I once stood in the way of such a match, but I can see now from your lovely face that he has been very good to you."

"Of course he has, Marion! But don't tell me that you've come here hoping that you were right after all," Alice said somewhat sarcastically.

"Of course not, Alice. I can be a good loser too," Marion said.

I frowned at her, because that was exactly the wrong thing to say.

"Loser?" Alice echoed, then turned to me with a blank expression on her lovely face. "Why, whatever do you mean, Marion? What have you lost?"

"Nothing," Marion hastily amended, "what I meant was that apparently I have gained a brother-in-law."

"I don't quite like your use of the word 'gained,' my dear sister," Alice vexedly declared. "Unless you have completely changed your personality, I can't understand your now being so sweet to Jack, when you always told me that you detested him."

"Now, now, my dear," I thought it best to interpose at this point, "I am sure that Marion has come here in a good forgiving spirit, and I for one am willing to extend to her the hand of friendship and to promise her that she need never fear as to the duration and felicity of our marriage."

"That's exactly it, Jack," Marion eagerly proffered.

"I don't understand all this," Alice said suspiciously, "but I am beginning to think that each of you is a little too eager to convince me of something that I wasn't even thinking about. Now then, Marion, exactly what is on your mind? You've always told me that Jack was the wrong man for me, and all of a sudden you are so sweet and loving that it positively sickening. I know that you my older sister" - here she pronounced the word "older" in a very disparaging way - "but all the same, give me credit for some intelligence to pick a man who is financially well off and certainly a wonderful and devoted lover."

"I'm sure he is," Marion blushed, which was again the wrong thing for her to do. "I suppose, Alice, I was unhappy because of my divorce, and it was sour grapes that led me to warn you against Jack. Perhaps I was envious. Will you not forgive me and start afresh?"

"I'm not so sure I want to," Alice grandiosely declared. "You have always lorded it over me, Marion, and now all of a sudden you come here with the conciliatory tactics of a diplomat. I warrant, Marion, I am at a loss to understand you."

"But seeing you here both so happy," Marion pursued, "I realised how wrong I had been. Perhaps there will be happiness for me with someone else, and then I shall not be so envious."

I glanced up at the ceiling, calling upon Providence to solve this dilemma, which was going from bad to worse. Marion had absolutely, to use a vulgar phrase, put her foot into it, and Alice was sharp enough to take her up at once, for my beautiful wife now tartly remarked, "I see! Then by that am I to understand that you were envious of Jack in the past? Now we have it coming out, as the truth always will!"

"You are misinterpreting me, Alice," Marion complained.

"I am doing nothing of the sort, I am just trying to understand what you are trying to say to me. Wait - is it possible that you have discovered a secret passion for my husband of a sudden, and have come here to find out whether perhaps he may not be discontented with me so that you can put in an offer for yourself?" Alice declaimed.

"Oh, Alice, that's unworthy of you!" Marion gasped, but she blushed even more violently than ever.

"You are giving yourself away, Marion, every time you open your mouth!" my lovely wife discerningly remarked, and her voice was on edge, which boded no good for Marion. "There must have been something between you. Wait a bit, just as with that note from Molly Bashe, when I was gone from London, can it be - oh no, it's unthinkable! Jack, I insist that you say the final word! Have you seen my sister during my absence - before I returned and you asked me so sweetly to be your wife?"

I looked over at Marion, and I was silent for a moment, which was also my undoing. My Alice had become, from the ingenuous and beautifully rebellious virgin of the Snuggery, a most informed and imaginative instigatress of passion for her own delight. "What are you trying to intimate, Alice?" I hedged.

"That you and Marion have had a little affair behind my back, you wicked rascal!" Alice exclaimed.

Well, dear reader, was I to lie at this point and create an eternal suspicion between the two sisters? Or was I to confess what was really not so much a sin as a good deed, for I had restored the pride of her womanhood to my wife's sister and given her back her self-esteem!

And this was why I said, "She came to denounce me, and I was fortunate enough to offer her arguments that converted her to an acceptance of me, Alice. That is all you need to know."

"To the Snuggery with her," Alice hissed, and made a sign to Fanny. And both of them seized Marion by the wrists and dragged her from the table where we had all been having tea in such a civilized and decorous manner.

I followed. What else could I do, except to preside once again as impartial arbiter? Besides, I wished to see, now that the rivalry was unveiled, which of these two beauties should come off the better.

But Fanny and Alice finally managed to overcome Marion's frantic struggles and hoisted her wrists by the pulley ropes and then began to undress her. They drew her gown over her face to blindfold her and to muffle her outcries, they rucked up her chemise, they untied and removed her petticoats, and then they unstrapped her vest and let it fall to expose her beautiful olive-skinned titties. And when at last her drawers came down, and Alice took a feather to her cunt and Fanny a thin birch to those luscious bottomovals, Marion squirmingly and tearfully confessed what had occurred between the two of us.

Alice turned to me, her eyes sparkling. "Well, sir, what have you to say for yourself?" she demanded.

"Only, Alice, that I am your husband and that I am the brother-in-law of a very beautiful and delicious girl for whom I wish every happiness," was my gallant answer.

"I see, sir," Alice responded. "Well, Marion, I guess I cannot be too cruel on you because you are my sister, after all. And I really am surprised that you have finally seen the light of day and understood what a wonderful man Jack is. But I'll tell you this, you're not going to have him, unless I say so. Instead, you're going to be smacked by Fanny and then sent back home as a punishment for not having told me all this sooner. Go to it, Fanny."

And then, coming to me, my darling wife began to open the buttons of my breeches, to pull out my cock and to fondle it while Fanny smacked Marion's naked bottom as if she wanted nothing better in the world to do, making Marion wriggle and squirm and lunge forward this way and that, heedless of the fact that she exposed her furry pussy to us all.

Alice then insisted that I make love to her then and there, standing before Marion to "teach her a good lesson that I've got what she's really always wanted and didn't dare admit."

And thus, dear reader, I achieved the realization of a dream… the dream of a harem. For once Alice had become reconciled to the notion that Marion had actually gone so far as to change from hateful shrew to passionate lover, she determined that she would still hold the upper hand by, as she so delightfully put it, "Taking such good care of your dear cock, Jack, that there won't be anything left for Marion."

And so, summoning Wilhelmina and Connie to our transports, Alice saw to it that I lacked for no husbandly delight. Finally, after about a month, she allowed Marion to visit us, with the stipulation that her sister must undergo a smacking over her own lap, and then make love to Connie Blunt and to Fanny.

And then, while Marion was gasping under the sweet Lesbian caresses of our vivacious Fanny, Alice drew me down into her waiting arms, and murmured, "If you thought, sir, that because of your naughtiness behind my back I was going to divorce you, I'm afraid I shall disappoint you. Because if I let you go, that naughty sister of mine would latch on to you and keep you away from me, and I'm not going to let that happen."

I became the happiest of men. And as it turned out, what little I sacrificed by giving up my freedom as a bachelor in order to wed my beloved Alice, was more than compensated for me through the generosity and indulgence of my lovely wife herself. May you all who read this book be as fortunate as I, but the moral is that you must show respect and pay proper tribute to the goddess Venus, who rules from the heavens and who dispenses love to the worthy and the appreciative!